[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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MrsChum said:
Ladies, thank you for the wonderful pic. If it possible can you ladies post any pic that related to DR in DR thread, we also want to support Yaya in DR too. Thank you!! :)
Hope I don't offend anyone by asking this....
I knew about that thread and visited few times, but I did not see many of us there , therefore I want to post things here, now everyone knew about it already, let's do it. This thread will be for Rising Sun and Yadech's general updates ^^


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Nadech ร้องเพลง "กลับมาเป็นเหมือนเดิมได้ไหม" @ Grand Opening ยงเฮ้าส์ จ.กาญจนบุรี [2013.7.13] Nadech is singing the ost for grgr, one of my favorite song :) everytime hearing this song, esp when Nadech is singing it I get butterfly in my stomach. Make me miss Saichon/Nangfa and Charles/ Falada.



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hi everyone! our thread increase so fast :pervie: maybe I have to wade every page i miss for last few days :p
Firstly I wanna post some photos :pervie:

Credit: on this photo
I love this outlook of Ryu& takeshi so much :heart:  :heart:

Credit: Pantip Fb
Sooooooo cute moment of Yadech from AD :thumbsup:

Credit: I love Yum Yum Fb
I love everything abt this photo :heart:  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: Sooooo wonderful...like a real love story hidden behind it :spin:
@LuloveYaya: I dont' know what to say to describe how jealous I am :spin: ..you're so lucky ..I'm surely that that moments will be unforgettable moments of you...but I reallly thankful to you everything you wrote abt your feeling with all photos you posted abt that event...so touching...I feel I was there with u & feel everything you feel..thank u a lot , my sis :flowers:
@cookies, bubba: you guys are always enthusiastic to translate for us...Thank u soooooo much for your hard works :heart:  :flowers:
@Vimalee: you're always a enthusiastic fan like this who always share a lot of useful informations, interesting&priceless fan acc or sth we don't know abt Yadech, a lot of fun comments from Yadechers with us...big thanks from my heart for u... :heart:Always love u  :flowers:  
@Mrs chum: you always collect&give us a lot of  not new but all meaningful& great Mvs, clips of Yadech :thumbsup: Personally They remind me a lot of feelings abt the first days i love our beloved Yadech...everytime I watch those Mv I wanna re-watch all their lankorns immediately :lol:  thank u alot ..love u :flowers:...Ah, you found our Nadech&Yaya vietnam fanpage on Fb, right? (i'm a yadech's fan from Vietnam :pervie: )..Plz follow, enjoy& support for us naz Welcome you always :wink:
Thanks everyone for all updating for all enthusiams :flowers:  :heart:  :flowers: Have a wonderful weekend naz, everybody  :wink:


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Hello everyone.  I have been following Yadech news for some times and love both of them very much.  Thank you very much for translating their news and posting their pics.


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m9saeteurn1 said:
Awe, what a cute picture.
Cr: Ae Supachai

Cr: Peeda

 Wow, the first photo..One of the rare photos from Germany-Italy trip :rolleyes1: ...simple out fit, normal style but I don't know why NY looks so attractive  :heart:  :heart:  Haha..maybe I see NY with "love" eyes :pervie:
the second photo is lovely too..Love Nadech's pointed lips so much...how cute it is :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
Thanks m9 so much
And ..Evryone, anybody knows abt the day the magazine of Germany-Italy trip publish? Plz tell me know :yes: thank soooo much


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hi cindy warm welcome 2 u and hope u'll njoy all wonderful happenings of yadech here wif us, warm, friendliness and love of yadech r exclusive here !!!


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@tippy lovely_k callayuki cindy u r so generous wif pics !!! cant get enough and love all of them ! excitement 4 rs at peak, wait till our beautiful yaya is in, it'll b explosive !!!


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thanks mc 4 vdo, love grgr ost by nadech, he nails it !
hi tippy me 2 cant wait 2 c nadechs results but vvv sure it'll b excellent !!! yadech r pro and serious in their work, nothing but da best and complete faith in them, tats whey they receive awards after awards every year !!!