[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


Keep On Smiling
@ kenann fan. Thank you so so much for sharring your fortunate experience with Yaya :clap: . You're so lucky to meet her.
The clips are super cute!! Everybody seems so excited and in cloud 9 :cloud9: , Yaya is so pretty and sweet!!!

Here are some pictures of them at the Twin Peak in San Francisco. It's always cold and windy there.

cr:Barry.Ya fb


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just saw a picture on FB with Yaya's mom and Nadech's mom hugging each other next to the golden gate bridge...priceless really. way too cute!!!


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thank you so much kenann for sharing your experience with us, i am so happy for you and mrs chum right now!!
not only yadech are getting closer, but the mothers are forming a inseparable bond too (the pic of mothers hugging each other is very telling), mae kaew is working very hard to win points from yaya's mum for nadech, i like it very much hehehehe


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Omg, girls! I am so happy that you guys meet Yaya! I'm sooooo jealous at the heart that I didn't get to meet her but sigh' oh well. I guess I'll have to wait until I go Thailand and search for them lol


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Such a lovely little family!<3

And out of all the people that went with them, they just have to walk together!

credit: kaew_jung IG

I promise this is the last one na! After the long walk together on the Golden
Gate Bridge we get a taste of Nadech staring at Yaya, so sweetly. I just love how Nadech stare at Yaya. Drools!!!\

credit:NY @ pantip

You welcome na ja everyone! I'm happy to share it with everyone ja. And of course Nadech is gonna be #1!


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Hi Everyone!
@ baokim....now I can say I know how you feel when you talk about meeting with Yaya.

Yesterday was one of the best day of my life. I meet with Yaya, Mae Pla and Mae Kaew! Also two wonderful Yadecher Sheng and Julie!!!

My first impression on Yaya was WOW.....she's gorgeous! Even though she just got out from an 16-18 hour flight she still look gorgeous. Once she came out the door she saw us fans waiting for her to welcome her. As she start walking toward us, a couple of fans ran to her, hug and hold her. I feel bad cus I know she was tired and we were pulling her here and there. I got to hug Yaya several time, didnt want to let her go cus she just too cute!!! I made four candy lays for Yaya, Nadech and the moms. I put the candy lays on Yaya and gave her the gift to welcome her to SF from Yadech.com. We also have a gift for Nadech to, I asked Yaya if she could give it to Nadech when she see him.

After that I went to greet the moms. Mae Pla was very sweet, she just stand there next to the luggage smiling. I went to give her a wai and welcome her with the candy lays I made. She said thank you and I thank her back for having such a wonderful daughter for us to love. Incase anyone want to know Mae Pla speak English very good.
Anyway after finish greeting Mae Pla I went to Mae Kaew. Took the book out that I had won from Yadech.com " Nadech Nai DuangJai" for her to sign. After she finish signing the book I gave her one of the candy lays!! Both mom love my candy lays....hehehe!!

Yesterday was kind of a chaos but its was the best experience I ever have. I would do it agin and would do it with the same ppl again.


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@ MrscChum : I'm so jealous u girl got to meet Yaya !!! well thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience about Yaya and glad that u all welcome her at airport. everything seem very sweet .................

Miss Bouakham

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thank you for sharing the pictures kennan fan...wow, Yadech is in their own little world, hehe^^ They only have eyes for each other ;)

MrsChum, thank you for sharing your experience! I'm so jealous! But so happy for you. I'm hoping I can catch them today...it's 3am right now and I need to catch some sleep...my sister and I have been up preparing some things for Yadech ;) If plan A fails in Fresno, then we're hopping in our car and driving to LA, LOL.


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@Bubba: Thank you so much for your sharing Bubba, alll beautiful photos :woot2: ....And about the Nadech's photo on Susapda magazine...Nadech got #1 prize is obvious thing....Who don't wanna hug a hansome & lovely like him, right???? Although how much I also want to hug him as a lot of fans too.... but I'm ready to give it up because of our Yaya.... ^ ^..... :secret:
@Kenann fan: thank you sooooo much for your all beautiful photos and fantastic Mv sharing...Love all your photos...love the second & the last photo the best :woot2: ....Oh no...I love all the photos...for me all photos has NY ..are all beautiful photos... ^ ^...
@Mrs chum: I don't want how to say...just only know to say that...Thank you and love you for your story...I'm happy to see you and kennann fan and some Yadechers met Yaya & mommies in person...And of course I'm also jealous of you guys ^ ^...However I still wanna congratulation to all you guys for your unforgettable moment with Yaya..Once agian thank you sooooooo much for your wonderful sharing, Mrs Chum ^ ^
@ Miss Bouakham: I hope that your plan will be successful and you ''ll have some unforgettable moment with our NY..Have a good day naz, Miss Bouakham ^ ^ !!

And here..more photos that I love

Love their Smile.....

Love their funny moment

Love their "small family" & Their mommies

And love the best...Nadech's caring for Mea Pla :secret: ....Go Fighting, our Nadech !!!! :woot:

Credit: NY home Pantip Fb