[Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan (Mind@Work)


Mrs James Ma
I did not see a thread for this lakorn yet so created one. If there is already thread for this, please merge it.
Prang and Golf's fitting


sarNie Adult
Ch3 finally promoting Prang, at least I think. Wow I didn't realize she was that tall. Girl why you need heels, how're you gonna catch the bad guys?!? Lol, anyways she's looking amazing.


Mrs James Ma
10 Thai celebs with highest IG followers
1 Aum P
2 Chompoo
3 Boy Pakorn
4 Mai Davika
5 Woonsen
6 Ploy Cherman
7 Margie
8 Kim
9 Yaya
10 Mario

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