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The part where Chat shows up in Kate's car scared the crap out of me! I saw it coming but at the same time I didn't. 555 The part where Kanok shows up in the street was kind of sad. I like Natalie more as Kanok than Kate. Haha.
Kate is a psycho. I feel bad for Natalie. All those screaming she did. Man, she literally sounds like she could lose her voice any second. 
Wait, I don't get it. Why did they have to perform surgery on Tawan? And what the heck happened to Kate? 
I don't know if I should say that episode 15 was poorly done or it was suppose to be that way. Well, maybe if they didn't add those extra scene the lakorn would of had went the way it was suppose to go from the beginning like Tawan getting shot and all. It was pretty choppy - edit wise. 
Pink is so hilarious. So she was the mastermind behind all this "make Kin suffer" plan. lol She kept scaring Nahk by slamming the table. Poor Kin too! He can't confess his true feelings to Tawan because of his promise to Kanok that he'll love her only and no one else. He's stuck between his promise and true feelings. It so brings back those Koo Gum days and feelings for me. 555 
Omygoshhh!! It was so cute to see Kin act like a kid in Tawan's room! Hahha! He was so silly and cute by jumping onto her bed and asking her to come sleep next to him. Father, mother and child in one bed together. HAHA. 


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Oh wow. I don't even know I feel about the ending! There was no baby nor was she even showing! It has been months since she found out too! 
I'm slightly feeling disappointed to be honest. I was expecting more but I guess the extra scenes took up more space, hence the scenes prior to the extras were taken out! Well, I'm just assuming so don't take my words. 555 
Well, other than the ending it was cute how Kin was trying hard to ignore the "wedding" going on in the kitchen. Like doesn't Kin have a room? He's constantly seen sleeping in the living room or whatever that room is. 555 Poor kid. I like it when his hair is down and messy. So adorable. :D
Nahk is so funny like usual. He was so ready to give Kin advice. He's so "whipped" by Duen too! 555 I loved the part where he act as if he didn't know who Duen was calling for. Totally got caught by Akk. 555 Too bad there were nothing much on Pink and Akk's relationship. Seems like he's suppose to take interest in her now..? In some sense that is. 
I forgot to add that I also liked the part where Tawan comes home from Pink's house. Kin wanted to talk to her privately but she faked yawn and said she was tired. Kin's face expression when she did that was priceless. I laughed so hard during that scene! 555 Kin's childlike moment in Tawan's room is still my favorite scene in today's episode. Hehhe. :D
Now that this lakorn has ended I am so excited to see The Rising Sun series next week! Yayyy! I've been waiting forever. 555 I'm definitely going to miss this lakorn plus the entire cast, but it's time to move on. It has been great these past few months Sanaeha Sunya Kaen. You sure did make me angry but you didn't fail to make me grin like crazy either. 555 


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Yea,i will definitely miss this cast!! I'm looking forward to Dao kiang duen. Btw, does anyone know who is Pink and Auk pairing up with in Ngan jao?


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​If I didn't know better I would think Kate is obsessed with Tawan more than Kin lol. She always conveniently ends up being where Tawan is going to be or is at.  

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Being honest, that was the best episode out of the whole series!  I'm so glad that they killed Kate off early so that majority of the episode could be healing and nothing but sweetness for our main couple and their family.  Seeing Kin being all mopey was great!  Loved the messy, dissheveled-look Kin had going on.  Gave off this childlike look to him, but also made you want to just hug him, especially when he gave them puppy-dog eyes.  Good job to the cast for pulling through.  It was not the best lakorn and I feel it could've been way better but still a good lakorn.
I also think they could've given Janie a little bump to make her pregnancy seem a little more real.  She's... what... a few months along and still no bump?  Yeah, Ch. needs to work on that.  If the time lenght has already been a year since she started caring for Nod, then she should've given birth already! Lol.
Again, a good and happy ending for all.  Is it just me or does every time Akk gets a haircut, I cannot help but to just oogle over him?  lol... he's a handsome man!  But so young...


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He is a handsome man!!! Yea, the last episode was the best. I think Big is one of my favorite actor. He is so hot as a doctor.


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I liked the ending because they killed Kate off early. Lol. If anything, that's what a majority of lakorns now and days fail to do. Villains take up too much screen time. Although I wanted to see Kin get punished, it was a pain to see him suffer. Idk why the audience always feel the need to forgive p'eks so easily. Lol. Just like in SB. I was annoyed when Narin took too long to forgive Kawee. I think it makes sense for Tawan to forgive Kin so easily because she was a caring person to begin with. She's a nurse and nurses are kind-hearted in nature. Even when Kin was abusing her, she still didn't fight back. So it's not in her heart to get revenge on anyone or see them suffer, especially when she loves the person. Yeah, she's a stupid n'ek. Lol. But at least Kin realized his wrong.
I wish they had more scenes with the other two couples, but I'm satisfied with Lydia and Kan's pair. They're such a cute married couple. I do agree with how flat Janie's stomach is. Shouldn't she at least be showing? I just realized that Dome needs to stop getting his n'ek knocked up and making up at the beach. Lol. He did the same thing in Tawan Tor Saeng with Mai. Smh. I hope he at least gets married for his next lakorn.  

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I honestly thought today's episode was the best. We finally got to see the "good" side of our praek haha. I find this episode really addicting and 'butterfly in your stomach' feeling :shrug: . I'm glad Kate didn't take up all the attention in the last episode and ending it when they all find out the truth blah blah but instead focused on Dome's confession and apology. I actually felt sad for Kate,but then again, she was crazy throughout the whole lakorn hahaha. I will seriously miss this cast and pairings. I'm glad there wasn't that "one n'rai that frames n'ek" kind of thing because that happens all the time and its annoying especially when we have a weak n'ek. And also,Janie got soo much better on her crying. Her tears flows so natural,it's beautiful :ghehe: We need more girls that acts like Lydia. She was favorite in here with Kan :heart: Overall, it wasn't the best lakorn but can't deny that I was addicted and kept up with each episode.  :thumbsup:  :rockon:


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I love the last episode. There could of have been more scenes like that. Where Kin feels bad and sad, and Tawan isn't as weak. Why couldn't there be more scenes like that? I'm disappointed that there wasn't as much sweet scenes of Pink and Akk relationship! They are so cute!!!!!!!!


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I didn't like it how they didn't tell us if Kate was the one who killed or was involve in Ganok's death. Or did they mention it?


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^Ganok's death has nothing to do with Ganokrat.  She actually drove and hit Tawan so she's at fault for the accident, not Tawan.  


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This was not the most outstanding lakorn but it was enjoyable. If it wasn't for Janie, Kan & Lydia, I wouldn't have watched this. I hate revenge type lakorns that are unreasonable. I like a good plot with twists and many variables, but this was poorly written in one too many scenes. The thing that irks me the most is why the heck was Tawan's stomach as flat as a pancake? She should be at least 5-7 months pregnant. -_- And what is wrong with people? How can they say that Tawan was being too harsh on Kin? PLEASE. That guy made her walk home in the rain, raped her multiple times, called her a whore, oppressed her... pfffft... Tawan making him sick was so itty-bitty compared to his perversions. She doesn't have to get him back an eye for an eye or anything but at least make him sulk a bit more. Prohibit him from getting close to her. etc...
I don't mind that Tawan softened up in the end, that is her baby daddy/husband... and it's a lakorn. They are supposed to have a happy ending. 5555 I just wanted to see an episode of moping Kin. Droopy eyed and sniffling. He needs to feel what it's like to have his love thrown back in his face.
p.s. I just love Nahk & Deaun's ending. Their loveline was written better even with so little scenes. Akk & Pink are adorable but I feel like their loveline was incomplete...


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This has to be the best lakorn ever!

Best train wreck lakorn, I mean.

I skimmed through the last 2 episode and totally forgot I didnt watch last week episode lol

I understand Tawan, she never held a grudge against Kin. She had an understanding of why Kin did what he did and it would be double standard if she held a grudge against Kin when she preached that this whole thing was a misunderstanding and that it must have been difficult to accept reality on Kin's part. As much as I hated Tawan for giving in to Kin since day 1, for allowing Kin to harass her over and over again without a fight, I actually like her more than Wadee!!!


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I tuned back in for the last 2 episodes and it was like not missing anything. And the last epi I saw was when Kin revealed his evil self to Tawan. I think it was Oil that once said you only need to watch the first 2 and last 2 episodes of a lakorn to understand everything lol.

Nak and Duen are super cute. They and the mom are the best part of the whole thing.

I still find Dome charming enough for a p'ek even if he's not the best actor. At least as crazy Kin he did well. I don't know what's wrong with Janie. Maybe she got distracted after gettting married? She was sleepwalking her way through this. She's a great actress but she sucked in here. I finally caught up with her version of Raeng Ngao instead of watching this and she was awesome there. I liked it even better than Ann/Ken's version. Mootha was way more annoying than Tawan but I could still appreciate Janie's acting as Tha, so it's not just Tawan the character being weak and annoying.

Back in the day I used to get annoyed at my sister cause she would always hate on the n'ek for being "mean" at the end to p'ek. It was like what the guy can do anything he wants, get away with murder but the woman stops being a doormat and it's like "what a bit**. So unfair. But I've moved on from automatically taking the woman's side and wanting p'ek to suffer. Here's the difference for me. Usually when p'ek is torturing n'ek at the beginning of the story, he's doing it to someone he hates. Once he admits to himself that he's in love and stop being in denial, dude goes all out trying to be romantic. N'ek torturing p'ek at the end is hurting someone she loves. That's just being petty so yeah I find n'eks who "ngon" unreasonably annoying. I'd like her more if she just decided not to forgive the mean guy and leave him for real. But if you're going to take him back, don't sulk and play games.

Note: I don't think this applies to Tawan/Kin. Tawan wasn't all that mean and it didn't last too long. It was like half an episode. If the "ngon" lasts 2 or more episodes, that's when it gets annoying. I don't think Kin was suffering all that much either. Or maybe it's the way Dome played it? Kin looked like he was just childishly pouting, not tortured. Some p'eks suffer so much they hand over their balls to n'ek. I don't like that. Neither should be a doormat for the other.


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I'm kind of feeling a bit sad because SSK has already ended. But hey, its still a happy ending afterall :) I love revenge/ slap-kiss lakorn and I know that SSK did not have the best storyline per se, but I got hooked to it. I' m not gonna comment on the actors way of acting since I'm not an artist myself. I applaud them for a job well done, especially Natalie. God! What a great portrayal of a crazy/psycho bitch, she nailed it! I also love Kin's family, especially the hot brothers Nahk and Duan' loveline was the best! They are a funny couple. Its just sad how Pink and Akk's loveline was never given focus and attention. But I will surely miss this lakorn I cant find any recent lakorns with a revenge/slap kiss plot so far. Any recommendations? Another lakorn has ended, so I dont have anything to watch anymore Afterall, its still a great journey for everyone!

P.S. I actually love browsing to this forum everyday! I love the comments, they're so insightful and at the same time humorous! I'll miss this SSK forum! Goodluck everyone! God Bless!


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Yes I agree that sad to see that the lakorn has came to an end. The ending was good the cramp it in 2 ep. but still came out good. As far as the acting, i think everyone did a very great job... the only person that might need a little improving is P'Dome but its also understandable because he is more a full time artist vs an full time actor. Also its just his 3rd lakorn, but love him in the serious drama. I couldn't imgaine him in a comedy drama. I truly hope they have another lakorn project for him soon, Love seeing him on screen again. As for Janie, that girl can take on any type of role and its never a disappointment :), can't wait for the series to air...
who on this forum is in the US, if so where from, and what nationality?


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cecilia said:
^Ganok's death has nothing to do with Ganokrat.  She actually drove and hit Tawan so she's at fault for the accident, not Tawan.  
Oh, okay. Because it looked like she was involve with her death.

Anyway, since SHSK is done, i'll have the chance to catch up on Rome and Matt's lakorn. :)

After watching this lakorn I am happy Janie was the nang'ek, because she haven't played these weak roles for a long time. Not including her weak character in RN. I'll miss her so much on screen. Another waiting to go until the mafia series.