[Ch3] Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (PolyPlus)


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I love Tawan and Kin's late night encounters in the kitchen. It's so adorable. I love Dome's hair all unmade and messy. He looked like a vulnerable kid. :) It's hilarious to see Kin flabbergasted by Tawans' words and actions. She can be bipolar just like him. Lol. It's not the greatest of lakorns and the acting is alright but I really do enjoy dome and janie in this series. I'll miss this lakorn when it ends tomorrow.


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Honestly, I think the story line is very good, but some parts of the drama was very unnecessary, especially, Kin's secretary, I thought she was not needed since we already have Natalie as the badass. This drama could have stopped and wrapped up at 12episodes!


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The storyline isn't the greatest nor is Dome's acting the greatest either. This isn't Janie's best performance also but I like this lakorn. Despite all the craziness, illogicalness at some point, and choppy edits, I'm still enjoying this lakorn. It could be because I'm quite the sadist myself (lol) and love sadistic pra'akes. Hahha. This lakorn isn't so bad. It's a good, decent lakorn. The cast really makes up for it too! :D
As for Chat the secretary, I thought she was fine but I thought Kate was the most unnecessary character. 555 She doesn't even exist in the novel! But whatever. Thai people loves their drama and crazy nang'rais. Hahha! 


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I like the fact that Tawan is starting to become stronger against Kin, but at the same time it is like too little too late. As for Pink and Auk, I have no idea how these two even have enough time to fall in love lol. I mean it's been a year or a little less so maybe they see each other more often then on screen. Nahk's crying was touching when he told her that he couldn't be without her :/. 
ALSO, HOW COME.... Ganokrat/Kate always seems to show up at the worst times! She is always there to hear stuff that deals with Tawan lol. It's like the perfect coincident all the time for her. 


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I like the lakorn because it' had rscene/revenge/slap&kiss/baby...ect! The whole drama is hilarious really  and all the intense moment does make you frustrated but overall bad or good acting it still addicting haha . I even like Kate , her craziness is entertaining so I didn't mind seeing her on scene HAHA

cool :)

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Wow gotta say I'm pretty excited for tomorrow's . The preview got me super hyped :yes: will be back to write my final thoughts tomorrow ~


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Did anyone catch the extended preview? The one where Aak and Tawan are getting married and Nahkin runs in looking all gruffy lol. 


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roselovesice said:
What the? There's an extended one?! I haven't seen it yet TT___TT 
Yes in the extended preview for tomorrow it shows Pink saying now its time for our next plan and that is to let Tawan marry Aak, then they are in his house cutting a cake and Tawan is in a white dress, and Nahkin runs in looking nappy lol 
From the scene http://instagram.com/p/qPJW99o_Wy/


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<3 KAN - his crying and his declaration of love 'Sigh' 
We slept holding hand and staring at each other eyes for a LOOONG TIME hahaha
that right he is a Crazy-Dog - want p'k to get the shit beat out of him...lying in the pouring rain...he needs to be tortured as bad as he did to n'k


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Turk Natchanon eh? WHEW, he sure is cute! Time to stalk him afterwards! But ep. 14 is definitely a lot cuter. I smiled way too much. I think I made my smile bigger, haha. So I'm guessing Kate is running away. They confront her then she got scared and pointed a gun at them or something then she escaped and there's where she sees Ganok on the road and blah blah. Tawannnnn! ;_; PLEASE BE OKAY. I mean, I know she is but the babyyyy. Looking forward to episode 15!


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it's a good thing that they got to add one more episode so we get to see p'ek suffer and propose to n'ek. but geezs why doesn't the writer add these scenes since the beginning. bad writer, lucky he get another chance to add these scenes so it satisfy Janie who request it/the viewers who are waiting to see p'ek suffer hahaha