[Ch3] Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (Sonix Boom)


fun said:
Nikki I miss your artwork. You're still awesome at it. 
I'm still doing some fanmade artworks despite my busy sched :D i can't wait for Mint and Mario's lakorn. :) been wanting the two to team up :D
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I would also like to see Mint works with Anne too. I hope one day to have my favorite from the younger generation, Mint n Taew to work my most favorite older generation Anne.


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I don't think that pix recent...I can't see them working together anytime soon...Anne has her bias and chalida issues w/her fav. ...maybe in 5 yrs


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I hope Anne just gives Mint a chance. I think she will one day. Mint is a good kid. Idk whats going on behind the scene, but I feel she's probably the most innocent one in all this mess.


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It's the people she is surrounded with. If they mind their business, she would be okay. She is liked by a lot of producers and coworkers. But then again, it's hard because they are people she cares for.

I don't see Ann and Chalida in a project together any time soon either. Thanks okay, it will give more time for Ann to polish her producing and directing skills.


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Ive Been Silently Reading Eversince The New Year Waiting For An Update
OMG Where are you -_- UGH


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Mario is a good actor. I love him in The Rising Sun so much that I had withdrawal syndrome for weeks after the series ended! I have loved most of his movies too. Am glad he has a new lakorn. Seems like 2015 will be a year for Lakorn-Land!!! I wonder how will Mario and Mint's chemistry be on-screen. I still miss Mario with Taew, and Mint with James Ma. But it's alway great that they pair up with other actors and actresses. This will show their versatality in acting as well as...who knows, a new pairing might give off something different and more sparkle.
Hey janajelly1, I see you here as well.... You are definitely Mint's fan ;)


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I don't follow anyone ig...but from the drama behind seen...Ann has shown on IG who she supports....agree w/fun about Ann polishing her director skills and mint on her acting...


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Ugh, too bad that Punjunkawin and Bo didn't pair up in here.
First I thought they was but look like he will be pairing up with the other girl and Bo with Fraude.


Aweeee I would've love to see Beau and PJ pair up again since I am assuming that the will have a sad ending in BR T_T

Just some more pics from the script reading workshop ^^

c: sonix_boom

cool :)

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Is it too late to "join" these convos. I mean, I've been reading this thread for dayz now but you guys just keep going haha. Thanks for the updates naa! Dream couple CHARIO finally pairing up is almost like a dream come true :ghehe: wanna see how this goes. Not feeling too much chemistry here though.  Hopefully that'll change :pervie: