sarNie OldFart
I d k they kind look weird/different together but
So Is she suppose to be an angel or what??
Does she have wings on? Is she not human in
this lakorn??? Hahah.


sarNie Juvenile
Dang how I kinda wish that was Marky boy hahahahaha! They both look stunning & he very much fits the look.

Chalida looks gorgeous in her traditional wear


sarNie Juvenile
@Aylove I think someone mention her character was an actress in the lakorn


sarNie OldFart
@Aylove I think someone mention her character was an actress in the lakorn
Oh okay. Thanks. When i saw the first photo the
First thing that caught my eyes was the wings.
And i was like "huh? Why does she have wings
on?" with a confusing look. Hahaha


sarNie Adult
Chalida is gorgeous!
i like the poses they had to do, seems like it will fit well with what i've heard off the lakorn.

i really like the pic where they are hugging, with their faces close to each other. i like the expression on Chalida's face.
the one where they are about to kiss just breaks my heart ...

oh How i wish it was Mark...but oh well. i'm open to give James a chance.
I don't like his eyes, but he looks better than what i've seen before. I have a feeling they will be good together, don't know why.

regardless.. i'm so ready to see this lakorn, all of them!

I like Taew's look to, a change of character.

thanks for all the updates. :)


Chalida fans said this is just an appetizer. Hmmm. I guess that's why Marjy wanted to play in KCR. Lmao!

They should release more soon.


ahh! my heart just stopped at the almost kissed picture. LOL. oh how i wish is was Mark too. :( James and Chalida looks cute together in the pictures. I was a little iffy about James at first but after seeing these pictures of them together, not bad.

As always, Chalida looks lovely! I love the traditional outfit.


sarNie Coma
thats a hot pic of them! they look good together. James is really cute..i think his eyes are attractive although its small. he does have big lips though lol


sarNie Oldmaid
They look hot together and passionate too! Wow if they are already having a kiss scene I can't wait to see what else they have for us. The fact that their pair is the last series it's going to be long until we see this one. James is cute and handsome in that outfit. They made the right choice for having him as the last brother because he is young.