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this last pic is giving some dirty impression...
not the way to look at pic but it is hot.
..hot hot hot..
.they pic of him sniffing her is cute


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Anyways, ohhh.. Mint is so naraaakkkk!!!


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i like the pic with them holding hands. CUTE!

bts of the boys filming the ch3 superstar show.
they are quite cute together.
i think they are growing on me more and more
credits to :Channel3Superstars


hehehe i just found da boys in 4hjhkk was 4+1 superstar & now da SJ boys are superstar...WOW ch.3 really now how to catch view attention :coverlaf: :coverlaf: :coverlaf: :coverlaf: anyways thanks for da BTS...it been awhile now



Pages 29-32

A deep, rich navy blue feather drifted and fluttered down from above. Swayed along by the traces of the oleander wind this feather enticed his curiosity and desire to know its origin.

The young male Mom Ratchawong reached out and grasped the feather naturally, before looking up at the owner of the feather, a slender and delicate figure dressed in navy blue and gold design, floating in the air, not two bodies apart from him.

The features of her face were fair and graceful. Adorable small lips and tiny nose. Her hair was gathered up, showing off her beautiful forehead. Her bun hair was adorned with a golden tiara, attached to tenderly patterned gorrjiek (กรรเจียก) at the pinna of both her ears. Her body was fastened tightly around by a deep navy blue fabric and a panoong (ผ้านุ่ง) of the same color. Her slender neck was adorned with a grongso that complement the bracelets on her arms and wrists. What was more strange was that on her back were golden wings with navy blue feathers attached to it, just like the feather in his hand.

Nothing was more magnificent than those pair of impressive eyes that looked at him, transfixing the young man, enticing him to indulge in the beauty before him, just like the image of a dream.

Ronnapi did not know how to describe this dazzling beauty. The only thing he could think of during this moment was…Goddess!

The goddess before Ronnapi’s eyes responded to his gaze with doubt in her eyes, as if she herself was surprised to meet him. Her slender, full lips subconsciously parted a little before faint colors lovingly rose up and showed on her smooth, clear cheeks.

The sweetness and tenderness of the moment penetrated through the hole in the young man’s chest, in such a way that has never happened to him before. Mesmerized, he smiled a bright smile. He yearned to transform the doubt in those beautiful pair of eyes to sweetness during a time when she would look only at him.

Ronnapi’s sweet reverie would probably have continued had he not heard the sound of a certain tear and rip.

Because he was so stunned by the glorious little goddess before him, Ronnapi had realized just recently that rope was attached to the young woman’s back, coiled from high under a branch. The rope was concealed by many layers of leaves so that one could almost not see it.

The sound of the tear became loud again. This time, it was louder than before. The eyes belonging to Ronnapi’s goddess widened even whilst not detaching her eyes from him. Her slender, full lips subconsciously opened before she let out a soft scream…and then fell down!

Ronnapi quickly plunged forward and captured her figure in his embrace. Her eyes were shut tight as she was naturally snuggled into the young man’s shoulder.

For Ronnapi, it was the most perfect embrace that he has ever encountered. Her body was soft and light in his arms. She was not too light and also not too heavy to the point where he can’t carry her. Her weight was so perfect as if she was created to be in his arms.

She opened her eyes and looked up as if alarmed. Ronnapi’s smile widened and he had the desire to comfort her and relieve her fears. His smile became bigger when he saw the faint color of red spreading around over her cheeks. That was the moment when flashed began to appear in the dark, black eyes of the young woman; and her lips tightened with dissatisfaction.

“Can you let me down now ka?” The young lady asked curtly whilst struggling restlessly in his arms.

Ronnapi smiled widely. His gentlemanly manners caused him to let her delicate figure back down on the ground with regret. She retreated back and lowered her eyes.

“Thank you ka.”

“My pleasure krub.” Ronnapi looked at her blushed face with adoration. She raised her eyes up to stare at him in response, eyes sparkling. He really desired to know what the missy was so dissatisfied about.

credits to SunKissDara.


there r some pich tat i can even view...is it me or it happen to others as will...all i c it a black page with a sign like (-) hehehehe


hahahahaha in the video when they were shooting guns. He looked so scared hahahah and james was zoo cute covering his ears..I think James and Mint will become a bigger hit then Mteam...But in my heart i truly know i will always love my mint with mark...and yeah maybe Mteam fans will turn to love JamesMint but no one will ever replace there Mteam....Love them to much


All da BTS or clip is hariloius! Da boys r very cute and handsome...on da last clip tat Alice post...da boys r hella stiff on their dancing hehehe I think Pope & Grate did da best! I just laugh at both James & Bomb...