[Ch3] Tom Yum Rum Shing (Broadcast Thai)


Expired Sarnie
I don't think I've heard many CH3 praeks sing before. Other than POR.T, Mark, Nadech, and Boy since I only follow my favs of course :p Por.T is probably a better singer than Rome. And that's true MARK & NADECH are way too young for ARAYA! Yikes.. NO NO! :whistle:
Actually Rome has a better vocal than Por T.

From Dao Jaras Fah
Por and Fon duet


Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
I like Por's voice better, it's not the greatest but it's softer and nicer to listen to rather than Rome's. Rome's voice is quite rough.


sarNie Tombstone
Rome has a rough and deep man voice, Por he sounded sweet sometime, i like when Por he talks Esarn. I like Araya
voice but she just a little fast but i like her when she sang in Morlum Summer.


sarNie Tombstone
aww the other slap/kiss lakorn should have been RTEAMS! and this one for ARAYOME :p
oh wells..never heard either of them sing before..
but ill pass for this lakorn
Hey smilez since Yaya/Barry had a forum of their own call yadech why don't we all announce a name Rome/Chompoo called Arayome
it can be a good replacement of the Rteam cos Chompoo and Rita looks alike. :thumbsup: Its like Rteam have been
gone forever.


sarNie Adult
not everyone is meant to sing morlum...
it's not an easy task b/c you have to be gifted with those vocal!

some comes out singing or it's almost a slow version...
give them prompt for trying.


sarNie Tombstone
I'll be tuning in and can't wait to hear them sing, and looking forward to see this new pair, i know they both haven't pair before so this is a good chances for everyone. :cheer:


sarNie Adult
someone said that he was pulled out from this project. Anyone knows? I hope it was just a rumor.


sarNie Tombstone
What the hell is going on? his been pulled out again. Its ok we'll be seeing Rome and Chompoo in Mia Taeng. :console:


sarNie Adult
Por??? I like him, but he was already once in Mon Ruk Luk Tong, so i don't want him in another musical lakorn


sarNie Tombstone
Oh its my dream come true that is why i got check out the entertainment news so i found this one and posted up quickly
for everyone to be surprise by me Alice


Is your "nom" Fai-approved?
awesome! i love Por! and the new pairing is exciting!

so this is a MUSICAL lakorn? interesting...