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  1. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (Ploykaempetch Vol.25 No.596 November 2016)

    Credits as tagged
  2. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (Lisa Vol.18 No.1 January 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  3. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (Kullastree Vol.46 No.1101 January 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  4. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya and Alek Teeradetch (KAZZ Vol. 10 No. 124 December 2016)

    Credits as tagged
  5. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya and Alek Teeradetch (Kwanruen Vol.49 No.1083 January 2017)

    Credits as tagged
  6. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (In Magazine Vol. 12 No. 207 December 2016)

    Credits to In Magazine
  7. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (Sudsapda Magazine Vol. 34 No. 808 November 2016)

    Credits to Millions of Stars FB
  8. Maricon

    Maricon's artworks

    Hi! Just want to share these. I finally have a new laptop, and I'll be doing artworks during free time. Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated, I'm not really a pro at this field lol. A bit crappy and need more practice. Application used is GIMP. Free software with functionalities...
  9. Maricon

    Chompoo Araya (LIPS Magazine Vol.18 No.5 October 2016)

    Credits to LIPS Magazine
  10. S

    Chompoo Araya (Traveller's Companion Vol.37 No.436 April 2016)

    cr chompoofc
  11. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya, Ploy Chermarn, Yaya Urassaya, Noon Woranuch, Pancake Khemnit (Priew vol. 35 no. 735 N

    Credit : Magazinedee, chomismaterialgirl, chermarnpantip, priewmagazine, chermarn_fmly, Chom_combodian_fan, sirisub2797     A part of pictorial in this magazine   Chompoo Araya      Ploy Chermarn      Yaya     Noon Woranuch     Pancake Khemanit  
  12. D

    [Ch3]The Cupids Series Part 8 End : Kammathep Prab Marn (Broadcast Thai Television) Chompoo & Ken T

      Title:  กามเทพปราบมาร / Kammathep Prab Marn (part 8 of 8 End of the Series) Also known as:  Duration: TBA Genre: Romance / Comedy Popularity: TBA Air time: Filming Broadcast network: Channel 3 Broadcast period: TBA Theme song:    Producer: Director: Mai P.wat.P. Screenwriter: TBA Company Name...
  13. S

    Chompoo Araya New Updates

    Fashion show by Hive Salon      cr chompoo ig
  14. S

    Chompoo Araya (LISA vol. 16 no. 20 October 2015)

  15. Cupid Candy

    Khun Nai Ho (M39)

    I stumbled upon this so I decided to watch it. Not as boring as I expected from all the reviews but not the greatest movie, however I was quite entertained by Chom's performance and the brother. At certain points there seemed to be nothing really going on and the romance was not really that...
  16. M

    Chompoo Araya (SPICY vol. 12 no. 555 May 2015)

    As tagged
  17. M

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL WEDDING vol. 4 no. 4 May 2015

    CR: Magazinedee
  18. krisayaporn

    Unknown (M39)

    Yorch Rerkchai will make new movie with M39. Pra'ek and N'ek are Boy Pakorn and Chompoo Araya, and Alex Theeradetch along be in here   Cr. Filmzlap  
  19. M

    Anne Thongprasom, Mew Nittha, & Chompoo Araya (Praew Magazine Vol. 36 No. 853 March 2015)

    CR: Magazine Dee/ AnneThong IG   I'm shocked they spelled Anne's name wrong. It's AnnE with an "E"
  20. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL Vol.4 no.37 March 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  21. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (OOPS! Vol.11 no.846 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  22. M

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL vol. 3 no. 35 January 2015)

    CR: As tagged
  23. M

    Updates on Various Couples: Anne, Ken, Chakrit, Chompoo, etc.

    Translated Article from Sanook Anne Thongprasom and Ae Tinpan Went on a Romantic Trip to Japan Along with Friends Anne Thongprasom and her long time boyfriend traveled to the land of sushi with a gang of friends. We must admit that it is only once in awhile where we would have the opportunity...
  24. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL Vol.3 no.34 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  25. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (IN Vol.10 no.233 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  26. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya (Praew Vol.36 No.844 October 2014)

  27. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (SUDSAPDA Vol.32 no.761 October 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  28. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (CHEEWACHIT Vol.17 no.385 October 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  29. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (DICHAN Vol.37 no.902 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  30. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (PRIEW Vol.34 no.721 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  31. Alice

    Chompoo Araya(PLOYGAMPETCH Vol.23 no.544 September 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  32. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya (IMAGE vol. 27 no. 8 August 2014)

    Cr. magazinedee            
  33. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL vol. 3 no. 27 May 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  34. Alice

    Pong Nawat&Chompoo Araya (LIPS Vol.15 no.13 January 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  35. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya (Priew vol. 33 no. 713 January 2014 )

    Cr :: Manager      
  36. krisayaporn

    Chompoo Araya (LISA vol. 15 no. 1 January 2014 )

    Cr :: Magazinedee  
  37. Alice

    Aum Patcharapa,Chompoo Araya,Poo Praiya (OHO Vol.6 no.140 January 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  38. krisayaporn

    Alex Theeradeth & Chompoo Araya (HONEYMOON+TRAVEL vol.12 no.139 December 2013)

    Cr :: Postjung   e    
  39. Alice

    [Ch3] Kol Kimono (Broadcast Thai)

    กลกิโมโน   this is from the novel same Author that wrote the 4 Fabric Series   this will be take place filming in Japan    it will start around April-May 2014 
  40. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (KWANRUEN Vol.44 no.1008 November 2013)

    credit as tagged
  41. Sweet_09

    Various Stars (OOPS! vol. 9 no. 217 November 2013)

    Cr: CR: MK family FB page
  42. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (TV POOL Vol.23 no.1221 October 2013)

    credit as tagged
  43. Alice

    Ken Theeradeth&Chompoo Araya (SARANAEDARA Vol.3 no.62 October 2013)

    credit as tagged
  44. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (IN Vol.9 no.207 October 2013)

    credit as tagged
  45. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (SUDSAPDA Vol.31 no.736 October 2013)

    credit as tagged
  46. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (PRAEW Vol.34 no.819 October 2013)

  47. A

    Chompoo Araya (SUKKAPAPDEE vol. 6 no. 61 June 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee.  
  48. A

    Chompoo Araya (KULLASATREE vol. 43 no. 1018 June 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee.  
  49. A

    Chompoo Araya (DICHAN vol. 35 no. 871 June 2013)

    Credits: Dichan Magazine's Facebook.  
  50. A

    Chompoo Araya (LIPS vol. 14 no. 21 May 2013)

    Credits: LIPS MAGAZINE's Facebook, Magazinedee.  
  51. Alice

    Various Star (STAR CLIP Vol.7 no.137 May 2013)

  52. A

    Chompoo Araya (MAGAHOLIC vol. 1 no. 5 May 2013)

    Credits: l2oom @ Picpost.postjung, Magaholic's Facebook.    
  53. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (LEMONADE Vol.3 no.53 May 2013)

  54. Alice

    Chompoo Araya&Poo Praiya (OHO Vol.5 no.125 May 2013)

    credit magazindee  
  55. A

    Chompoo Araya (ZUPZIP vol. 8 no. 360 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  56. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (STAR CLIP Vol.7 no.136 May 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  57. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (HAMBURGER Vol.11 no.178 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee and Credit: FB:Vatanika
  58. Alice

    Chompoo Araya&Ploy Chermarn (OHO Vol.5 no.123 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  59. A

    Chompoo Araya (PLOYGAMPETCH vol. 22 no. 510 April 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee, as tagged    
  60. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (TV POOL Vol.23 no.1194 April 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  61. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (L'OFFICIEL vol. 2 no. 14 April 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  62. Alice

    Aum Patcharapa&Chompoo Araya (SARANAEDARA Vol.2 no.48 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  63. Alice

    Chompoo Araya(STAR CLIP Vol.7 no.132 March 2013)

    credit to magazinedee
  64. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (WE vol. 9 no. 106 March 2013)

    credit to we  
  65. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (CLEO vol. 16 no. 194 March 2013)

    credit to magazinedee and clubchom  
  66. Alice

    Chompoo Araya (HI Vol.11 no.6 February 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  67. Cupid Candy

    Jieb Sopitnapa, Chompoo Araya (IMAGE vol. 26 no. 2 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee and as tagged  
  68. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (LISA vol. 14 no. 6 February 2013)

    credit to    
  69. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya, Aum Patcharapa (OHO vol. 5 no. 118 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  70. Cupid Candy

    Barry Nadech and Kim Kimberley (OOPS! vol. 9 no. 198 January 2013)

    credit to magazinedee    
  71. P

    The King of Hearts

    Something new...Something different...There's a lot of Yadech FFs here so I decided not to add to it. One of my previous completed was   Yadech so I want to try something new I dunno. My previous unfinished FFs on my other account are gone. 1) I couldn't log into my  ...
  72. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (TVPOOL vol. 23 no. 1178 December 2012)

    credit to magazinedee
  73. A

    Rome Patchata & Chompoo Araya (CHEEWITRAK vol. 31 no. 1574 December 2012)

  74. Alice

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Strawberry (Citizen Ken)

    Credit to: Shampoo @spicy Link: http://www.spicyforu...-ap-production/ rumor is Ken T and Ploy as pra'nang the Author of the fabric series https://www.facebook...g/photos_stream
  75. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (VIEW no. 14 September 2012)

  76. Alice

    Chompoo Araya - (PRIEW Vol.31 no. 696 August 2012)

  77. Alice

    Chompoo Araya - (SPICY Vol. 10 no. 410 4-10 August 2012)

    credit to Clubchom
  78. Alice

    Chompoo Araya - (MISTINE Issue 15+16 July 2012)

    credit mistine
  79. S

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) *UPDATED CH.1*

    Soi Haeng Rak (The Necklace of Love) Genre Historical, Romance Cast First Generation: Ploy Chermarn as Princess Saengkham Rome Patchata as Prince Adithep Chompoo Araya as Princess Areeya Om Akkapan as General Ekkarat Pope Thanawat as Direk Second Generation: Aom Sucharat as Manee Ken Phupoom...
  80. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (LIPS vol. 13 no. 24 June 2012)

  81. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (IN vol. 8 no. 176 July 2012)

  82. Alice

    Chompoo Araya(DICHAN Vol.35 no.849 July 2012)

  83. Alice

    Chompoo Araya - (VOLUME Vol 7 Issue 169 June 2012)

  84. Alice

    Peter Corp&Chompoo Araya- (STARNEWS Issue. 423 June 2012)

    credit TV POOL Spicy Star News Live
  85. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (MISTINE AD)

  86. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo, Ploy, Nadech, Yaya

  87. Cupid Candy

    Chompoo Araya (WE vol. 8 no. 96 April 2012)

  88. T

    [CH3] Reya (Musical)

    "Raya" is from DSST. The writer of DSST is a mother of a famous orchestra conductor in Thailand so she wrote "Raya" in a musical form for Chompoo to play and chompoo has accepted to play. Thanks to dolly for the update
  89. Cupid Candy

    Various Stars (OHO vol. 4 no. 96 March 2012)

  90. dertaajaf

    Spicy March 2012

  91. T

    [Ch3] Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Ruk (Maker J)

    araya confirmed on Ratree Samosorn that after "ruk kun tao fah" she has this lakorn but she didnt mentioned whos the pra'ek though romes manager said he has a new lakorn with araya for khun nok, so im not sure if the channel approved him yet since they always pull him in and out of his lakorn
  92. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Ruk Khun Tao Fah (Citizen Ken & UMA 99)

    http://www.komchadlu...29;ก.html Noi is making a lakorn with her hubby as p'ek how cute!!! i wish she would be n'ek with him again! Big thanks and ALL credits to snow_scorpio @spicyforum for the news hope someone can translate the article please, don't know what the title of the lakorn will...
  93. K

    [Ch3] Noom Ban Rai Gap Wan Jai Hi So (Good Feeling) (Peter Corp)
  94. T

    [Ch3] Tom Yum Rum Shing (Broadcast Thai)

    its a musical comedy. they are in the process of rearranging the songs. credit to Dol, Romes admin ugh, cant believe he has another lakorn with araya. the n'ek needed to know how to sing so thats probaly one of the reason she got chosen
  95. J

    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    Title: Mia Teng เมียเเต่ง Info: OHO Magazine and;boardseen#new Hope nothings change >.<
  96. KristyS

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Channel 3 is going to remake this lakorn with Chompoo playing Mew's role and Pat playing the smaller generation pairing with Rome. It's not confirmed though. And I don't know which production. Credit: