[Ch3] Yah Leum Chun (LakornThai)


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lol.. as much as i like kwan n weir... haha i will have to say kwan n win... hehe but most likely KWAN N OIL!!!!!


sarNie Oldmaid
no, it's still unconfirmed and i'm still praying day and night :lmao:


sarNie Adult
I think kwan is such a talent actress. She is young but she can pull anything when she set her mind to it. I believe that this role is a good experience for her. I wish it will be her and oil, they make such a cute couple in their last lakorn together.
*Love Kwan&Oil*


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Erm, I dont even think the pr'nangs are confirmed yet.
So they havent start filming yet, im guessing?


sarNie Adult
I think this lakorn suit Pancake more than Kwan. Pancake is more mature than Kwan to takes care of two children. If its Kwan, she better cut those nails out.


sarNie Granny
lol..true... i agree...i do like kwan but her face doesn't match to be a face of a mother...i ratjer let panccake take this role...oh well, at leat oil n kwan gets together..


im not a Pan Fan...i like to watch both actress though...but i think they both don't fit the mother role...i think Aump would have been a better candidate...but regardless...ill still watch it!..haha..=D


sarNie Oldmaid
it seems this one is delayed or something like this because no news and oil has 2 lakorns with ch3 to film


sarNie Egg
hahhhahahah i can't wait to watch this lakorn i'm so happy hahahhah kwan and oil together i love it...also love kwan and win too....