[Ch5] Buang Wan Wan (Exact & Scenerio)


sarNie OldFart
so it's Fang and Puri....damn then why the hell they show Fang and Ak in the past liking each other n stuff.... a bit disapointed


sarNie Juvenile
I felt this one ended too soon... But it's still good too... Waiting for the next one on the list... 


LOL, maybe they heard the complaints of some people that it's too draggy. :) JK, but it does seem short.


sarNie Adult
Please don't attack me! But my sister and I thought this version was such a waste :( The old version was sooo much better!


Wow I thought it was stupid that the key was thrown into the ocean and it magically went towards pra ek and pra ek new to turn around and grab it in the ocean. 


sarNie OldFart
i didn't see the old version but this one is misleading between Ak & fang and it was short and incomplete to me, i'm look for old version


♥Korean Obsessed♥
I'm confused.....so Fang and Ak doesn't get together in the present but it's Puri and Fang instead. So Fang was pretty much paired up with two guys?


sarNie Adult
lol.. I think Puri was dang hot in the present when he first came out.. Just a tade bit too much on the eye liner but oh well.. Fang is just too pretty, and Ak is so cute with his dimple.. Dang... I also thought Tono was cute when i stared at him for a long time. lol.. He grows on you.. But everyone is right this one was rushed.  I actually like the past more, they showed a good amount of details and it didn't seem rushed.  The present was like bam bam, pe'ek and ne'ek likes each other already...Tono knew right off he bat that he and Jui was lover in the past because both their hands hurt.. Should have follow the old version, had a psychic help him see the past...
so overall, i think Puri and Fang are cute together.  Fang looks good with Ak too.  Lol.. I like the ending for her.  Jui was pretty, but i really didn't see anything special in her (meaning her character)... Pim was pretty too.. Evil Pim is good..lol.. Tono is cute and then hot and then blah..lol.. Storyline was rushed, even though it's a remake, i don't like it when it's rushed. Too many What!..How...Is that even possible..and the key throwing at the end just did it.. I was like HAHAHA.. i serious thought Puri was going to go and save the day, but nope he threw the key in.. I'm like that key won't reach them..lol...They should have kept Tono on the beach while the two girls ride off on the boat alone.. then Puri hands him the key and the bro found a jet ski and Tono ride like crazy and then save the ne'ek..lol...
Or keep it like the original and Pim tied them both together and then toss them overboard...


although this is a remake, i think it is pretty good. the cast were good looking. i agree with everyone, they should've extended this lakorn 1 or 2 episode longer. i would like to see more scene of fang and puri, they were cute together. never though I'll see pim play nang'rai, because she usually play the nang'ek or  good girl role. 


sarNie Adult
I think what happened at the end between Fang, Ak, and Puri was that in the past life Puri was always after Fang and their romance was cut short because he died, so she ended up with Ak then. also, i don't really think she had a choice then with Ak because he was the only one who'll be able to protect and keep her comfortable. I don't think there was as much love as there was the feeling of contentment. I'm guessing that in the presence, she was given a cliffhanger with Puri because now that everything else was resolve, she had a chance to start over with Puri and continue from where they left off.