[Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)


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I went back to watch this last night and made a sad mv T_T Enjoy!
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sarNie Granny
WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?? O' my heart , my lung , quick ....I need a young man to performance CPR ! I have to work in the morning!! Now my eye is swollen from crying !! This poor heart of mine , I must be aging , everything is giving me a heart attack lately lol.


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^Sorry. I don't like the feeling of pain too but that song sounds fitting to their tragic story.

Anyway, I just want to say that I don't like Bie's new song. The style is just not ... my kind of music at all lol. I. like his old style ... sounds more of him..

Btw, any progress on his NY Broadway? Feel like the production took longer than necessary ...


sarNie Juvenile
Bie's going to Los Angeles this mid April for Waterfall the musical's rehearsal and then perform in May, June, and probably on. He's going to be gone from Thailand for 3 month, I'm going to miss him. Really missing Koo Kum, Kobori, Angsumalin, and Biena. Today is January 28th, when Koo Kum first on air in 2013. Missing those moments of watching Koo Kum with Kobori and Augsumalin.