[Ch7] Fai Marn (Dara Video)


sarNie Juvenile
So this is airing next week, cus SSK is ending this tursday.
This also is filming and airing the same time like SSK, i feel pity for those actor/ress.
I believe Fans can wait till they filmed like 50%, and it's not like ch7 is lacking the lakorns. They has so many lakorns that they hasn't air yet which might has finished already.

The title is Fai Marn ja, not Fai Mon. Thank you for the update.


sarNie Egg
Ok thanks for the correction cux idk how to spell marn the correct way haha :scratchhead2:


Porshe and Chat seem to lakorn back to back...are they kookwan already???


Siwon & Donghae =
the title sounds like drama... i dont like drama i might pass but i really do like Porshe n Chat .. might watch it for them .. by the way, that poster is sooo pretty! ch 7 is improving in the posters n wallpapers


sarNie Egg
So excited for this to come out. Finally, Porsche is starring in a drama drama and Chat looks gorgeous. Does anyone know what the story line is?


sarNie Adult
this is my type of lakorn cant wait for tomorrow after work to watch it. i'm waiting on all revenge,slap n kiss lakorn thats going to air this year marurad with ken, uttbatihed with aump n more i guess


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
Haven't watched this yet but Porshe and Chat are quite lovely together! It's been a while since I've last watched a revenge/drama lakorn so I'll give this a shot.