Chakrit and his co-star young n'ke

Who do Chakrit have best chemistry with?

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  • Yard

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  • Fang

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  • Pat

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Save World Save Life
voted for pat havent seen charkit and pat lakorn mafia but from see the clips i guess has chemistry and would like to see him with Kwan


sarNie Adult
yeah i also agreed that chakrit had most chemistry with pat, cuz Chakrit was so in love with her. i would like to see Rita play with Chakrit too.

by the way, since we had this thread for his co-star young n'ek, why don't we creat another poll/thread for Chakrit and his co-star same generation n'ek that he had played, like Kob, noon, Aump, Kat, Janie, Angie Hasting, Joy R., Joy S., Jakujan etc? Could someone please create one? i really want to see the result on that one as well.