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"No matter how many gfs I have, that's my problem"... you got a problem with that?!

Well known p'ek (or shall I say n'ek 555+) Chakrit Yamnam was in the news not too long ago, and today we have his word on someone special?!

-No... just kidding! Chakrit is currently 100% S-I-N-G-L-E and is not thinking of having anyone... got a problem?!... or so... he says.

"I am single krub. I don't have anyone at all. But I'm not lonely because I always have work to do. But if I do decide to have one, I have to do my best. No one wants to love and break-up all the time. For all the people who say that I'm a player (jao choo), I just want to say that it's only with my eyes (jao choo taang sai tha). If I see someone beautiful, I have to look. If I'm with my gf, she says that someone is handsome, then he's handsome. If I see a girl that's beautiful, I say she's beautiful. If I do something that is too much, then that's when we'll argue."

-How do you feel that people keep seeing you as a player?

"It's good in a way that people say that I'm a player. When I find someone that wants to be with me, it has to be someone that really understands me. Before, I though "What the heck." But like I said, one day I will find the one who will truly understand me. If I want to get to date someone, I have to stop with the person before first. I will never date 2 people at once. It wouldn't be fair. But however many gfs I have, it's my problem. No matter how much of a player people see me as, I just want to keep it as one girl at a time. I may go out with one girl this day, one girl that day, I may change a lot, but I am sure that it will be one girl at a time.

-So your mom wants you to have a family already...

"I do want to have a family just like I've answered before for the 859th time. But if it doesn't work out then that's just life. I'm not stressed, I understand the world. My mom taught me."

-There's now girl that comes to flirt with you?

"I can't tell. It's up to the way people introduce each other and they way they talk to me. Then, it's moves up to being bf + gf. But if you want me to start, I'd probably wouldn't. Ever since I was born, I've never asked for a girls phone #s. But do you believe it, when someone asks me, I give it to them. I'm just not good at asking for other people's phone #s. Plus, I don't call anyone first."

-Is that the way you work (your form)?

"No. I'm just shy. If they like me, I'm just not bold enough. But if there is a girl, that I don't know, comes into my life... I don't know. They might just be joking. So it has to take some time to know. I'm not good at reading people, but I'm not a biased person."

-Do you get your fortune read?

"No. I don't really do that."

-Has anyone ever said that you will be disappointed in love before?

"Umm... someone has told me when I was a child that I will have problems with girls. That the girl will bring the problem to me. I'm been to the temple and they've told me too. They say that I live a perfect life... job is good, but problems with girls. I told "luang paw" (monk) that I don't bother with anyone, and he said even if I stay still, they come to me. It's my luck."

-Do you have to be more careful?

"No, because no one has come in my life. And the people who do come into my life, we just laugh and are friends."

-What about the picture of you and a white girl?

"Ohh... there's nothing to that. I knew that someone was taking pictures, so I asked a white girl to take one with me. We're friends. If you ask if we are gf + bf, I want to say no because it can't be. I don't even think about it."

-So you like white girls?

"Any nationality is fine. :p Just as long as they are the right one for me; I understand her, she understands me, we can stay together with understanding. But right now, I am very single krub. But I didn't close my heart na. It's still beating (laughs)."

*** & nongmam @ t-intermedia


sarNie Adult
OMG I love this part "I am very single krub. But I didn't close my heart na. It's still beating (laughs)." Thanks Kash for making my night! ahhhhhhh screams and has high hopes to be the one! lmao :yahoo: :yahoo:


sarNie Adult
well there you go MOH!!!! He's all ready for you..go get em' girl!
LMAO UH HUH GIRL I'VE BEEN READY FOR HIM. Yes yes yes...ahhhh I like this interview! LMAO I was telling the other girls on MSN that Krit isnt the one to call first and I dont like to be the one to call first it looks like we wont be calling on another. lmao
Hopefully that will change! :loool: :yahoo:


sarNie Adult
thanks kashier for sharing chakrit's interview na, i loved this interview esp the way chakrit's reply. He seem to know what he's doing., and i agree with most of what he said too. wow so he never ask for a girl's phone #s, or make the first start which is exactly like me too, so when are we going to have a chance to go out together lol hehe? yeah i totally loved his conclusion too, "I am very single krub. But I didn't close my heart na. It's still beating (laughs)." will you open your heart for me krit? :wub:


sarNie Oldmaid
LOL..wen he stated tat he's neva approached a girl or asked for their numbers before...eekk...tat sure says someting about Joy Rinalee & Jakajan LOL eheheheheeh

LOL...he's so funnie...he states that he may have more than one girl but it's alwaise one girl at a time..he's neva with two at once wat a Pimp!

geez..Moh & Dhan9 i neva asked a guy b4 either but for my Chakrit i can change for him!!

huh? wat? any race will do does tat mean...**grasp** i qualify!! **jumps**


sarNie Adult
Kahie...I'm willing to change for him too! Shoot I'll approach you baby!When I come your way grabb onto me! LMAO..Thats funny that you bring up that point about Joy R and Jakjahn! LMAO hahahaha...what will that say about us too?


Lakorn Obsesser
Krit is getting quite old. Find your soul mate already!! If you need one, I have contacts. Sheesh! >_< I only want to see you happy.


sarNie Adult
of course i'll not gonna ask for a guy phone's number first but i will definately ask for chakri's number lol if i have the chance. yeah these really say something about those two of his ex-girlfriends, and of couse any ladies will do the same like us right? Who wouldn't of chakrit lol?


sarNie Oldmaid
oh! goodness i didn't mean it in tat way....i mean by him saying that we know who made the first move in their relationship....eheheheh...

Kristy jah wen u recommand someone be sure Kashie is somewhere near the top if not the frist person u mention na kahh....**smile**


sarNie Elites
aaaah i love chakrit!!!!!!!!!!! he's mine now i'm gonna come hunt him down baby!!!!!!!! i'm coming wait for me!!!!!!


sarNie Egg
Hi everybody,

Maybe, he must have forgotten about Joy's case. It's the exception. I mean, in gereral, he's shy, and not the type of

guy who will go out to court girl. That explains why he ended up with girls he's alredy made friends with.

Reading from TV pool, his 1 st girlfriend was also one of his school friend from the same group.

And also from the same magazine, he admitted that he didn't dare, at first, to call Joy. It was quite sometime after

fininshing lakorn together in "Sampaothong", before he had enough guts to call her. He got Joy's # from one of his

seniors (just guess, Pee Kai ). When he finally had enought guts to ringl her, but Joy's mom answered the phone. She

caught him by surprise, and he lost for words so he just hanged up.

He told TV pool that Joy must have never met this kind of guy who didn't even dare to talk to her mom. Maybe, that

was the reason she gave me the chance to go out with her. And also Krit admitted that this was the 1st time he was

brave enough to get a girl's # and call her up first.


Mama Noy ♥️
oh yeahhh chakrit did go out with joy R. i forgot about that! they made a cute couple.

i don't think he's a player... he just don't like serious relationship. [i'm assuming..]

chakrit's hott of course no girl wanna say no! i wouldn't!

he just has the charm that make girls fall for him.. hehe