Chakrit & Jakkajan


sarNie Hatchling
nice pics... they look nice... i think Jakkajan looks pretty.. she only sounds annoying


sarNie Juvenile
yea.. jakjun look REALLY pretty in these shoots. i mean REALLY CUTE/PRETTY

unlike some of her recent pix...

yea i agree with ya, her voice is annoying.. too highpitch and loud


sarNie Hatchling
Wish I was her in those pics. lol
they make a cute couple..


sarNie Egg
They looked cute in these pics, especially with their engagement rings too. First time I saw their pics (simply because they were over) together


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
God dang, Chakrit is smokin' hot in these pics! Jakkajan looks really pretty and cute. I didn't know they used to be engaged or dated. All the pics are very adorable. They may not match 100%, but they're still cute to look at. I'm not too sad it didn't work out. As much as I would like Chakrit to be happy, he seems too good/handsome for Jakkajan. No offense. ^_^