Chakrit's 'r' scene lakorn?


sarNie Oldmaid
lol..i would pretend to mess up in the middle of the scene a couple of times so i can redo the scene w/ him..LOL...i bet Chakrit will get mad becuz he likes to get things done..but tat's okay..cuz he looks super hot wen he's mad...rar...LOL

but maybe i won't even have the chance cuz he'll probably be too scarie..i might not want to redo the scene cuz i remember Kob saying wen the pratice the R scene he wuz aggressive but wen they did the real scene he freaked her out cuz he used soo much force..LMAF..same w/ Bee Namthip...they even broke the bed doing the R scene...wah! juz imagine how aggressive Chakrit must have been to of break the bed...eheeheh