China's Square Watermelons


hahah yesterday at school my world history watched Channel One and ok the Chinese are growing watermelons into like square block things! but dude, they selling them $80-$90 bucks. they grew them into squares by placing them in square containers while they are still growing and such. muhaha its supposed to "save room in the refridgerator" LOLLLL

^^ 80-90 dollars. dude. do you know what i could buy with 80-90 dollars?!?


sarNie Adult
I see some competition in the future about the shapes of watermelons.. it would be cool.


That's supposed to save room in the fridge? It looks like it'll take up more room than the round watermelons and mmm I love watermelons. And Channel One LOL, back in 9th grade I watched channel one everyday during second period at school because i thought the anchor Derrik was HOT haha. Then sophomore-senior year I was like ewww Channel One but I used that time to do my homework before class started :lol:. Very bad! Don't follow my example the Channel One news at school since most teens don't watch anything nowadays.


^^ HAHHAHA lmfao. we watch it like everyday in world history. i use that time to "make up" homework and what not AHHAHHA but if its intresting i watch =// hahah have you seen some watermelons they can be like freakin humongous hahahahhahahhahhah


sarNie Egg
Why I'm not aware about that? Oh, the watermelon is so expensive and I think it saves space but costs money! By the way, I'm not familar with this website. I'm from China and is freshman here. I don't know whether it's proper to send a reply here but I just want to shout out: I like sarnworld and all friends here! I love Bie the star, wow!