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Hello to my fellow asian-fusers ;) I made 2 artworks because of my obsession with the Song Hye Kyo & Zo in Sung from That Winter the Wind Blows. Starting fresh with 2013. I'll try to update as much as I can when I'm not so busy with my AP Classes :) However, I recommend everyone to watch That Winter, The Wind Blows. It's amazing & plus the casting is perfect. I plan to make a video on this amazing drama, soon? Enjoy ~
Simple .

I messed up on Zo in Sung's name >.< & I'm not sure if his name is spelt Zo in Sung or Jo in Sung .  .

Just wanted to share my last artwork of 2012 .


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Tubbytinker07 said:
Dua, I miss looking at ur artworks plus I miss your presence here
Thanks, I miss Asianfuse myself.How sweet of you~ I'm assuming that you are Thip...since she's the only one that has "tubbytinker" as her username. Is this your new account? ;o If that's so then I LOVE YOUR ICON, Harry is so handsome. Haha. 


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yes its me, I couldnt reset my password in my old account and I haven't try asking Darvil about it yet lol and yes, Harry is cute! I love his dimples!


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I love the blending on the first one! The color on the 2nd one is so PRETTY! I miss looking at your artworks! Great job, Dua :D