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HI GUYS , I'm updating little by little. I haven't worked with Graphics in awhile . It turned out really ugly . But endure with my newbiness , leave a comment . Thank youu ! If you have me on Facebook , you may already see most of them . ^^


Gilly ,

Yaya,Nadech,Kao .

Min Kao , they matchh !

Blehh , not much editing . Just simple . ^^


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Hello my fellow-fusers (; I haven't been as active. I missed everyone! My sister convinced me to make posters on KwanOm since they have an upcoming lakorn, "Accident" & I considered it so here are the results! I hope everyone likes them (;

Poster 1

Poster 2, I like this one better than the one above. Kwan looks like a beautiful goddess ;D




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Back Again. I keep going back & forth, i'm updating little by little. Hope you guys enjoy these 2 ^^ These 2 are really simple.
I noticed that I mispelled Nadech's last name but I was too darn lazy to change it, Haha.

Min & Kao .