Fad Tarng Pope (Twins from Different Worlds)


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Ahh! Lol, thanks for this update ja. Love it very much! Please update more! And put some sweet scene too ok na ka. Hehe, I love seeing Pat & Chom together, I still do want some love scene from them like slap/kiss. Hehe, but anyways thanks for this update! Can't wait for more. :lol:


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thank you so much for the update!! :) this is getting so good! hope you come back with more updates soon!! xx


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I found this ff today and jus finish reading it!!! It's getting addicting and can't wait for more!! Thanks for sharing!


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I found this ff today and jus finish reading it!!! It's getting addicting and can't wait for more!! Thanks for sharing!
Aww, thanks for reading it and you're most absolutely welcome! I try to update when I get the chance.


sarNie Juvenile
Ahh! Lol, thanks for this update ja. Love it very much! Please update more! And put some sweet scene too ok na ka. Hehe, I love seeing Pat & Chom together, I still do want some love scene from them like slap/kiss. Hehe, but anyways thanks for this update! Can't wait for more. :lol:
Lol! I'll update as soon as I can. :)


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Whoa, I left this FF for such a long time, I don't even remember how the story is going (I just remember that it was good). Do I have to re-read from the beginning?


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Chapter 12, Part I- Fearful Thoughts
When their plane finally touched down in Paris, Passachon called for a taxi and instructed the driver to transport them to the Hotel du Louvre. It wasn’t a long ride from the airport but the closer to their destination, the more impatient Inchampa got.
“We should go find her already,” he said, when they got to the hotel.
“Why should we when I already know where she is?” asked Passachon coolly.
Inchampa and Chompoo exchanged looks.
“Really?” asked Chompoo.
“Of course, I do,” said Passachon. “I already researched and started tracking her since we were still in Thailand.”
“Yeah?” asked Inchampa. “How’d you do that?”
“He’s a mafia,” said Chompoo. “Mafias are really good and quick with matters like this.”
“Every word from your mouth is mafia,” said Passachon, tugging at Chompoo’s shirt sleeve. “Will you just shut up about it?”
“Why don’t both of you shut it so we can get going,” said Inchampa.
“Jing,” nodded Passachon and Chompoo simultaneously.
“Let’s put our things away and we’ll go to Maleewan at once,” said Passachon.
Passachon pointed at the receptionist desk and told the two that he was going to check in.
Soon, they were standing in front of their rooms, which were side by side. Passachon handed Chompoo a key card and instructed her to get in and quickly put her belongings away. Chompoo made a face and disappeared into her suite. Passachon took out another key card and handed it to Inchampa. They were going to share a room.
Inchampa neatly arranged his belongings to his desired designations while Passachon dumped everything on one bed.
“Hurry up,” said Inchampa.
“I’m done,” said Passachon, collapsing on the bed by the window.
“What?” asked Inchampa.
“I said I’m done,” said Passachon. “You said hurry so I just put everything on the bed. I’ll arrange them later.”
Inchampa smiled.
“What are you smiling for?” asked Passachon.
Inchampa shook his head.
“Nothing,” said Inchampa. “You are one laid back and funny guy. But then, you get everything done and also happen to be very clever.”
“Yeah,” said Passachon. “I’m not like you. You’re self reserved, boring, and sometimes you’re like a statue. I don’t see how Khun Wan is interested in you.”
Passachon took a quick glance at Inchampa and caught the serious look on his face.
“I’m just kidding,” said Passachon, quickly. “If you’re ready, then we’ll go.”
He got up from the bed and straightened his tie and collar.
“Where did you get that necklace?” asked Inchampa.
Passachon realized that Inchampa was staring at his necklace.
“This was my father’s,” said Passachon. “I’ve had this since I was a kid. Na Pim said that as long as I had this necklace on, my father would always be with me.”
“Where’s the other half of the pendant?” asked Inchampa.
“I don’t know,” Passachon replied. “Never mind that. Let’s go.”

Pakorn had his men stationed around the Hotel du Louvre. He, himself, hid nearby in a car with the two gunmen.
“This time, we must succeed,” he said to the two gunmen. “We must kill both of them before the truth is revealed.”
“Krub nai,” replied the gunmen.

Sia Gumjorn threw an empty luggage onto his bed and hastily threw his clothes in. Never before, he looked so exhausted but nothing was going to stop him from going to Paris. The bedroom door creaked open and his wife, Pim, walked in.
“Where are you going?” asked Pim.
“Don’t worry about it,” replied Sia Gumjorn. “I’m going to be out of town for a while so take care of yourself and doo lae the house.”
“Is it about Passachon and that Inchampa boy again?” asked Pim, tearfully. “Why can’t you let them live in peace?!”
Sia Gumjorn paused and turned to face his wife.
“If it hadn’t been for Passawat, we wouldn’t be in this situation,” said Sia Gumjorn. “You wanted to raise his son and we raised his son. Now, it’s time for everything to return to us. Diamond Galore is mine. There is no way that I will hand it over to a little boy who barely knows how to think!”
Pim sobbed and wiped her tears.
“We killed his father! YOU killed his father!” she exclaimed. “Isn’t that enough yet?! All these years that we raised him, I feel like he’s my own son and now you want to kill him?!”
“If we don’t kill him, sooner or later, he will find out that we killed his father,” said Sia Gumjorn. “By that time, he will take over the company and probably even kill us!”
Sia Gumjorn gasped for breath while Pim continued to cry.
“And you know what?” asked Sia Gumjorn. “Ai Rawit is in Paris right now for medical treatment. Once he is better, he’s going to get back at us. He’s going to reveal the truth to Passachon and they both will avenge Passawat’s death.”
Pim was lost in words. All these years, she kept to herself the pain and sorrow she had for Passawat, Yana, and Passachon. She raised Passachon and loved him like her biological son. Now, they were to kill the little boy they had raised into a man…

***Spoiler: Sia Gumjorn and Na Pim does not know that Passachon and Inchampa are twins.***


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PART II, Chapter Twelve

Passachon called a cab to drive them to the hospital where Loong Wit was transferred to. While in the cab, Passachon tried to call Maleewan but she did not answer. Her phone was off.
“She’s so stubborn,” said Inchampa. “She needs our help but refuses to let us know of her situation.”
“No,” said Passachon. “Why would she turn off her phone when she knows the hospital would need to contact her?”
“You’re right,” said Chompoo. “I’m sure we’ll find out in a bit when we get there.”
It turns out Maleewan was indeed at the hospital. Loong Wit was admitted earlier that day. A nurse directed Passachon, Inchampa, and Chompoo to Maleewan.
“Khun Wan,” said Inchampa, as the three of them approached Maleewan.
She was walking up and down impatiently in front of the emergency hall.
“Khun Inchampa!” exclaimed Maleewan. “What’re you…Khun Pat, Khun Chompoo, what are you all doing here?”
“Looking for you of course,” said Chompoo.
“We’re very worried about you and your father,” said Inchampa. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
Passachon whispered to Chompoo that they should provide some time for Inchampa and Maleewan. He grabbed Chompoo’s hand and together they went downstairs for some coffee.
“I can’t wait to see Loong Wit,” said Passachon.
“Why didn’t you tell Khun Wan that Loong Wit is your father’s best friend?” asked Maleewan.
“I didn’t want to interfere with Inchampa,” said Passachon. “They need some alone time together.”
They held hands and walked outside the hospital. Paris was a bustling city and very beautiful. It was getting dark but the whole city seemed very illuminated.
“Of course it is,” said Passachon to Chompoo. “Didn’t you know that Paris is known as the City of Lights?”
Before Chompoo could finish her sentence, she pushed him aside and shielded him. Shots rang out in the distance and the two fell to the ground. Passachon looked up at Chompoo who was still shielding him. Then, he looked into the distance and saw that the gunmen had run away.
“Are you okay? Are you alright?” asked Passachon, pulling Chompoo up.
“I’m fine,” said Chompoo. “Are they the same gunmen from before?”
“I don’t know,” replied Passachon. “I’m pretty sure. Why do they keep going after me?”
“We’d better go inside and check on Maleewan and Inchampa,” said Chompoo.
Passachon nodded and they vanished in the building.

Pakorn threw the wine glass he was holding at the two gunmen, who once again failed to kill Passachon.
“Get out!” yelled Pakorn angrily.
The two gunmen quickly scrambled their way out the door leaving Pakorn standing there fuming. He picked up the pillows from the sofa nearby and tossed them one by one against the wall. More than anything else in the world, Pakorn just wanted to kill Passachon and Inchampa. Avenging his father’s death was harder than he thought it would be. Pakorn began to tear up. Then, he collapsed into the sofa behind him. The doorbell rang and Pakorn threw another pillow at it.
“I said get out!” he yelled.
The door swung open and in came Pin.
Pakorn stood up.
“Pin,” he said quietly.
He ran to hug her. She pushed him away.
“Why did you do that?” asked Pin. “Why do you want to kill him?”
“His father killed my father,” said Pakorn.

After the operation, Maleewan’s father was transferred to a room. To Maleewan’s surprise, he got the VIP room. Maleewan turned to Inchampa, who was standing right behind her.
“Don’t look at me,” said Inchampa. “I don’t know.”
“I did,” said Passachon, walking in with Chompoo.
“You don’t have to…
“There are gunmen lurking around,” Passachon began. “For security purposes, I instructed the nurses to move Loong Wit into this room.”
“Khob khun, ka,” said Maleewan. “It’s quite unbelievable that my father and your father were best friends.”
Passachon smiled.
“And I never knew Loong Wit had a daughter,” said Passachon.
“When I was little, my mother sent me to stay with a relative in America so I could complete my studies,” Maleewan began. “She stayed behind in Thailand to look after my father. She recently passed away after I moved back to Thailand.”
“I never knew that,” said Passachon. “When I was little, Na Pim used to take me to visit Loong Wit at the hospital. She told me that Loong Wit, Loong Jorn and my father were best friends.”
Maleewan had a surprised look on her face.
“What did you say?” asked Maleewan.
“I said…
“What does your Na Pim and Loong Jorn has to do with this?” asked Maleewan. “How come I never knew that they were best friends? My mother never mentioned them to me.”
Passachon felt as if he was hit with a brick. If Na Pim, Loong Jorn, Loong Wit, and his father were best friends, how come Maleewan’s mother hadn’t mentioned any of it to her?
“Maybe your mother forgot…
“No,” said Maleewan. “If my father had something to do with mafias, then my mother would surely tell me.”
Chompoo and Inchampa looked very lost. Passachon didn’t know what to say.
“I’ll ask Na Pim about this,” said Passachon.
“Alright, that’s enough,” said Inchampa. “For security purposes, two of us will stay here with Loong Wit tonight.”
He looked at Maleewan.
“Khun Wan, krub, you should rest,” said Inchampa. “You’ve been through a lot lately…
“Mai,” said Maleewan. “I’m staying here with my father, you all can go rest.”
Passachon and Inchampa exchanged looks.
“How about I stay here with you?” Chompoo offered.
“No,” said Passachon. “Both of you are girls. If those gunmen come back, you’d be in big trouble. Khun Wan, trust me, just go get some rest. Loong Wit would be very unhappy to if knows that you’re being stubborn.”
Maleewan looked at Passachon.
“Okay,” she said finally.
“Well if that’s so, I’ll stay here with Loong Wit,” said Passachon.
“I’ll stay with you,” said Chompoo.
“No,” said Passachon. “There’s only one bed here. You go back to the condo with them.”
Chompoo frowned and did as she was told.

Passachon ended up staying with Loong Wit for the night while Inchampa returned to the condo with the two women.
“As soon as you recover, we’ll get out of here immediately,” said Passachon quietly to Loong Wit.
There was a soft knock on the door and without looking to see who it is, Passachon called for the person at the door to come in.
“Ai Pat,” said a familiar voice.
Passachon quickly turned around and stood up.
“Loong Jorn, what are you doing here?” he asked. “Where’s Na Pim? How’d you find me?”
“How’s your Loong Wit?” asked Loong Jorn, ignoring Passachon’s questions.
“He’s fine,” replied Passachon. “He just had…what are you doing here?”
Sia Gumjorn smiled a sly smile.
“Loong krub, are you okay?” asked Passachon.
To Passachon’s surprise, Loong Jorn pulled out a gun and aimed it at him.
“Loong, krub, what’re you doing?” asked Passachon.
His voice was trembling and Passachon stepped in front of Loong Wit.
“Your days are over,” said Loong Jorn.
His finger curled around the trigger but before he could press it, Passachon charged towards him and knocked the gun out of his hand. They wrestled for a while. Then, Loong Jorn grabbed the gun and knocked Passachon on the back of the head with it. Before he finish Passachon off, the Queen of Kiriman walked in coolly and shot Sia Gumjorn on the arm.
“Get out,” she told him.
“Why did…why did you do that?” asked Sia Gumjorn. “I thought you wanted them both dead.”
“I do,” said the Queen. “I want them to kill each other. It would be useless if this boy dies in your hand.”
Sia Gumjorn finally managed to stand up.
“Why do they have to kill each other?” asked Sia Gumjorn.
“You don’t have to know this,” replied the Queen. “Now, get out.”
Sia Gumjorn swaggered out the door and left the hospital. The Queen looked at Passachon and smiled. She bent down and touched the left side of his face.
“You look just like Passawat.”


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Omg! Thanks so much with the update, I can't wait to know what's happening! Please update soon ka! :D I don't know but still want some more love, jealousy, dramatic scene of Chompoo and Passachon. LOL


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Chapter 13
Morning came fast but before the sun even shone through the window, Inchampa was already up and ready to go. He slept well and now it was time to go exchange places with Passachon in the hospital. Someone rang the doorbell and Inchampa went to open the door. Maleewan and Chompoo were standing in the hallway. At the sight of them, Inchampa guessed that they too were ready to go to the hospital.
“Did you two ladies sleep well last night?” asked Inchampa.
“Ka,” replied Maleewan.
Chompoo nodded.
“Well that’s great,” said Inchampa. “Let’s go to the hospital now.”
Suddenly, Inchampa turned back into his room and told the women to wait.
“Did you forget something?” asked Maleewan.
“I just remembered that there are gunmen stalking us,” began Inchampa. “You never know when they’ll attack again. We must be very cautious when going out and about. For that reason, I’m going to carry my gun with me.”
Inchampa disappeared in the room for a few minutes to get his gun while the women waited in front of the door in the hall.
“Maleewan, that time when you and Passachon were attacked by those gunmen, did you see their faces at all?” asked Chompoo.
“No, I didn’t,” replied Maleewan. “Why? Do you suspect they’re the same gunmen from yesterday?”
Chompoo nodded.
“Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that gunmen has been following us everywhere?” asked Chompoo. “Ever since we’ve met Passachon and Inchampa, danger has been trailing all of us everywhere.”
“You’re right,” replied Maleewan.
Inchampa reappeared before the women and tucked the gun away behind his jacket.
“Let’s go,” he said.

They arrived at the hospital shortly afterwards and caught the elevator to the designated floor. However, when the elevator doors opened, they were surprised to see the facility flooded with French policemen.
“Qu’est-ce qui se passé?” Inchampa asked them.
One of the cops explained what had happened overnight. Before he could even finish explaining, Maleewan and Chompoo rushed to Khun Rawit’s room.
Two French police were talking to Passachon, who was sitting on the sofa rubbing the back of his head. Passachon tried his best to explain to the French police. Maleewan asked the nurse of her father’s current condition and was relieved to know that he was okay.
After all the cops left, Inchampa sat down next to Passachon.
“Are you okay man?” Inchampa asked him.
“Yeah,” replied Passachon. “But I think that we shouldn’t stay here any longer.”
“Are you sure you didn’t see your attacker?” asked Chompoo.
Passachon took a deep breath and looked carefully around him. Inchampa seemed to read his mind.
“No one else is in here but us now,” said Inchampa. “We can talk.”
Passachon nodded.
“Loong…Loong Jorn was here,” said Passachon finally.
“What?” asked Chompoo. “How did he…why would he come here?”
“I don’t know,” replied Passachon. “Something must’ve gotten into him because he tried to kill me. I don’t remember what happened after that.”
“Why didn’t the hospital contact me then?” asked Inchampa.
“I don’t know,” answered Passachon. “Oh, I also remembered that Loong Jorn wore a doctor’s overcoat too.”
“He must’ve disguised himself as a doctor,” said Maleewan. “What I don’t understand is why would he try to kill you?”
“Alright, let’s talk about this later,” said Inchampa. “We should get out of here now.”
“I have an estate in Honfleur,” said Passachon. “If we could hire a few nurses for Loong Wit, we could stay there until he recovers. That way, we could avoid danger at the same time.”
Inchampa nodded.
“That sounds like a plan,” he said. “Let’s keep this a secret so that only the four of us will know.”

Fortunately, Passachon and Inchampa were able to take care of everything and by the end of the day, Khun Rawit was released on special premises to Honfleur. The hospital back in Paris agreed to have nurses travel to Honfleur for special care and follow ups on Khun Rawit. This seemed to be a huge relief for everyone especially Maleewan.
At dinner, Maleewan chose to stay on guard with her father while the other three dined.
“Pat,” said Chompoo. “Tell the truth, why does Loong Jorn want to kill you?”
“I don’t know,” said Passachon. “I don’t understand either. I just remembered that he was very angry that night when he burst into Loong Wit’s room in the hospital. He told me my days are over and tried to shoot me. I wrestled over the gun with him and then I was awakened by a panic stricken nurse.”
“Do you think Na Pim…
“Na Pim! Yes, I totally forgot about Na Pim!” exclaimed Passachon. “Let me call and ask her.”
“No, wait,” said Inchampa. “Don’t ask her anything just yet. Moreover, I wouldn’t go back to Thailand in the meantime either.”
“What if Loong Jorn really wants me dead?” asked Passachon. “Why does he want me dead though?”

That night, Passachon couldn’t help but to come up with different theories of why Loong Jorn wanted to kill him. Perhaps because he didn’t fulfill Loong Jorn’s wishes in killing Inchampa. No, that couldn’t be it. That’s just stupid. Passachon shook his head. Why did Loong Jorn want him to kill Inchampa before? What does Loong Wit have to do with anything? Would Na Pim know any of this?

Sia Gumjorn continued to track down Passachon and Inchampa. Damn, that stupid Queen, he thought to himself. How could she stop him when he was only a few feet away from his goal? Then, there were these mystery gunmen. Who do they belong to? Sia Gumjorn was confused and angry. He called for his men to come in and asked them if they had yet any news of Passachon’s whereabouts. This time, he was going to kill all of them.

Ever since Pin left him that day, Pakorn felt lost and confused. He was now unsure of what he had to do. He knew he loved Pin but at the same time, Pin now wants to protect both Inchampa and Passachon. The thought of Inchampa angered Pakorn even more. How dare could he interfere with Passachon? Pakorn decided to kill them both for the better.

Passachon had no idea how long he had been sleeping. When he woke up, he remembered the weird dream he had just had. He saw half heart pendant again. He also saw Inchampa wearing the other half around his neck. What was even more confusing was that he also saw Loong Wit.
Passachon massaged the back of his neck. It was still a little sore.
“Are you okay?”
Passachon looked up and realized that Chompoo had walked in. She sat down on the bed next to him and put her right hand over his forehead.
“No fever,” she said. “Do you feel any better?”
“Yeah,” replied Passachon. “How’s Loong Wit?”
“He’s doing okay,” replied Chompoo. “Oh and he opened his eyes this morning.”
Passachon smiled a wide smile.
“Really?!” he asked excitedly.
“Yes, really,” said Chompoo.
Without washing his face or anything at all, Passachon rushed out of bed to see Loong Wit. Maleewan and Inchampa were already in there.
“Pat, are you okay?” asked Maleewan.
“Yeah,” replied Passachon.
He took a seat on the other side of Loong Wit’s bed.
“A nurse should be arriving here shortly to check on him,” said Inchampa.
“That’s great,” said Passachon. “Did he say anything?”
“No, not yet,” replied Maleewan. “Hopefully, he is able to speak again.”
“I’m sure he will,” said Passachon.

Pakorn did not sleep all night. He had his men search for Inchampa and Passachon everywhere and until he got some satisfied news, he wasn’t going to give up. Finally, around the afternoon, one of his men came with Passachon and Inchampa’s current location. Pakorn set off to Honfleur at once.

At the same time, Sia Gumjorn’s men also informed him that they had found Passachon in Honfleur. When he was about to leave, Sia Gumjorn opened the door to a surprise. His wife, Pimrada was standing right outside.
“What are you doing here?” asked Sia Gumjorn in shock.
“I came here to protect my nephew,” said Pimrada. “The little boy that we raised into a man. The one that you are hunting down and wanting kill with your own hands. How could you do that?!”
“I don’t have time for nonsense,” said Sia Gumjorn, pushing her out of the way.
He signaled for his men to go wait in the car. Then, he turned around to face his wife.
“Let me tell you something Pim,” he began. “Once we get rid of this kid, we’ll have our stable positions as the true owners of Diamonds Galore. Don’t you want a forever luxurious stress free life?”
Pim was tears.
“You killed his father!” yelled Pim. “You killed your own friend!”
Sia Gumjorn was losing his patience and his temper was rising.
“Whatever!” he exclaimed. “You will never understand! I should’ve killed that boy when he was still an infant. I shouldn’t have listened to you and brought him home and raised him.”
Sia Gumjorn left without saying another word.

After the nurse left, Maleewan stayed in the room to look after her father, who was supposedly doing better and should be back to normal within a few weeks. Chompoo went out to the marketplace to buy some groceries. Even though Passachon offered to assist her, she advised him to stay behind and rest because she thought Passachon still looked a bit sick. Instead of resting in bed, Passachon decided to take a walk around his estate and surprisingly ran into Inchampa in the garden.
“You have a nice place,” said Inchampa.
“Thanks,” said Passachon.
Passachon sat on the bench and took a deep breath.
“Do you have something in mind that you would like to share?” asked Inchampa. “Perhaps, it would make you feel better?”
“You seem to read my mind so well,” said Passachon.
Inchampa took a seat next to Passachon.
“I don’t know why either,” began Inchampa. “Ever since I’ve met you, I began to have this weird feeling…
“Hey, don’t tell you’re turning gay,” said Passachon, scooting a bit further from Inchampa.
“Mai chai,” said Inchampa. “I was going to say that…
Inchampa noticed the half heart pendant around Passachon’s neck.
“I’ve always wanted to ask you something,” said Inchampa. “Where did you get that necklace?”
Passachon tugged at his necklace.
“This I’ve had for as long as I can remember,” replied Passachon. “Na Pim said that my father left this for me.”
“Odd,” said Inchampa. “I feel like I have one too…well, actually I remember wearing it in my dreams…no…
“We grew up in the dreams together,” said Passachon. “I remember seeing you in my dreams for as long as I can remember.”
“Me too,” said Inchampa.
“Pat! Inchampa! Wan! I’m back!”
“Seems like Chompoo is back,” said Passachon.
The guys met Chompoo at the door and helped her carry the stuff into the kitchen.
“What’s all of this?” asked Passachon. “Are you going to cook for the whole neighborhood?”
“Of course not,” replied Chompoo. “I am going to prepare a feast though.”
Passachon and Inchampa exchanged looks.
“Why?” they asked simultaneously.
Chompoo put her hands on her hips.
“You know what?” she began. “Sometimes you guys really act like brothers. One gets hurt and the other feels the pain too. When one is in danger, the other one senses it immediately. You grew up in a dream together. Let me ask you frankly. Don’t you guys ever think that you share a lot of similarities?”
Inchampa and Passachon looked at each other and shrugged.


sarNie Juvenile
Part I, Chapter 14
A week passed by since the crew relocated to Honfleur. So far, everything seemed to be in control. Maleewan’s father, Khun Rawit, was doing better even though he hasn’t yet neither spoken nor got up to walk. However, they had no idea danger was lurking around the corner.

During the while he was in Honfleur, Sia Gumjorn gathered a few of his men and had them stalk the people entering and leaving Passachon’s estate. This time, he had to devise a plan in order to make sure that no one could escape. After following them for a few days, Sia Gumjorn concluded that along with Rawit, there were only three people living with Passachon in the estate. All he had to do was separate them and wipe them out individually.

That afternoon, Maleewan and Chompoo made lunch for everyone---soup and sandwiches, French style.
“Mhmm, smells good,” said Passachon, sniffing the soup while Chompoo was stirring it.
While Maleewan wasn’t looking, he quickly kissed Chompoo on the cheek.
“Hey!” exclaimed Chompoo.
“Hey, watch what you’re doing,” said Passachon. “You almost knocked that soup over.”
“Get away from me,” said Chompoo.
“Only if you give me a kiss first,” said Passachon.
Maleewan laughed.
Chompoo quickly pecked Passachon on his cheek and then attempted to throw the ladle at him, in which she missed. Good thing Inchampa walked in and caught the ladle before it hit the ground.
“What are you guys doing?” asked Inchampa.
“Cooking up lunch,” replied Chompoo.
“Chom, is the soup ready?” asked Maleewan.
“Yep,” replied Chompoo.
“I’m gonna take a bowl of soup to father,” said Maleewan.
“Don’t forget his medicine,” said Passachon.
“Ka,” replied Maleewan.
Maleewan went upstairs to feed her father some soup followed by his medicine. When she opened the prescription bottle, she realized that he needed a refill. She decided to visit the pharmacy after lunch.
“I’ll go with you,” said Inchampa.
“Wan, I think I’ll go too,” said Chompoo. “I have to grab some feminine things, if you know what I mean.”
Maleewan smiled.
“Okay,” she said.
“If that’s so, I’ll stay here with Loong Wit,” said Passachon.

After Inchampa, Chompoo, and Maleewan left, Passachon grabbed his notebook and went upstairs to Loong Wit’s room. He haven’t been to work in a long while and wanted to know what’s up with Diamonds Galore.
About thirty minutes later, Passachon heard the doorbell ring. It’s a bit early for them to come back already, he thought to himself. Curious, Passachon went to answer the doorbell anyway. Before he got to the door, Passachon peeked out the window and recognized immediately that there were gunmen outside. Hesitating, he flew up the stairs to Loong Wit.
“Loong! Loong, get up!” he said loudly.
Passachon looked back and knew that the guys outside were under the command of his Loong Jorn.
“Loong Wit!”
Without thinking twice, Passachon carried Loong Wit and rushed through the back door. Luckily, he had another car parked in the back. From there, they could escape and run for dear life.
However, more gunmen caught up with them.
“Aie Passachon!”
Passachon put Loong Wit in the back seat and then got in the car himself. He drove away as fast as he could but there were still gunmen at his tail. Suddenly, shots rang out and hit the back window of his Peugeot. Passachon stepped on the accelerator harder and then the craziest idea came to him...

“Pat! Pat!”
Passachon opened his eyes but his vision was very blurry. He his whole body was sore and the back of his neck hurt really badly.
Passachon tried to remember what happened. He kissed Chompoo…then he remembered Chompoo, Maleewan, and Inchampa leaving the house…he was by himself…gunmen…Loong Wit…
“Loong Wit!”
Passachon sat up suddenly and immediately recognized the person beside him.
“L…Loong…Loong Wit,” he said quietly.
The person sitting beside him was Loong Wit.
“Loong,” said Passachon.
Tears trickled down Passachon’s face. Loong Wit held his arms open wide and Passachon hugged him.
“Pat,” said Loong Wit. “I have something very important to tell you.”