Fad Tarng Pope (Twins from Different Worlds)


sarNie Juvenile
Part II, Chapter 14

Passachon wiped the tears off his face.
“It’s so great to see that you are normal again,” he said. “Anyway, what happened? Where are we?”
“We’re at one of my friend’s house in the French countryside,” replied Loong Wit. “I’ll tell you how we got here later. Right now, there is something extremely important that you need to know.”
“I’m listening,” said Passachon.
Loong Wit nodded.
“Twenty something years ago when your father came back from military service in Kiriman, he, Gumjorn, and I went into business together…
“Diamonds Galore,” said Passachon.
“Chai,” replied Loong Wit. “Your father and Gumjorn had the highest shares in the company but Gumjorn turned his back on us. He wanted everything to himself. I tried to explain to your father but he wouldn’t listen. That day when your mother was in the emergency room, I overheard Gumjorn talking to a guy about his plans. He promised the guy that there would be an equal share among them if the plan was success. I rushed up to the emergency room to inform your father but when I got there everyone was dead and Gumjorn’s wife, Pimrada, was holding you in her arms…
“Loong Jorn killed my parents,” said Passachon.
Tears flowed from his eyes and anger was rising within him.
“Pat, listen to me…
“Loong Jorn killed my parents,” repeated Passachon.
“Pat, you must avenge your parents’ death,” said Loong Wit.
“Loong Jorn was the one that paralyzed you too, right?” asked Passachon.
Loong Wit nodded.
“SIA GUMJORN, I WILL MURDER YOU!” Passachon bellowed.

The Queen of Kiriman stood before Inchampa, who was kneeling on the ground. Inchampa could not believe his fate. Within a blink of an eye, he lost his friends and the most important woman in his life.
“Do you know that you disappoint me very much?” asked the Queen.
“Krub,” replied Inchampa.
“I asked you to avenge your father’s death,” said the Queen. “You’ve done nothing. All this time, you fooled around with this Maleewan woman and befriended your enemy.”
“I can’t do it,” said Inchampa.
She struck him across the face.
“Your Highness, please end this,” pleaded Pin. “I do not wish to see anyone else’s life in danger.”
She too received a blow to the face.
“Shut up!” shrieked the Queen. “I was going to deal with you later but now that you interfere, I will settle this with you. You’ve disobeyed my simple orders. Instead of tracking Prince Inchampa, you fell for this Pakorn guy!”
Without notice, the Queen pulled out a gun and shot Pin.
Inchampa felt as though his heart shattered. He shook his head slowly in disbelief and hugged Pin.
“Take…care,” she told him.
Those were her last words. Pin was forever gone.
“Mother, if you wish to kill me, you may do so,” said Inchampa.
“Why would I kill my own son?” asked the Queen. “Get up. I’m going to give you another chance. If you successfully avenge your father’s death, I’ll release your girlfriend.”
“Wan, where is Wan?” asked Inchampa, anxiously.
“Stop asking questions,” said the Queen. “I’ve tracked down Passachon’s location. Once you kill that boy, I’ll release Maleewan.”

Even though Sia Gumjorn failed to kill Passachon, he knew just the plan to lure him out. The Queen of Kiriman made enough sense to hand over both women, Maleewan and Chompoo. With these two women in his hands, Sia Gumjorn was only a step closer to his goal.
“Wan, are you alright?” asked Chompoo.
“I’m fine,” replied Maleewan. “I wonder how the others are doing, especially father.”
“We need to find a way out of here,” said Chompoo.
“What can we do?” asked Maleewan. “Our hands and feet are tied up.”
A door opened and then there was a soft click.
“Na Pim!” squealed Chompoo.
“Shh!” said Na Pim.
“What are you doing here?” asked Maleewan. “If Sia Gumjorn catches you in…
“Sia Gumjorn isn’t here,” said Na Pim. “Just stay put and I’ll get you out of those ropes.”
“Let me ask you frankly,” said Chompoo. “Why does Sia Gumjorn want to kill Pat?”
“I don’t have time to tell you anything right now,” said Na Pim. “Once I free you, go to the place written on this piece of paper and you’ll meet Pat.”
Na Pim handed the piece of paper to Chompoo and then went on to untie Maleewan.
“Alright, I have to go,” said Na Pim.
“Khob jai Na Pim maak,” said Chompoo.
“Khob jai na ka,” said Maleewan.
“That’s enough,” said Na Pim. “Go before Sia Gumjorn gets back.”

Finally, Maleewan and Chompoo were free. They couldn’t believe Sia Gumjorn took them back to Paris.
“I wonder if Inchampa is in Paris,” said Maleewan.
“Let’s try calling him,” said Chompoo.
“I don’t have my purse,” said Maleewan. “I dropped it when the gunmen caught us.”
“We need to contact the police then,” said Chompoo.
“Not just yet,” said Maleewan. “If Sia Gumjorn finds out that we report to the police, he’ll surely kill us. Not to mention his followers are probably lurking around here spying on us. We should find Passachon and my father first.”
“Okay,” agreed Chompoo.
Maleewan noticed two men in black wearing shades standing behind them near a newspaper stall. She tugged Chompoo’s sleeve and signaled that there was someone following them.
“Shh,” whispered Maleewan. “I think these guys are suspicious.”
“Well, if they’re Sia Gumjorn’s men, why aren’t they going after us?” asked Chompoo.
“Maybe there are too many people here,” said Maleewan.
“Great, what do we do?” asked Chompoo.
“Keep walking and see what they do next,” said Maleewan.

Nearby, Pakorn was sitting in a parked car with one of his men. His cell phone rang and Pakorn answered it at once.
“What’s up?” asked Pakorn.
It was one of his men.
“Nai krub,” said the guy over the phone. “These two women usually cling onto Passachon and Inchampa.”
“Are you sure?” asked Pakorn.
“Krub, what do you want me to do?” asked the guy.
“Just follow them,” said Pakorn. “I’m sure they know where Passachon is. Don’t make it seems so obvious that you’re following them. Be cautious.”
“Krub nai.”

When Maleewan and Chompoo were confident that no one was following them, they continued on with their plan to find Passachon. Midway to their destination, they came across a public payphone and decided to call Inchampa. It was a good thing Chompoo had some money with her.
“Hello,” answered what sounded like a depressing Inchampa.
“Inchampa, this is Maleewan,” said Maleewan.
“Wan!” exclaimed Inchampa. “Where are you? Are you alright?”
“I’m fine,” answered Maleewan. “I’m with Chompoo and we’re both on the way to find Pat. I’ll explain to you later. Where are you? Are you safe?”
“I’m safe too,” replied Inchampa. “I’m in France.”
“Listen, Chom and I know Pat’s location,” explained Maleewan. “As long as you’re safe…
Before Maleewan could finish, Chompoo knocked on the glass outside.
“Wan, there’s Khun Inchampa!” exclaimed Chompoo, pointing to the opposite side of the street.
Inchampa turned around and met up with the girls. Then, like an instinct, he threw his arms around Maleewan.
“Thank God you’re safe,” he said. “I was so worried about you.”
“Ka,” said Maleewan.
“Alright, now let’s go find Pat,” said Chompoo.

That night, on their way to meet Passachon, the three checked into a hotel overnight. It was when he entered his room; Inchampa got the chilling call from his Queen Mother. He didn’t want to answer it but knew better. Inchampa took a deep breath and answered the phone.
“Hello, krub, Tan Mae,” he said.
“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to,” said the Queen. “I have people secretly following you who keep me updated on your daily actions. Once you find Passachon, kill him to avenge your father’s death.”
“But, I don’t want to,” said Inchampa. “I don’t want to be involved in this…

“If you don’t avenge your father’s death, don’t expect to call me Mother anymore,” said the Queen. “A son who refuses to avenge his father’s death and fail to fulfill his mother’s wishes is an unfilial son. If you don’t kill Passachon, don’t ever return to Kiriman.”
The phone slipped out of Inchampa’s hands due to sweat from fear. Even though he and Passachon weren’t really friends, Inchampa felt that Passachon was a really great guy despite the fact he was raised by mafias. However, if he had to choose between his mother and a guy he barely even knew, he would of course, choose his mother.

Chompoo, Maleewan, and Inchampa stood in front of a peaceful and cozy looking house. It was situated on a farm but the house itself was quite nice. Finally, they were reunited with Passachon.
With tears of joy in their eyes, Chompoo and Maleewan threw their arms around Passachon. He hugged them both tightly and said “It’s okay.” Inchampa stared at the touching scene before him. All of a sudden, he pictured himself pulling out a gun and aiming towards Passachon. However, he missed because both Chompoo and Maleewan shielded him. Inchampa shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He didn’t know what to do.
Passachon turned to Maleewan and said he had surprise for her. Then he and Jean Claude, the house owner and Loong Wit’s friend, led them inside and steered them to the living room. There on one of the sofas sat Maleewan’s father, Rawit. Maleewan rushed to her father and sat beside him. She was speechless. Her father was sitting and smiling brightly at her.
“Father, are…are you...
“I’m fine,” he said. “I’m sorry for not being able to take care of you like a father should all these years. Maleewan, you’ve grown into a great and kind hearted young woman. You look exactly like your mother.”
Jean Claude motioned his hand for everyone to sit down. Then, he disappeared so they could have some “family time.”
“I love you Father,” said Maleewan, throwing her arms around him.
Rawit smiled and turned his head to Inchampa.
“This is…
Maleewan wiped her tears and introduced Inchampa to her father.
“Inchampa,” said Rawit. “What a strange name but it sounds nice and proper.”
“I’m not Thai, krub,” said Inchampa. “I’m from Kiriman.”
Rawit’s eyes widened.
“Kiriman,” he repeated. “You’re from the Kingdom of Kiriman? Why did you come to Thailand?”
“Uh…I came on a business trip, krub,” Inchampa lied.
“Strange,” said Rawit. “You look like someone but I can’t figure out who.”
After the acquaintances, Rawit went on with the serious matters. He turned to Passachon and then to Maleewan.
“Wan, my daughter, I have something to tell you,” said Rawit. “All these years, you’ve mistaken Passachon for a bad guy but actually he is the only son of my best friend, Passawat.”
“But he’s still a mafia,” joked Chompoo.
Passachon playfully elbowed Chompoo.
“It’s not what it seems,” said Rawit. “These past many years, I’ve held a secret of Sia Gumjorn’s and for that reason; he tried to get rid of me. Luckily someone saved my life but I was still paralyzed for years.”
“It doesn’t matter now, ka,” said Chompoo. “You’re all better. You even have a beautiful daughter by your side and all of us to help take care of you.”
“Khob jai na ja noo,” said Rawit. “However, I still have something important to do.”
“What is it Father?” asked Maleewan.
“Right now, we must quickly get back to Thailand,” began Rawit. “From there on, I will go to Diamonds Galore and claim my rightful position as co owner.”
“You’re the co-owner of Diamonds Galore?” asked Chompoo and Inchampa simultaneously.
Rawit nodded.
“Diamonds Galore was constructed out of three friends’ strong passion for business,” said Rawit. “At the time, Passawat, Gumjorn, and I went into this business together but one friend betrayed us all.”
“And that was Sia Gumjorn,” said Chompoo.
“Right,” said Rawit.
“Everything is now part of his mafia businesses,” said Maleewan.
“That’s why I must return to Thailand and transform everything back to normal and back into rightful business,” said Rawit.
“We’ll leave first thing tomorrow,” said Passachon. “Khun Jean Claude has arranged everything for us.”

Later that night after dinner, which was specially prepared by Jean Claude, Passachon dragged Chompoo outside for a walk under the moonlit sky and starry night.
“What made you turn into a romantic guy all of a sudden?” asked Chompoo.
“I’m not a romantic guy,” said Passachon, stopping to face Chompoo. “I’m your man. I’m your everything.”
Chompoo smiled and blushed.
“Chom, I really like this kind of life,” said Passachon. “During the past days I’ve been here, I realized that countryside life is peaceful and stress free. Each day after work, I can come home and see you and our kids. I’ll read to our kids before bedtime and after they fall asleep, we come out and walk under the moonlight and stars. After taking care of unfinished business in Krungthep, I want to settle down somewhere else peaceful in Thailand. Somewhere like here. What do you say?”
Before Chompoo could reply, Passachon kneeled down on one knee. He pulled out a red velvet box from his right pocket and opened it in front of Chompoo. Sitting there inside the box was a beautiful diamond ring that glistened like the stars in the sky. A tear rolled down Chompoo’s face.
“Chom, I got this ring awhile back in Paris without anyone knowing,” said Passachon. “I was planning on surprising you when we returned to Thailand after Loong Wit was released from the hospital. However, things didn’t go as I expected. We’ve been through a lot lately and it is through these past many days, it made me realize that the person I loved all along was you. Instead of asking you when we return to Thailand tomorrow, I decided the best time to do so is tonight. I’m afraid something bad will happen to me after tomorrow and my wishes will never be fulfilled. Therefore, tonight under the moon and stars, under the presence of the gods above, I would like to ask you. Will you marry me?”
Chompoo was speechless. She collapsed on ground in front of Passachon and pulled him closer to her so that his head rested on her shoulder. Her arms curled around his neck and in his ears she whispered, “Yes.”
They shared a passionate kiss for a moment.
“I love you,” said Passachon.
“I love you too,” said Chompoo.

Holding hands on the other side of the house under the night sky was the sweet couple, Maleewan and Inchampa.
“Don’t you have anything to say?” asked Maleewan.
“I don’t know what to say,” replied Inchampa. “I just know that I’ve never felt this way before.”
Maleewan stopped walking and turned to face Inchampa.
“Let me ask you something frankly,” she began. “That day after we departed from my father and Pat, Chom and I were captured by Sia Gumjorn’s men. At the time, you were with us but where were you afterwards? When Chom and I opened our eyes, we were tied up under Sia Gumjorn’s watchful eyes.”
“I…I was…
The scene of him being captured back to his Queen Mother flashed before him. He remembered Pin dying before his eyes.
“Inchampa,” said Maleewan.
She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to get his attention.
“Are you okay?” she asked him.
“I was…I was captured by Sia Gumjorn too but luckily I escaped,” replied Inchampa.
He had to lie. He couldn’t just tell her frankly that he was captured by his Queen Mother. He didn’t want her to know he is the Prince of the Kiriman.
“What are you thinking about?” asked Maleewan.
“Nothing,” replied Inchampa. “Wan, can I ask you something? One day, if something bad was to happen to me or Passachon…
Maleewan put her hand over Inchampa’s mouth.
“Don’t say that,” she said. “Nothing bad will happen to any of us.”
“Just say for instance that, um…I…
Inchampa was lost in words. He didn’t want her to start being suspicious of him. Instead, he pulled her in for a hug. She hugged him back.
“Wan, I’m afraid we can’t be together,” said Inchampa.
Maleewan looked surprised.
“Why do you say that?” she asked.
“Nothing, never mind,” said Inchampa. “I love you, Wan.”
“I love you too, ka.”

“You crazy fool!” bellowed Sia Gumjorn. “How could you lose them?! You can’t even keep up with two fragile women!”
The guys, who just got slapped by Sia Gumjorn, kneeled on the floor like scared puppies.
“They met that one guy named Inchampa and afterwards, I think they knew…
“Shut up!” exclaimed Sia Gumjorn. “Get out of my face!”
Pim entered the room just as the gunmen scrambled out.
“Can’t we just call it quits?” she asked him.
“Are you crazy?” he asked. “I’m not going to quit halfway. Even though we don’t know where they are at the moment, I am sure of their next move. They’ll surely go back to Thailand. We must get back before them.”

Pakorn was already in Thailand and was more than ready for a showdown. His men lost track of Inchampa too but he knew exactly what to do. He remembered Pin once telling him that Inchampa loved Maleewan. If Maleewan was returning to Thailand, Inchampa was sure to tag along beside her. Not to mention Passachon and Chompoo, who Pakorn was also planning to get rid of.
Afterwards, he would wipe out Sia Gumjorn. Then, everything will fall into his hands. He, Pakorn, would take over Diamonds Galore. His father, Garn, would be very proud of him.


sarNie Juvenile
- Awww, I just love those two couples so much. Their sweet words. I'm so happy that Passachon has asked Chompoo to marry him. That was the most sweetest thing ever! LOL - too cute! Hehe, as for Inchampa and Maleewan, they are super duper cute too. They are so afraid losing each other. Aww! :) Please do update soon ka, I love it very muchie! And thank you for always telling me. Teehee :D