Falling In Love By The Waterfall - UPDATE - CHAPTER 4


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“Get off me! Let go of me!” Ya screamed.

Nadech quickly covered her mouth, glaring at her.

“Be quiet, or else I’ll say you’re an intruder trying to kill me!” Nadech was looking up and around, making sure no one was going to come in and hear the commotion. It was silent.

Ya was murmuring something to Nadech, but obviously he couldn’t understand since his hand was covering her mouth. Ya thought to herself why would he lie that she was an intruder? She was far from being a killer. Doesn’t he know that she’s of high royalty? To top it all, she hasn’t had someone ever be this close to her in her whole life. Actually, she hasn’t had a man ever be this close to her!

“If I lift my hand, you better not scream. Do you hear me?”

Ya quickly nodded her head when hearing the request. Nadech lifted his hand, and brought it back to the ground to help support his body. Ya quickly pushed him off.

“Get off me!” she scowled. She sat up, fixed her chaotic hair and swiped it behind her back. Nadech sat up as well, but got close to Ya to make sure to doesn’t cause a scene.

“How dare you speak to me like this! Do you even know who I am?!”

Do I know him? She squinted. “No? Should I?”

“Who are you? What’s your family’s name? They will be punished for having a daughter who disrespects their prince,” Nadech said in a serious tone.

“How dare you speak to me like this! I am PRINCESS Urassaya of the Cloud Kingdom. Stop lying! You must be part of those men that attacked us! Where is my sister?! What have you done to them!” Ya started to panic now. As she kept on having questions about what happened, she started remember Noona being murdered by those barbaric bastards! Ya’s eyes started getting red and teary.

“H-Hey! You’re alright! I’m not part of those men! I came to save you from them.” Nadech moved closer to console her.

“Don’t touch me!” Ya used her feet to kick his chest, causing Nadech to fall back on his bottom.

“Hey! That hurt! I was the one that saved your life, and all I get is getting hit in the head, being kicked, and worrying about this winy brat?!”

“I don’t trust you! You could be making this up! You were going to purposely make your move to molest me; that’s what you were going to do! I could sense you staring at me when I was on the bed! Explain that?!” Ya puffed. She lifted her right hand to wipe her watery eyes.

“I—uh…” Nadech couldn’t explain. He didn’t want to sound like a creep, saying he was admiring her beauty. Oh how perfectly this sounded, he thought… He changed the subject.

“And you! How do I know you’re not lying? You could be a psycho. Maybe you were part of those men’s plan into getting into the palace?! Yes! That sounds right.”

“Wha—No! I’m not--“

“Enough! I know this trick. You barbaric people try to come into the palace trying to kill my brother and I!” Nadech was quite paranoid about this. This was how his parents died. They were too kind to allow a wounded young man tag along with them when coming back from a camping trip. The young man drugged the guards into sleep. When Nadech’s parents were sleeping in their hut, the young man murdered the King and Queen. When the guards woke up, they found a note saying what fools the couple were.

Ya’s eyes widened. Why was he pointing the blame on her? She was tired of this! At this moment, she was balling in tears. She was so frustrated and confused! She just wanted to go home! She wanted to know if her sister was alright. Did she get home safely?

“I—I—I wan--,”Ya was grasping for air. She started feeling dizzy. Everything around her getting hazy. Her energy was draining, and she could feel her body not responding. In a short moment, she fainted. Without eating anything and losing blood from her wound, she needed lots of rest.

“Hey!” Nadech quickly crawled to her and caught her before her head could hit the wooden floor. He made sure nothing was in her hands. Her patted her waist to make sure there were no weapons, to make sure she wouldn’t randomly attack him again.

He picked her up. She was light and weak. Okay, maybe she wasn’t lying, Nadech thought. With his grasp, he could feel how soft and smooth she was. She was a true beauty. He wasn’t going to lie, he actually was going to believe her.

“She said she’s from the Cloud Kingdom? Never heard of that before...” He didn’t believe her.

He brought her back to his grand bed again. He was going to lay her down, when all of sudden she grabbed him tighter. Ya started to whimper. She was having a bad dream. Nadech couldn’t make out what she was saying. Just gibberish. He quickly set her down, but with her weight, it made him fall with her on the bed.

“Hey, hey! It’s alright! You’re safe! Shhhh….” He could see tears falling. Maybe it is true what happened to her. By the looks of it, he felt bad now for quickly accusing her. After all, her she was panicking like hell. He laid next to her. Nadech brought her head to rest on his right arm, and with his left arm, he brought it to her waist. He rocked a little to comfort the beautiful, weeping, young girl. In a few minutes, she quieted down.

“Princess Urassaya. Nice to meet you,” he chuckled to himself. Nadech was starting to get tired as well. It was a long day after all. He quickly fell into sleep, holding the sleeping beauty in his arms.


Ya slowly opened her eyes. It was bright out. She could hear the birds chirping. There was a cool breeze coming from the open windows. Although, for some odd reason she wasn’t getting cold… Her head was resting on something harder than a pillow. Something was strapping on to her tightly. She felt warm, she didn’t have a blanket on her. She could feel something big next to her. She twisted her body to see what was lying behind her. Her eyes widened as she was staring straight into the young man’s face. He was sleeping still. He was still shirtless! How disgusting! What did he do to her last night?! She felt trapped. His muscular arms were locked into place, plus when she turned, he seems to lean in closer to her, letting out a little moan.

There was a strong knock on the door. Ya jumped from the sound.

“Nadech! It’s Lek! I have something to show you!”

Ya looked at Nadech. He was not waking up. She heard the door open, and footsteps getting closer. She panicked. Ya went back to her fake sleeping mode. The steps came closer.

“Nadech, wake up. I hav--- WHAT IS THIS?!” Lek yelled.

Nadech’s eyes slowly opened. He turned to the direction of his yelling brother. Then slowly to the beautiful body next to him that he was holding to tightly. He shot back to reality.

Lek looked at the cuddling couple, and noticed a big red stain on the mattress. It was blood. He knew what had happened with the two.


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