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FlytotheSky is known to be one of South Korea's best duos. FlytotheSky includes Brian Joo and HwanHee, both who perform vocal parts.

Debuting in 1999 at the LOG-IN HOT show, the duo started their career with a rising start in SM Entertainment. They were then gaining popularity in countries outside of South Korea such as China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the United States.

Stunning results from their albums added to their stardom and soon awarded them with various awards, such as MTV Asia's "Artist of the Month" (1999) and M.NET Music Video Festival's "Best R&B Artist" (2003), and SBS Gayo Daejun's "Best R&B Artist" (2004).

Between their performances and concerts, FlytotheSky also modeled for different clothing lines such as D-DAY and Elite, modeling with female singer, BoA.

In November 2004, FlytotheSky's contract expired, leaving fans in question of their new entertainment. They later signed with PFull Entertainment, who also hosts Eugene, an ex-member of S.E.S. Still, fans and FlytotheSky themselves seek this move as a positive change.

Member Profile

Name: Brian G. Joo
Birthname: Joo Min Gyu
Birthday: January 10, 1981
Birthplace: New Jersey
School: Rutgers University
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Watching movies, Internet chatting, basketball
Specialty: English rap making

Name: HwanHee or Fany
Birthname: Hwang Yoon Suk
Birthday: January 17, 1982
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
School: College of Arts Kookmin University
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies, basketball, computer games
Specialty: Break-dancing

Source: FlytotheSkyOnjena & HeavenSent


sarNie Egg

Fly to the Sky - 1st Album
Released: December 12, 1999

01 Intro
02 In My Dream (Featuring HOT)
03 Day By Day
04 I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
03 Fly to the Sky
06 Wanna Be With You
07 Everything...
08 Beautiful Girl
09 A Song For Love
10 Warning
11 Love Forever
12 In My Dream (Extended Version)

Fly to the Sky - 2nd Album
Released: February 2, 2001

01 The Promise
02 A Confession
03 What U Want
04 I Want (Featuring Kang Ta, Boa)
05 I Want You I Nee You (Featuring Kim Jo Han)
06 Retry
07 Always Together
08 Maybe God Knows
09 In Your Eyes
10 Crystal (Featuring Jinju)
11 Don't Forget Me
12 Shy Love
13 Baby Love
14 Should I Stay
15 The Promise (Booty Mix) (Bonus Track)

Released: September 1, 2001
1. Intro
2. I Want You I Need You
3. OoNeurKkaJiMan
4. KeuDae EereumEur
5. Opening Ment
6. Who Are You
7. LOVE+ ChunSaengYounBoon
8. Kim Jo Han Ment
9. Always Together+ Day by Day
10. Opening Ment
11. Shy Love
12. Maybe God Knows
13. The Promise
14. What U Want
15. EeBamAe Kkeuteur JabGo
16. Ending Ment
17. September
18. EeJeon MoDu IjGo Shippoyo (2001 Fany's R&B Version)

1. EeJeon MoDu IjGo Shippoyo
2. Concert Prologue
3. Kim Jo Han interview
4. Fany interview
5. Brian interview
6. Concert Epilogue

Fly to the Sky - 3rd Album
Released: April 4, 2002

01 Sea of Love
02 Condition of My Heart
03 Rains
04 I Know..But..
05 Future Tonight
06 Say My Name
07 Trust
08 No More Games
09 In Love
10 How Many Nights How Many Days
11 All My Love
12 Minutes
13 Tragic Love
14 Sea of Love (Fany Version) - Bonus Track

Fly to the Sky - 4th Album
Released: July 7, 2003

01 Intro
02 Missing You
03 Han
04 Habit
05 Become 1
06 Magic Song
07 Still
08 Only One
09 Good to You
10 You
11 My Love

Fly to the Sky - Live Album
Released: April 23, 2004

CD 1
01 Intro
02 Han
03 Sea of Love
04 Opening Ment
05 The Promise/Only One/Day By Day
06 Magic Song
07 Endless Love (Performed by Fany & BMK)
08 Wanna Be With You
09 Grudge
10 Habit

CD 2
11 Condition of My Heart
12 Ment
13 You... (Performed by Brian)
14 Retry/Maybe God Knows/Fly to the Sky
15 What U Want/No More Games
16 Hoo
17 Missing You
18 Closing Ment
19 My Love
20 Beautiful Girl
21 Don't Care No More... (Studio Version)
22 Magic Song (Remix)

Released: November 10, 2004
1. Stay
2. Gravity
3. Geudaeneun Moreujyo (Good-bye)
4. Old Skool Love
5. Yurkamki (Rest of my Life)
6. Hanchamee Jinado (If You Go Away)
7. Take a Bow
8. Sarangeur Moreuda... (Monologue)
9. Tell Me
10. My Neverending Story
11. For you

Released: May 26, 2005
1. Byul... (Like Shining Stars)
2. Missing You
3. Sea of Love
4. Geudaeneun Moreujyo (Good-bye)
5. Day by Day
6. Maybe GOD Knows
7. I Know...But...
8. SeubGwan (Poison Ivy)
9. Blind
10. Forever
11. Yak Sok (The Promise)
12. Trust
13. Gravity
14. Condition of My Heart
15. Fly to the Sky
16. Real Love

1. Little Step
2. Hanchamee Jinado (If You Go Away)
3. In Your Eyes
4. Magic Song
5. EeJeon MoDu IjGo Shippoyo
6. Sarangeur Moreuda... (Monologue)
7. Tragic Love
8. Stay
9. A Confession
10. Don't Care No More...
11. 2 Become 1
12. Desity
13. For you
14. What U Want
15. My Love
16. Eternity


sarNie Egg
Music Videos

02. Day By Day (Carnival Version)
03. Day By Day (Bedroom Version)
04. Day By Day (Drama Version w/ S.E.S. )
05. Fly to the Sky
06. I Don't Want to Say Goodbye
07. Beautiful Girl
01. The Promise
02. The Promise (Drama Version w/ Moon Hee Jun)
03. Maybe God Knows (FlytotheSky) - Prologue
04. Maybe God Knows (Brian) - Brian's Story
05. Maybe God Knows (HwanHee) - HwanHee's Internet Version
06. Always Together
07. I Want You I Need You (Concert Version)
01. Sea of Love
02. Condition of My Heart
01. Missing You
02. Habit (Poison Ivy)
03. Magic Song (remix)
01. Gravity
02. Good-bye
Best Album
01. Byul (Like Shining Stars...)
SM Town Winter Album
01. Jingle Bells
02. Waiting for a White Christmas
03. Angel Eyes
04. My Angel My Light
05. Dear My Family
06. Snowflake
SM Town Summer Album
01. Summer Vacation
02. Hello Summer
03. Paradise
04. Hotmail
05. Forever
01. Guardian Angel (FlytotheSky Version)
02. Even Though My Heart is Broken (SBS "Fashion 70s" OST)
03. Summer in Dream
04. Listen to My Word
05. Trust (Fany)
06. Winter Vacation

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sarNie Egg
You really are a FTTS fan. I didn't know Brian was born in NJ? Well, I learn something new everyday.


N i n j a
I'm a fan of them too. I could listen to their cds over and over again and never get sick of their songs. They're great with ballads.


sarNie Egg
Missing U ( the greatest song ever) too touching

HwanHee is the best ( his voice is strong and gorgeous)
( If I was a Girl) ---> He pretty (LOL)

A very Great Duo!! (Fly to the sky)


sarNie Adult
I love their songs and MV...especially the first album or so...I really like Sea of Love....


sarNie Egg
OMG MY SECOND FAVE GROUP!!! Anyways, their new album is ok. I don't think it's as great as their other amazing songs, but they're doing pretty good in sales. I can't wait til their first MV from their new album comes out... I heard Hwanhee kisses a girl in that mv. My cousin's pissed. She loves Hwanhee...


sarNie Egg
haha my cousin goes to Rutgers.. but we don't talk.

but yeah FTTS is a REALLY good duo group... i <3 their transition album