Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 2006


Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 2006

director: Wong Jing


Hu Fei-Nie Yuan
Yuan Zhi Yi-Athena Chu
Cheng Ling Shu-Gillian Chung
Nan Lan_Fan Bing Bing
Miao Ruo Lan- An Yi Xuan (TW)
Miao Ren Feng- ALex Feng
Dian Gui Nong- Patrick Tan

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credit to AF


sarNie Egg
Knowing most Jin Yong remakes from China production, they gonna change A LOT of the real storyline and make something new out of it. Something they did recently with The Twins with Dicky and Nicholas. What was the director thinking killing off every single female character. And Gillain Chung acting in such a big production.. I dunnos.. I like her in movies, but in series its a different situation. Monkey King was like her only serie she starred in..Yet she didn't do so great. I have no complaint about Ni Yuan playing as Wue Fei though. Isn't Alex and Patrick a little too young to be playing the fatherly roles..


sarNie Adult
2006 version already WOw!!! this series is a classic Sunny and Charmaine sheh version ruin it. I like 80's version best. Can't wait to see it

Wai Wai Noodles

Egg Drop Soup ( ~ _ * )
The first version I've seen was back in the 80's and the next one was in the late 1990's or early 2000's cant remember; it's the one with Charmaine (think that's her name) where she got raped by the bad guy...

Same here Ana, I hope they change that part in this 2006 version...the casts looks really good and I'm glad they are all good look'n :D LOL just makes the series a whole lot better...


sarNie Egg
nice cast. i haven't seen athena in awhile so i'm looking forward to it. is gillian the lead actress? or is it athena?


sarNie Hatchling
I wonder out of the girls who will be lead...i am waiting for this to come out...can't wait..


sarNie Elites
ohhh.... sounds sooo good... the cast is awesome... though i don't know the guys....LOL....


hmmmm...where do you guys go to see this series..i cant find it so lost...Especially mute wife..i cant find it anywhere..They dont have any chinese series out in Thai audio sound?


sarNie Juvenile
oOHh, looks intresting. is this one of those sword-fighting dramas? cuz i LOVE those stuff! LMAO :w000t:


sarNie Adult
Yeah this is one of those sword fighting ancient series. I hate that Wong Jing is the director though. He has a reputation for butchering the original story. Anyhow if it follows the novel or the tvb productions then technically Ady (An Yi Xuan) is the lead female since Hu Fei ends up with her at the end. But really she doesn't show up till near the end, Tvb's 99 version changed it and had Charmaine show up much earlier. Athena is Hu Fei's first love and but she decides to become a nun, and Gillian Chung also loves him but I don't think he loves her, think of her like the best friend role who follows him around and dies at the end. Fan Bing Bing's character is Ady's mom and she's isn't a good character.

But like I said, Wong Jing will probably change the story.

Wai Wai Noodles

Egg Drop Soup ( ~ _ * )
I thought Sunny and Charmaine's version was a bit dragging...especially, how he got "wasted" because his first love didnt love him, but loves the other guy instead.


sarNie Hatchling
Oh may! what i great cast! i hope the story line is a little different this time because i didn't like the old ending or story line with Charmene sher one....i want to see this one really the way when does it come out in thai dubb in america? thanks