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  • Hello Susan, thank you for stopping by! No, I dont have that series as of yet. Whenever I get it or if any of our uploaders are, will let you know.
    aw happy new years to u too noodles! gosh so stressful my new year i'm telling u! hope u have fun filled new year hehe
    :hug: !!
    i come back ..sorry too for the late reply ...
    i didn't come back long time o.o
    Miaka ^=^
    lol u're back from ur vaca already? ahhh so i missed ur visit to boston, grrr, well show me pix ok ok ok =oP
    Thank Q So Much!!!! 4 reuploaidn The New Heaven Sword n Dragon Sabre ON megaupload. i was havin problem wit veoh. Your awesome Wai Wai Noodles. Keep up the great work!
    i miss you Wai Wai-chan lol!!
    hope you come soon after your vacation ^^
    oh!! and thank for all your message my dear!!!
    Miaka :hug::hug:
    haha yeah i hope u get a beautiful dress! i'm in thailand and having some hot joy lmao. literally! it's so hot but good thing it's raining most of the time. well i'll talk to u later because i am just checking my mailbox lol! it's 250+ mails gosh i hatejunk mail and spam... miss u!
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