Forever and Always (NY Fanfic)


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter 3.1 - Of Winning and Losing

"Goodness" Nang Fah takes a deep breath and stretch her arms after she just finished washing their clothes, she never get how they consume that much clothing in less than a week.

Maybe she should start and do something about this like maybe... lessen their clothing more often?

Nang Fah's eyes distractedly found Saichon's sexy back and she couldnt help staring at the way his muscles flexes everytime he squeezes the clothes before he hangs them up in a makeshift clothesline that she almost panic when he suddenly turned to her direction as if he heard her thoughts.

In her embarassment, she lowered her gaze and concentrated on washing the clothes to hide her red face.

He didnt caught her checking him out did he? Wait a minute... she's not checking him out! That is not so her.

Her inner debate however got into halt when Saichon suddenly squat next to her pointing at the clothes, "Should I hang this one too?"

For a moment, Nang Fah absentmindedly nodded her head, startled by his sudden close proximity.

Maybe- Just maybe...

She should wash their clothes more often?

"Nang Fah!"

A shrill voice suddenly thankfully interrupted her sinful thoughts that she quickly stood up guiltiliy as Saichon took the bucket with him.

Nang Fah seriously wanted to erase those unwanted thoughts, how can she think that way about someone who is so naive, so innocent and so trusting like her Saichon?

Damn her.

"Erm- are we interrupting something?" Mami cleared her throat and look at the two of them suspiciously that Nang Fah almost jump in surprise for she forgot about them for a second.

"What are you two doing here?" she asked back quickly, pointedly ignoring the question.

"Did you hear?"

Thankfully, Suay seems to be so excited, Mami just had to let go of it when the other proceed on talking gibberish animatedly, she honestly do not understand a thing.

"I'm so excited Nang Fah!" Suay finally said something coherent that Nang Fah had to raise her eyebrows at the duo.

Maybe they should expound further on what is happening before they scream and shout in front of her like lunatics...

"What is going on-" Before she could finish though, the two girls suddenly screamed and hold her hands as they jump around.

"The annual strongman comepetition will be held this coming week!"

Strongman competition is the yearly competition wherein the guys around their island compete for the title and the prize.

And honestly, that competition seems to be rather boring for her cause she do not have anyone to cheer for.

"Come on!", Mami pouted while looking at her, "Aren't you excited?"

Should she be excited?

"Topless guys will parade around!" Suay told her in a desperate attempt to get a rise out of her which made her raise her eyebrows.

But then again... What is there to get excited about when she's already content with what she have right in front of her?

Her eyes automatically went pass the two girls and at the handsome guy who's squeezing the clothes with a serious look.

He must have felt her gaze for a second for he turn to her again and smiled that charming smile of his, she didnt notice that she smiled back if not for her friends calling her attention.

"Did you forget? You are already of age!" Suay hold both of her shoulders in her excitement and shake her, "You might get picked as the lucky girl who will have a date with the strongman!"

Oh right.


She forgot about that.

Normally, she never bothers about that competition cause she isnt required so but now...

"Well I guess you shouldnt really worry" Mami flipped her hair and laugh to herself, "Cause I too am of age!"

"As if that would make a difference" Suay mumbled just as Mami glared at the younger girl.

Thankfully, before any fight broke out, Taeloi came rushing towards them, stopping right in front of her.

"The time for us had come" the guy stated confidently, holding her hand rather tight that she couldnt pull her hand back, "This year I will win the competition and you'll finally be mine"

Taeloi made a move to kiss her hand but before he could do so, another large hand suddenly covered hers and Taloi's lips landed on that other hand.

"Nang Fah why does your hand seems to be bigge-" Taeloi suddenly screamed in disgust, bending down and spitting out after his realization that he had kissed Saichons hands.

"What is this competition?" Saichon asked nonchalantly while he made a move to clean her hand by patting it gently as if he's wiping dirt before letting go of it like nothing happened, she could only secretly smile at his gestures.

He really could be so cute sometimes, Nang Fah had to convince herself that he is just being overprotective cause he wanted to redeem himself. Ever since the incident where he accidentally spilled their dinner, he had been extra good to her, taking care of almost everything that in fact, she began to thinks she's being spoiled rather than being punished.

"Its not just any competition!" Suay gladly answer his question, "This is the competition where guys would showcase their strength and prove that they are the best in our island!"

"Plus! They would get to have the prize of dating the girl of their choice, granted that this girl is of age and still available."

Mami intervened, raising her eyebrows at Saichon suggestively, "I think you should join!"

"Really I ca-"

For a second, she saw Saichon's eyes lit up but Nang Fah had to quickly cut it off with a shout of "No!"

Did they forget he is still recovering?

"But Nang Fa-" Saichon tried to argue unsuccessfully for Nang Fah already set her foot down.

"That's good!", Taeloi smiled in relief at the silence and awkwardness that followed, "One less competition. I heard many were joining this year because they knew Nang Fah is already of age"

There goes her peace of mind that she could only close her eyes and take a deep breath.

"Then I will join too!" Saichon quickly insisted against her protest.

"No you can't you're still recovering remember?", she said just as Taeloi laugh out loud mockingly before he goes away saying he would excercise and practice.

"But I'm already here for about a month! and my wounds were already healed", Saichon blurted out after he guy were already out of their sight and showed her his arms and legs.

"No" she said with finality in her tone before she turn her back to him and go inside their house to cook their lunch.

"Nang Fah" Mami called her as the duo followed her inside the house, "I think you are too harsh on him"

"Look at him" Suay pointed over the window at Saichon who was flipping the clothes rather hard as he continued hanging them, "He is pitiful. Maybe you should-"

Nang Fah did not say something but glared at the girl instead and thats enough to shut her up.

No matter what, she thinks that she made the right decision for she thinks that the competition is a little bit rough for someone like him. She still remember how he couldnt even start a bonfire and catch a fish when he first got here, how would he compete with those guys whose already been shaped by the hardships of living in the island?

"Or maybe" Mami suddenly interjected, raising her eyebrows at her, "he wants to join because he like to be with someone else"

That statement strucked a cord in her, she had to immediately stop what she is doing.

"What do you mean?" she asked the girl as Suay laugh and tried to change topic without success.

"I dont know", Mami act innocently while shrugging, "Maybe he would used this opportunity to be with the girl he likes?"
Did he really like to be with someone else?

Did she felt too confident that he would want to stay and be with her always like they were used to?

Or was he just being polite and grateful?
Damn. She never thought of that

How come she never know when they are together almost all day everyday?

Then again, she honestly wanted to smack herself when she realized maybe they had already been too close, too attached and that... maybe this is their wake up call.


Goodness! She is even using the curse word that he always cuss with.

Nang Fah chance a glance at Saichon who met her eyes for a moment before he pouted and focused at the bucket of clothes instead.

And as if that's not enough to plant the seed of doubt in her heart, Mami whispers in her ears like she was her conscience, "You do know that being with you everyday is limiting his option and possibilities of being with another girl that he truly likes"

That hurts.

For some unfathomable reasons, she felt a hand clenched her heart painfully.

Did she really... limits him?

Did she get carried away with his presence that she forgot that he is with her just because of his condition?

Is he with her just because he felt that he owe her something cause she is the first person he sees when he woke up?

But if that is really the case, is she ready to give him up?

For the first time in her life, she felt the fear of losing someone precious to her other than her grandma.


*Later that night

"Do you...", Nang Fah started asking Saichon slowly over their quiet dinner, having finally fed up at the silent treatment Saichon is giving her. She had to force herself to say the words that she knew one day might come back and hunt her. "Do you really want to join the competition?"

Just as she expected, Saichon's eyes instantly looked at her with obvious joy if the twinkle in his eyes gives her any indication, "Can I join?!"

Nang Fah stared at Saichon hard... looking at his eagerness that she had no choice but to slowly nodd her head, even if she felt pained by her decision.

No matter how hard it is for her, she had no choice but to remind herself that she doesnt own him and he is free to do whatever he wanted.

And if he really wanted someone else then she will let him go now while she still can.

Besides, she really shouldnt be that attached to him because deep inside... she knew that if he regained his memory, he will probably go back to his old life and forget about her.


"What are you two doing here in the morning?"

Nang Fah yawns as she put down her cofee and sleepily rubs her eyes while sitting down next to the two girls in the lanai.

"You dont have to worry", Mami added not so helpfully as she keeps on looking at the other side that Nang Fah also turned curiously only to find the view normal, "We just thought you had a very wonderful view here"


Werent they overlooking the same sea?
"And the wind here seems nicer you know?" Suay told her absentmindedly which made Nang Fah raised her eyebrows at the girl seeing how cold it is in her place because of the location.

The girl only smiled at her before she seems like she couldnt take it anymore and took the coffee taking a sip, mumbling her sigh of relief after.

Nang Fah could only shrug as she wrap herself with the blanket and goes again inside the house to get some more coffee.

She couldnt help but wonder what is wrong with the two girls for they normally didnt wake up this early and they didnt visit her too at this hour.


Even Saichon and her is supposed to still be asleep at this hour if not for his recent routine preparation for the competi-


It was as if a light bulb pops on her head when she finally got a hint on what's going on.

Right on time, she saw a group of topless guys from afar, doing their morning jog just as Suay dragged her towards the table excitedly as the duo squealed in delight.

So this what what they were waiting for eh?

Every morning, Saichon with other islanders goes around the beach and for some reason she didnt know, would always do their push up on the shore nearby before they move on and continue with their exercise that Nang Fah could only roll her eyes at her friends antics as she chose to sit beside them for her safety... cause she thought they were shaking her harder than normal.

"Nang Fah!"

A harassed looking Saichon suddenly showed up before her, laying down on her lap before she could even react, breathing out heavily like he just ran a marathon.

"What are you doing?" Nang Fah asked Saichon, trying to push him off her at the bewildered look of her friends, "Erm shouldn't you be with them?"

"I just- I", Saichon totally ignores her though as he closes his eyes while catching his breath that he absentmindedly took the hand which was pushing him away, holding it on top of his chest that she felt her heart skip a beat at the feeling of his fast heart beat.

Is it because this is the first time she felt someone else's heartbeat racing that her own seemed to stop?

Nang Fah felt too confused and fascinated at the same time that she had forgotten to pull away.

As if it was not enough, he slowly opened his eyes while staring at her intensely that she felt everything around them disappear until it was just the two of them.

This is not good.

Her subconsciousness kept telling her.

She couldnt be possibly feeling this way for someone like him, a stranger and a man with no past...

But try as she might, she just couldnt look away as he brushed the stray hair on her face.

"Nang Fah I-"

Before he could finish though, another loud squeal from the duo wake them up from their small bubble that she look over to see them fangirling over the topless men as they do their routinely push ups.

"Nang Fah!" Saichon suddenly hold her head in a slight panic, turning it in his direction, "Dont look!"

"What? Why?" Nang Fah was trying to pull away after hearing her name being called over by Taeloi and other islandrts who was in the group.

"I just-", Saichon looked into her eyes desperately that she had to raise her eyebrows at him in concern cause he was looking really worrisome, "Erm,-"

Silence passed the two of them and Nang Fah was seriously going to push his hands off her when he suddenly groaned in pain while holding his right eye.

"What's wrong?" she asked in panic, thinking something is wrong with him again.

"S-something s-stung my eyes!", Saichon opened his one eye to check on her while pointing on his other eye. Before he cried out again in pain, "Please do something"

Without thinking that about it, Nang Fah blows softly on his eye, ignoring the loud and almost harmonious groan of disappointment in the background before they seem to move away.

"Are you alright?" Nang Fah asked Saichon again after a few minutes of taking care of him when he answered her with another question, squinting his eyes at the other direction.

"Are they gone now?"

"Yes", Nang Fah nodded and shake her head at the duo who was now smiling and waving over the men jogging from afar.

"Then I'm fine now too!"

To her surprise, Saichon suddenly stands up before he too ran in the direction the men were going.

"W-where are you going?!" she had to ask him in her confusion. What the heck is happening?

"I'm catching up with them cause you know!", Saichon smiled at her and salute as a sign of goodbye before he disappeared on her sight, "I cant lose this competition"

"I think I concluded right?"

Mami suddenly spoke right beside her, Nang Fah was seriously caught in surprise as she look over the girl who was raising her eyebrows at her.

"What are you talking about?" Nang Fah tried to act innocent for even she is confused about what's going on. Maybe she is feeling this way because Saichon is the first guy who's really been good to her but no, P'Mor, the volunteer doctor who gave her the scholarship was actually the first guy she can easily call as her friend yet she never felt this way towards him...

But then again, what if Saichon himself dont feel the same way towards her?

Goodness, Her head and her chest aches just by thinking about it, she had to shake it out of her system.

"You know? I have always wondered why you, of all people who hates strangers to the core found him... ", Mami shrugged with a pout before she took her blanket, saying her goodbye abruptly just as a confused Suay does the same.

Nang Fah could only take a deep breath and pretend that she doesnt understand what the girl is trying to say and that everything is still the same even when its far from it.


The most anticipated day of the competition finally arrived and Nang Fah, against her will, was forced by her friends to watch.

It is not like she had any other choice though because Saichon already convinced her, saying that he wanted her to cheer on him because he is afraid that no one will do so since he is basically a stranger in their island.

There goes her plan in hiding all day long...

But now that shes scanning around the area after being dragged by the two girls who left her side immediately to go to near the boys... she thought he didnt need her presence after all for it seems like almost half of the female population is already cheering him on as the guys huddled together, preparing themselves for the competition.

One even go as far as bringing him a towel and a water bottle which made her eyebrows rise up.


When did he get so famous?!


Saichon though looks so focus while doing some stretches, Nang Fah thought he is really determined to win the competition...

And yet she really do not know how to feel with that truth.

Maybe it is not too late to escape-

"Nang Fah!"

Before she could even take one step, Saichon suddenly called up her name.

His eyes shining so bright and armed with the charming smile of his as he made his way towards her, she hadnt realize she was holding her breath as everything around them seemed to turn into slow motion, she unconsciously place a hand on her chest in an attempt to calm her heart down.

What is wrong with her?!

"Nang Fah?", Saichon called her over many times, she was honestly startled realizing that she was staring, "Are you okay?"

Maybe thay had been too comfortable with being alone with each other that without thinking about it, Saichon who's eyebrows were almost in fuse with worriedness, holds the towel that was given to him and gently wipes her face with it in front of everyone.

"Is the sun too high?", he said like it wasnt a bigdeal even after they heard the collective gasp from almost everyone that witnessed the scene.

"I-I'm okay", Nang Fah tried to laugh it off, slowly pushing his hands away for she could see the look and guess what the others where thinking about...

Their small village might have allowed them to live together given his condition but she knew that they were still conservative in this kind of matter.

"You sure?" Saichon doesnt seem to notice or care if he did for he then proceed on using his palm to fan her.

If only looks could kill, she may have been dead already for she felt attacked by the other girls glares.

On a side note, Nang Fah's brows furrows when her gaze accidentally landed on Taeloi and the other guys in the competition smiling and waving at her, she had to surpress her cringe just as she forced a smile and would raise her hand up to wave back when Saichon caught it and hold it back down, tugging her closer to make her look at him again.

"Tsk", Saichon shake his head before he slightly bent down, holding her shoulders to look at her straight in the eyes, "Dont cheer for anybody else other than me okay?"

His face in such close proximity in tandem with those words seriously made her slightly breathless.


What is he trying to achieve?


She was honestly surprise she could even form a coherent sentence in this situation, feeling her face turn red.

"Erm- I think you should go back and prepare?", Nang Fah brought a hand up to his chest to gently push him away for she is starting to feel uncomfortable with his intense gaze.

"Promise?", he just had to act like this that Nang Fah couldnt help feeling stomach in her butterflies, "You do know that only yours matter to me right?"

This is really bad.

Why does he always managed to leave her speechless? Feeling strange butterflies in her stomach as her heart beat races with just his words, sincere looking eyes staring at her with such intensity.


Her stronghold on her feelings were failing her and she's afraid she cant hold on anymore.

"Nang Fah"

A stern familiar voice beside her suddenly called her name that her back automatically straightens, recognizing who and what that tone means...

She couldnt be anymore wrong though for it was no other than her grandmother who was looking at her scrutinizingly, like she was searching for something while looking hard into her eyes.

Nang Fah didnt know why but she felt somewhat guilty, she couldnt meet the others eyes...

Maybe it is because she knew that the older woman knows her best and can see right through her defenses.

That the thing that she keeps denying to herself all along could be true after all...

After what seem like forever for her, grandmother finally end her own kind of what seem like examination, releasing a long deep sigh and saying the words that could only mean trouble for her.

"We really need to talk"

But she couldnt possibly know right? Not when even she herself werent even sure of it...

Yet, her grandma seems like she already made up her mind as the older lady took hold of her hand, making their way towards the other side where no one could overhear them.

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sarNie Hatchling
This chapter is inspired from the song, saw this on one of NY vids and was mesmerized.

Chapter 3 part 2 - Of Winning and Losing

"You can do it Saichon", Nang Fah softly whispered over the wild cheers from almost everyone as the competition reached its peak.

She did not know how he did it with his limited knowledge of the lifestyle in the island but she guessed he had the determination to win for Saichon actually managed to beat several others in the competition that it was now all down to him and Yasa.

Yes Yasa, that other outsider again.

She didnt know what happened but they ended up beating all the other people in their island now that they are neck in neck in the competition.

"Come on... just a little bit more", Nangfah's brows furrow with worry, giving her little nodd of support as she made a brief eye contact with Saichon, who seems to understood her for he nodded back with determination before he jumps on the water and starts on swimming, heading at the makeshift boat where the pole is situated just as Yasa did the same.

It didnt even matter to her anymore why he is doing this in the first place.

All she wanted right now is for Saichon to be safe even if he didnt win for at the rate the two were going, there would be a serious injury by the way they kept on stopping each other.

"I hope Saichon would win"

Beside her, she could hear the loud cheer of her friends for Saichon and in other time, she might have wondered why even Taeloi, of all people is now cheering for Saichon as if they're a long time friends but her eyes were glued at the sea, waiting and hoping that it is Saichon who would emerge from the water first...

And it looks like for once, her prayers were answered for it is Saichon who is now climbing at the makeshift boat, reaching for the flag and waving it happily.

And she might be assuming but she thought that his bright smile was directed on hers that she went and did the same as the crowd behind her erupted with cheers at Saichon's victory.


She didnt know she was holding her breath...

He really did it huh?

And yet amidst all the victory, she couldnt help but feel a little bit tinge of sadness.

Guess he really badly wanted to claim the prize just like Mami told her... and honestly, she didnt know what she'll do if it really comes down on that.

Their celebration of joy didnt last long though for screams started when Yasa suddenly crept up behind Saichon ensuing chaos when fight ensued. Yasa though had the upperhand with the way he attacked as he had Saichon under his mercy. This is clearly cheating and yet no one else seems to care as everyone else just watch Saichon get punched by Yasa.

Damn. She knew there is a reason why she do not like that guy.

In all honesty, she didnt even know how that guy is allowed to enter the competition but she guessed that having connection helps eh? He is considered a friend of their island after all...

Without realizing it, she must have started on walking towards the direction Saichon went before she was suddenly held back by the strong hands holding her arm.

"Nang Fah", her grandmother's warning call instantly frozen her and unabling her to help Saichon.

It was no surprise that Yasa was able to get the flag from the disgruntled Saichon and was then able to swim back towards the shore where they all stood waiting...

"Yeahhhhh! " Yasa raised his fist in delight just as his two brothers do the same in their little celebration, "I won!"

"Congratulations", her grandma started that Nang Fah's temper instantly flare.

That is clearly cheating damn it.

"Grandma", Nang Fah tried to plead with her grandmother, her eyes were solely on Saichon looking disappointed and hurt as he emerged and swam slowly towards the shore but the older lady wouldnt take any of it and effectively shut her with just a glance and shaking of her head.

"I may not like it but rules are rules Nang Fah", He grandmother calmly stated although she too, doesnt look impressed by the way the things turned out as the older lady sighed deeply, "Whoever brings back the flag here wins"

She knew it is stupid and she might be biased but she felt like he had been robbed.


She wanted to argue and tell everyone that winning using cheating will never be satisfying...

"So can I take the prize now?", she heard Yasa asked in the background but she totally ignored the guy as she tried to catch Saichon's eyes instead to see if he's okay for her grandma wouldnt let her go...

Yet Saichon wouldnt look at her direction.

Not until that single moment when Yasa stood in front of her before forcefully taking her hand away from her grandmothers to hold it in his own.

Just like that, Saichon's eyes looked at her coldly like he didnt know her that Nang Fah honestly felt chills, she could only look at his back as he walks out and disappeared from her sight for her heart is suddenly filled with dread when she finally realized something...

"NangFah will you be my-"

It is so easy to just accept Yasa's invitation and she knew that by doing so, she could probably gain everyone's approval for they seem to see Yasa as the older brother, rightous and could do no wrong yet she couldnt forget Saichon's face, she think it will forever be ingrained in her mind and the thought itself scares her.

Saichon looking at her as if she is a stranger awoken the fear she never felt before. That the thought that losing him made her realize that one thing she kept on denying to herself.

But she wouldnt let that happen. Not if she can still help it.

Yet that stern look from her grandma reminding her about what the older lady kept on telling her earlier.

'You can not like a guy who does not remember his past... What if he already has a girlfriend? What if he has already married and worst, what if he already had a family? Think about it Nang Fah...
You are smart. It is better to save yourself while you still can.

And she gets it okay.

She really does.

She knew her grandmother had a point because for all she knew, Saichon could be a con artist or heaven forbid a criminal and yet... she just couldnt stop herself from caring because deep inside her, it is already ingrained that he is her Saichon.

In the short time that they live together, he had already grown on her that everytime he is not around, she felt like something is missing. Without him, everything is not as good or as happy anymore.

And this might be the dumbest, craziest and possibly worst decision ever and she knew that she might regret it in the end but she do not care anymore.

Nang Fah uses all her force to take away Yasa's hand just as the guy was honestly surprised for he is still talking about his win but before she could fully escape, her grandma caught her hand and whispered to her ears.

"Do not let your emotions swallow your head. It is the mind that is used in making decisions"

"I will follow your order earlier", Nang Fah gritted her teeth knowing what her grandma is warning her about, they already had an agreement that she would stay back at her grandma to avoid unwanted rumors from circulating now that Saichon is well enough. Her grandma says she could not lose her reputation, "Just let me have this one more day with him"

Just like that, her grandma looked at her in the eye with a defeated look like she had already tried her best to stop an impeding disaster before she reluctantly let go of her hand leaving her free to follow where her heart truly lies...


Nang Fah called out for the nth time while following his silhoutte for the guy was walking too fast for her to keep up.

Luckily, she knew the forest more than he does that she is confident she probably wouldnt lose him.

"Go back" was his short reply from all the times she had been calling him.


"What is your problem?"

She is seriously losing all her patience with the way he is ignoring her right now as they just kept on climbing the mountains.

"Where are we going?!", she had to ask for the path slowly now becomes familiar to her. But then why would they be going there at this hour of the night unless...

"Why are you following me? I said go back and I will go back too where I should belong"

She couldnt be wrong now for she knew what he is talking about. They are following the path to her 'paradise' where she had hidden his motor boat because she knew that one day, he'll probably had use for it but she didnt thought it would be for this.

"I am doing you a favor", he said convincingly like no one could stop him, he had already made up his mind, "I'll be out of your way. No need to baby sit me anymore. You can go out and date anyone you wante-"

Where is he getting all this bullsh*t?

"Who told you about that?! If this is about you not winning the competition well then I'm sorry you didnt get to date the girl the you likes so much but this is just unfair!"

Maybe it is due to the fact that it had already started on raining and that she is already mentally and emotionally exhausted for there has been a raging war deep inside her after her talk with her grandma, she is honestly feeling drained that she finally burst out and cried.

"I supported you even though I hated the fact that you wanted to win because you wanted to be free of me"

Saichon looked at her blankly for a minute before his eyes went wide in his confusion but she wouldnt none of that as she continues on speaking despite his loud protest.

"What are you-"

"I supported you like a fool even though I know that at the end of the day you would probably leave"

It was then that the rain got a little bit heavier and like a fool that he was, he placed his hand above her head like it would protect her before he removed his top and pull it above her head.

"Where did you get that nonesense?!" he said taking hold of her arm and trying to tug her towards the cave she had shown him before but she could not be deterred...

"Whats worst is that I did all that knowing that I will hurt myself in the process because I actually like you. Damn it. I think I might even love yo-"

She has been so out of it, pouring her heart out that everything happened so fast until she finally realized that he is kissing her.

"You love me?", he asked so happily and she must have been so caught off guard by the kiss that he easily pressed her towards his chest to kiss her temple before he successfully pulled her inside the cave.

"You love me huh" Saichon asked her more like teasingly after they settled down with him holding her hand to blow some air before he rubs it together to try and help her stay warm.

Is it wrong if she somehow feels shy about it... She can be shy about it right?
He must have felt her moment's hesitation for his brows suddenly furrow saying, "You cannot take it back! You already said it!"

He said all that before pulls her in for another kiss.

"Did you know?"

Saichon asked her after their brief moment of silence as they stared at each others eyes.

"I wanted to win for you... because I thought I could be then worthy to stay by your side. I do not want you to be snatched away - I could not just let anyone take you away from me."

"Really?", she almost gasped in surprise. Here she was, thinking that he was doing those for some other random girl.

"Well if you still do not know, I am in love with you.", he said nonchalantly like it isnt a big deal when she felt her breath hitched. Damn straightforward she was honestly left speechless.

"Will you please say something, anything..."

When she didnt made a move, Saichon continued speaking desperately, "I know that I am probably not the best man for you because who am I? I do not own anything valuable, I am not that skilled like others do in fishing, cooking or even good enough to win that stupid competition. Heck, I cannot even remember my name!"

"All I can promise you is just myself, right here in front of you", he continued after a moment of silence, holding on tight on her hand and willing her to look into his eyes to show his sincerity, "I am willing to give myself to you if you will have me?"

At that moment, all the warning bells were ringing on her mind as her grandma's advice keep resounding on her head, telling her to run and hide now while she still can for this might be the biggest mistake in her life but it seems like her heart had already made a decision for her because she also know that she would regret it too for the rest of her life if she did not follow what her heart wanted.

It was now or never.

Taking a deep breath, Nang Fah tugged his hand and placed it on top of her chest right where her heart beats, "Do you hear my heart?" she asked looking at him like he was the only thing that matters, "You are the only one who will be the owner of my heart... I love you too"

And she firmly believed right then and there that she made the right decision when her heart skipped a beat as he answered her with the most wonderful smile before he locks her in his embrace, whispering his words of love...

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I feel like a storm is brewing. The separation part might break me. Chos. Can we skip into the city part and leave the break up? Baka ako yung mabreak nung separation scenes nila huhuhu hahaha joke.
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*Spoiler Alert*

I think the City part will be heartbreaking so you guys better enjoy precious Saichon and Nang Fah's innocent love from the island :risas3:

Two more chapters to go before part 2!
But dont get too excited cos I havent started writing the next one.

Update is still indefinite but dont worry Ill definitely try to update before this month ends.

BTW, you probably already know this @Lalashiie but I'm planning to continue Say You Love Me... I know I havent finish this one yet but that fanfic kept on popping at the back of my mind I cant concentrate on this one so might as well work on that... Anyway I just wanted to ask if you guys have seen a clip where Nadech is playing the piano? Really playing the keys...

I will be grateful to anyone who'll send me a link :icon12:
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Hahahaha di ko alam if im ready. The things is im always not ready for heartbreaking scenes but always end up rereading so i could savor the sakit. Masokista pala. Hahahaa

I havent seen that ate. I just saw this clip of him trying to play around during Tcp haha

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