Garden Of Hades


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Chapter 7-MARK's MOMENT

“Are you alright?”, Mark asked Mint. They end up locking the door and waited for the media to go away. He asked for some security, but he was advice not to go out not until they tell him so. So he remained inside the room together with Mint and her son Tawin.

As much as Mark knows how nagger she was. Mint had no choice but let him stayed just for a moment, as long he doesn’t go near with her and Tawin she won’t say anything.

“Hey… I am sorry about the media, I didn’t know that it would come to this…”, with all his sincere and then again Mint doesn’t want to be deceive by his looks.

“Just shut up… I never ask for your explanation. You can hide here as long as you want but I will never allow you to get near with my son! Do you understand me!?!”, she faced him away and Tawin couldn’t stop but react to what her mom just said.

“But mom… I did invite dad to meet me here-“

“That’s enough, Tawin! I really had enough with you! For how many times I told you he-is-not-your-father!!!”, Mint shouted to her son as Tawin starts to cry. He gets up and before he could start runaway. “I hate you mom! Didn’t you even realize how it took me so long to find him and bring him back to you!?!”

“What!?!”, before she could ask for more Tawin gets out of the room and as soon as Mark catches his little hand to not get away from them, the door opens and surprisingly bombard with questions from the media.

“Mr. Phuntrathrit, is it true that you came here to see your own family?”

“How come you never said anything about having a family already even before you got into entertainment business?”

“What would be your message to your fans now that you’ve been lying to them eversince?”

“Excuse me? If you want me to answer those questions, I’ll be having a press conference next week. Not now and not infront of MY FAMILY…”

Two words that marked to the whole media who was in the hospital. Even Mint was shocked to what he just said while carrying Tawin into his arms, watching him as if Mark owns the little boy. After those words, Mark and Tawin gets back inside while the guards guided the media to get out of the hospital. Mint gets back inside and sees Mark putting Tawin back to bed.

“Why did you say that?”

“I have no choice. Besides, even if you insist that I am not his father and Tawin insist that I am his father. I have no choice but to act as a father to him, if that’s what he wants…”, he said looking from Mint to Tawin.

“No! No!”, Mint disagrees with this situation that Mark chose.

“Oh… you really have no choice because tomorrow my father would start hunt you down and get to know you as soon as he finds out about the news tonight”, he said with a smile.

“I have to go now. I don’t want ‘my family’ get in trouble by the media”, he leaves Mint without listening to her. Before he finally gets out of the door, he left Mint with final words that made stunned at the moment “Oh, before I forget… I suggest you start rekindle our past, as I will do the same thing. This might help us not argue anymore…”

What he said hit her straight to her guilt.

Mark get inside of his car as he plans to go back home, to tell his father about the situation he got into before Thasarit finds out about this. However, Mark passed by to the old university where he used to go to college. It was the place where he and Mint first met; where all his budding romance started.

He gave a little cash to the security guard to let him get inside of the campus. From the dark garden and only the bright moon guides him to where he was going. Mark reaches the hallways where he used to run…

“Mom... can you hum me the song you used to play?”, Tawin requested her to hum the usual song she play in their home, to her grand piano.

Mark passes by at the music room and saw the grand piano. It was the room that filled with memories even if the interior has been changed except to the old grand piano in the center of the room. He touches the keys gently as he remembers Mint plays the piano piece that she composed.

He reminisced the days when they were together. The music room was their usual hangout room and if there’s something special about this room it was during those celebrations of their long-term relationship.

However, Mint doesn’t want to remember anymore about their past. Because it was the day she distrusts him from then on. Mark’s loyalty and faithfulness to her has been tested.

Mark finds himself in the hospital again. He doesn’t know why he decided to come back and for some reason he wanted to talk to Mint once again. But he’s trying to stop himself to go upstairs or go inside the elevator. Maybe if Mint sees him again, there’s no point of talking to him.

He was at the ground floor, near at the nurse station. He took a seat after getting some drink from the vending machine. He just couldn’t stop thinking of her.

Mint was watching Tawin peacefully sleeping; caressing his forehead as she brushes his hair with her fingers. She gets up and decided to get some drink from vending machine. However, she didn’t expect to see Mark again.

Just like her, he didn’t expect that she would go down here and meet as if nothing happened awhile ago...

“You’re still here… I thought you went already”, she said to him while feeling hesitant to go near at the vending machine because she didn’t want to have this certain distance between her and Mark.

“I did... but I don’t know what reason that made me came back here. Maybe you were the reason-“

“Mark, stop it! I won’t listen to you anymore…”, before she turns her back on him. Mark grabs her hand and he finds a place that is just the two of them. He found a fire exit door and pulled her as they got inside. Stairs were headed towards outside the building but the two of them remained there with a moment of silence.

He kept covering her mouth as she’s planning to seek help from outside. Their faces were inches away from each other, exchanging each other’s breathe while staring at each other’s eye. Slowly there’s a heat that grows between them, that for some reason they were thinking the same thing.

Mint just shuts her eyes as his lips slowly approaching hers. Together they were looking for the same thing; they wanted to know if there was still a spark that left inside them. Their tongues were fighting over the taste that they were longing for. She understands if he was this aggressive of how he kisses her, but it wasn’t the kiss she was looking for.

She was just thanking herself for not losing her insanity. She pushed him away and slapped her just like that as she was telling him that this will never happened again. Mint didn’t say anything, instead she opens the exit door and leaves him be.

Mint hurries herself to get back at Tawin’s room. But what happened back there left her a shocking revelation to herself; the thing is… she kisses him back and even wanted more.

Mark finally goes home, he was thinking about what happened awhile ago and right at this moment he would conclude if he wanted to that there still sparks between them. And that it would be interesting to know if they could get back together or not. He got home with a smile on his face and until he could feel the warmth of the kiss—her kiss.

the next chapter will be chapter 7 as it continues the story of the six brothers.