golden snake sword


sarNie Adult
Acutally, no this is not the same thing as Ekin's version of Golden Snake Sword series. This is a recent remake of "Sword Stained with Royal Blood." I think that Ekin's version was a spinoff story of the original "Sword Stained with Royal Blood" novel by Jin Yong. Ekin's version is about the first owner of the Golden Snake Sword, whereas this one attempts to follow the novel.

Both stories are sometimes referred to as "Golden Snake Sword" because it focuses on the same sword, but it's two totally different storylines. Officially, Ekin's version is "Golden Snake Sword" and the one you linked to is "Sword Stained with Royal Blood." The summary of this storyline is:
From the producer who brought you the spectacular CONDOR HERO comes this big-budget TV adaptation Louis Cha's martial arts novel classic! During the chaotic last years of the Ming Dynasty, the son of Marshal Yuen the sole survivor of a family massacre by corrupt constables, befriends a mysterious man who uses the golden snake sword, an incredibly powerful weapon. Yuen learns kung fu from him and vows to take revenge on those who have killed his father and his family, with help from the beautiful swordswoman Ching Ching (Huang Sheng Yi from Stephen Chow's KUNG FU HUSTLE). A powerful tale of revenge, SWORD STAINED WITH ROYAL BLOOD is also filled with breathtaking martial arts sequences that will blow you away!

I have both, but haven't really gotten around to watching this series yet.