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Gosh.. This story is really good. I like all the relationship, their interaction between each other, how they bicker and all..
Can't wait to read the updates ☺


Still waiting for updates. :) I can't wait for the consequences when Pream finds out. Will she really forgive him?


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Chapter Fifty Three

“Find out about what?” Pream asked, her interest peaked.

“Me coming over for breakfast.”

Pream turned to look at a tiny girl equivalent to Ploy’s size. “What’s for breakfast?” Mo asked smiling at the group. Only Pream didn’t bulge her eyes but looked in confusion at the new guest.

“Noun!” Mo smiled, “an extra plate for me please.” The maid smiled and did as she was requested. “Oh man! I miss free food.”

Pream wasn’t sure how to go about the situation.

“Don’t look so down.” Mo waved from across the table. “I’m Mo! You don’t remember me do you?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite recall a lot of things.”

“Try as you might, even your old self with memory might not even remember” Mo let out a wince. “Sorry, I’ve been away with the hubby, but I’ve got nothing but time now to hang out with you.” She glared over at Ploy hissing under her breath, “why’d you kick me?”

“It wasn’t me!” Ploy hissed back.

Mo then glared at Gun, “someone’s a bit touchy today.”

“I’m sorry Mo,” Pream thought the comment was referring to her, “I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“All is forgiven!” Mo waved her hands, “let’s eat! I’m starving!”

“Where’s your husband?” Ploy asked resuming her sausage stabbing.

“He got called in, something about overstepping his boundaries at a restaurant last night.” Mo giggled when she saw Ploy shiver. “I take it you haven’t spoken to Can yet.”

Ploy shrugged, “I’ll let him sweat it out first.”

“What did you do?” They all asked.

“I left him a cryptic text message.” Ploy grinned, “also, I sent him a video clip of his car rolling into a large pond.”

“WHAT?!” Pream shouted. “How could you do that?”

“I’m no longer mad.”

“She’s scary.” Mo smiled, “I like her Gun, can we keep her?”

“Our family is twisted enough as is just between you and Charlie.” Gun said studying Ploy’s composure, “when did you roll a car into a pond?”

She snorted, “just down the ways, I didn’t walk far to get here.”

“I have no idea what to say to you people.” Pream murmured, “I should be surprised or shocked… but oddly enough, I’m feeling neutral about all of this.”

“Like Switzerland?” Gun choked out holding a laugh.

Mo watched her cousin get smacked by the girl she has never met and smiled. It wasn’t often her cousin showed any emotions besides yelling at Charlie. She must’ve grown so much taller by now. “Where’s Charlie?”

“At school.” Pream beamed, “she finally made some friends.”

“She hasn’t made anyone else cry at school lately?” Mo asked, truly shocked.

“Not since she cut a girl’s hair off.” Ploy admitted, “unless you want to count things she’s done to adults.” She giggled, “oh man, your Aunt Jan, Charlie’s favorite target.”

Mo shook her head, “not my Aunt-- people kind of cut my family out from what we previously discussed about.” But added in a hush, hush, “And I don’t blame Charlie for doing so.”

Pream leaned into Gun, “you picked a good day to not go into work.”

Wiping his lips and tossing his napkin onto his plate, he disagreed, “I feel like it wasn’t. It’s not too late for me to go into work now.” He made a face towards Ploy, “I really want to see what she does to Can.”

Sneaky eyes peered over Pream’s tea cup, “I should take notes. See if you do something like this, I might do worse than drown a car.”

Gun blushed but quickly turned around when Mo and Ploy asked for more food. He handed the plate over to them. “If Can was here, we’d be out of breakfast.”


They all looked towards the doorway and watched as he made a bee-line to Ploy.

“You finally coughed up for taxi fare?” Ploy scoffed. Pream had never seen the look on Can’s face before and scooted closer to Gun, “You made time off work? Time is money you know. You can’t just go willy-nilly off the grid like that.” Turning to look at Gun, “even if your cousin is the owner of the business.”

“Says the girl who just decided to quit her job today.” Can said stepping in closer to her.

She shrugged, “I had things to do this morning.”

“Putting my car into the water must be one of it.” Can said crossing his arms. “Now, what in your mother-losing mind, made you go and do that?”

“Your whoop-dee-doo of a car pissed me off.”

Can looked around the room, “do any of you know why she’s going all nutzo like this? Is it that time of the month?” He paused to scratch his head, “no, we should have at least two more weeks.”

“That’s gross.” Ploy muttered. Gun grinned in amusement.

Can stopped his talking to himself when he realized Mo was there too. “What are you doing here?”

She shrugged and plopped another bacon into her mouth.

“We had a little heart to heart.” Ploy glanced over at him then looked away. “Secrets aren’t forever.”

Can looked over at Pream, “you know now?”

She nodded her head, “I feel like I’m the last to know everything.”

“I’m so sorry Pream, you’re my friend, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.” Can apologized.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Pream frowned and pointed slowly at Ploy, “I think she needs it more.”

“Seriously?” Can exhaled loudly, “it was Charlie’s idea! How is this taken out on me?”

Pream butted in, “I’m sorry, my daughter talked you into lying?”

“Yes! It was all Charlie who…” Can shut up and turned around to look at Pream, “wait… your daughter?”

“Yea…” She answered him cautiously, “you just blamed Charlie.”

“Your daughter?”

Pream asked Noun to bring Can a glass of water. “Why don’t you sit down… I think you might’ve fallen and hit your head running out of the office today.” She waited for him to place his head down and scream into his arms as it rested on the table. “I’m kind of worried right now.” She looked from face to face to face. No one seemed as confused as she was at all. “Can?”

“My car?” He whispered without picking up his head. “All because of a lie for the greater good?”

Mo voiced up, “do you even know which lie?”

“You lie that much?” Ploy asked.

“Why do I feel like I’m missing something?” Pream asked Gun. He only just shrugged and sighed.

“You called Charlie your daughter.” Can mumbled from somewhere above the table.

Pream squinted at Can’s proned form, “I've washed that girl, I'm sure she's a girl.”

“What are we talking about?” Can howled picking his hat up from his arms.

“Don't yell at my wife.” Gun snapped.

“Pream’s your wife?”

Scratching her head Pream asked everyone around the table if she would call the doctor.

“She's my wife you knit-wit.” Gun pointed at Ploy, “we're talking about your lie.”

“What lie?” Can growled, “tell me which lie!”

Mo swallowed another mouthful of coffee, “the restaurant and bar.” She saw the look around the table, “ what? I feel sorry for the guy. He's about to lose the love of his life for lying to her.”

“He's not the love of my life!” Ploy slammed her hand down on the table causing Can to jump from his chair, “he's going to be my soon-to-be ex-roommate.”

Can made an ‘O’ with his mouth, “that truth.” He glared at Mo.

“Hey, Gun was the one who told her how rich you are.” She smiled innocently.

Gun shook his head, “I only told her about your large house.”

“Large house? You mean the mansion?” Mo grinned even wider, “you rich people call things by size, we regular people call it as we see it.”

Can frowned, “didn't your husband just buy a large house too near my house?”

“You mean, my new mansion?” Mo laughed as a bacon smacked Can in the face.

Pream looked up at the ceiling when an egg flew in front of her towards Can as well, “food fight, and we can't even blame Charlie.”
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LOL. Can is so confused that it's cute. Haha Blaming Charlie. And the whole Pream just clueless. I'm loving it so much. :)


sarNie Hatchling
LOL. Can is so confused that it's cute. Haha Blaming Charlie. And the whole Pream just clueless. I'm loving it so much. :)
I'm trying to update! But I got a new analyst job, so it's harder for me to update, less free time at work :( I have Vegas this weekend, hopefully the week after!


I'll just have to wait patiently then. Haha. :) Don't worry, I can wait.


sarNie Egg
I'm trying to update! But I got a new analyst job, so it's harder for me to update, less free time at work :( I have Vegas this weekend, hopefully the week after!
Oh dang.. Analyzing always need extra attention, I feel it too. Well take your time, I'll wait anyway


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Fifty Four

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ​

“Could we just calm down please?” Pream yelled slamming her palm down on the table. She then pointed to an open-mouthed Ploy. “I really, really care about you. I really do.” She pointed then at Can, “but would you two just grow up!” She shushed Mo when she heard a snicker from the new face. “There are people out there starving, dying and jobless! Do you see how petty this all is right now? Do you?”

Gun nodded in agreement but stopped when he saw Pream glaring at him as well.

“You should know better than this Gun! I can’t believe you would help him hide something as vital as this from the woman he loves.”

“In my defense, I didn’t really think it was love.”

Can threw the bacon he had in his hands at Gun.

“I said stop it!” Pream’s voice boomed. Everyone shrank back in their chair and Can plopped himself down next to Mo. “Ploy, you’re an idiot to quit the job that’s an opportunity of a lifetime. And I am quoting you.” Pream saw Can’s grin and threw her breakfast in his direction. “The next time he makes you mad, demand he signs the restaurant over to you.”

“What?” They all asked in unison.

“Either he signs his bank account to you, or you get an income from something you actually care about.”

“This doesn’t sound like you Pream.” Ploy said surprised.

“Believe me, a lot of me I don’t even know how I’d behave.”

“But that’s stupid, it’s his restaurant. I don’t want his stuff. I’m not a money hungry hobo.”

“Then why’d you quit? Because you weren’t good enough?”

“Hell no!” Ploy slammed her fist on the table, “I’m one of the best out there. Believe me when I say I earned that promotion. With or without Can.”

“Okay,” Pream nodded, “so what’s stopping you from going back to the restaurant now and just getting your job back?”

Ploy looked across the table at Can, “gimme back my job.”

“Take it.” Can said without hesitation.

“And take all your stuff out of the condo as soon as possible.” Ploy crossed her arms.


Pream raised her eyebrows, “you can’t afford rent.”

“I’m renting out that condo.” Ploy grinned. “You said it’s a large mansion right?” She turned this question over to Mo. “How big?”

“Enough to avoid seeing Can if you don’t want to.” Mo answered smiling sweetly. “You can even come across the street to my house to hide from him if you’d like.”

“I’m sorry, what?” Can asked looking around him. “Who is moving where?”

“You’ve got cooks, maids and a house.” Ploy said getting up, “come on. Let’s go pack. Hire some movers too.” Can got up quickly following her. “Are you taking this down?”

“Wow.” Mo said going back into her breakfast as if there wasn’t food strewn about everywhere. “That was a neat trick you did there.”

Pream shrugged scooping up her breakfast as well, “no trick really when you know they like each other.’

“Do you want to promote them moving in together?” Mo asked slightly worried.

“Relax.” Pream grinned, “Ploy isn’t a gold digger. However… if Can’s house is larger than Gun, I’m wondering how many cars he's got stored under his garage.”

“What’s going to happen to them?”

“She'll probably drive a different one for a different day.” Gun guessed. “She doesn’t like outright asking for something of value, but if he gives it to her on a platter, she’ll swoop it up.”

Mo murmured, “his nanny is going to love this.”

“His nanny wouldn’t be worried?

“If Ploy wasn’t a tiny little bomb, I’m sure the nanny would try to put her in a room ner Can.” Gun frowned. “We should warn Can what his household would do.”

Pream frowned, “what’s with his household?”

“They’ve been wanting him married since college the first time.” Mo and Gun said in unison.


“Their little master is all grown up.” They said together again.


“The house needs a woman’s touch.” Gun and Mo kept going.

“Okay, okay. I get it.” Pream looked at them, “should we pay the other house a visit?”

“Why?” Gun asked pushing his bowl forward once he was done with breakfast.

Pream shrugged, “I want to make sure Ploy doesn’t offend anyone at the house. She’s going in like a whirlwind of madness.”

“I don’t know.” Mo said, “I think she’s in good hands.”

“It doesn’t hurt to swing by after we pick Charlie up from school.” Gun added.

“Oh!” Mo clapped her hands, “yes! I would love to pick Charlie up too.”

Pream grinned as Gun cleared his throat, “I take it you’ll be chilling with us all day then, huh?”

“Of course.” Mo nodded dramatically, “I need to get reacquainted with my cousin-in-law again.”

“You can work from home and catch up.” Pream patted his hands, “Mo and I could go check on the dessert I set up to make. We might as well take some to the other house. I’m sure the nanny and I could use some catching up like Mo and I will be doing.”

Mo tilted her head, “why don’t you head into the kitchen. I’ll help Sonny and Noun with the breakfast and the food that’s strewn about.”

Pream kissed Gun on the cheeks and bounced out into the kitchen.

“I think Jai should give Can’s household a heads-up.” Mo suggested as the staff cleaned up around her.

“And whose fault is that?” Gun asked throwing his hands up in to the air, “now we’re adding more people to the secret?”

“But his household loves you.” Mo pointed at herself. “They love me too… we should warn them in case Aunt Jan his spies in his household. Like your house did. Don’t think I didn’t notice you down sized in the help department.”

Gun rolled his eyes, “I actually didn’t do that. It was all Jim, Jai and Charlie.”

“Great, should we get the six year old out of school early to help us plot too?” Mo asked ribbing her favorite cousin. “But on a serious note, it was a good thing, I mean, look how long your secret lasted!”

“Yea… I actually didn’t know about it till recently.” Gun mumbled.

“What?” Mo asked laughing like a donkey and holding on to her stomach. “She got you that long?”

“It was kind of my fault…”

Mo shook her finger and her head at him, “oh no. You got owned by a child barely out of diapers. You have no excuse.”

“Whatever. Call the other house. Also call and remind Can as well.” Gun said rubbing his face, “there’s no letting me live this down anytime soon huh?”

“I’m glad you got over her.” Mo said walking by him and giving him a hug from behind.

“I was never into her.” Gun reminded.

“I meant how you’ve moved on from being scarred. Crazy gold-diggers and all.”

“You don’t think Pream is? She’s got amnesia, remember?”

“Pream, no matter how it might end, I think-- would always be the one that best suits you.” She gave him another tight hug and slipped away to find her cousin-in-law.

Gun look around at the now empty dining room. What would his life would’ve been if Pream hadn’t come crashing into his life. He shuddered to remember sleeping alone in the condo across town away from his daughter. Eating burnt food, served fish daily and everything that isn’t now. He loved everything the way it is now. Granted he didn’t want a housewife, but it was refreshing to have someone as genuinely naive as a schoolgirl. But smart as a grown woman. He sighed rubbing that little ache again that formed in his chest every time he thought about Pream.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ​

“Look,” Can said quickly, “whoever you don’t trust, just give them a few months severance pay and a referral or recommendation.”

“How soon am I supposed to do this?” His nanny asked taken back by the hustle and bustle of the moving truck. “Did you elope without my knowledge?”

Can gave his loving nanny a look, “you wish.”

His nanny had the audacity to blush. “It’s been years and I’m not getting any younger.”

“Please? Could you get this handled?” Can gave her his best angelic smile.

“Does this mean that you’re finally going to move into the master bedroom?”

“No, that’s my parents’ room.”

“You’re now the master of the house, you’re going to eventually move into that room you know.”

Changing the subject, “Please let go any of Aunt Jan’s people.”

His nanny rolled her eyes, “you haven’t been home in so long, you probably don’t even notice the household has dwindled down.”

“Then why were you making me beg?” Can asked pouting.

“Next you’re going to stomp your feet like a toddler throwing a tantrum.” Ploy muttered carrying a box from the truck inside the house. “Please tell me my room is the furthest one possible from him.”

The nanny paused to check Ploy out, “she’s not what my first choice would be for you.”

“She’s not anyone’s first choice I think.” Can grinned.

“I like her pink hair.” Nanny nodded her head, “bold choice.”

“I’m sure if you give her until later today, you’ll find her a little bothersome.”

His nanny eyed him before walking up the steps saying, “you can’t trick this old woman, I know your interest in her is up there. You can’t do the reverse psychology on me.” She looked down at him once she made it into the foyer, “I invented reverse psychology raising you.”

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ​

“Auntie Mo!” Charlie screeched once she saw a familiar face. “What are you doing here?”

As the two caught up Pream leaned over to Gun to say, “I haven’t seen her so happy to see someone like that ever.”

“There’s only a few people in the world that could do that to her.” Gun smiled. “She been like that since her mother was sick.”

Pream asked. “You mean when I was in a coma?”

“Yea.” Gun said inwardly smacking himself for his slip-up.

“We’re going to Uncle Can’s old house?” Charlie asked interrupting them. “Auntie Mo just told me Ploy is moving in with him… again?”

“Long story.” Gun said tugging her pigtails. “Why are these all lopsided?”

“Nanny Mai doesn’t do my hair as well as mom.” Charlie said hugging Pream. “But you guys were still asleep this morning.”

Mo crossed her arms, “I’m sorry. Still asleep?”

“Oh grow up Mo.” Gun said shoving her into the car.

“Gun and Pream, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I…” Thwack. She rubbed her head and gave him the finger before he closed the door on her.