sarNie Hatchling
Chapter One
“Charlie!” The teacher yelled and all eyes went to the front of the room.
Biting her lips, the little girl knew already that she was going to be in big trouble this time.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Walking with the Certificate of Death was mind-numbing. She didn’t know what to do next. Take the check to deposit for her final school payment or cash it for what could possibly be her last few good meal of the month? Sighing and clutching the purse to her side she was guided to the payroll department.
“I’m sorry to hear about your father’s death.” As well as some slight murmur in regards to condolences to her about her father.
“Pream.” The lady smiled kindly behind her desk and handed the younger girl the final pay in her father’s name. “If you need anything, here’s my business card.”
Smiling in return she accepted the business card that read Malee as well and began her descent down this hallway. Her father worked here since before she was born, she ran around the lower floors when she didn’t have school. He hadn’t really trusted babysitters to care for her. Wiping her eyes she turned to stare at the entrance one last time.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Charlie home yet?” Beginning to worry about his rambunctious daughter, he ran up the stairs and bumped into someone at the doorway. He had forgotten some documents that needed another pair of eyes to review. “What happened now?” The phone still up to his ears his other hand helping the girl on the ground up. “I’m sorry!” And he ran through the entrance and waited exasperatedly for the elevator to reach the top floor. Knowing the elevator’s reception won’t be the best, he asked for a text message explaining what his daughter did now.
Saying he was livid by the time he finished and grabbed his documents he was running again out the door and once again crashed in to the same girl who was at the door before.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” the girl muttered as she bent down to gather up the business card and envelope again. She was already chasing the paper over the street as the wind blew it earlier when it was knocked out of her hands the first time. She glanced for the cursed envelope and smiled as the wind stopped blowing and she was able to swoop it up with a smile.
Looking up from his phone, “what is she doing?” He saw her scrambling around for something that slipped out of her hands. Seeing that she was standing where oncoming traffic was. “Miss!”
Pream felt the wind get knocked out of her a third time, this time she landed on someone who grunted along with her. “Welcome to my world.” She said pushing herself up and the man emanated another groan. Pream had pushed on his shoulders to right herself up.
Dusting the dirt off himself he frowned, “no ‘thank you’?”
“I hit the pavement three times because you were rushing through me. Not around me!” Pream punctuated the last with a jab to his chest.
“Okay, I admit that twice was my fault.” He pointed at the paper in her hand, “the third, I was saving you from being hit by a car.”
Pream’s hand went to her mouth as she glanced to the side of them. They were inches away from the road and blushed. “Oh.”
“Oh?” He repeated after her, “that’s all you’ve got to say?”
Why is this man yelling at her? Pream’s eyes started to water again. Not again!
He whipped around to the voice and Pream took that moment to run from the mean, uptight man. He heard the girl’s footstep as she dashed away. He bent to pick up his briefcase and scratched his head. Did he just make that girl cry? What did he do? Gun closed his briefcase as the owner of the voice walked up to him.
“Who were you standing with?” She asked latching on to his elbows.
“I’m not quite sure, I was just helping her up.” He shrugged. “What brings you here Dao?”
She pasted on a concern look, “your household told me that Charlie was reprimanded again at school.”
Slapping a hand to his forehead, “I have to go!” Gun shook Dao off of him and again ran back to his car. His driver was already prepared and slammed the door closed and was out of the waiting zone by the time Dao ran to catch up with them.
“Cutting it close again, aren’t you boss?” His driver snickered.
“Don’t start.” Gun said as he looked out the window, “If that girl didn’t shock me with her tears, I would’ve left here on time.”
“And I assume it’s also her fault you had to run upstairs for your documents too?”
Gun glared at the rear view mirror but his driver avoided his eye contact and snickered at him again. “I’m beginning to think Charlie is rubbing off on you too.” Leaning against the seat he closed his eyes, “who went to go speak to the school this time?”
“Her Nanny of course.” The driver said as if it resolved everything.
He knew the Nanny would make up something sad and pitiful to excuse his daughter. It was like the entire household was on the little girl’s side. He grimaced, the household would take her side rather than his on any given day.
“You know she’s going to tell you, and suggest to you again, that Miss Charlie needs a mother figure in her life.”
“Shut up Jim.” Gun muttered.
“Miss Dao is trying.” Jim shrugged and he made a left turn. “I mean even we know how subtle her hints are to you.”
“I said shut up Jim.” Gun said this time opening his eyes and staring out the window. They rolled to a stop and he noticed the girl again, this time she was in a taxi just staring off into space. She looked familiar, but he was certain she doesn’t work for him. Looking for work maybe? “Jim” Gun asked, “the girl next to us in the taxi, she was at the office today. Can you find out what she needs?”
Jim tilted his head at his boss then looked back at the taxi, he saw her walking out of the payroll office. Of course he also saw her land on his boss on the sidewalk as well.  “I can ask for you.” It was odd, his boss said need not want. Interesting indeed.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Charlie crossed her arms as Gun sat his daughter down on the couch for a talking to. “Nanny Mai.” Gun, unlike his daughter, crossed his arms behind his back. “What excuse did you make for her this time?”
“I didn’t make any excuse!” Mai waved her hands dramatically, “I explained that she was missing parental figures in her life. Her father works early morning to late night….” At his glare she quieted with a little angry huff. The Nanny was still young, but spoiled his daughter often. His replacement for the other nannies had been a traumatic experience in its own. This was the only one who stayed no matter what kind of tantrum his daughter threw.
He walked slowly behind the couch Charlie was on and studied her, “I feared your terrible two’s when everyone warned me of it. It’s more like beware of the frightening five’s.” Leaning over the couch he placed his hands on her head, “I buy you whatever you want, take you wherever you’d like to go on weekends and vacations.” He shook his head and pulled her up over the sofa causing her to giggle automatically. “You always laugh, you always smile when I’m here…”
Charlie then frowned at him. He hugged her tighter, “Tell me what’s wrong.”
“I’m hungry.” She shoved herself out of his hold and walked over to the dining table.
“What’s for dinner then?” Gun asked following his mini-him for dinner.
Charlie again smiled, “lemon chicken and broccoli.”
Gun scooped a large helping of broccoli into his plate, again causing his daughter to giggle. He sighed and smiled as he scooped the chicken for her plate.
He spoke with her and planned their weekend as they ate. Charlie’s smile stopped when the doorbell rang. She frowned as she watched her dad look around to find out who was here.
“Auntie Jan.” He got up to greet her. “Would you like to join us for dinner?” Gun heard his daughter let out an irritated sigh before she got up from her chair and walked up the stairs, grabbing her backpack that hung on the banister nearby.
Apologizing for her behavior, he had one of the servants put out another setting for his distant aunt. “It’s fine, it’s fine.” The lady waved off. “Your Uncle’s 60th Birthday is coming up.”
“I have it marked in my calendar.” Gun smiled, “Charlie and I will be there in Chiang Mai, I promise.”
Jan said painfully, “it’s an adult’s only party Gun.”
His smile faded a little, “I can’t be away that long from Charlie. It’s a weekend long house party.” Thinking a little bit, “I can rent a nearby hotel and head back nightly.”
“Don’t be ridiculous!” His aunt admonished, “there’s going to be drinking, and you’re going to drive every night, that’s dangerous!”
“Jim won’t mind driving me.”
His aunt shook her head, “your driver would be tired. He’d have to drop you off, then head back to drive Charlie around town then pick you up again? Even I’m tired for your driver just mentioning it.”
Gun twirled the fork around his fingers. He never went away from his daughter long, if he traveled for work, she went with him.
“She’s got a nanny and the entire house staff to take care of her.” His aunt reminded him. “You’re going to have to let her be someday anyway.”
“It’s a few months away, we’ll see how it goes.” He smiled and then scooped up the chicken for his aunt. “Besides, it’s not going tobe any time soon, she’s six going on seven.”
“You’re so busy being wrapped around your daughter’s finger that you’re not even out there looking for a mother figure for your daughter.”
“She’s fine.” Gun shrugged it off. Everyone always said this phrase to him. Everyone’s answer to his troublesome daughter is a mother figure.
His aunt eyed him dubiously, “she glued her teachers glasses case to the desk.”
Gun smiled sheepishly.
“The lid of the case also had glue that caused her hand to stick with that case.” Gun shrank a little in his chair as his aunt continued. “The other hand was glued to the glasses that was also glued to her nose.”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Two
Rubbing his hand over his forehead he laughed nervously, “yea, I saw the check the nanny wrote out to the teacher for damages.”
“She can’t keep getting away with this.” His aunt then tried to cajole him with some girls she knew who were daughters of her dear friends.
Gun pretended to be interested to appease his aunt and continued to quietly eat his dinner. He wondered from time to time if his daughter had eaten enough dinner before storming off.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream walked away from her graduation alone. Certificate in hand, and no family to celebrate with her. Her friends snapped photos with her, but they were off somewhere having a celebratory dinner with their family. She smiled to herself as she held on to the degree, her father would’ve been proud of her. Pream stopped as a child ran by her screaming at the top of her lungs. Glancing to her right she saw the girl jump up in to one of her graduating classmates arms. Chuckling to herself she turned to find a taxi to ride back home. She had work tonight at the restaurant.
“Ow!” Her head smacked into someone’s chin. Rubbing it as her eyes watered from the sting.
Gun bounced back and held his mouth as he felt the smart of the impact. “I’m sorry.” He asked, “are you okay?”
“I’ll survive.” She smiled weakly and continued on her way.
He watched she hastily walk away. Gun frowned, he knew her from somewhere, didn’t he?
“Someone finally caught your eyes?” His cousin asked as he juggled Charlie in his arms.
“Uncle Can!” Charlie shouted as she tried to climb his shoulders. “Where are we going today?”
He gave her head a little pat and grinned, “how about the one near the river?” Can turned to look back at Gun, “hey, you okay?”
He nodded his head and ushered his daughter out of the crowd.
“I need to go change first.” Can scratched at his graduation gown. “Birthday suit under.”
Gun shook his head at his younger cousin and shoved him through the crowd as well.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream smiled as she brought out the cake, waited a bit then lit the candles prior to getting the rest of the staff and patrons to sing Happy Birthday to her table’s guest of honor. Patting her apron she walked around to help buss a few tables so that the busboys won’t get too overwhelmed.
The hostess stopped her with a new table, “when you put that away, table near the water gate is yours.”
“Thanks.” Pream smiled and handed the plate to the kitchen staff before finding her new table. “Welcome. Any special occasions today?”
Charlie beamed, “my uncle’s graduation.”
Pream beamed back at the child, “is that an ice cream celebration or a cake celebration?”
“She speaks my language dad!” Charlie giggled and pretended to give it some deep thought. Cake or ice cream?
“Food first Charlie.” Gun said as he placed his menu down. He paused seeing Pream again and frowned. Reflexively, Pream frowned back.
“Hey!” Can laughed, “Pream!”
She smiled again seeing her classmate. “Can!”
They caught up a little bit before she rushed off to grab their drinks.
“Know her well?” Gun asked.
Can nodded, “not as well as the girls in my class. She sort of kept to herself.”
“Stuck up?”
“No, she didn’t have time to goof around like the rest of us.” Can frowned, “she graduated today, and she’s here working instead of celebrating.”
Charlie pouted, “that’s not fair. School is hard, she should be relaxing right now.”
Chucking his niece under the chin, “some people don’t have rich daddies like you.”
“Her dad’s not rich?”  Charlie asked.
“Her dad passed away before the last school term.” Can said opened the menu again. “I heard from the others, she has no other family members.”
“That’s sad.” Charlie shook her dad’s arms and Gun looked away from his menu. “Can she be my sister?”
Can laughed, “it’s not how that works.”
“Adoption.” Charlie answered matter of factly.
Gun laughed now, “she’s past the age of adopting.”
Charlie watched as Pream flitted about the cafe. The first girl to see her dad and not pounce on him. She eyed her dad secretly then she popped up her own menu.
Gun handed the check to Pream and told her to keep the change. Charlie was still keeping her eyes on Pream when she grabbed her uncle’s arm. “She has a boyfriend?”
“You’re just a kid, why are you interested?” Eying the waitress Charlie, if one didn’t know better, would believe she seemed to be hatching an evil plan.
Can poked his niece in the ribs and began to tickle her. “Don’t even think about causing her any trouble, she doesn’t need it.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream rubbed her tired arms and legs and held on tightly to her purse that held a generous amount of tip for her that evening. She traced her hands along the side of the bridge as she watched the water lapped against the moonlight and followed her nose to the night market.
“Dad, hold my cotton candy!” Charlie thrusted the stick into his hands as she took off. His cousin running after her. He’s not old, but compared to his daughter, he appeared to be an aging Grandpa.
“Pream!” Can called out to her. Charlie had spotted her when she was looking through some of the gift shops. Walking towards them still with a smile he pulled her towards Gun. “Come on!”
“Where are we going?” She laughed as Charlie also grabbed her other hand.
“Celebrating our graduation!” Can said as Charlie tugged the three towards the carnival games.
By the time Gun caught up with them he realized too late that Pream was also there. “Hope you don’t mind.” Pream said almost absently as his daughter dragged her again towards another game booth and she laughed freely with the child.
“Uh…” No words came out afterwards as his cousin grabbed his arms to run and keep up with the girls.
“P’Pream!” A hand waved the group over to a booth to the side of the carnival.
Running to hug the girl Pream introduced Charlie to her. “Ploychompoo, Charlie. Charlie, my roommate Ploychompoo.”
After handing the balls over to Charlie for her to throw, Pream turned to talk to her friend, “you’re not working late tonight are you?”
“My shift is almost over.” She winced, “sorry I couldn’t make it to your graduation.”
“Don’t even worry about it.” Pream shrugged, “I actually didn’t even want to go to my own graduation.”
Gun kept his eyes on his daughter as Can joined her but he kept his ears honed in on Pream and what he heard was her roommate.
They all left in a group when the late shift arrived to replace Ploychompoo. “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” Can asked when he got a better look at the roommate.
“No curfew for those who has to make a living.” She retorted. “Where did you meet this loser?”
Pream laughed, “my classmate.” She introduced everyone stopping when she got to Gun, “this is Charlie’s dad.”
Ploychompoo eyed the stiff, stern looking and emotionless man. “Charlie’s dad have a name?”
“Gun.” He smiled waved them on.
“We should better be going.” Pream said looking at the time. “It’s getting late now.”
“What?” Ploy whined, “I thought we were going to that one ice cream shop that’s open late?”
She turned to look at the little girl, “wasn’t that the plan?”
Can watched as both Ploy and his niece turned doe-like, puppy-teared eyes to his cousin. He turned away, Gun is a sucker for his daughter’s eyes. He shuddered now to see that there were two of them.
Hands covering both his eyes, Gun groaned and agreed. He was honestly getting really tired, but he wanted to make sure he did everything Charlie wanted to do so he let Ploy and Charlie tug him for more ice cream. He turned to look over his shoulders as Pream followed along with Can in tow.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Come by any time.” Ploy said letting Charlie know her work schedule. “Pream walks to me or I bike to Pream’s workplace but we always go home together.”
“Where do you guys live?” Charlie asked as she spooned up another spoonful of whipped cream.
Ploy nodded at Pream, “I rent a room out from her.”
“You have a house?” Charlie asked Pream.
“No,” she smiled. “My dad purchased a condominium and I can’t keep up with it, so I rent a room out to Ploy.”
Can frowned, “her carnival job pays for her room?” He pointed at Ploy, “that job cannot afford you a room.”
“Nah, it just pays for water and electricity.” Ploy smiled, “I work in a cafe in the day time.”
Pream hid her smile as Ploy kicked Can under the table.
“Gun!” A voice shouted from the door.
Charlie’s unhappy demeanor become apparent when Pream glanced down at the girl. “Ploy, we should go.”
“But I’m not done yet!” She said, holding on tighter to her ice cream.
Gun and Can stood up when Dao approached them.
“How did the witch find us.” Charlie muttered. Pream again glanced down at the girl.
“If I didn’t see your Instagram Can, how would I ever know where you are?”
Charlie this time kicked Can under the table.
“Who are these two?” she pointed lazily in the vicinity of Ploy and Pream.
Ploy pointed at her nose then growled. Slamming the spoon down, “I’m done now.”
Can was leaned in close to Charlie, for sure, the little girl is lecturing her uncle about his social media updates. Pream smiled and excused herself with Ploy, thanking them for the ice cream. They were almost near the scooter when Gun caught up with them. “Are you really okay to get home?”
“We didn’t get drunk off of ice cream.” Ploy laughed. “And we get home the same way every night.” They reached the scooter and smiled. “See, safe and sound.”
Gun gave the fake motorcycle a little pinch around the tires, “every night on this?”
“Don’t knock what you haven’t tried.” Ploy said proudly. “Thanks for being gentlemanly and walking us over.”
Hands on his waist he watched Ploy try and kick start her what she called a bike. A few tries later she shamefully stopped and laughed awkwardly. “Sure, the one time he has an audience, he becomes shy and won’t start.”
“I’ll drive you. I’ll have my staff take a look at this thing you call transportation.” Gun said as he led them to his car.
“Won’t your daughter be asking where you’re at?” Pream asked as he walked with them.
“Dao is ordering ice cream right now,” Gun said then shrugged, “my daughter was the one who asked me to drive you home.”
Ploy then turns and asked him what was bugging her all night, “you had her pretty young, huh?”
“I’m not perfect.” Gun smiled and chanced a look at Pream but she was deep in thoughts.
“Daddy!” Charlie came barreling behind them Can a scant foot behind her.
“I thought you guys were staying with Dao?”
“Food fight was happening.” Charlie scowled, “who wants to waste good food like that?”
Can avoided Gun’s eyes as he hurried towards the car with the girls. Gun trailing behind once more. Pream watched the exchange, but something in her gut told her that Charlie might’ve been the root of that ‘food fight’.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Three
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Your daughter threw the first ice cream!” Dao shrieked into phone early the next day. It was Sunday. Gun should still be in bed as would be his daughter too. “I am telling you, she needs to be spoken to!”
Gun sighed and pressed speaker. He brought out his earphones and began working on his new work draft as she would probably and relentlessly babble on how his daughter needed a mother. And throw in hints that Dao would make a great mother to his daughter.
Charlie ran into his study and frowned at the house phone that was laying on the desk. Mouthing at it, she waved her dad out into the hallway. “I want to go to P’Ploy’s cafe.”
“I’m in the middle of something right now.” He opened the door to more of Dao’s yelling. “...that I could probably deal with later.”
They got dressed and found Can sitting at the breakfast table with only coffee in his hand. “Your daughter is beyond evil.”
“Whaaaa?” Charlie gave him an angelic smile.
“Only you, would I answer my phone this early after a long night.” Can said pinching his niece’s nose playfully. “But I am game, I heard we are on another foodventure.”
Giving him a side look Charlie rolled her eyes, “no Instagram please.”
“No guarantees.” He shrugged.
“Try the hashtag latergram.” Charlie squinted her eyes at him, “don’t forget, you taught me to hack…”
Gun turned to look at his daughter, “What?”
“Hah-choo!” Charlie rubbed her nose, “let’s go!”
“Nice cover up.” Can murmured when Charlie led him out of the house.
“Almost blew it.” Charlie muttered. “Let’s go!” Shouting over her shoulder, “Daddy!”
Gun grabbed the keys from Jim, “I got it.”
“Foodventure without me, again?” the driver pouted. “Miss Charlie, don’t forget a doggie bag for me please!” Charlie waved at him with reassurance he smiled and walked back into the house.
Pream sat outside the cafe with her laptop browsing wanted ads, If only work was a guarantee with degree. Her headphone was on and she was tapping away at the keyboard. “Third shift, marketing.” She bookmarked the page on her browser and continued with her resume.
“Frittata?” Ploy smiled and walked over with a plate. “How’s the job searching?”
“I found a third-shift marketing job.”
Ploy shook her head, “sounds shady, let’s try the regular nine to five?”
“It’s overseas contacting.” Pream said. “The address is in a ritzy business plaza too.”
Ploy shook her head, “I go too when you go for an interview.”
“Who is older, me or you here?” Pream asked as she forked a piece of pastry into her mouth. “Tell auntie her baking is getting better.”
“Compliments to the chef it is!” Ploy smiled and bounced back into the shop.
“P’Pream!” Charlie shouted and ran in for a hug.
Looking over the little girl’s head she found the father and uncle walking at a more humanly pace. She smiled in greeting.
“What are you doing?” Can nodded at the laptop, “gross. Who works on a Sunday?”
Ploy came out with Pream’s smoothie and punched him in the arm with her free-hand. “The little people like us do.”
Holding on to his shoulders he pretended to lunge at Ploy. “What’s good here?”
Slamming the smoothie down she turned back in to grab a menu for them.
“I hope the food is better than the service here.” Can muttered as he scooted in closer to Charlie.
Gun sat across from Pream as she folded her laptop closed.
“Job hunting. The only day off I get is Sunday.” Pream placed the laptop into her shoulder bag, “what are you guys up to?”
“BRUNCH!” Can and Charlie shouted in unison.
Pream smiled as she waited for the menu’s to go around. She wasn’t surprised when the menu smacked Can’s head as Ploy reached over to hand Pream a menu too.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Their talk turned to Pream’s search for work after graduation.
“There are some companies that do third shifts in marketing.” Gun said, “It’s not often though. I mostly here folks in America have it because a lot of companies are based here in Asia, not the other way around.”
“Start-ups,” Pream bit her bottom lip, “the only thing it would hurt is my income should it flop.”
“My cousin’s company.” Can suggested hiking a thumb at Gun.
Gun had his spoon and mouth full of food and caught by surprise. He just nodded with Can. After painfully swallowing the food he added, “swing by the human resources…”
Pream shook her head, “I want to try this on my own instead of networking. My father earned where he was at work. I don’t want to cheat. I want to climb up that ladder.”
Gun nodded his head in understanding.
“What about you?” Ploy asked pulling a chair next to them, “working with cousin’s company are we?”
Can smirked, “of course. How else would it be fair for any company to fight over someone as handsome as me?”
“I’d go with the blind manager in charge of hiring.” Ploy retorted.
Charlie slurped up her smoothie. “Can we go to the beach next week?”
Gun smiled and tugged his daughter’s pig-tails. “I don’t see why not.”
“You too, P’Pream and P’Ploy.”
“Love to sweetie,” Ploy pouted, “but us gals gotta work.”
“Call in sick?” Charlie asked, “Aunt Dao does it all the time.”
“We’re probably not well off like this Aunt Dao of yours.” Ploy answered as Pream patted Charlie’s hands. “Maybe when we get settled in with work and can save up.”
“Do you always have to save up money before you go do anything?” Charlie asked.
“That’s why we work so hard.” Ploy said and got up to elbow Can, “even on a Sunday.”
“Why is this girl always hurting me?!” Can asked getting up from the table.
Charlie looked at her dad, “is that why you’re always working and unable to see me everyday.”
“I see you everyday Charlie.” Gun said confused.
“You don’t see me at breakfast Monday through Friday. You’re already gone before I wake up.” She pulled the straw out of her cup, “if I’m lucky, I see you for dinner.”
“I have a lot of work to do.” Gun tugged her hair again, “but I do it all in those five days so that I can have Saturday and Sundays with you.”
“What about the party for your uncle?” Charlie asked tears coming to her eyes. “Your aunt told me I couldn’t go with you.”
Gun picked his daughter up to sit in his lap, “we’ll make it work. I won’t leave you like that.”
Pream looked between the father and daughter duo and smiled. She missed her father sorely.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ploy waited sitting on her MoPed as Pream came back down with a smile. “Trial. Work probation for ninety days.”
“So you got the job huh?” Ploy handed the helmet over to her friend. “Congrats, now let’s celebrate!”
Pream smiled, “drunk off of ice cream again?”
“There’s a new shop close by the house.” Ploy grinned and rode off into traffic.
“I don’t understand why we have to change clothes first for.” Pream frowned. “It’s just ice cream and you have work later tonight too don’t you?”
Ploy ran passed her in the hallway, “gotta pee, move out!”
“Then why didn’t you just say so?” Pream laughed and walked into the darken condo. “What’s going on?”
The lights came on and Pream saw Charlie, her driver Jim and her nanny Mai standing at the table.
A large congratulations sign strung up behind them on a wall.
Ploy walked out of the kitchen with a beautiful cake.
They laughed and ate the cake as they popped on karaoke in the living room and sang the night away.
Jim carried Charlie down the hallway as Nanny Mai held on to Charlie's backpack. “Thanks for everything.” Pream said waving them off as they got into the elevator.
“I’ll go with you to work.” Pream said as Ploy got ready for her carnival job.
“No way!” Ploy shook her head, “rest up. You’ve got a big week ahead of you.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream adjusted her work attire, something she saved up for for first impressions at work. She stepped in and was welcomed to an office. “We’re going to start with training first.” An older lady waved her into a little room. There was couch and a table with two chairs. She didn’t know where to put her purse she she placed it on her lap and sat at the seat with a table.
Ploy stretched her arms as she got home and threw herself on to the couch. Pain poked her on the side and she pulled out a cell phone. Pream was supposed to call her when she got off of work so that she could pick her up. Frowning at the phone for causing her pain, she got up to walk to the elevator and deliver the phone anyway.
Gun followed the businessmen into a nearby office and frowned, he thought he caught a glance of Pream across the building from him and shrugged it off. He stretched his neck and wanted to get this contract signed and agreed on already. It’s already almost eleven and it was another night he didn’t get to see his daughter. A kiss on the forehead when she’s asleep didn't count as seeing her. He lost his train of thought when loud music began to play from across the plaza. Who in their right mind would play music this loud at this time of night?
Ploy parked her MoPed and glanced around the plaza, which building was it again? She should’ve written down the address.
“Someone should report those people.” A gentleman said shaking his head. Ploy passed another group, “I can’t believe they’re able get away with something as atrocious as this.” Ploy rubbed her head. “I think some of those girls are tricked into working there.” She glanced at that group and when the next one spoke up, “work says marketing, but inside says selling bodies.”
Ploy grabbed that man’s shirt, “what’s the address? What’s the name of this business?” When the man rattled off the name and address she froze. Then panic came over her and she screamed running up the stairs. “PREAM!”
Deal was done. Gun flexed his fingers and shooks hands with the men in the room. “How about we celebrate?” One of the men chuckled and Gun followed them across the plaza. They were greeted by an elderly lady who led them to a room, turning off the light, it showed a two-way mirror and in that room was Pream sitting and looking around the room and appeared to be waiting.
“She’s new.” The lady smiled and a few of the men chuckled and made some drooling sound.
Gun frowned, “what is this place?”
“Come now.” One of the men said, “you can’t be that green.”
Gun was confused, “and if I am?”
Can cleared up the documents and stuffed them into a briefcase. With the door left open he heard Pream’s name, and what also sounded like the frenemy he obtained the past few months. Ploy? Why is she hollering like a banshee outside? He threw the shoulder strap over his shoulder and followed the bellows of a mad woman.
“PREAM!” Ploy said pounding on all the doors that were available to bang on. “PREAM!”
He tapped Ploy on the shoulder and was once again punched by this little elf. “Why do you keep doing that to me?”
“We have to save Pream!” She screamed out of breath now bending to inhale and exhale wildly.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Four
“Heads up girl, you’re going to get dizzy this way.” Can said, then, “wait, save Pream?”
“Trick. Scam!” Ploy breathed in and out quickly and tried again, “lies, not a marketing team. Selling bodies.”
Can frowned, “come again?”
“Human trafficking!” She yelled and shoved Can out of her way.
“Wait,” Gun, or what the guys in the room termed him, the green lad asked further, “so, she doesn’t know why she’s here?”
“She wanted work right? Her paycheck will say marketing. It’s legit to her.” A man slapped Gun’s shoulder. “Cash bids only.”
Gun rubbed his forehead. Can, his cousin was still cleaning the conference’s meeting room for him. “Let me message my assistant real quick.” He excused himself to make a call. Luckily his cousin finally answered him on the first ring, “Pream’s in trouble.”
“We’re running there now.”
“Ploy found out what this place really was.” Can whispered into the phone. “From the looks of it, bouncers look like regular people.”
Gun spoke quietly into the phone, “I figured. I’m looking at Pream now.”
“WHAT?!” Can yelled into the phone.
“I told her it’s a scam. I told her it didn’t seem legit.” Ploy yelled out of breath.
Can shushed her, “it does look legit, Pream was too happy to realize what it’s really like behind closed doors.”
Pream clenched her purse when two burly men walked into the room and guarded her door. This doesn’t look right. She looked behind her then and there was no other way out. She held on tighter to her purse now. Something really was fishy.
Gun sat and willed himself to stay calm. She looked beyond scared now, aware of possibly what’s going to happen to her
“Let’s start the bidding at ten thousand.” The lady said and a man raised his hand. Gun watched as the numbers went higher and higher.
Clinging on to the table for support now, Pream heard the bidding go higher. Ploy was right, that was too good to be true. Pream’s eyes started watering again. No, no, no! She glanced around, she heard the voices nearby, but where were they? She chanced a question at one of the two men, “this isn’t a mirror is it?” They didn’t reply back to her. They didn’t have to. Panicking now, she sat back down and prayed mentally for help.
“I’m not going more than a million until we see her up close.” One of the man suggested and laughed maniacally.
Pream was crying by now when the men lead her around the door and to where the men sat. Through her blurry tear-vision she spotted a familiar face in the back. He placed his hands to his lips. Frowning she wasn’t looking scared anymore, just confused. Did he just shush her?
She didn’t look scared or confused anymore, she looked kind of pissed off at him. Gun blamed it on the shock, she’s probably so scared, she didn’t know how to behave.
Why is he here in the horrible place? She glanced around the room. She was shaking on the outside, but seething on the inside. He’s one of these perverts?
The man in the front reached out to touch her hand and she smacked him away.
Ploy shouted again, “PREAM!”
She glanced around and smiled in relief. Her friend was here.
Gun placed his hands over his eyes, what can one girl do to save her friend. Don’t blow it for them.
“PREAM!” She heard again.
One of the burly men placed a hand over Pream’s mouth as the woman opened the door, “Hi! I’m Ploy!” She waved like an idiot, “My friend started work today, she forgot her phone at home. Can I give this to her?”
“I can hand it to her. Which one is your friend?” The woman asked, clearly annoyed at the chit.
“Pream!” Ploy smiled, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell all crazy out there, it’s just that I didn’t remember which was her work building.” Then in a fake whisper, “plus, there’s lots of cops outside right now. It looks like they’re about to do a raid of some sort somewhere.”
The woman slammed the door in front of Ploy’s face. She texted Can. A little later, alarms and sirens were blaring.
Everyone scrammed out of the room as fast as they could, Pream was shoved against a wall and left to her own fortune to not get stampeded on.
“Pream!” Gun said as he reached her. “Pream!”
“Don’t you touch me!” Pream screamed and shoved Gun away. “You perverts!”
Gun shook her, “I am trying to save you, not bed you!”
“Get away from me!”
Ploy ran into the room, “hurry up before they realize it’s not the cops but just sounds coming from the speakers at the shops behind here.”
Can was behind her and out of breath, “The Great Wall of China is easier to climb than this place.”
Shoving Gun away again Pream reached her hands for Ploy. “Take me away from here.”
The girls took off and the guys were behind them. “Get away from me.” Pream screamed again when she fell and Gun tried to help her up.
“This is a misunderstanding.” Gun tried to explain. “I was across the building on business, I swear. I didn’t know this was going to happen. I thought I saw you walk in to the office…”
“You knew what this place was? And you came in?” Pream screeched.
“If I hadn’t followed those men here, you would probably be someone’s wife right now.” Gun shouted back at her.
“Stay away from me before I scream for help!” Pream shoved him again and this time he fell down.
Can helped his cousin up but the girls had disappeared into the crowd.
Of course, now would be the time for the MoPed to not start. Ploy tried and tried to start the MoPed. Pream was clinging on with her eyes shut.
The woman who opened the door found Pream and Ploy just as they were. On a MoPed and trying to start their cycle. “You lying little bitches!” She screamed for her men to grab them.
“Police! Police!” Can ran by and screamed causing the crowd to run and pushing the women and her men down.
Gun grabbed Pream’s hand as Can grabbed Ploy and threw her over his shoulders. “I can run you idiot!”
Can slapped her tush, “your short legs are too slow.” Gun shoved Pream into the car. She remained quiet and refused to look at him. Can opened the back door and tossed Ploy in and climbed in right behind her. “Tonight was too much, no more. I’m crashing on your couch.” Ploy placed her hands over the passenger seat in the front to pat her friends shoulder.
“Do you want to report this?” Gun asked after a few moments later on the road.
Pream shook her head, ashamed in all of this mess. She placed her hands in to her palm and cried as loud as she could until her voice was coarse.
Ploy looked out the window, “where are you going, this isn’t the way to our house.”
“If your friend was as honest as she is now, she used a real address on that resume.” Gun sighed.
“We can drop you off at your home and risk the men attacking you there, or you could crash elsewhere for the night.”
Ploy frowned, “I don’t have anyone else and Pream doesn’t really either.” She thought a little more, “there are a few school friends of Pream I could call…” She bit her tongue, “actually, the lady has your phone, so I can’t really call them.” Shrinking a little now Ploy mumbled, “okay, now I’m scared.”
Ploy looked like one of those dolls with a suction cup attached to a car window with the way she was looking out at at driveway once the gates open. “Oh my word…” Pream had passed out a short while ago in the front seat and it was a good thing too. She wouldn’t want to be here now when Gun told her where they’re at.
Gun lifted Pream out of the car and had one of the guest rooms situated. He originally asked for two, but Ploy explained that Pream might wake up freaked out.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream felt the sun hitting her face and flipped over in bed. “It’s all a dream. All a bad dream.”
“What’s a bad dream?” Charlie asked from the foot of the bed. “Are you hungry? I helped make breakfast today.”
Getting up quickly she sat up and looked around the room. “Where am I?”
“My house.” Charlie made an angry little face, “I’m kind of mad that my dad didn’t even tell me there was a sleepover last night, I would’ve slept here too.”
Pream looked down at her clothes. Who changed her?
“Slept here too? Slept where?” Pream asked as she searched the room for any tell tale sign of who was here in the room with her.
“You, P’Ploy, dad and Uncle Can.” Charlie pouted again. She thought better of it and started plucking at the clothes Pream had on. “You look good in my mommy’s clothes.”
Pream froze, “what?”
“My dad still had some of my mom’s clothes in the house, so he had them brought out for you and P’Ploy.” Charlie heard her nanny calling for her. “I have to go to school now. I’ll see you after school today, okay? Eat the eggs, I made it myself.” Charlie gave her a quick hug and ran out the door.
Ploy came in a little afterwards, “whatever Charlie told you, it’s not true. She didn’t make the eggs, she helped make the eggs. There’s a difference.”
Pream was still quiet. “When is it safe to go back home?”
“Gun and Can mentioned they sent a private team to the condo.” Scooting the tray of breakfast closer to Pream, “something about security cameras and what not.”
“I messed up big time didn’t I?” Pream asked as she took a bite of toast. “Dreaming too far, dreaming too big?”
Ploy shook her head, “not too far, not too big. It’s every graduate's dream to find work after graduation isn’t it? You wouldn't fork over that money for nothing right?”
Gun was walking by when he heard that and tilted his head at the door.
“It’s rude to eavesdrop.” Can said adjusting his clothes. “Are you sure you want to cancel that contract now?” They worked so hard for the project. Now, with one stupid and old horny people’s night, they’re going to cancel everything.”
“They had evil thoughts against an innocent girl.” Gun adjusted his shirt cuffs, “I usually don’t make it my business to care, but this is a little too close to home.” He looked at Can, “what if it was Charlie?” Can’s eyes grew angry, “now you see my point.” They continued to walk down the hallway towards the stairs, “losing money to get out of the contract is nothing.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Charlie ran into the house and found Pream in the room still, “are you okay? Nanny Mai told me you were sleeping all day?” She looked around, “where’s P’Ploy?”
Pream didn’t know where Ploy was, she only knew that she was too tired to think.
“If you’re sick, I’ll stay quiet and do my homework near you, okay?” Charlie smiled and opened up her backpack. Nanny Mai stepped out and frowned at the door.
Jim was standing behind her and scared her. “What are you spying on?”
“Miss Charlie is doing her homework.” Nanny said amused.
“So?” Jim asked, “she always does her homework.”
“When we make her.” Nanny replied, “she just grabbed her homework and laid next to Miss Pream and started doing her homework. All on her own.”
Jim looked at the door too, “is there magic in the air?”
“More like a mother’s love.” Nanny answered and smiled. “The first female she wants around her.”
Pream was still in bed when Ploy returned later that night. “Where have you been?”
“Went to hunt for my scooter.” She sighed, “Alas, the MoPed is no more…”
“I’m so sorry Ploy.”
“Don’t apologize. If I was in your shoes, you’d save me too.” She pulled out a bag of chips from her bag, “did you already have dinner?”
“Yes, with Charlie.” Pream smiled, “sweet girl. Nanny Mai just helped to carry her to her room just now.”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Five
Ploy looked at her friend. “Gun and Can just removed the contract from those men he was with last night.”
“So?” Pream said rolling back over in bed.
“They just lost a lot of money canceling on the contract like that.”
“So?” Pream said again.
Ploy reminded her, “they didn’t have to do that you know. Gun isn’t anything to us but to make it right, he wanted to do what was considered the right thing.”
“And he lost a lot of it in the process.”
“He also reported the business and helped to save a lot of girls.” Ploy added quietly. “You may only think that you were hurt real bad, pride and all. These other girls lost more than just their pride and their face.”
Pream was already asleep before Ploy finished talking.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“The teacher said Charlie didn’t do anything that needed reprimanding today.” Nanny Mai said as she watched Charlie bound up the steps and hugged Pream. “And her test today was a perfect score.”
Pream was sitting at one of the tables that overlooked the garden. Surprisingly, the few weeks she had been here, she had seen neither hide nor hair of Charlie’s father. Charlie opened her backpack and brought out her homework to do as one of the servants brought out a plate of pre-cut fruits.
She sat there reading a book as Charlie hummed and did her work happily. Ploy was off somewhere only that little girl knew. They should be able to go back home soon. It was a quick case. The woman, her men and the men that Gun had almost done business with wrapped up the trial in private. They settled out of court. Ploy told her that Gun had blackmailed the men into being witnesses or else he would let the world know what they had tried to do. Pream thought it was a bit evil, but hey, whatever got the job done, right?
She was spooning a few pieces of watermelon for Charlie when Can found her at the table. “Hey stranger.” He patted his niece’s head and then smiled at Pream. “How are you feeling?”
“Like all is right with the world.” Pream sighed. “Is my house okay now?”
“You should be able to go home soon. Gun also installed some security cameras and spoke with the doorman and security guard as well.” He grinned, “even Ploy approves of the system we have set up.”
Pream shook her head, “you guys don’t have to do all of that for us. Just them being locked up in jail is already good enough for me.”
Charlie had stopped doing her homework and was now staring at Pream woefully. “Did you need help with your assignment?” She asked and fed her a piece of fruit. In return, Charlie smiled and completed the rest without any problems.
“I’m surprised I got to see you. I usually have my messenger sharing news with me. I thought Gun hangs out with Charlie on weekends?”
Can scratched his head, “you don’t remember last week’s episode then huh?”
“Episode?” Pream repeated. She saw Charlie clamp her mouth and then used her hand to cover her ears.”What is it?”
“You saw Gun and you kind of freaked out.” Can said and grabbed a cantaloupe piece. “He’s kind of steered clear of you since then.”
Pream frowned, “I’ve been blacking out?”
“Only when you see my dad.” Charlie shrugged. “Not all the time though. You seem normal when he’s not too close to you.”
“Why can’t I remember any of this?” Pream panicked, “Why can’t I remember those days? Any other day is fine. I remember my days with Charlie just fine.” Charlie gave a silly grin at that comment.
Can held his hands up, “it’s temporary, the doctor’s assured us you’ll be right as rain shortly.”
Looking up at the sky Charlie added, “maybe even rain tonight.”
The two adults looked up at the darkening sky. It just might rain tonight.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun sat on the bar stool and faced his own liquor cabinet. Maybe a third glass was asking for too much. He placed the glass in the sink and walked slowly using the wall for support. It would be wise to eat before drinking any kind of alcohol, even when one is at home. He felt a breeze coming from one of the side doors and thought to lock it in case of of the staff members forgot to lock it before going to bed. Leaning against the doorjamb he watched Pream soak up the moonlight. The wind was blowing, but it looked like the threat of rain had passed. He must’ve made a sound because she whipped her head around to face him. It honestly scared him because he didn’t know what mood she’d be in. He saw her blink a few times in recognition and turned back to look at the skies. Risking it, he stepped out as well, “can I join you?”
“May I join you.” She corrected out of habit from fixing Charlie’s grammar.
“May I join you?” He asked again.
“Your house.” She waved him to a seat.
Not from the looks of it, it was more like her call and he just obeyed her. Yet he remained quiet just to keep the ambience light. “What are you thinking about?”
“Nothing actually.” Pream smiled, “I just like the fresh air. It helps to clear my mind.” Gun placed his elbow on the table and leaned over with his fist under her chin just to test the waters. “What?” She asked as he leaned closer. “Are you okay?”
“More like the question is,” he leaned in some more until they were almost nose to nose, “are you okay?”
She leaned in the last centimeter until they were nose to nose. “stronger, I’d say.”
When he felt her nose on his, he fought the urge to kiss the tip of her nose. Pulling back, he scratched his head nervously. “Where’s Ploy?”
“I’d like to know that myself actually.” Pream smiled, “I’m out here waiting up for her.” She frowned, “it’s not any inconvenience for your household is it?”
“It’s fine.” Gun sighed, “I’m up often late in to the night or wake up really early to finish some last minute work.”
“Is that why your daughter rarely sees you?”
“I’m trying my best. Work, daughter or life…” he sighed dramatically. “Maybe I could retire early.”
Pream heard the whizzing sound of a scooter. Somehow, Gun had managed to convince Ploy to accept the new one he bought her. “Have you ever thought that by the time you could retire early, your daughter is in her prime and too busy living her own life to spend it with you?” She got up to open the gates for Ploy leaving Gun to stew alone.
She made a very good point. It just might be too late.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“It’s only been one day since the girls left.” Nanny Mai shook her head sadly as Jim drove her up the school’s entrance. “And Miss Charlie is already up to her old ways.”
Charlie sat swinging her legs as she waited for the punishment to be dealt out to her.
Nanny Mai took Charlie’s hand when she stepped out of the office. She had Charlie apologize and quickly left with the child. “What makes you think releasing a snake in to the classroom next door was a bright idea?”
“The snake was lonely.”
“The snake was in the wild!” Nanny Mai reminded her. “How did you catch the snake anyway?”
Gun was already home when Charlie arrived. He had heard of the snake news via Dao. Maybe she was right, it was time to stop letting her daughter get away with everything.  She was so well behaved the month Pream and Ploy was over here. He closed his eyes in horror, he was about to give in to something even he didn't’ want. He’s going to reach out to Aunt Jan and pretend that she tricked him into meeting more girls.
Seeing his daughter trudge in, “talk to me.” Charlie sat next to him but said nothing. “If you wanted to see Pream or Ploy, why didn’t you just ask? We can visit every weekend or if that’s too much, every other weekend. Catching a snake is just overkill.”
Sighing she got up and dragged her backpack with her. Charlie didn’t say anything to Gun. Her father didn’t understand.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Who is this Ploy and Pream that Charlie keep asking about?” He forgot who the girl was in front of him already. His aunt, when she wanted him to meet eligible girls, she went all out. He was feigning ignorance with her attempted match-making-- he should pretend to be interested or learn their names though.
He squinted when he spotted a reptile tail behind her ears. Not again, “Charlie!” He muttered under his breath.
“I’m sorry?” She asked leaning in closer to Gun. He pretended there was leaf stuck in her hair to pull whatever it was out of her hair and turned quickly to see which reptile it was. Just a lizard. He turned back to her with his hands behind his back and hopefully tossed and aimed the lizard into a bush and not the punch bowl. These summer picnics everyone believes in being trendy with are starting to baffle him.
The less his daughter saw of Pream she became out of control. Her schooling had gotten worse, her pranks in class had already caused her to switch schools. Twice. Twice now she’s switched schools. He’s had enough and grounded his daughter for the first time. For a month she wasn’t allowed to visit Pream.
His Uncle’s 60th Birthday was coming up soon, he already reserved a penthouse for his daughter and staff. He still planned on driving back and forth Friday and Saturday to be with his daughter from the country house back to her.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream adjusted her monitor and had almost began typing when her boss knocked on her desk. She glanced up at Gun and tilted her head at him. What did he want now? Taking a deep breath she looked around the work area to see a few eyes on them. “Your office?” Gun nodded his head and quickly headed back up to the elevator. You’d think that she kept going up to his office to be reprimanded about her work here, but it mostly never was. She sat down and crossed her legs primly across his desk. “What did Charlie do now?”
“She caught the cafeteria on fire.” He said crossing his arms and leaning against his desk next to Pream. “Have you figured out anything that could possibly be causing her to behave this way?”
Pream held out her left hand and began ticking off her finger, “you work all the time. I’m pretty sure she’s now seen more possible ‘mother’ figures prancing around her week after week, the times that you do make available for your daughter. You spoil her too much. You don’t stay angry enough to really make your punishment meaningful.”
“That’s not true, she’s grounded now and not allowed to see you at all for an entire month.” Gun threw himself on to his work couch and placed a pillow over his face.” He was tempted to scream into the pillow with all the frustration he’s had. “She’s not allowed to make any calls to you either.”
“How’s it that the only thing you can say ‘no’ to is her not to see me but you can’t tell her ‘no’ for anything else?” Pream turned to face him on the couch now. “I mean, have you thought about homeschooling maybe?” She started ticking things off again on her fingers, “lunch with your daughter? Stop buying things for your daughter just because? Give her chores, I mean I know she has maids servants on command, but she could learn how to do things on her own. It could possibly wear her out and she won’t have time to plan things….” She paused and looked at the pillow that was strategically placed over a very quiet and unresponsive human being’s face. Was that a snore? She got up to grab the pillow from him and snorted a laugh, the boss was out for the rest of the day. Work or daughter keeping him up late at night, either way, her head would be throbbing now too if she were in his shoes. She grabbed a throw from the couch and placed it over him. Walking out she closed the door quietly and told his assistant to cancel the rest of his afternoon. And as a precaution she also told the the girl to not let anyone in including the assistant herself-- no one is to bother him.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“What are you doing?” Charlie’s hand was grabbed unceremoniously. One of dad’s new lady friend had caught her red-handed. “You know I’m allergic to cinnamon!”
Charlie yanked her hand away as her father came up to her to inspect what was in his daughter’s hand. This could’ve caused someone to get killed. “How’d you even come up with this?” Gun asked taking the cinnamon shaker from her tiny hands. “Give me your phone, give me your iPad, give me your laptop.”
“You can’t do that to me!” Charlie shouted. “I won’t let you!”
“And this is okay?” Gun asked pointing at his guest who was now choking from the cinnamon. Can ran in hearing Charlie crying. He held on to Charlie when she tried to pull Gun’s arms away from the woman. “Stop crying Charlie!” He never shouted at his daughter like this before, but it felt like something he’d been wanting to do for so long. “When are you going to act like a big girl?” He was carrying the woman out to the car when Charlie broke free and yanked on his arms again, “I said for you to stop it Charlie. She needs my help to take her to the hospital.”
Crying louder now Charlie asked, “what about me? When do I ever get you?”
“If you behaved as you should, you probably won’t ever have to ask that, won’t you?” Gun said slamming the car door close.
Jim drove off hurriedly with Gun checking on the woman as  Charlie sat crying on the steps. Can picked his niece up for a big hug and just held her. “Hey, Uncle Can is here, you know I’m here for you.” Charlie leaned into his shoulders and bawled louder.
“I want P’Pream.” Charlie yelled. “I want P’Pream!”
Nanny Mai and and the other servants cried with their little Miss. They weren’t allowed to help Charlie make any calls to Pream or take her to see Pream.
Can patted his niece’s head and waited for her to get tired and fall asleep from the crying. It was usually how it worked now. Whenever he visited his happy niece, he never got to see that happy girl anymore.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ploy was wiping down the tables at the end of the night when a pair of eyes scared her enough to elicit a scream. After a little bit of focusing, she realized they belonged to Charlie. “What are you doing here this late?” Then she grabbed the girl to lock her up in the cafe with her realizing the girl was here alone. “How did you get here?” Judging from the puffy and dark  circles around the little six year old’s eyes, she realized that Charlie had been crying for a long time.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Six
Pream frowned at her phone as she received another call, almost a missed call this time. “Do you realize how late it is?”
“Is Charlie with you?” Pream frowned at the phone as Gun’s voice boomed loud and clear without the speaker on.
“I haven’t seen Charlie since you last brought her to see me.” She stopped stirring her tea, the little girl finally had the balls to runaway from home. “You don’t have GPS installed in her phone or iPad?” There was an awkward pause, “did you check it?”
“When I yelled at her today, I also took those devices from her.”
Pream placed her hands on her forehead, “okay, think, where can she go on foot?”
“She broke her piggy bank.” Gun replied, “she might be able to catch a taxi.”
“Okay, where would she go?” Pream frowned when Gun told her he thought her daughter was with her, “Charlie doesn’t know my address to get here, the directions still confuses her” She thought a moment, “Ploy.”
“The carnival?” Gun pounded his fist on the table. That's so dangerous for someone as little as Charlie to go out on her own for.
“No, Ploy is at the cafe today.”
Gun shook his head, “the cafe should be closed already by now.”
Pream looked at the clock, if they’re lucky, she’s still cleaning and saw Charlie. “Then keep searching, you yelling at me on the phone isn’t going to help anyone. She’s your daughter, don’t you know her at all?” She hung up and ran downstairs with mismatched shoes, but she didn't care. Charlie had to be alright. She dialed Ploy’s phone repeatedly and didn’t have the cafe’s number saved.
Ploy sat Charlie down at one of the corner booths, “you are lucky that I was here tonight and not the carnival!” She checked Charlie over and turned her this way and that. Ploy jumped a second time that night from fright when someone pounded on the cafe door. Glancing out the window, she realized that it was Pream.
“I did go to the carnival first.” Charlie said quietly.
Pream and Ploy’s mouth dropped down and the both grabbed her for a group hug.
“How did you get here?” Pream asked as Ploy brought out a cup of hot chocolate to her.
“I remembered we walked here from the carnival before.” Charlie answered honestly, “I tried to call a taxi to bring me here, but I don’t think they saw me when I tried to flag them down.”
“How did you get to the carnival?” Ploy asked then.
“Taxi where the main road at my house was.” Charlie answered with a proud look on her.
Pream frowned, “that’s nowhere close to your house!”
“Dad’s new person is mean.” Charlie pouted.
“And it’s not our business who your father is seeing.” Ploy reminded the girl. “He’s a grown up now.”
Charlie rolled her eyes, “the elders don’t realize I understand what they’re saying around me. They talk about my dad and mom a lot.”
“What do you mean?”
“My mom wasn’t a nice person.”
“I thought she died when you were younger?” Pream asked.
“But I know my mom was mean and bad to my dad.”
“Your dad probably deserved it.” Pream pushed the hot chocolate towards Charlie to finish, “he probably wasn’t thinking with his head when he met your mom.”
“Another kind of head,” Ploy muttered causing Pream to slap her friend. Laughing, Ploy excused herself as Pream continued to speak with Charlie.
“Your dad won’t be easily persuaded to forgive you this time you know.” Pream told Charlie. “You’re going to have to bear your father yelling at you like a mad man.”
“He is a bad man.”
“I didn’t say bad, I said mad.” Pream hugged Charlie tightly. “Remember, my dad passed away. I only had my dad too, now I miss him because he’s not here anymore. In twenty years, do you think you’re not going to be sad when your dad is gone too?”
“Your dad won’t let you have a caretaker, you told me he took you to work with you.” Charlie argued.
Pream tilted her head, “your dad and his dad didn’t know that my dad snuck me in to work with him when I’m not at school.”
“I didn’t know your dad worked for my company.”
Pream let go of Charlie and Charlie hid behind Pream’s shoulders. “I don’t usually want to tattle tell on my dad’s co-workers who helped to hide me from the upper levels.” She turned slowly to face him.
“You told me you didn’t have my daughter.”
“I was at home when you called, she wasn’t there with me.”
“You could’ve told me what you thought.”
Pream rolled her eyes, “I did, but you shot it down with the shop being closed. So I figured you and the cops could go a different route. I would’ve eventually told you that your daughter is safe.”
“I’m beginning to think that you’re a bad influence for my daughter.”
Pream’s eyes opened widely, “excuse me?” She got up and shoved his shoulders, “I don’t even have to be here to help with Charlie. You asked me to figure her out.”
“Are you also putting these childhood rebellions in to her mind?” Gun asked when Charlie got up to hold and hug Pream’s waist, and not his.
Shaking her head and her hands, “you got that all wrong. I don’t put anything in her head, your daughter is like you. Stubborn to realize what’s going on that’s best for them.” She patted Charlie’s shoulder. “Your elders should also watch what they say around your daughter about her mother.” She glared at him, “You had a house full of staff members to help watch your daughter. How did you and your entire household lose the only person not old enough to even cross the street by herself, let alone go out on the main road to flag down a taxi?”
Gun tried to reach for his daughter but she quickly moved  out of his way and found Ploy. So he continued to yell at her. “She would’ve been fine if she didn’t have you and Ploy to go to!”
“It was me and Ploy who found her safe. Did you even think of where to look?” Pream pointed her own temple, “I thought of the zoo she liked to go to, the ice cream shop that was still open, the bridge where she likes to feed the ducks, her mother’s memorial, I even wondered where you took her for her birthday to see if maybe that was where she was at. I thought of all of that on my way here.” She slammed her palm on the table, “did you ever think of your daughter besides working all the time?” She pointed at him, “do not tell me you work all weekday to spend your weekends with your daughter. You are your own boss. You make your own hours, you can delegate your tasks, you can take four vacations in a year if you’d like. You only get one chance at being a father, and you are blowing it.” Pream flared her nose then  jabbed her fingers into him again. “You can die tomorrow and your daughter won’t even remember what you look like. Just your wallet everytime you reach out to pay for something you’re trying to spoil her with. The wallet from your back pocket is more level to her than you are.”
“I asked for you to find out why my daughter is the way she is, not come and dissect me!”
“Need I remind you that you hired me on as one of the marketing team members for your company not psychologist?” Pream threw both hands in the air in amazement and hollered, “I am not a psychologist! Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to send your daughter to see a real shrink?”
“She doesn’t need…” he shut up when she gave him a look.
“Your daughter is endangering kids with snakes that can constrict a child, she’s catching the school on fire where the gas could’ve blown up the school and now from what I found out from your daughter, she almost caused someone grave ill with cinnamon due to severe allergic reaction?” Pream clenched her fist, “It’s more than a far cry for someone to help. Not a psychologist, not a mother-- but you, her father. The only real family she has left!”
Can walked into the dining area at that moment and looked around for his niece. “Let’s go home.” He said waving his niece over. Then pointing at his cousin, “let’s just stop this before you say something you regret.”
“Stay away from Charlie from now on.” Gun said as he turned around to try and pick his daughter up she reached for Can instead and he clenched his empty fist angrily. He opened his mouth to say something more but Pream arched a challenging eyebrow at him. “Don’t let me see you at work.”
“I hope you mean to dog your steps and avoid seeing you at all cost in the forty floor building,” placing defiant hands on her hips she reminded him, “this isn’t work related, and I assure you I have no cause to be fired from your company.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Dao ran to Gun as she saw him walking out of the elevator. “I heard.” Honestly, what doesn’t this woman know? He had to find out who in his house kept reporting back to Dao. Gun continued to walk on when he saw Pream standing at the entrance outside. “The society is all abuzz with this. You’ll have to send her to boarding school or something of that like. She has to be house broken.”
“My daughter isn’t a pet dog that needs to be boarded.” Gun said clenching his briefcase waiting for Jim to pull the car around. He saw Pream tensed, knew that she knew he was standing behind her.
“Your aunt is telling society that she’s just like her mother. I mean granted, I only met her a handful of times, she seemed normal in public.” Dao kept rambling on, Gun noticed Pream grabbing her purse strap tighter. “Why don’t you try having her stay with your aunt for a little bit. She has another country house that’s pretty far from others.”
“My daughter doesn’t leave me.” Gun grated out looking around his driver once more.
Dao recovered herself, “I understand. Why don’t you let my mom and I take care of her when you’re not home? I get that I am no mother figure, but my mom is a great mother.”
Pream dared a glance over her shoulders at them. He didn’t know what she was thinking but if looks could kill. Gun’s heart felt frozen and couldn’t let out a breath. She turned around hearing the Ploy’s scooter. Giving Gun one last death stare she hopped on behind Ploy. Can happened to be crossing the small path when she was whizzing by and ran to avoid being human pedestrian target point for the looney driver.
“Jim’s been held back.” Can said waving his cousin over, “I’ll take you home.”
“Is something wrong?” Gun asked, concerned that Jim didn’t tell him that he wasn’t able to pick him up.
Can waved his hands carelessly, “probably something with you turning off your personal phone. Jim’s with Nanny Mai at the school...”
Gun forgot that during business hours now he turned off his phone. His daughter’s school called so often that he turned it off to have his household take care of it. He didn’t have time for this nonsense.
Dao followed along to Can’s car. “Are you going home with us?” He asked confused.
“My car dropped me off here, I was hopping to grab dinner with Gun.” She clung tighter to his arm.
Can only made a face at her and walked in. It seemed that his cousin had no more care in the world. Even avoiding someone who was trying to ensnare him. “Alright, I take it we’re not eating dinner at your house. Where are we going?” Can regretted asking where, because now there was loud music blaring in his ears and folks beyond buzzed all around him. Dao was moving her head to the music as Gun took another gulp of beer. “It’s getting late. I have an early meeting tomorrow morning.”
“Then go home.” Dao shouted, “I can call my driver to take him home later.”
Trusting her about as far as he could throw an elephant, he shook his head. “I can wait a bit longer.” He hadn’t drank anything so he’s continuously sober and annoyed by everything. “Another sprite.” He asked as a waitress walked by.
Ploy did a double take. “It’s a weekday, what are you guys doing at a bar?!”
“Get me my soda and I’ll explain later.” Can said getting up as Gun gave Ploy an irritated look. He lead her by the elbows to the nearest bar counter. “He’s drunk right now, I don’t suggest that he sees you in this state.”
Ploy shook her arms free. “Don’t tell me this is what has become of him because he can’t care for his one little child?” She pointed at the area where he was sitting earlier.
“Wait, what are you doing here?” Can asked looking around at some of the sketchy patrons. “Why are you working here now?”
“Better pay, better tip.” Ploy shrugged, “so I quit the carnival job.”
“I’d prefer that you work around the carnival creeps than the drunken creeps!” Can yelled.
“I’m sorry? When were you my keeper?” Ploy shoved him. “I think you guys are supposed to end any kind of whatever we had with you guys!” She turned to one of the bar manager, “quick break.” She dragged Can through the back to step outside near the dumpster. “Pream right now isn’t sleeping because she wonders what Charlie is up to. My friend has bags under her eyes caring for another person’s child. Worried for whatever trouble she’s plotting.” She stood on tiptoes, “you know as well as I do, that Charlie listens to Pream. She behaves around Pream. Nobody understands why that child is so found of Pream, but she idolizes Pream.” Cross her arms and leaning against the wall she muttered under her breath, “it’s like Charlie wishes that Pream is her mother.”
Hearing her comment, either he chose to ignore it or change the subject. Can sighed, “I’m trying to drag him home right now.”
“And?” Ploy asked bothered by these guys to the point of wanting to punch them.
“Can you mix something that’ll knock him out?” Can asked unabashed.
“Like beyond intoxication and straight to blackout to a possible killer hangover?” Ploy asked with an evil gleam in her eyes. Can took his cousin’s word a little more seriously, maybe Charlie was getting some of these bad habits from Ploy and Pream. He was sure that it was more Ploy than Pream though.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun woke up to what can only be described as assault on all of his five senses. Everything felt hot that it burned to the touch, the pitter patter of the maids cleaning around the house will probably cause his ears to bleed soon, he couldn’t even open his eyes-- it was like someone (maybe even his daughter) had glued his eyes shut, his mouth tasted like someone used it for a toilet to throw up in and he only smelled would could only be described as  the grocery bag of some alcoholic ripping full of breakable bottles-- and it was spilled all over him. He didn’t know when or how long it took for him to finally open his eyes but it was dark by the time he did. Rolling out of bed and holding on to his head for dear life, he wobbled into the bathroom and cleaned himself up as best he could to rid of the smell coming out of him. Sighing he walked to his daughter’s room to peek in and give her a goodnight kiss.


I'm loving this so far. Gun and Preem!!! Finally a fanfic with MY Gun. :) Thank you so much. :)


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Seven
Walking downstairs Gun sat on his couch, no appetite, no feelings-- everything was just no to him.
“Someone is finally awake.”
Gun turned slowly to face his cousin, “what are you doing here?”
“I thought I’d check up on you to see if you were alive and to keep Charlie company after school.” Can handed some documents to him.
“What did my daughter do now?” Gun grunted as he looked over the paperwork.
“She didn’t do anything today.” Can threw himself on the opposite couch, “I took her to school and I picked her up like I promised. She cause no issue whatsoever.” He turned to talk to Gun about her, “you know, she has no friends at school?”
“Gee, I wonder why?”
Can threw a pillow at him, “I’m serious. You don’t need to get all sarcastic on me.”
“The new school probably heard about the fire and snake incident.” Gun said as he flipped to the last page, “plus she’s the one who had a girl’s hair off. Would you want to be around someone who can possibly shave your hair off?”
“To be fair, that girl deserved her shorned look.” Can grabbed the remote to start channel surfing, “plus, all that money her parents demanded for lost of hair? It’s not like the girl was dependant on her looks for school. And hair grows back!”
Gun tossed a pillow at Can now, “oh? Let me shave your hair real quick and tell me how you’d feel about it?”
“Please, I can pull the bald look off.” Can grinned then sobered up, “today’s meeting was quick to the point.”
“And?” Gun asked leaning his head back over the couch’s edge, “would they agree to the merger?”
“They’re iffy about it.” Can pointed out, “you’re still kind of young to take a large company to add with another. That’s extreme man. Kind of greedy....”
“It’s not greedy.” Gun said placing the papers next to him. “The other company is looking to sell because of a gambling problem. The reports we ran on them were false. He’s trying to get a lot of money out of a bunch of troubled area in his department. So after a quick talk with him and the real honest truth, I was able to talk him down half of his original selling price.”
“How do you make time for that and not your daughter…” Can muttered.
“Nothing.” During commercial, Can turned back to talk to him. “With the other company all the way across town, how do you plan on running it?”
Gun scratched his ears, “I’m leaving this one with you while I check out the new one. Until it’s been restructured and the bad employees are weeded out.”
“Is this an excuse to continuously be away from your daughter?” Can turned off the Tv, “I think you’re upset that your daughter doesn’t go to you or talk to you anymore. Does she still ask for Pream?” Stretching loudly he added, “I’m grabbing a guest room. I promised your daughter I’d take her to school tomorrow and see you guys off before you fly out to Chiang Mai.”
Gun continued to sit there and stare at the blank TV.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Pim!” Auntie Jan beamed. “Look who is here!”
Gun smiled politely. “I heard live music is about to play. First dance for me?”
Pim gave him an encouraging smile, “I will definitely tell the other’s that when they ask me for the first dance as well.”
Walking off Gun went to go meet the other elders. He wanted to get his mind off of things. He had left his daughter angrily and told her that he wouldn’t return to the hotel tonight if she continued to misbehave. So what did his daughter do? She continued to kick the back of someone's chair the entire flight over. He apologized profusely to the large muscled man and paid him hefty. His daughter, flounced off with her Nanny Mai as he trailed behind with Jim carrying the luggage.
“How’s your daughter doing?” His aunt asked him as she led him to greet the other relatives. She had stopped by to say hello, but Charlie wasn’t having it.
“She’s doing fine.” Gun smiled.
Rolling her eyes and petting Gun’s hand, “sure she is.” She pointed out a doctor in the background, “he could help take a look at Charlie. I really do think it’s time you take her in to a psychiatrist.”
Gan held back a remark and waited to see the doctor turn around. “He doesn’t look to be that old.”
“Age has nothing to do with it. He’s certified and my friends has used him in the past.”
Gun nodded, “remind me to ask for a business card.” He only half meant what he was saying at the time.
Dinner was served, the dancing had started and now the group around the house party were divided up by the older generation and the younger crowd. Gun sat and chatted with some of the people when he finally spotted Can. “What took you so long? Your flight was the one after mine.”
“I had to make sure the notarized paper were picked up by a courier from the office before I could get on the next flight,” Can grabbed a champagne glass, “that I missed and had to wait for the next flight.”
“You dropped your bag off at the hotel?” Gun asked as Pim made her way to them smiling.
Can nodded, “your daughter must’ve done a lot of crying. I knocked on her door and poked my head in. She’s already done for the night- she’d buried herself under her blanket.”
“Did she eat dinner?”
“How should I know?” Can asked, “I booked it out of there when I saw Aunt Jan’s twenty missed phone calls. Why don’t you grow some, and call your staff?”
“You know they’ve been feeding me steamed fish all week?” Gun asked as he hated fish, “for me to call them and ask about my daughter, they’d be sure to feed me stuffed bitter melon all of next week.”
Can greeted Pim, “surprised to see you here.” He made an act to glance around, “where’s your boyfriend?”
“We ended it.” She quickly smiled to cover up her surprise, “I didn’t realize you were here. Did you already try the cake?”
“You made it?” Can asked and shook his head, “I’m afraid to be poisoned.” Gun choked on his drink.
Barely hearing him over the crowd Pim asked, “I’m sorry?”
“I said I hoped there’s also pastry.” Can grabbed another drink and greeted a friend nearby.
Gun grabbed another as well and gave up. He’s not going anywhere and the guest rooms are just right upstairs.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“Come on!” Ploy screamed into Pream’s ears. “How often do I get a Saturday off?”
Pream rolled over in her bed and looked at the little elf next to her. “You are the devil reincarnated. I know it’s Saturday, that’s why I’m trying to sleep in.”
“But the sun is out. Let’s do something, picnic or even a rooftop brunch.” Ploy grinned from ear to ear.
“Why?” Pream tilted her head, “you got a raise or something?”
Ploy pouted, “don’t ruin this for me.” She pulled Pream with both arms until she eventually sat up in bed. “It’s my day off and I’d like to have some fun in the sun.”
Pream smirked, “right, and be red like a cooked lobster.”
They had a day of shopping, a rooftop brunch as requested-- chances were, Ploy’s new waitressing job got her some connections. As they were looking around the bird’s eye view of the city when the surrounding table quieted Pream looked over her shoulder. There was a gorgeous individual cake with lots of sparklers. Ploy gave Pream a large hug and screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
They also had a picnic in the afternoon with a fat scoop of ice cream from the cart. Today was a good day. Then as they were laying down on the blanket the sky let out a roar. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
Ploy laughed, “good thing we started our day off early right!”
The girls laughed and threw everything into the picnic basket and ran to the scooter before the sky started crying as well.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Can wanted to pull his hair out. He was ready for that shaved head he spoke of with Gun. He was trying to catch an emergency flight home as Gun was at the hotel still filing a report with the cops and going over security footage with the hotel staff. He was finally able to board when his phone rang.
“Have you caught a flight yet?”
“I just got on.” Can found his seat and looked at his phone. “I”m going to put this on airplane mode, I didn’t charge the phone yesterday after the party.”
Gun explained his situation briefly and hung up with his cousin.
Charlie, be safe Charlie. A rude awakening with a raging hangover by phone call. Nanny Mai and Jim were freaking out and had called them to see if they had picked Charlie up to take for breakfast without their knowledge. Can and Gun and stayed the night at their aunt’s house and was nowhere near the hotel last night.
Before Can could take off to the airport to get back to their house he had to be cleared by the cops and by the time he was done being questioned he was beyond angry and frustrated. The system had him slowed down, what if he missed an important clue at the house. He asked Gun to contact his house staff to let them know he’s on their way and if they see Charlie to please immediately call him or Gun.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
The girls laughed as they ran to the entrance and shook off the water they soaked up in on their ride back home. “Miss.” A security guard had stopped them when they made it to the elevator.
“There are cops here to see you.” Pream frowned, “I’m sorry, what?”
Ploy held her arms, “let’s go see what this is about.”
Pream went into one of the available offices downstairs and sat down with a pair of cops. “There’s a possibility of missing child, Charlie Injaiuea.”
“Charlie.” Pream whispered weakly.
Ploy gasped, “huh?!”
“They’re out of town this weekend. They flew out to Chiang Mai last night, didn’t they?” Pream asked confused. “Is she lost here in the city or in Chiang Mai?”
“Wait,” Ploy stopped Pream, “why are the cops asking us?”
The cop sighed, “have you heard from Charlie?”
“No, as a rule when she’s grounded, we have to block her number…” Pream glanced at Ploy and they both reached into their bag to pull out their phone. “Anything Ploy?”
“No, no missed call. No strange numbers.” Ploy leaned against the wall. “Any leads?”
“She’s got to be scared, right?” Pream asked looking around the room. “Where was she last seen?”
“The hotel in Chiang Mai. Security footage showed that she hopped a cab.” Cop rubbed his neck. “The cab driver only remembered dropping her off at a gas station.”
“And the gas station?”
“No security camera.” The cop looked at the girls again, “can you think of anywhere the girl could be.”
The girls shook their heads, “unless she’s here in the city, we won’t know where else to look for her. We’ve only been in Bangkok with her.”
“And if she was here?”
Pream dropped her phone, “what makes you think she’s made it here? She surely cannot get on a plane on her own! No airline would let a child her age hop on without any adult!” Rubbing her head Pream asked for a pen and pencil. “It’s raining right now, but this is where the girl likes to go when she does get the chance to go anywhere.”
Ploy and Pream looked at each other when they walked to their door. Tilting their heads they studied the welcome mat, it was moved and the hide-a-key gnome was also moved. The girls rushed to unlock their door and noticed their kitchen was re-arranged messily and some snacks were missing from their cabinet. “Oh my word.” Ploy said in amazement, “she managed to get to the city.”
“The security cameras!” Pream said waving her over to the monitor. She rewinded the cameras to a few hours back.
“Would you look at that.” Ploy said with a smile. “A few dirt smudges here and there, the girl looks alright.”
Pream frowned, “but she left.”
“Well, let’s see if there’s any clues.” Ploy laughed with relief, “how nice of her father to install the security system for us… that we’d sadly use to find where his daughter is located.”
“She must’ve known the cops were looking for her.” Pream said looking through the security footage again. “She grabbed my laptop to look something up.”
The girls checked the computer history and found the information they needed.
Ploy growled as she called Can, the fool answered on the first ring and told him where they were headed.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Eight
Gun ran out of the airport as he called Can, “she placed a charge on Auntie Jan’s card for a train ticket. She’s here in the city.”

“I was about to call you. We know where she’s at.”


Can explained the girl’s surprise visit and found the address on their computer browser history.

“Where is she?”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream and Ploy ran over the bridge towards the restaurant. Locating her old boss Pream gave her a quick hug before firing rapid questions at the older lady.

“Charlie?” The lady smiled, “she’s here, the table near the water gate.”

Frowning and thanking her former boss the girls ran towards the table. “Charlie!?”

The girls checked her over head to toe gave her hugs and kisses then they started berating her with “How could you scare us like that!” and “How did you get here?” as well as “Do you know how dangerous it is to go anywhere alone?”

Ploy stopped to look around and noticed the candle light and the flowers arranged on the table. She watched as Pream held on to Charlie tightly as she lectured the child of stranger danger and the likes of horrible things that could’ve happened. The owner came by with some drinks and placed it on the table as well, “who did this?” Waving her hands weakly at the fancy table she was stumped.

“Charlie called me to help set this up.” The lady smiled. “We’ve been corresponding for weeks now.” She smiled proudly, “such a sweet little girl.”

“How did she pay for all this?” Ploy asked confused still.

The lady gave her a surprised look, “she sent her servants to swing by and drop off the money a while back.”

Rubbing her eyes tiredly Ploy looked up at the sky, “it might rain again soon.”

The lady took off to meet some other customers.

“Pream…” Ploy tapped her friend’s shoulder.

“She’s safe, this little evil genius is safe.” Pream said wiping her eyes.

“Let’s sit down then huh?” Ploy knew their little happy encounter won’t last long.

Can walked up to the table and grabbed his niece for a fierce hug. “Don’t scare your uncle like that ever again.”

Charlie patted her uncle’s back in reassurance, “don’t punish me by locking me up in a hotel.”

“With a large room to play in and swimming pool?” Can gave her a last squeeze, “you’re lucky to even have been locked up there.”

Pream handed Can a slice of cake, “she took the train here.”

“Yea,” Can said gingerly forking into the dessert, “she managed to use Aunt Jan’s credit card without any of us knowing.”

Ploy high-fived the girl under the table and sipped more of the sparkling cider.

“I didn’t realize it was your birthday.” Can said looking at the cake on the side. “Happy Birth…”

“Charlie!” Gun shouted.

Can looked apologetically at Pream and got up slowly to take Charlie’s hand. She hid behind him as Gun came barreling down the aisle.

He grabbed Charlie for a tight hug and then let her go to angrily point at Pream, “how you helped to concoct this…”

Raising her hands up Pream was surprised at the accusation. “You think I did this?” She then clenched her fist, “you think I’d risk getting locked up to help plan a child’s escape only to be labeled as a kidnapper?”

“Charlie is my daughter…”

Pream cut him off, “yeah, I can see where her crazy stubbornness come from.” Placing her hands on her hips, “This is my first birthday without my father. You’re ruining one of the happiest day of my life, with the people I love…”

“How would this affect me then?” Gun asked stopping her now, “you may be spending your first birthday without your father with my daughter, but have you thought about me not being able to spend my birthday with my daughter if something should happen to her?”

Pream snorted, “of course you’d think of your birthday as an example and not your daughter’s.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the point to you interrupting me there?” Gun asked handing Charlie over to Can.”Take her to the car please.”

Charlie shook her head, “I want to finish celebrating with P’Pream.”

“I said get in the car Charlie!”

“You can celebrate with your aunt and uncle, why can’t I celebrate with P’Pream and P’Ploy too?”

“Now isn’t the time to be arguing with me Charlie!” Gun snapped, “you’re already in big trouble for leaving Chiang Mai and running away.”

“I wasn’t running away, I wanted to wish P’Pream a Happy Birthday then I’d have returned home.”

“Charlie,” Gun gritted, “just be quiet.”

“Why do you get to have cake at the party while I sit in a hotel?”

Gun rubbed his temples, “Can, take her to the car.”

Can picked up Charlie with a “sorry kiddo.”

“No!” Charlie kicked, “wait!”

Can put her down and shrugged at his cousin as Charlie ran to hug Pream, “I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I’m sorry for everything.”

Pream smiled and knelt to be eye level with her, “no, thanks to you Charlie, I got to celebrate my birthday twice this year.”

Charlie grabbed her backpack and waved good-bye as her other hand took Can’s to walk back to the car.

“Now you’re just encouraging her.” Gun said grabbing Pream’s attention back to him. “You couldn’t have told her she wasn’t allowed to do this anymore?”

Pream grunted in frustration at this man, “I gave her the stranger danger speech already.” She glared at him, “how about you give her the ‘you’re grounded speech’?” Rolling her eyes she added, “you’re good at that.”

“You don’t know how hard it is to work and raise a kid.”

“No, I get the work part, I get the raising a kid part. I think you don’t know how to put those two together.” She snorted again at him, “you’re so focused on what to do to try and help your daughter that you are overlooking the obvious thing.”

“Oh? And you’d know?” Gun asked raising an eyebrow at her in challenge, “because you have a daughter too somewhere I don’t know about?” Pream reached for her plate on the table.”You have a business that you’re running so that it’s still a business and not running around chasing your kid to stop her from doing something else that could have her arrested in the future?”

Smack. Gun closed his eyes and waited for the cake to slide off his face. He tasted her anger mixed with the custard filling chocolate cake. Nice. Real nice he thought as he heard the thunder rolling in. He grabbed a napkin to quickly wipe most of the frosting from his face. He left Pream steaming with just a threatening point of his finger.

Pream held the to-go box of dinner and cake and walked with Ploy back to their scooter. “We’d better hurry before it starts to pour.”

Ploy agreed and started her scooter. Before Pream could hop on in the back Can came running to hand Pream a card. “Charlie wanted me to give this to you. She forgot to give it to you earlier.”

She smiled at the handmade card. “Thank you Can.”

“Happy Birthday again.” He turned to walk away and thought better of it. “I’m sorry about my cousin. He’s reached a limit with his daughter and chooses to ignore her most of the time now.”

Pream shrugged. “Serves him right if she runs away again.”

Can held back a comment and gave Ploy a shove as he walked away.

Glancing up at the sky again Pream nudged Ploy to go. She opened her purse to place the card in when a gust of wind blew it away. “Crap.Hold on Ploy,” she said and scrambled after the paper.

She was able to stop when the card landed in a puddle from the earlier rain. Pouting at the wet card, she shook it and wiped off most of the water. It was smeared, but it was still beautiful in her eyes. She smiled when she realized there was an inside to the card and paused. Pream was drawn with Charlie. It was a gorgeous stick figure drawing. Sighing she waved at Ploy who had this panicked look on her face. “I got it don’t worry.” Ploy was too far away, Pream couldn’t hear her but she was frantically waving, shouting and running towards her. “What?” Then she heard it, the undeniably loud squeal of brakes grinding and an engine roaring.

Can poked his head out of his car to see what the hold up could be. Everytime it rained, these cars act like they’re invincible. “Crazy accidents.” He’d already been sitting there for the past thirty minutes and was at a standstill. So he got out of his car for sanity’s sake and called his cousin as he walked to see where a group of people were standing. “Hey, I left behind you but didn’t leave soon enough. There’s been a car accident so I’m at a standstill…” He saw the familiar box that had held Pream’s cake and to the side of it was the little brat’s helmet. He ran and pushed through the crowd. “Pream…”

Gun had his car’s bluetooth on when he heard his cousin mention car accident and a barely audible whisper of Pream’s name. Charlie screamed in the back of his car kicking and shouting as he turned in to his house.

Ploy held Pream’s neck steadily as she tried to stuff the jacket that she’d taken off to support her friend. “Where’s the ambulance?” She glanced around seeing Can pushing his way through the crowd. “Help me!”

Can hung up on Gun and dialed for help. With traffic and the crowd not moving away, it took longer for help to arrive. He watched as Pream was loaded to the back of the van and Ploy running in to it as well. She tossed her keys to him and he silently nodded his head. He’ll take the scooter for her to the hospital when he finds out which one they’re heading to. He last image was the colorful paper clutched in Pream’s had as she was wheeled away.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
As the weeks went by, Gun continued to work more. He spent more time traveling to work across town to the new office that he purchased a condo nearby so that he’d spend less time in traffic. Sighing he checked his security feed around his house’s perimeter. He felt uneasy leaving his daughter at home. But he had work to do and an empire to save. Plus, his household’s treatment of him was less than he deserved. Upon his return home for the weekend he was served butter in his coffee. His dinner was burned steak. His household was wrapped around his little daughter’s finger and they proudly owned up to it. He lived off of to-go food after work and restaurants for lunch meetings. Breakfast was a cup of coffee his assistant would bring in. His text alert went off. It was Pim reminding him of their lunch date tomorrow. He replied a thank you and good night.

Can knocked on his niece’s door to say good night. “Hey kiddo.”

“Uncle Can!” She ran to hug him. Her uncle stayed in the guest rooms when her father was away and made her feel safe. “Can you take me to the hospital tomorrow after work?”

It was a Thursday, Gun won’t be home till Friday after work. “Only if you promise me to finish your homework by the time I am done.” He glanced up as Nanny Mai walked by in the hallway. “You already know what Charlie asked me?”

The nanny smiled, “I’ll make sure we have a visiting basket ready.”

“And some good food.” Charlie added, “hospital food sucks.”

Can and the nanny shared a look. “Maybe some porridge then.”

“She’ll wake up this time. I feel it. I know it.”

The hopes of a child. You just don’t break it. They nodded their head and told her that if she prayed hard enough, it might be true.

Ploy was flipping through a magazine when Can and Charlie walked in. “Any update?” She shook her head sadly. “You have work tonight at the bar don’t you?”

“I was going to call out.”

“I’ll have one of the house staff stay the night with Pream.” Can patted her shoulders, “you can’t keep taking days off like this.”

“But what if she wakes up and gets scared?”

Charlie pulled a chair to sit by Pream. She opened her backpack to pull out a book to read out loud to Pream.

“She does this everytime.” Ploy said wiping her eyes.

Can nodded his head, “I think it reminded her of her mom.”

“She was old enough to read to her?”

“No,” Can smiled. “She was a horrible mother, but on her death bed. She would always have Charlie climb up and she read her some fairy tales.” At the mention of death bed Ploy started crying again. “Why are you crying now?” Can tried to cheer her up with a punch to her shoulder playfully, “the doctor said she’s all clear.”

Ploy sniffled loudly, “but she still hasn’t woken up.”

Can pointed to the porridge, “I bet you haven’t eaten yet.” He smiled at Charlie as she read on, “the household packed enough to feed an army.” They ate and talked a bit every now and then they would help Charlie read a word she couldn’t pronounce.

“She’s awake!” Charlie dropped the book on the floor with a thud and jumped in to the bed to hug Pream tightly, “she’s awake!”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Nine
Can ran out to get a doctor as Ploy hopped on the other side of the bed to hug her friend. “You scared us half to death! But I’m so glad you’re awake!”

Looking around the room full of handmade cards and well wished with flowers Pream looked first at the child hugging her and the girl who was talking a mile a minute. Too much to take in. She waited for everyone to quiet down before asking. “Who are you guys?”

Can and the doctor walked in at that moment and he quickly ushered the girls off the hospital bed calling in tests to be done.

“I’ll have to call out of work for sure.” Ploy said biting her fingernail nervously. “She doesn’t know who we are!”

“I’m going to have to take Charlie home soon.” Can rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll come right back.”

It took him awhile to pull Charlie from Pream’s side. She was asleep again in the hospital bed. The girl wouldn’t go without a fight. “Tomorrow’s Friday. My dad won’t let me see P’Pream.”

Ploy was still sniffling, “how about you try not to get in trouble at school? I’m sure you Uncle Can would be able to make something happen for you.” Can smiled in thanks then led his niece back out to the car and headed home. He returned later with an iPad that he handed to Ploy. “FaceTime Charlie goodnight. She wants to see if Pream is awake yet.”

Ploy watched as he pulled out his laptop and work documents and FaceTimed Charlie. “Hey Charlie. Pream is still asleep.”

“Can I see her please?”

Ploy flipped the camera to the bed as Can continued to work. She spoke a little more with Charlie before saying goodnight to her.

She grabbed a blanket to lay on the couch, “I can’t get this weekend off. Can you stay with her Saturday and Sunday when I’m at work? I can get Friday night off but there’s some party going on the day after that.”

“I should be able to.” Can smiled. “Gun has his daughter this weekend.”

“How’s that working out for them?”

Can paused before he spoke, “they walk around each other. She’s out in the yard, he’s upstairs in his office. Charlie is in the house he is working in the gazebo.”

“Man, what a pair huh?”

“I think he’s resigned himself to having that kind of daughter.”

Ploy rolled her eyes, “she’s not a bad kid.” Can didn’t say anything after that and continued working. “Wake me if Pream gets up please?” He nodded and she knocked out.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Can swung by Saturday afternoon and found Pream still asleep and Ploy getting ready for work. “Thank goodness you’re early today.”

“Got a problem?”

“No, nothing, they’re just about to roll her out for another test.” Ploy said grabbing her bag, “I’m afraid I won’t be here when she gets back and didn’t want her to freak out.”

“Has she said anything else?”

Ploy shook her head and pouted, “She tends to get sleepy after a few words and falls asleep. When she wakes up it’s time for more tests and she’s wheeled out of here.”

Can looked around the room, “what did you want me to say if she’s awake?”

The two heard a shuffle in the bed and walked over as Pream opened her eyes. “Hey,” she said awkwardly. “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“Can.” He smiled at her. “I’m sure Ploy wants to speak a bit to you before the doctor comes in again.” He sat himself back on his seat and pulled out his laptop to work some more.

Pream watched as he started clicking away. “Hard worker huh?” She smiled, “is he your boyfriend?”

Ploy’s eyes bulged big, “no way!” Can looked up hearing Ploy’s voice. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” She waved him back to work.

Looking around the room again Pream noted the handmade cards, “it’s cute. Who made them?”


“Charlie?” Pream repeated, “the little girl from the other day. She didn’t come with Can today?”

Ploy didn’t know how to explain it so she just said, “Charlie is usually here only Monday through Thursday after school. Weekends, she’s with her dad.”

“Who is her dad?” Pream didn’t get her answer as the doctor and nurse walked in with a wheelchair.

Ploy gave her a brief hug, “I won’t be back when you return, I have to work tonight.” She nodded at the guy on the laptop, “bozo here is going to keep you company.”

“Bozo has a name.” Can countered not looking up from his work. “Have fun at work, make sure the guys keep their hands off you.” Ploy rolled her eyes and left but not before smacking him on the back of his head.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Can heard the iPad go off and forgot he was supposed to FaceTime his niece. “Where’s P’Pream?”

“Hello to you too sweetie.” He laughed and flipped the camera over to Pream, of course she was asleep again.

“Did she ask about me?” Charlie wondered.

Can flipped the camera back to him. “I’m sorry honey. She still doesn’t remember anyone.”

“Did you tell her I made her those cards though?”

“Of course I did.” He smiled into the camera, “she thinks you’ve got skills. Even though I told her you really suck.”

“Uncle Can!” she squealed.

“Tell me about your day.” Can listened to her words and every detail. He stopped smiling when Charlie mentioned Pim visited the house. “Oh lord. Tell me you behaved.”

“Of course I did.”

Can gave her a dubious look, “come again?”

“Okay, I admit I put a cockroach in her salad.”

“I thought so.” Can conceded.

And that was how the weekend went. Pream slept a lot, did a lot of test and listened to stories that Ploy had when she returned from work. Can was likewise, he worked as she slept, kept her company when she needed it. Stayed quiet when she looked contemplative.No one brought up the past. Anytime she tried to remember, it just wore her out and she’d sleep with a huge migraine as the cause.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
“I’m sorry Nanny Mai.” The principal said giving Charlie a disapproved look. “We cannot forgive her for what’s she’s done.”

“I understand but she’s going through a lot at the moment.” She tried to apologize.

The principal stayed her by raising the palm of her hands up. “We appreciate you coming in to apologize each time but you are the Nanny and not her parents.”

Charlie bit her lips nervously, she knew where this topic was heading.

“I understand, but her father is very busy.”

“I understand he’s a busy father as well. From her school track records, it doesn’t sit well with me. I took her in to give her a chance, but I need to speak to her parents and not her nanny this time.”

“Her dad…”

“I know he is busy. What about her mom?”

“Her mom?” The nanny repeated. Surely the principal knew that she didn’t have one, wasn’t that in her school records somewhere?

“My mom is in the hospital.” Charlie bit out. The nanny clamped her mouth shut.

Seeming a little less mean, the principal asked, “I am sorry dear. Is everything okay?”

“She was in an accident, she doesn’t remember anything.” Charlie cried real tears, “she doesn’t even remember me.”

“I’m sorry, I really don’t know what to say.” The principal stammered. “Is there any way you can get your father to come speak with me?”

Charlie shook her head, “he doesn’t talk with me. We can go visit my mom in the hospital instead.”

Can hung up the phone with the Nanny and ran out of the building quickly, “you would do this to me Charlie.” He looked down at his watch, “with traffic, it’d be a miracle to make it to the hospital on time.”

Ploy was playing a game on the iPad when she heard a commotion at the door. She popped her head out to see an unfamiliar woman. “Can I help you?”

“I’m here to see Charlie’s mother.”

“Mother?” Ploy repeated back like an idiot. Jim, Nanny Mai and Charlie cleared their throats behind the principal.”Uhhhh.”

Charlie walked in before everyone and was the first to notice that Pream was awake. “Mom!” She shouted and ran up and jumped on to the bed. Pream automatically hugged the child when she heard ‘mom’-- shocked to be sure, but she took it in strides, Can chose that moment to arrive and was confused.“What the…”

Ploy tapped his shoulders, “what’s going on?”

“I don’t know.” He scratched his head, “I was told that Charlie was on her way here and that I should get here as soon as possible.”

The principal introduced herself to Pream. “I am here to see how you are doing. I heard from your daughter of your situation. I do apologize for the inconvenience here.”

“Nice to meet you.” Pream said hugging Charlie tight, it just felt right to do so. “Was there a reason for this visit?”

“I just wanted to check on your condition,” she gave Charlie a doubtful look, “I wanted to make sure that Charlie wasn’t pulling my leg.” The principal took stock of the handmade cards, balloons and flowers. “It looks like you’ve been here for awhile.”

Pream looked around the room as well. “From what I was told, I have been. I only just woke up a few days ago.” She frowned, “why are you really here?”

“Your daughter is a bit mischievous.” The principal started slowly, “we can discuss this in my office once you’re better and out of the hospital.”

“Mischievous?” She was beginning to sound like a parrot repeating after everyone.”What did Charlie do?”

“I don’t want to burden you at this moment, we can go over your daughter’s record later.”

“Record?” There was her inner parrot again. “Maybe a little back story?”

“She managed to put gum in another student's hair.”

“I see.”

The principal shook her meaty fingers at Pream, “I don’t think you really do. She managed to stick about twenty pieces of chewed gum into another girl’s hair.”

“Oh my…”

Ploy cleared her throat, “how about a later time, yes?”

Jim and Nanny Mai walked the principal down back to her car.

“That was interesting.” Pream said frowning at Charlie, “do you get in trouble often?”

“That’s an understatement.” Can muttered.

Charlie gave her a puppy dog look and Pream sighed, “and I guess I let you get away with it as well?” She rubbed her forehead, “what kind of mother am I if you’re doing this?” Pream and Charlie continued to have a hush conversation as Ploy dragged Can by the ears to have one of their own.

“What do you think is going to happen when Pream is released from the hospital in a few days?”

Can shrugged carelessly, “we’ll wing it.”

“How?” Ploy slapped his shoulder, “she goes back home with me and Charlie goes back to her house. How do you explain sneaking Charlie in to see her?”

Now he rubbed his neck and started pacing, “this is going to break Charlie.”

“It’s going to break Pream!” Ploy shot back.

“We can’t tell someone with no memory that she’s not really a mom!” Can countered.


I'm so in love with your fanfic!!! I can't wait to find out what happens when Gun finds out what Charlie did. And how he will take care of it. Charlie is such a cute little kid. Gun is such a jerk. LOL, But I still love him though. I can understand why Gun is mad though when Charlie ran back home all the way from Chiang Mai. I love Can and Ploy's relationship a lot too. :)
lakornblog said:
I can't find Gun FF anywhere >_< know of where I can read some?
As of Gun fanfics, so far there's only one other than yours, but the writer stopped writing it.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Ten
“Whose fault is that?”
Can opened his mouth then shut it before trying again. “This has nothing to do with me. That’s all Charlie.”
“I swear… Where does she get these things from?”
Can scratched his head, “I take it back. It might’ve been my fault.”
Ploy slowly turned him to face her, “what did you do?”
“I was FaceTiming Charlie when she told me about Pim.”
“Come again, who is Pim?”
Can gave her a pleading look, “possibly new mom?”
Slapping her forehead in defeat she growled, “you didn’t say that to her did you?”
“I might’ve said something along the lines of that…”
This time she slapped his shoulders repeatedly causing Pream to ask if they were okay. “Fine!” Ploy pasted on a happy face then turned back to Can and gave him one last hit. “Think of something!”
“You don’t think my brain isn’t turning right now?”
“I’ll be turning it into mush if you don’t come up with something quickly!” Ploy stomped her foot in frustration then turned back to Charlie. “Can I see you for a moment sweetie?” Charlie gave Pream a quick hug and bounced out of bed to Ploy. “Alright you little witch, what do you think you’re doing?”
Charlie grinned. “I have a game plan.”
“This Pream won’t like your dad either.” Ploy muttered.
Charlie shook her head. “I have to go home soon, but FaceTime me when P’Pream is asleep.”
Jim and Nanny Mai walked in to say a quick hello and goodbye before taking Charlie home.
“They are spoiling Charlie!” Ploy said outloud.
“I’m sorry?” Pream asked, “who is spoiling Charlie?”
“Uhhh.” Smiling sheepishly Ploy patted her friend’s hand. “The staff at home.”
“Because I’ve been away from home?”
Can scratched his head when in reality he wanted to pull his hair out. Possibly all of his hair, “Gun hasn’t had time for her, they make up to her by spoiling her and she gets her way often.”
“Gun?” Pream asked thinking hard, “who is that?”
“Uhhhh.” Ploy said again.
“What is it?” Pream asked pulling Ploy’s hand.
“Charlie’s dad.” Can said quickly.
“Oh.” She looked at the flowers and balloons, none were from him that she remembered. Come to think of it he never visited her since she was awake. “He’s that busy then to let Charlie wreak havoc on society?” She raised her bed up to sit as she asked Ploy for paper and something to write on.
“What are you doing?”
Muttering to herself Pream started a list. “Just in case I forget. Need to set up meeting with school to speak about Charlie when I’m out of here. Then speak to the staff about Charlie’s behavior and how she can’t be let off the hook for what she does.” She looked up from her list, “what school does she go to?”
Ploy stepped on Can’s foot when he didn’t reply. “I’m sorry what?”
“Charlie’s school contact information.” Pream waited with the pen ready on the paper, “can I get it?”
It was Can’s turn to be stupefied. “Uhhhh.”
“We’ll grab it for you.” Ploy said stepping on Can’s foot again, “anything else?”
“I’ll let you know when it comes to me.” Pream said writing on the paper, “how can I reach out to, Gun, you said?”
“It’s better if you don’t.” Ploy said and Can covered her mouth as she gasped.
Suspicious Pream asked, “why shouldn’t I contact him?” She looked around again, “am I one of those divorced single mothers?”
Can with his hands still on Ploy’s mouth slowly started backing away from her. “You guys are kind of on a time out.”
“So we’re in the process of divorcing?”
“Uhhhh.” That was Can again.
Ploy struggled and managed to pull Can’s hand away, “look, it’s not our place to butt in.”
“You’re not butting in if I’m asking.” Pream replied. Man she was always so reasonable Ploy’s heart couldn’t stop beating. “Are you two okay? Where are you going?”
Can and Ploy ran out of the hospital room, they felt it wasn’t soon enough. As the walked down the hallway Ploy started clenching and unclenching her fists. “What are we going to do?” She turned around and punched Can in the arms again, “what’s your niece got in mind here?”
“Hey, you supported her for her wiles.” Can muttered rubbing his arms, “I don’t know. I need to speak to that little runt too.”
They walked the hospital grounds and peeked back into the room, “are you serious?” Ploy growled as she leaned against the door. “of all days she doesn’t want to fall back to sleep.”
Can closed the door quietly behind him, “you’re not going to stand out here the whole time until she sleeps are you?” She gave him a defiant look, “I’m just saying. My work stuff is in there. One of us has to go back in there.”
“If I go in there and I tell her she’s not Charlie’s mom?”
“Oh the repercussion of it all.” Can said covering his face with his hands. “He gave a sly smile. I only need my car keys anyway. I’ll come back for my bag later. If not tonight, then tomorrow morning.” He patted her head and ran off with a “bye!”
Ploy stomped her little feet and yelled after him. She stopped when patients and nurses were looking at her. She blushed and ducked back into the room.
“What’s going on?” Pream asked looking away from the television, “you two are acting weird.”
Ploy studied her friend, “you’re not getting any headaches or anything are you?”
Shaking her head, “no, I’m perfectly fine.”
“Interesting. No pain, no migraines at all?”
“Are you expecting me to keel over in pain?” Pream asked. “Where did Can go?”
“He went to check up on Charlie.”
“Why does he check up on Charlie?”
“He’s her uncle.” Ploy said matter-of-factly. “Why can’t he?”
“Oh.” Surprised, that was all Pream said.
“Oh what?”
“I didn’t know Can was related to me.”
Ploy slapped her palm over her face again. “He’s related to Charlie. Not you.” At Pream’s questioning look Ploy explained, “ Can is Gun’s cousin.”
Ploy was beginning to think everytime Pream said the word ‘oh’ she was making a mental note to herself of some valuable information she should retain.
“Do I go to work?”
“Yea, you do.”
“What do I do?”
“You’re a marketer at a company.”
“What company?”
“The same one as Can.”
“We’re co-workers too?”
“How did I meet you?”
“We’re roommates.”
“You live with me and Charlie?”
Ploy smacked her face again, “I meant used to be roommates.”
“Oh.” Pream thought a moment, “how did I meet Gun?”
“Graduation day.” At Pream’s tilt of her head she deduced more explanation. “You and Can graduated together. He celebrated on graduation day at your restaurant with Gun and…” Ploy slapped her hands over her mouth before mentioning Charlie’s name.
“And what?”
“And the rest was history?” Ploy tried.
“How did I get from waitress to working with Can? Did he also do marketing too?”
Ploy was yelling on the inside. She was going to call Can later. She will definitely kill him later after playing a million questions with Pream. “Actually Gun owns the company.”
Ploy sighed long and hard, she loved her friend dearly, but if she hears one more ‘oh’ she was going to commit homicide turned suicide on her and Can. She continued to answer and dodge around the ones that would give Charlie’s lie away. When Pream was tired and fell asleep a bit later she called Can and started yelling at him filling him in on the questions that were asked and when she got into the elevator before losing connection Can told her to FaceTime when she returns from her walk.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Muttering under her breath Ploy waited for Pream to sign her release papers with Can standing with her in a far corner. “How are you going to sneak her into the house and not let Gun know she’s there?”
“He’s only there Friday night to Sunday evening.”
Rolling her eyes, “okay, that sounds much better than seven days a week. And how do you plan on hiding her from Gun on those days he’s home?”
“Well, this weekend Gun is taking Charlie to the beach.”
Placing her hands on her hips, “and how is that going to work? Stuff her in the trunk of the car and tell her that’s how she normally rides a car?”
“I can drive her ahead of Gun, Charlie and Pim.”
Ploy slapped Can in the arms again, “I’m sorry. You want to take the fake wife to the beach with the possibly-soon-to-be-real-wife!” Unable to contain her rage she went on a slapping spree on Can’s arm. Pream paused from her paperwork with the exiting nurse to glance at the two in the corner. She smiled and patted Can’s arms and rubbed it until Pream went back to speaking with the nurse. “Why did I agree to this farce?”
“Because it’s too late to back out now?”
“And how are we going to fake divorce this one?” Ploy asked as another nurse entered in with a wheel chair. “Second thoughts, I’m having second thoughts about this.”
“You’re just having a panic attack.” Ploy smacked him again.
She growled, “that makes me feel much better, it’s just ‘a panic attack’!”
“I already spoke with the household members already about Pream.” Can smiled as the exiting nurse left and turned his attention back to Ploy, “Gun already booted the one maid who reports back to Dao.”
“I’m sorry, Dao? The looney set on trapping Gun?” Ploy breathed in and out multiple times before speaking again, “and how am I supposed to visit Pream at the house?”
“I told you, Gun isn’t there…”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Eleven
“I know, I know. Monday through Thursday.” Ploy shoved him, “what about the other weekends when she’s supposed to be at home being shuffled around by the servants to avoid Gun?”
Can shrugged, “we’ll work something out. I promise.”
“Ugh! Why am I agreeing to this anyway?” Ploy muttered looking back at her friend as the nurse helped her into the wheelchair.
“Because you couldn’t pay for the hospital bill and I paid for it.” Ploy shut her eyes tightly. She’d freaked when even selling her bike couldn’t foot the bill. Can had offered to pay it in exchange for Pream to stay with Charlie, “it’s just a small favor.”
“Small my butt!” Can looked at her derriere. She slapped him again, “it was an expression.”
“You do have a small butt though.” Can laughed as Pream was wheeled over to them. Ploy quickly followed the nurse after she shoved Can into the wall.
Ploy walked up the steps with Prem as Can led the way. The staff and household members were all lined up at the door to greet them. Pream apologized to them and asked everyone to re-introduce themselves to her. She really did believe that she was the mistress of this off house.
She pulled Can away again, “the staff is missing some folks.”
“We asked Jim and Nanny Mai to keep only those they trust. The housekeeper agreed with their suggestions and these are that’s left.”
“You rich people are a sick lot.” She muttered as Pream took a look around the yard. “I wonder what she’s thinking.”
“Probably confused and scared.” Can said as he realized they weren’t the words Ploy wanted to hear. “FaceTime, only a call away.” He rubbed his back catching the glare of a camera lens. “Oh that reminds me. Let’s move inside quickly.”
“Why?” Ploy asked as they followed the procession into the house pass the foyer.
“Forgot to mention the security cameras.”
Pream looked over at them again but Jim laughed nervously and excused himself to pick up Charlie. “Can I go too?”
“Uh.” He glanced over at Can who nodded the okay.
Pream smiled, “I’ll be back shortly.”
“Shortly?” Ploy muttered. “Her ‘daughter’s’ third transfer is all the way across town.” Then she turned her ire at Can, “come again with the security cameras?”
“Gun really doesn’t use it.” Can smiled, “just for when he’s away for a long time.”
“Tell me exactly where the blind spots are for all of the camera!” She demanded.
“I’ll do you one better.” He walked her over to one of the storage rooms. “You can have access to the feeds if you like.”
“Gimme.” She grunted and studied the cameras, “They’re mostly outside and along the walls of the house.”
“Yeah, it’s more for of a Charlie running away possibility.” Can said as the walked out of the room. He wrote down the information Ploy would need to check on the cameras when she’s away, “same company and make as the one we installed at your condo.”
“Who is the one I’ll be keeping in contact about Pream?”
Can called out for the housekeeper and they swapped phone numbers. “When you want to visit or give a heads up, the housekeeper will be ready for you.”
“Why do I feel like we’re committing some kind of crime?” Ploy threw herself on to the couch and fell asleep. Can rubbed his chin and grabbed his work to do as he waited for the snorer to wake up and the fake mom to return with that devil child.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun smiled as Pim scooped up steamed fish into his plate. Lord, he hated fish. She knew it too, but he needed to eat healthier according to Pim. “Thank you.”
“So, have you already gotten the hotel ready for our trip?”
“Can booked a few of the villa spaces with private beach.” Gun said. He was looking for a getaway from the city. He worked sixteen hour days and he felt every single stress on his shoulders. Can did a good job of taking care of his main company for him but he couldn’t wait to finish this merger and make it as one company. He didn’t want to stay in the condominium anymore. He even missed the burnt steak, butter coffee as well as cold porridge that his household made for him. He could always hire a chef to cook for him when he’s back at home.
“You’re spacing out again.” Pim noted. “You thinking about what Charlie did now?”
“The last incident I heard from the housekeeper was something about gum in a girl’s hair.”
Pim reflexively touched and patted her own hair, “tell me my room is far away from hers.”
He reached out for her hands, “I won’t let her whack your hair off.”
“Or put a lizard in my room?”
Gun laughed. He enjoyed telling Pim his problems and what Charlie had done. She waved off most of the issues his daughter had caused, but she didn’t cringe whenever he told her of what Charlie had did now.
“Did you want to drink tonight?” Pim asked waving a waiter over. “Wine please.”
He took a large gulp and reclined back in his seat taking a look at the view. “Maybe, we’ll see how work goes after lunch today.”
“Well then, let’s make lunch a nice one.” She clinked his glass and they continued to eat as she told him what they could do at the beach this weekend.
“Yes, he still plans on taking his daughter to the beach with us,” Pim said into the phone as she walked up to a salon to get her mani-pedi done for the weekend. She had waved him off to work and called her friend to report the weekend plans. “I told him you’d be coming too.”
“My goodness, didn’t ask, but just told him?” Her friend laughed shrilly. “You’re so brazen.”
“He likes to be told what to do.” Pim said as she chose a nail color. “Plus he knows that where Pim goes Air goes too.”
Her friend laughed again as Pim relayed the beach plans.
“That’s a lot of things the kid can’t do.”
Pim sat in her spa chair prepping for her pedicure and snorted, “please, as little time as I could with the little one makes me look more patient with her. I can’t stand more than I could take of her. I’d look bad in front of Gun otherwise.”
“So a lunch here and there and then just alone time with Gun?”
“He doesn’t seem to mind me taking him away from his daughter.” Pim smiled as the bubbles hit her foot. “When we get married, that evil thing is going to boarding school. Can you imagine if I had to live in the same house as her too while Gun is at work? I’d be bald from stress and wrinkled up too from worry of when she’d attack me next.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream looked up at the school  as she and Charlie walked away from campus. “It seems like a lovely school.”
“My old school was better.” Charlie said holding Pream’s hand as they walked together to the car.
“Then why did you get kicked out?” Pream asked as Charlie looked up surprised she knew, “Ploy told me all about your adventures. Since I won’t be working for awhile… why don’t we start over. I’ll be a good mother to you, and you behave like a good little girl should?”
Charlie grinned. “Can we get our nails done before the beach? Mommy and me time.”
“What beach?” Pream asked. “It’s a school night. And I let you get your nails done?”
“But we won’t have time to get our nails done before then if we go Friday.” Charlie held both of Pream’s hand, “only when it’s mommy and me time do we get our nails done.”
Pream frowned, “I’d rather you go home and do your homework first.” She made a bargain instead, “how about homework tonight, and when we’re at the beach, I’m sure we could do spa day there.”
Charlie’s eyes sparkled, “ohhhhh. Spa day!”
“So, tell me why the mothers were all looking at me like I’m a ghost?” Pream asked as one more gave her a stare. “Do I have something on my face?”
“You’re just prettier than they are.” Charlie smiled widely, “they get jealous easily.”
“I see. Does it have something to do with your dad?” Pream asked as she tilted her head, “I still haven’t seen his picture yet.” Jim opened the door for them as she continued to talk and get into the car, “he’s a rich man. And I looked like I had you when I was twelve years old. Did I marry an old fart?” Charlie and Jim both giggled. “Don’t tell me he’s bald and has missing teeth too.”
“Lots of hair and smiles with real teeth.” JIm assured her from the front and laughed again.
Pream looked out the window as they headed back home, “well then. It’s nice to know He has lots of hair and real teeth.” She felt Charlie’s hand on hers and patted it for her own comfort, “he’s an old geezer though isn’t he.”
Charlie laughed again, “no. He’s not that old. But I think you and him are a perfect match.”
“It’s been a week already since I woke, and I still haven’t seen your father.” Pream said raising an eyebrow. “I don’t think it’s a perfect match dear.” Charlie bit her lips and looked away. “I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.” She heard Charlie sniffle. “I can see your reflection sweetie. Talk to me.”
“Can we talk more about the beach please?”
Pream resigned to it but smiled at Charlie, “how about you tell me what you like to do at the beach? I don’t quite remember what it is I even like to do.”
“Sand castles, water fight…” Charlie paused. “That’s it.”
“That’s it?” Pream frowned, “there’s got to be more than that. How about swimming?”
“I don’t know how.”
“Oh.” She looked at Charlie again and frowned, “do I know how to swim?”
“P’Ploy said you do.”
“Why do you call my friend P’Ploy and not auntie?”
“She’s younger than you.” Charlie said smartly, “and you had me when you were twelve.”
“Alright smarty pants.” Pream said as she tickled Charlie. Realizing the child had quoted her when she was being sarcastic about her age.
Jim watched as the little miss laughed and giggle like she used. Like when her father had all the time in the world for her. Like before Charlie’s mom had passed away and he spent every moment he could with his daughter. He sighed, it felt good to hear such musical laughter again.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Ploy scooped up a large amount of soup to pour over her rice when Can made fun of her, “my goodness woman, does no one feed you?”
“Only work food.” Ploy mumbled, “Pream’s been out sick, so no one had been cooking for me.”
“You come to my house often then?” Pream smiled and Ploy covered her mouth with a fake burp. She saw Ploy jump in her seat a little afterwards. “Are you okay?” She waved someone for more water for Ploy.
Ploy smiled and accepted the water after she rubbed her knee where Can kicked her from across the table. “Oh my god, the food is so good.”
“Come here whenever you can then.” Pream said scooting the salad bowl over to Ploy. “If you’re tired of work food.” She frowned, “I cook?”
“Yea, real good too.” Ploy added and scooped more salad up.
Can squinted his eyes at Ploy before placing more meat and vegetables on to Charlie’s plate. “You haven’t eaten much, you’re all skin and bones.” Charlie stuffed her face with the vegetables and smiled at Pream.
“What’s for dessert today?” Can asked rubbing his stomach.
“With all the fuss, just ice cream.” The servants looked apologetic.
“Sounds wonderful.” Pream smiled, “how about we turn it into a sundae. In honor of the little one one finishing her homework early.”
Charlie beamed happily and she squealed that she was acknowledged for her nice behavior; Can and Ploy looked at each other and waited for their own ice cream as Pream helped put whip cream on Charlie’s ice cream.
Pream waved bye to Ploy and Can as she walked up the stairs to get Charlie showered and bedded for the night.
“I don’t know what to say.” Can said as he stood on the porch step with Ploy. “She’s not usually so good like this.”
“She can’t be that bad.” Ploy chuckled, “minus the snake and fire thing.”
Can sighed. “Maybe she does need a mother figure in her life.”
“Does she behave this way with Pim?”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Twelve
Can shook his head, “I wouldn’t know. I don’t usually spend my weekends with them anymore.” As they walked to Ploy’s MoPed he continued, “from what Nanny mai tells me, when they go out or anything Gun has his focus on Pim. Says she talks a lot.”
“What about Charlie? What does she have to say about it?”
“That’s the thing. She doesn’t talk to me about it.” Can grabbed Ploy’s helmet and placed it on her head, “she tries to change the subject when I do.”
“Has anyone really asked what she wants?”
Can exhaled loudly, “she tries to tell Gun, from what I see. But Gun doesn’t listen to her anymore. Not like he used to.” Clicking her helmet strap on he gave it a hard pat on top, “Must be the tired single father life.”
“It sounds like he’s been raising her on his own anyway.” Ploy started her scooter. “But something changed when she died, no?”
“You mean her mom?” Can asked, “I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t there when she passed away.” Changing the subject himself, “I’ll pick you up Friday.”
“Sure thing.” Ploy bounced her eyebrows, “I hope you know I could lose my job from all these days off.”
“Free food and bed at a high-end resort.” Can tsked at her, “such a hard life for a future unemployed gal.”
“Half-day right?”
“Yeah, I’m grabbing Pream around noon.”
Ploy was about to take off but stopped herself, “you know, Pream and I could just stay in the city.”
“To keep up the charade, how are you going to explain that to her while she stays home alone all weekend?”
Hunching her shoulders in defeat, “but when she gets to the resort we have to shuffle her around to avoid Gun at the same time?” She yelled out in frustration, “I’m going to lose my mind too by the end of this weekend.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream walked into the room at the end of the hallway. A servant was behind her with a luggage and they were going to start packing. She hadn’t stepped in this room since she arrived and poked around. Pictures of Charlie was everywhere. Everything was so clean and organized, she did wonder if anyone even slept in this room. Walking around the house, there was no pictures to be seen of her unknown and faceless husband. “Alright Duang, let’s get to work.” She rummaged through for swim trunks, sunglasses, beach wear and dress clothes. He might want to eat somewhere nice.
Pream double checked her check-list. “Okay, we have the dried snacks. Charlie’s bags are with me. I packed her swim clothes and extra towels.” She fussed around her luggage. “I’m forgetting something.” She looked at her check-list again. “Sunblock!”
Can, Ploy  and the staff watched as Pream checked and double checked her travel bags. She looked at Can, “Should we take my husband's luggage too?” He stuttered a no and helped Jim to carry the bags to the car.
“Why are we leaving before Charlie and Gun?”
Can looked Ploy then at Jim for help.
“Miss Charlie can have me time with her dad.” Jim laughed. “You already get little miss the rest of the week.”
“Wouldn’t it be better if we all rode together though?”
“Separate cars,” Can shrugged. “I want to take my car incase I want to drive about town on my own.” He slammed the trunk closed, “we get to check in and make sure everything is ready and in order. Charlie would be tired from school and the ride to the resort. Gun would be exhausted from work and the ride would just tire him out. They could just get there and sleep.” He helped Pream to the back seat as he shoved Ploy, “plus we have Ploy too. With the way she talks and chew loudly with her snack, they wouldn’t be relaxed at all for the start of their trip.”
She shoved him back when he closed Pream’s door.”We haven’t even reached the resort yet and I’m already annoyed with you!”
“Me?” Can asked, “what did I do to you?”
“Just shut up and drive!” she muttered buckling up and checking on Pream. “you okay?”
“I will be. Do you plan on arguing the entire way there?” When no one answered, she looked at the two in the front and grabbed a pair of headphone out from her purse and nodded her head as she plugged them in. Mouth dropping Ploy turned around with a huff.
Can laughed, “man, she’s good.”
Ploy slapped him as he was turning. “not safe to hit the driver when he’s making a sharp turn!” She waited for him to get to the red light and smacked him again.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun stretched out his arms and craned his neck this way and that. Jim had picked Pim, Air and him up from the office and he was ready for a long car nap. Hopefully so was Pim, he didn’t want to have to worry about both Pim and Charlie together in the car when he was gone in sleep heaven.
“Let me change into something more comfortable.” Gun excused himself as Charlie sat and grabbed her travel backpack to double check her stuff.
Pim looked at what Charlie was doing and asked, “you don’t mind that your dad and I would be spending some time together, would you?”
Charlie continued testing out her Instax when Air asked her, “you’ve got friends going with you or something? Do you even have friends? Why do you have so many cameras in there?”
Charlie looked up at the two girls then and just blankly stared at them.
“Wow, she’s a scary kid.” Air said scooting closer to her friend.
Pim rolled her eyes, “wait until she talks and walks.”
“Nanny Mai,” Charlie said and her nanny came, “can you make sure that I don’t forget to buy more film?” She smiled at Mai then shot a look over to Air that caused her hair to raise on her arms.
“Did you see that?” Air asked clingy on to Pim. “I probably heard some true stuff about this girl.”
Nanny Mai took Charlie’s hand and led her outside, “let’s go for a stretch, the car ride will be long miss.”
Pim waited for Charlie to step away. “she didn’t answer me about spending time with her dad.”
“I’m too scared to even ask about who will.” Air said and sighed, “I’m keeping that kid company, aren’t I?”
“Only for a little bit.” Pim smiled, “I know you want to have alone time with Can as well.”
“She has her Nanny, what more can she want?” Air muttered. “Why did Can go so early anyway?”
“He’s checking in for all the rooms so that when we get there, we could just rest.” Pim reassured her.
Gun looked around his room and noted some things were missing. “Duang? Duang!”
“Yes sir?” He pointed to his drawer, “some of my watch and sunglasses are missing. Where did they go?”
Duang pointed out the door, “they were packed in your luggage.”
“I didn’t order my luggage to be packed for me.” He frowned and walked out of the house. “Jai?” The housekeeper stepped out of one of the rooms from the opposite end, “did you have my things packed?”
The housekeeper turned the question back at him, “did you not want us to pack for you? We figured you could leave faster if we did it for you.”
“I don’t mind, it’s just that I didn’t leave you a check-list.”
Jai smiled, “everything was packed sir. We made sure of it. You can double check your luggage downstairs if you’d like.”
Gun shook his head, “never mind, it’s getting late. Thank you.”
He hurried downstairs to see Pim and Air reading a magazine together. Where was his daughter? He walked out to see Charlie taking some pictures with one of her many cameras. “You all set and ready to go?”
“Yes daddy.” Charlie said and walked around him to the car.
No hugs, no smiles. Nothing. That’s all that he got now from his daughter. She used to always want to be with him, now she couldn’t seem to get away from him fast enough.
“Where’s your bag Charlie?” Gun frowned as he counted and checked. “You didn’t pack yet?” He was going to start yelling before his mini vacation started.
“Uncle Can took my bag for me.” Charlie replied and hopped into one of the front seats and Nanny Mai got shot gun next to Jim. “He was afraid there won’t be enough room for everyone’s stuff.” Which was true, as Pim and Air’s luggage took up the rest of the car space already.
Air and Pim squeezed into the back when Charlie placed her hand on the seat next to her and gave them a look as if they dared sit next to her. Gun got in and waved Jim on. He grabbed his earbuds and put on some music as the girls in the back gossiped and he started dozing off before he knew it.
Charlie looked at her dad sleeping and yawned too. She scooted closer to him to rest against his side and fell asleep also. Gun woke up a few hours later rubbing his eyes. His playlist had finished and he tried to move his other arm to stretch but noticed there was weight on it. He glanced down to see the top of his daughter’s head. Man he missed her so much. He kissed the top of her head and rearranged her so that she could use him as a pillow and his arms were around her to hold her close. He let out a sigh and a smile he didn’t know he was secretly holding.
Jim checked his rearview mirror, and drove on. He didn’t care that he was tired. He only cared that the Little Miss was content and her father as well.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream stretched her leg out on the beach chair and watched the waves crash amongst the sands. The moon was high tonight and it was beautiful. Ploy and Can were splashing in the water, or as Pream would call it trying to drown each other in the water. She closed her eyes to breathe in the salty fresh air and felt a cold breeze blow in. She opened her eyes to Ploy leaning over her closely. “What is it?” She asked scared something had happened.
“Nothing, you were napping longer than we thought.” She grinned. “Let’s wash up.” Looking for their other friend she wondered where Can went. “The others should be arriving soon. He went to greet them.”
“Oh no! Charlie would be expecting me!” Pream said getting up quickly then sitting back down. “Whoa, headrush.”
“Take your time.” Ploy said taking her hand and leading her to her room. “She just might be in the room sleeping from the car ride when you get out of the shower.” Pream held on to Ploy’s hand and walked back to their room. She grabbed a towel and night clothes to change in. “Straight to bed are you?”
“It’s late, why would I go out? Charlie should be in bed by now.” Pream quickly went to shower.
Ploy jumped out of the bed and grabbed Charlie’s luggage to place on the side of the bed. She prayed Gun won’t open it then went out to hide in her room next door.
Can opened the door and Gun placed Charlie down in bed. He glanced around the room and stood in front of the bathroom door, he glanced for the luggage and placed it to block the bathroom light from below. “Nanny Mai can take it from here.”
Gun was ushered out of the room by Can as he talked his mouth off about the resort. They were a few rooms down when Gun realized he didn’t say goodnight to his daughter. Can tried to stall him but Gun just told him to calm down he’ll listen to him prattle on in a moment. He just wanted to kiss his daughter good night.
Pream heard noises outside in her room and popped her head out with a towel on. “Is someone there?” She moved forward and tripped over the luggage. “How did this get here?” She pushed the luggage out of the way and she saw Charlie lying in bed and Nanny Mai at the bedroom door. “Hold on Nanny Mai, I’ll change Charlie. Go rest up in your room.” Nanny Mai headed out of the room towards where Can said she’d be staying next door with Ploy. Pream leaned over and gave Charlie a kiss on the forehead before closing the bathroom door once more to finish getting dressed herself. As she closed the bathroom door, the bedroom door opened.
Gun glanced at the bathroom light below and assumed the nanny was in there. He leaned over to give Charlie a kiss and removed some of the hair strands that were in her face. He sighed deeply and got up to walk out of the room. He made his way back to Can who was waiting nervously at the door for him. “What? Why do you look so relieved?”
Can gave a weird laugh, “no, it’s just the alcohol I’m feeling.”
“Drinking without me already?” Gun laughed, “alright, now let’s get drunk with me. I haven’t caught up with you in awhile since I went to take care of the acquired company. He gave one last glance to his daughter before closing the door.
Pream came back out of the restroom as the front door closed. She frowned as she didn’t realize the door wasn’t locked. She poked her head out of the room and saw Can turning the corner missing Gun as he walked ahead. She shrugged as she only thought it was Can checking in on his niece. She locked the door and and double checked the window curtains before she went to find Charlie’s sleeping clothes.
“You’re in a good mood today.” Can said as he clinked cups with his cousin. “What’s good in life?”
“Nothing.” Gun breathed in the fresh air. “It’s nice to be somewhere where I don’t have to look at any contracts, agreements or sign any important papers…” He stretched his legs out and looked around the little cabana-like bar. “Where did you bring me?”
“Sunday night karaoke bar.” Can smiled widely, “maybe we’ll get to see your guitar wielding skills again?”
“You wish.” Gun said as he took another large sip. “It’s been too long, I might scare the crowd when dust comes out of my throat to sing.”
“Where did Pim and Air go?”
“They weren’t feeling well from the car ride.” Gun said placing his cups down, “it might be car sickness.”
Can called the waitress for another drink, “so what’s your plan tomorrow morning?”
“Breakfast with everyone if it’s possible.” He rubbed his eyes and stared into his cup.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Thirteen
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
"Goodmorning!" Ploy shouted once Pream opened the door. "Bottomless mimosa at the breakfast hall!"
Charlie grinned, "good morning P'Ploy!" She sat as Pream put her hair up in two side braids.
"How are we doing bottomless mimosa with Charlie there?" Pream chastised. "A bit irresponsible of us isn't it?" She finished clipping the braids with flower barrettes. "Oh my god. Am I am alcoholic mother?"
Ploy laughed like a looney which Pream thought was weird. "No, silly!" She pointed at the nanny, "Mai will be taking Charlie for the morning. Right Mai?"
Pream looked out the window, "what about Can and Gun?"
"Do we not all dine together?" Pream was beginning to worry about her marriage. "He and I really don't see eye to eye about something?"
Ploy rubbed her forehead. "Honey, it's just better this way. It’s best if you see less. You guys are happier to see less of each other. For now let's just grab those mimosas by the pitcher."
Charlie also pleaded with her eyes for Pream to just let it be. "I'll have breakfast with dad and we'll have our spa day right after, okay?"
Nanny Mai and Charlie left quickly but not before Pream received a reluctant hug from her daughter. "Ploy, it doesn't seem like she wants to leave me." She and Ploy got up to leave and she double checked the window and door before leaving with Ploy too, "is she really okay with her dad?"
"I swear, Charlie is fine with her father. Can will be there too remember?" Ploy grabbed Pream by the hands and dragged her for that bottomless mimosa. "It's vacation time, we should behave like there's no tomorrow!" Something like her spidey-senses were going off but Pream followed Ploy and waited for Charlie to return.
Pim poured coffee for Gun as Charlie pulled her chair up next to him. "There you are darling. Got up a little late didn't you?"
Charlie scrunched her nose at Pim, "I've been up. I played in the sands when the sun came up. When I walked back I saw Air coming back from somewhere too, some guy was with her." Air choked on her toast. "I was only late  because I had to braid my hair."
Gun turned his daughter to face this way and that. "I don't think I've ever seen you with your hair braided before," He gave her an encouraging smile. "And what did you plan on doing today? Want me to take you anywhere?"
"We already reserved the boat for this afternoon." Pim feigned dumb, "brunch on the boat remember? She’s not going to fall in the ocean or anything right?"
Charlie gave Pim a faux surprised look, "but I don't know how to swim."
"If I throw you off the boat you can learn," muttered Air.
Pim pinched her friend under the table, "if you're scared, I'm sure your nanny and Jim would be happy to keep you company at the beach until we return."
Gun waited for his daughter to throw a tantrum. None came though instead she acquiesced. No protest at all?
"Where's Uncle Can?"
"Right here!" He smiled and gave her a big hug. She giggled when he tickled her. Gun watched  the exchange, she wouldn't even hug him unless he made her do it.
"Ready for the boat ride later today?" He asked as he sat down and grabbed a biscuit from the middle of the table.
Charlie shook her head, "I'm not going."
Can pretended that it was news to him, "then what are you going to do? We're all going at eleven." Charlie shrugged, "you want me to stay with you?"
Air pouted. "I can't third wheel with them." Can scratched his head," you do want me to third wheel them then?"
"The boat driver will be the too, it's an even set there." Well, you can't say he didn't try. He saw the look  Gun was giving him. "Of course I'm going too. Gun needs to be supervised apparently." Breakfast started tasting like ash to him, especially when Air placed her hands on his knees under the table. He jumped up to help pour Charlie her juice.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream had her hands in her head, she laughed, had her head in her hands-- not the other way around. Oh, she was buzzed alright. She peeked over at Ploy who was glowing red from the alcohol. They need to sober up soon, she giggled now.
"What's funny?" Ploy burped and laughed at herself.
"I'm drinking like I'm stressed with life," Pream laughed again, "but I really don't even know much about my life."
"That's the champagne talking." Ploy hiccuped, "come on let's walk this off."
"I saw the docks over there, let's look at the boats." Pream suggested.
Ploy frowned, "man, you have a sad sense of humor for entertainment."
"I like looking at the sails in the wind."
Ploy's ears perked up at that comment, "you do?" Oh crap, was Pream starting to remember?
"I don't know." She gazed at the water," the colors flutter like pretty butterflies."
They both made their way to the docks, Ploy sobered up a little quicker than her friend did. Perks of working at a bar she assumed. She watched the way Pream held her head with her floppy hat when she walked ahead, if she was a betting kind of girl, she'd bet that her friend is going to puke shortly.
Gun waited for the girls to finish getting ready and Can to return. Charlie had asked him to take her back to the room to grab her cameras. She said a quick goodbye to him before racing her uncle back. Hands in his pocket he contemplated on where he stood with his daughter. Their father daughter bond was gone. She wasn't the little angel be raised anymore. He walked slowly dragging his feet looking off into the distance as he walked. He reached the dock and after a couple of steps onto it someone else wasn't watching where they were walking. His chin smacked into her head. She crouched low holding onto her head. Apologizing profusely  he bent down to help her stand up. Oddly enough she wouldn't raise her head. Once he had a firmer grip on her arms he realized why she wasn't standing. Her head was low and silently yakking on him. He held on until she fished heaving on him.
"Shit!" Ploy exclaimed realizing who Pream had bumped into. She ran towards them as fast as her little legs could carry her.
The woman adjusted her hat with one hand and wiped her mouth with the other. "I'm so sorry!" She said as she lifted her head up.
Gun saw her lips under the brim of her hat before the wind was knocked out of him and he felt the ocean surrounding him.
"Oh my goodness!" Pream screamed, "What did you do?" She looked over the dock at the splash the  man made when her friend knocked him into the water. Pream tried to see if he was okay, but all she saw was water and the bubbles leftover from where he had landed.
Can came barreling down, "did you just..."
Ploy nodded her head.
"I can't see him, could he swim?" Pream asked worriedly, it’s a miracle, she was now sober and trying to pier over the dock to find the unlucky man.
Ploy pulled Pream back to the sands, "come on! You have puke all over you. Let's wash you off."
"But what about...?"
Can waved them away, "he's good. Swimming over to the steps now." Hearing that, Pream let Ploy drag her back to the room. He ran to meet his cousin and gave him a hand up. "Wow, couldn't wait to swim?" Gun glared at him and looked to where the woman went. "What are you looking at?" Can asked looking in the direction the girls disappeared off to.
"Someone crashed into me." He took his shirt off to squeeze the water out. "Another one crashed into me until I fell into the water."
"Did you get a good look at them?" Can questioned. Goodness they've been caught.
"No. I just saw her lips." He stopped talking when Can gave him a disbelieving smile. "What? Her hat was blocking her face."
"Sure it was and the other girl? She didn't have any hat on."
"I wasn't really looking at the other girl," Gun muttered shoving his cousin out of the way.
Can chuckled. "That was close." Then he looked again at the direction of where the girls went.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
"Hey sweetie!" Pream gave a quick kiss on Charlie's forehead. "Mommy needs to change real quick, we'll start spa day right after."
Charlie pointed at the door, "why's she all shook up?"
"I kind of pushed your father off the dock."
Charlie's eyes widened, "what?"
"He almost saw your 'mom'." Ploy used air quotes around the last word. “Don’t worry, your dad didn’t get a chance to see her at all. We were so close though!”
Pream came bounding out again refreshed from a quick rinse, "let's start spa day!" She looked around for her purse. "Where's my wallet?"
"Why?" Nanny Mai asked, "you just charge it to the room."
"Really? I didn't know that." She thought harder. "Or did I know that?" She felt really unfamiliar with resorts. Everything else came naturally to her, but not this.
Ploy silently mouthed a thank you to Mai. How else was a non-working fake mother and unemployed hopeful to pay for it all? "I'm sure you knew it deep down inside your forgotten world." She waved everybody out of the room. Time to take advantage of the rich guy.
Pream, Ploy and Charlie plopped down in the chair and glanced up at the nanny when the chit sat across the room in the waiting seat.. "Why are you sitting over there? Join us!" Pream called over noticing the nanny pulled up a chair to read a magazine and wait for them. "I'm sure you could use a spa day too." She glanced over at her daughter, "especially when you're Charlie’s nanny." Charlie smiled innocently at the manicurist getting her water ready for her feet. As Mai joined them in the seat next to Charlie, Pream added, "please don't prank your lady Charlie." The woman laughed. Pream warned her, "I was actually being serious." The lady gave Charlie a nervous laugh then.
Ploy grabbed a magazine herself as she sat on the opposite side of Pream, "why do you think we're all here in the first place? And Charlie is sitting in between her mother and her nanny." Mai giggled when everyone started becoming wary around the little girl.
"Here," Pream handed Charlie a color palette. "Pick a color for me please."
Air glanced around for Pim when she spotted Charlie with two unknown females. Pim came bounding up when she noticed Air staring. "What are you looking at?"
"Who is the little devil with?"
"I'm not sure." Pim watched as Charlie laughed at sipped her little kiddie drink clinking her cup with Pream. "She looks like she knows them."
"The boat is ready. Did you finish getting your nails fixed?" Gun asked as Can followed him.
"Yes, I'll have to be more careful when I open the door next time." Pim linked her arms with his after showing him her fixed up nail, "say, Gun? Who are those two ladies with Charlie?"
Gun saw his daughter and her nanny looking at nail polishes. "Who? Let me say bye to her real quick and remind her about dinner tonight."
Can covered his eyes, he can't watch this. He expected yelling and screaming. Instead he heard Gun telling his daughter that it was indeed his favorite color.  Can opened his eyes again and realized the girls weren't there. Where did they go? The guys left with instructions for shop to charge it to their rooms.
"When did my daughter get into nails?" Gun asked outloud. Can shrugged and tried to get everyone to the boat quickly.
The nanny and Charlie let out a relieved breath that they were holding. They looked up hearing Pream lecture Ploy.
"I told you your phone was at the breakfast hall."
Ploy held up her hands, "okay, okay. Miss know it all.”
Pream waved at Charlie and Mai. "You guys haven't started yet? You didn't have to wait for us."
One of the staff members smiled, "her dad dropped by when he spotted her."
Ploy missed a step and almost fell into her little pedicure spa water.
"You okay Ploy?" Pream asked. She nodded and sat quickly in her chair and started fanning herself. Turning her attention back to Charlie, "shame, I didn't get to see your father. I should've asked if it was okay to charge this to the room?"
The staff chimed in, "he actually told us to charge it to the room."
"Oh." Pream nodded and waved nanny on. "Which color did you choose?"
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun sat and looked out over the water. There were a few other boats anchored and relaxing nearby. Space enough for privacy. After he was one being tipsy, he’d like to go for a dip. He jumped a little in his reverie when he heard a champagne bottle pop. Nope, not going to sober up anytime soon. Air was laughing and dancing with the bottle that Gun found really unattractive. He breathed in fresh air, he exhaled stressed air. This was much needed. He looked over at his cousin who was taking pictures of the horizon. Social media at it’s finest. He shook his head at his cousin as he tried to avoid Air as much as possible. That bachelor that most men hold on to. Gun accepted the flute of champagne from Pim as she leaned against him and drank hers. She smelled nice. He inhaled again, this time fresh air and expensive perfume. He looked over at the cooler and noticed that there was a few more bottles of wine and champagne. He frowned at Can. When he finally caught Can’s eyes he nodded at the cooler. His cousin shrugged. He wasn’t the one who packed the cooler.


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Fourteen
Can danced away from Air as she swung around singing and dancing on the boat. He shuddered thinking about Air trying to get with him. Yuck. And now they’re trying to obviously get someone drunk here on the boat today. He looked at his pictures again and chose which he’d like to post on his Instagram account. He managed to go find an isolated spot and checked his feed. He laughed seeing his niece with green goop on her face. Ploy had a funny instagram account. But his niece looked so happy that he pressed the heart to indicate he liked the photo. He refreshed his feed one last time and noticed there were three pairs of feet in the sand with newly painted toe nails facing the horizon. The caption made him smile. “Up to no good.” was what she had put. He liked that photo as well then reclined to soak up the sun himself.
Pream yawned as she carried Charlie back to the room. Running on the beach all day chasing after frisbees and kicking a soccer ball around was tiring. Especially when one was chasing more than catching or kicking. Ploy helped to key her in to her room before she and Ploy dragged themselves back to their rooms. She praised Mai on how she could do it every day. Charlie was a handful. Especially when she came back from the water with a hermit crab in her hand and chasing Mai as she ran in fright. She wiped and changed Charlie into clean clothes before she hopped into the shower to rinse what could only be deemed as half the beach off of her then came ashore with her and in to her hair.
Can was sore from carrying the cooler back. Thank goodness that Gun was able to convince the girls they couldn’t drink anymore. They still had the rest of the afternoon and evening ahead of them. He returned from his room and knocked on Gun’s door to see if he needed anything from him before he went to rest up. When Gun didn’t answer him, he assumed he was somewhere with Pim. He stretched and went to check on Charlie and them to see if they’ve returned. He was about to knock on the door when he noticed it was left a crack open. He popped his head in to see Gun pulling the blinds down and adjusting Charlie’s blanket. “Hey, whatcha doing?”
“Checking in on Charlie.” Gun smiled. “Looks like she made a day for herself.” He fixed her little braids so that they weren’t falling on her face anymore. “She wore herself out. DIdn’t hear me knock on the door.”
“So you used the secondary card?” Can sighed, he’s going to have to sneak the card away from him somehow. Inwardly rolling his eyes he asked himself. “what’s another challenge?” Can heard the shower turn off. “Let’s get going incase we scare Mai when she gets out of the shower and sees us all in the room.”
“Why can’t I be in the room with my daughter?” Gun asked confused.
Can scratched his head, “I’m not saying your nanny walks around in a towel, but what if she forgot to take her clothes into the bathroom or something man.”
“That would be awkward.” Gun conceded.
Can jumped when he heard a thunk coming from the bathroom. “Let’s go!”
Gun touched his daughter’s braids one more time and followed Can out of the room. “I’m going to rest for awhile. See you at dinner?” Can waved him off and he went back to his room to wash the salt off of him.
Pream berated herself for dropping the brush on the floor. It was so loud it probably echoed and woke Charlie up. She opened the door to see if it did wake her up or not. Man, she must be really tired. Pream finished drying her hair before she conked out herself right next to Charlie.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Gun opened his eyes to a light knocking on his door. He rubbed the sleep away and opened it to Pim who was dressed a bit tropically like she was on some exotic island. “Hey, we might miss dinner.”
He stretched and apologized. “Let me wash my face real quick and grab Charlie.”
Pim pouted, “I thought you’d agree to just miss dinner altogether.”
If Gun wasn’t so worn out, he probably would’ve caught on to that innuendo. “How about you and Air grab us a table and I’ll meet you there shortly.”
Pim smiled prettily and walked off with a wave of her fingers at Gun. Air popped out from a nearby brush, “wow, does he not get the hint or what?”
“Probably because you gave him too much to drink on the boat during our brunch.” Pim hissed.
Air shrugged, “might as well. Who’d want a limp willy anyway?”
Pim rolled her eyes, “I’m sure I could wake the dead. Just look at me.” She spun in a circle for her friend to check out. “Any man would want me.”
“Too bad you only want that man who doesn’t really think about anything besides work and his annoying brat.”
Pim flipped her hair angrily, “whatever, let’s get us that dinner table.”
Ploy poked her head out from the corner of one of the room. She happened to be walking by when she noticed these two whispering. She hid herself when she saw Gun open the door. “So one of them is Pim and the other is Air.” She’d bet the ditzy one is Air and the alluringly calm and sexy on is Pim. She heard Gun’s door open again and hid behind a large leaf. “Crap!” He was going to Pream’s room. She rushed after him but kept her distance as well.
Gun knocked on the door and didn’t hear anyone answer him back. Was his daughter okay? Too much time in the sun could make her sick. He knocked a second time, again no answer. He grabbed the spare key card and let himself in. Charlie was sleeping with her arms flailed over the blanket. He laughed to himself. She never did sleep still. How did the nanny stand staying in the same bed as this little kicking devil? He looked over at the bundle under the blanket. He realized then that the air conditioner was on too high and it was freezing in here. He shook his head at the nanny still bundled up under the blanket and tried to fix his daughter and the blanket. Charlie shot up in bed, luckily he moved out of the way before she struck him in the chin.
“Daddy!” Charlie quickly covered her mouth and looked over her shoulder. Pream was still sleeping. “What are you doing in here?”
Unsure, Gun looked around the room, “I was checking on you. It’s almost time for dinner.”
Charlie’s eyes widened. “Great. I’ll wake Nanny Mai after I wash my face.” Gun looked at the bundle behind Charlie. “I can do it by myself. I’m a big girl now. Nanny Mai might be tired playing soccer and frisbee with me all day.”
“If you’re sure.” Gun said as his daughter hopped out of bed and shoved him out the door.
“Yes!” Charlie gave him an innocent smile. “I’ll see you soon for dinner.”
“Do you know where?”
Charlie nodded quickly, “yes, I do.”
“If you’re sure.” Gun stalled looking at his daughter suspiciously. “Can I get a hug then before I go?” She hopped up and gave him one of those tight neck hug. It’s been so long since she’s hugged him this way. After she let him go and slammed the door shut in his face he placed his hands in his pocket. It was indeed suspicious the way she’s behaving.
Can tapped Ploy’s shoulder when he realized she was spying on someone. She shrieked and ducked pulling Can with her.
Gun turned towards the sound then thought better of it before making his way for dinner.
Ploy released Can’s mouth and stood up. He waited for Gun to disappear before getting up himself. “You almost got us caught.”
“Shut up. Today’s been a day full of close calls.” Ploy shoved him out of the way and walked to the room. “Your cousin was just in there.”
“What do you mean again?” Ploy turned to ask.
Can gave her a weak smile, “when we came back, I was putting away the cooler when I realized he was in the room.” Ploy slapped her forehead with a resounding smack. “Don’t worry, she was in the shower when he was here.”
“That makes me feel so much better.” She gritted out of her teeth.
“You’re being sarcastic with me aren’t you?” Can asked as he followed her.
Pream heard the door close and turned to see Charlie locking the door. “Who was at the door darling?”
Charlie was surprised by Pream’s voice that she turned and smacked her head on the door knob. “Ow!” She laughed and jumped in to bed. “Dad said he was going to have dinner first.”
“That was your dad?” Pream asked. “Why didn’t he tell us when dinner was? I would’ve gotten you ready on time.”
“It’s okay, he knew we were both tired.” Charlie lied easily. “It’s okay. Dad can eat before us.”
Pream nodded her head and followed Charlie to get ready for dinner. She was starting to think that this was a strange family to wake up to. If this was how her family is normally, it just might be better if they went their separate ways. She sighed and began combing Charlie’s hair.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
The girls reached the buffet and grabbed a corner seat, Mai looked around at the food and Pream laughed. “Why don’t you and Charlie go ahead first, I’ll watch our stuff at the table.” Ploy grinned and followed the two girls to the large table laden with delicious food.
Ploy waved Charlie and Mai to find Gun’s table once they reached the food. “Grab food later Mai!”
The girls looked over their shoulders at Pream who watched them from a distance and and waved at them. They waved in return then went around the table.
Gun was slicing into his steak when his daughter arrived. She looked adorable in her romper. Her hair was also cute. Two fluffy buns on both sides of her head. Fluffy buns? He’s used to a single pony tail and double ponytails that he was surprised his daughter showed up in anything different. He glanced over at Mai who stood a bit in the distance. Maybe she’s getting better at doing her daughter’s hair? He patted a space next time him. Charlie plopped on and glanced over the railings. There was a spot to feed the birds. She opened her eyes widely. Gun looked over to where she was watching. “You want to feed the birds?” Charlie nodded her head. “Let’s grab something to eat first, okay?”
She glanced at Mai then took her dad’s hand, “let’s.” She agreed.
Mai followed them to the buffet and spotted Ploy. She explained that there’s a little bird area where you can feed the birds. Ploy sighed then grabbed a plate before heading back to Pream. “Your daughter got side-tracked and found the bird feeding area.”
Pream looked around, “where at?”
“Not sure,” Ploy said waving her hands, “Mai’s got it.”
“But Mai looked hungry.”
Ploy shrugged, “your daughter’s need. Spoiled brat.” Pream looked worried, “don’t stress, grab a plate to eat.”
Pream sighed and got up to grab her dinner she was studying the fruit selection when Mai almost walked in to her. She quickly went around the other way. Charlie caught Mai’s warning glance and pulled Gun to grab something else for her to eat on the other end of the table. Mai excused herself back to the table.
“Did you want some cheese?” Gun asked as he pursued the table holding his plate and Charlie looking the other end of the table.
“I’m good.” Charlie said, “I’m ready to go back to the table.” Gun reached over for a beef skewer as he kept his eyes on his daughter who was acting strangely. He accidentally grabbed someone’s hand. He apologized without looking away from his daughter and grabbed a stick before following Charlie back to the table.
Pream frowned as she thought she heard Charlie’s voice. She couldn’t see over the table’s decoration. She reached for a beef skewer in the middle of the table when someone accidentally grabbed her hands. She heard a ‘sorry’ and said behind the decoration, “it’s okay.” After she grabbed her beef stick she walked around the table but no Charlie was in sight.
Walking back to her table she saw Ploy looking around nervously. “What is it?”
“Nothing.” Ploy smiled. Pream could’ve sworn it looked like she sighed in relief. “I was waiting for you so I won’t eat alone.” She held on to her stomach.
Pream sipped her punch and gave her a look like she didn’t believe her. She looked around again for signs of Charlie or Mai. “If you’re that hungry, think of the nanny.” She shook her head as she dug in to her dinner. It was really good. She watched as Ploy plowed throw her plate and set it aside. “You’re grabbing seconds?”
“Of course.” Ploy grinned like a naughty school girl and made another approach to the table.
Charlie noticed Ploy was at the table when she asked her dad if she could take a buffet break and feed the birds. Gun frowned looking at her plate. “Two more bites.”
Charlie took two large bites and smiled before taking off, Mai in tow.
Ploy handed Charlie a plate and Mai too, “grab only a little.” She admonished, “or else you’d just be wasting food.”
Pream smiled when she saw Charlie walking up with her plate and Mai too. Ploy came back with an even larger plate than before. “You weren’t kidding on the pigging out part are you?” Reaching into her bag she pulled out a small tube of hand sanitizer. “I don’t believe you’ve washed your hands after feeding the birds.” She handed a second tube to Mai. “Hold on to that will you? Incase you need it again.”
Charlie let Pream slice the food for her into bite sizes as Mai inhaled her food-- she was going to need all her energy tonight to keep up with this charade.
Charlie got up when she was done and smiled. “Can I get another plate please?”
Pream opened her eyes widely and was surprised, “honey, don’t you want to wait a little before grabbing more?”
She shook her head, she had to get back to her dad before he went searching for her. Mai smiled as she took a sip of her drink. “It’s okay Mai, I’ve got it.” Prem said following Charlie to the table. She handed the girl her plate and grabbed one for herself.
Charlie was looking at the cheese and crackers when she heard, “you’re back from feeding the birds already Charlie?”
She looked up from the cracker to her dad then back at the crackers, afraid to look at Pream. “Yes, daddy.” She whispered.
“Are you okay?” Gun asked seeing her shocked reaction. “I didn’t mean to scare you.” Charlie smiled and glanced quickly at Pream who was looking again at the fruits. She eyed the butterfly crackers and the cheese. She didn’t dare move. “Did you want the crackers and cheese now?”
Charlie nodded her head. After he grabbed some for her he went to peruse his meat selections. Pream had a few fruit slices on her plate when she looked over at Charlie, “did you want some strawberries?” Slowly nodded her head Charlie smiled and moved her plate to the right, just little enough for Pream to load some on her plate.
Pream looked at some of the soup choices and moved further to the right. Charlie shifted a little as well too when her dad started to also move to the right. He looked then at Charlie’s plate. “Strawberries?” He glanced at the fruit bowls. “How did you reach it if it was out of your reach?”


sarNie Hatchling
Chapter Fifteen
Charlie shrugged, “nice lady got it for me.”
Gun nodded his head and he grabbed some salad.
“Did you say something Charlie?” Pream asked.
Charlie shook her head. She was getting scared as they rounded to the end of the table. Pream was on the other side facing Gun now. Luckily the large vase was blocking them from seeing each other.
“I have to go to the restroom!” Charlie said and rushed away from the table.
Pream turned to look over her shoulder as Gun walked around the table to see where his daughter ran off to. Pream walked with her plate to the bathroom and handed her plate to a nearby waiter. “Could you hold on to this for me please?”
Gun followed his daughter and waited with his hands holding his plate. Pim walked over to Gun, “what are you doing over here?”
“Charlie is in the restroom.”
Pim frowned, “did you want me to check up on her?”
“If you don’t mind?”
Pim smiled shaking her head, “be right back.”
Pream waited for Charlie to be done before she went into the stall herself. “Wait right here, I’ll be right back.”
Charlie nodded and washed her hands dutifully when Pim walked in. “Hey, your dad is looking for you.”
Charlie glanced over at the stall where Pream was. “Okay, I’ll head right out.”
Pim looked at herself in the mirror as Charlie was heading out, “can you let him know I’ll meet him later at the table please?” Charlie nodded and began walking out.
Pream opened her stall door as Pim was closing hers. “Where are you going sweetie?”
“I heard there was a chocolate fountain.” Charlie grinned, “I’ll see you at the table.”
“Wait…” Pream said as Charlie dashed out of the ladies room. She sighed and washed her hands before heading out.
Gun saw his daughter coming out and looked behind her. “Where’s Pim?”
“Using the restroom. She said she’ll meet you at the table later.” Charlie answered. “I’m going to find the chocolate fountain.” Looking at his plate Gun handed it over to waiter as he followed her to the chocolate fountain.
Pream adjusted her hair as a woman was about to leave with her skirt in her underpants. “Oh! You should fix that before heading out.” She smiled and helped to twitch her dress back in place.
“How embarrassing,” Pim blushed, “thank you so much for adjusting my dress.” She gave Pream a smile before waltzing out of the ladies room.
Pream walked out and saw the waiter with her plate. “Sorry, took so long.” She thanked him and walked off.
She detoured to the chocolate fountain and found Charlie dipping a marshmallow into the fountain giggling. She smiled and watched a little bit more before walking back to her table. Gun turned back with graham crackers for his daughter. As he handed her the crackers he thought he saw a glimpse of someone he knew.
“Daddy?” Charlie asked as she had some chocolate splashed on her face. He smiled and wiped her. After he was done he looked in the direction of the woman who had walked by earlier. “Daddy?” Charlie called again, “who are you looking for?”
Gun smiled, “just thought I saw someone I knew.”
“And I thought you were looking for me.” Pim smiled and sidled up to Gun linking arms with him. Charlie rolled her eyes at them and stalked away from the fountain.
Sighing, Gun and Pim followed his daughter back to her table.
Ploy looked behind Pream, “where’s Charlie?” Mai was enjoying her third plate of food.
“Chocolate fountain.”
Gasping and holding her heart with her hands, Ploy grinned, “I am so there. See ya!” She laughed and leapt away from the table.
“Tell Charlie not too much chocolate please.” Pream reminded.
Ploy reached the fountain with a huge smile on her face.
Can was on the other side noticing her first. “It’s like the oompa loompa discovered the Chocolate Factory.”
Ploy’s smile disappeared from her face. “Who are you? Augustus Gloop?”
“Do I look like a fatty here?”
She smirked before grabbing a stick to dab chocolate on and reaching over to splat his face with some. “Now it looks like you’re about to drown in the chocolate river.”
Can only grinned wiping the chocolate away with his hand and licking it. “Delicious.”
She rolled her eyes.”Have you seen Charlie?”
“How did you think I knew there was a chocolate fountain?”
“I’m going to send Mai over in a little bit, Pream looks almost full.” Ploy squished her face in thought, “what excuse are we using for Charlie?”
They thought over a flowing mountain of chocolate before they both smiled. “Food Coma.”
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
It wasn’t hard to fake Charlie’s sleepiness from being full. She really was full from going back and forth between two tables. Mai was also yawning. Ploy laughed. “Why don’t we go check out the nightlife while Mai and Charlie sleeps?”
Pream kissed Charlie’s cheeks, “I’ll be back shortly, okay sweetie?”
Charlie gave her a goodnight hug followed by a soft snore.
Ploy and Pream dressed for a night out and felt the wind helping to billow their flowy dress. “I don’t want to go back home.”
Pream kicked her feet in the sand. “It feels so good out here.”
Ploy saw the bonfire first. “Let’s go there!” The girls laughed and ran to the large gathering around a huge fire pit in the sand.
Air and Pim were dancing with some folks to the side of the fire. He sat there on a log looking into the fire. He glanced up hearing laughter from the side. He waited for his eyes to adjust before he realized that Pream and Ploy were here at the bonfire too. He was right, he did see Pream earlier today. The girls didn’t notice him sitting there. He looked behind him and saw that Pim and Air were deep in conversation with some American tourists. He got up and noticed that Ploy was gone. He looked around and spotted her at the makeshift bar in line for some drinks. He stood next to Pream and waited for her reaction to see him there. He watched her looking around the crowd. Her gaze finally rested on him. He didn’t smile, but he did cross his arms and waited for her to recognize him. Instead he saw her raising her eyebrows at him and looking away from him. It was like she was looking away from a stranger. Her medical leave did explain she’d lost her memory… He stood there and continued to study her behavior.
In the dark, lit only be the dancing flames Pream’s eyes fell on the man who stood nearby her. She couldn’t get a good look at him. The flames moving prevented her from seeing a whole face. But he looked at her like she’s supposed to be amazed or in awe of his presence. She pretended not to notice. After a while when he wouldn’t budge, she looked again quickly. He was still standing there.
Ploy glanced over her shoulders to check on Pream. She couldn’t see Gun from behind the high flames. She smiled at her friend and then waved her over to join her at the bar. Relieved, Pream quickly took off to stand with Ploy.
Gun watched as Ploy ordered their drinks. Ploy didn’t see him at all in the dark. Interesting. “Hey,” Pim smiled handing Gun a drink, “What are you looking at?”
“Nothing.” He smiled and clinked his glass to hers, “I thought I saw someone I knew.”
Pim looked around, “where?”
“I was mistaken.” He said, “not the person I used to know at all.”
After a while, Gun excused himself for the night. Pim and Air didn’t want to leave good company, so he walked off alone. He had no clue where Can was. So he shot him a text that said he was going back to the room.
Gun rolled his head from left to right and from right to left repeatedly. He might have to have himself a spa day like his daughter as well. He reached his daughter’s door and knocked. He smiled when Mai opened the door. He paused when she looked surprised to see him. “Is everything okay?”
“Miss Charlie is already asleep.” Mai said looking behind him as if someone was there.
He looked over his shoulders, first his left then his right. “Are you okay?” He felt a shiver down his spine, if she told him she saw a ghost, he’d believe her.
“I’m fine sir.” Mai said excusing herself out of the room. “Just maybe a little fresh air wouldn’t go amiss.”
Gun watched as the nanny sat outside the door and looking up at the sky. He turned his attention back to his little half devil half angel sleeping in bed. What would she feel if she realized Pream was here too, but won’t remember. Just like she didn’t recognize him when he was standing right next to her. He sighed, gave her forehead a kiss and said his goodnight.
Mai smiled and went back into the room and locked the door.
Can danced around like an idiot around the flame of the bonfire as Ploy chased after him to swat him. The ribbing and teasing made the night just go by faster. She found a log to sit on and stretched, letting out a loud groan. She’s so tired, she’s ready to pass out in bed. She waited for Can and Ploy to make one last circle around the flame before stopping them. “I’’m going to call it a night.”
Ploy pouted, “what? The night is still young!”
“Well then, you keep doing whatever you two are doing.” Pream laughed and waved them away. “I really am tired and I also want to check on my daughter before you get me drunk Ploy.”
“SIgh. She knows me so well.” Ploy laughed and held her drink closer to her.
Can made a face at her, “you just said ‘sigh’ out loud.” He took the drink from her, “you should stop soon too. I think you’ve had enough for tonight.”
“I won’t have any more time in my little heaven. Let me enjoy this won’t you?”
Can rolled his eyes as she grabbed the drink back from him. “Wouldn’t it be better if you woke up early tomorrow to enjoy the rest of your stay? It’d be a shame if you wake up Sunday night and realize you have to go home Monday morning.”
“You’re such a buzzkill!” Ploy mumbled taking a large gulp then handing the cup back over to Can. “How about one more for the night?” He followed her back to the bar pulling her bangs to bother her as they walked.
Air tapped Pim’s shoulder, “who is that with Can?”
PIm shrugged, “why don’t you go and ask?” She turned her attention back to the tall American.
Stomping her flip-flopped feet, she made a bee-line to Can and Ploy. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to this person?”
Can spat out the drink in his mouth. Ploy made a face of disgust when the liquid splashed all over Air. “I thought you left with Gun already?”
“No, Pim and I stayed.” Air checked Ploy up and down as she wiped herself. Cheap bathing suit. No make up. Small. Very small. “This your friend?”
Ploy heard the emphasis on the ‘friend’ part so she took a swig of her drink and let out a belch. Can looked at her like he was amazed.
Air scrunched her nose. “Wow, that beer stench is strong.”
“I should be sweating alcohol soon.” Ploy chuckled. “I could walk away from you if you’d like.” She turned quickly to walk away.
“Your friend is an interesting one.” Air said flipping her hair, “manners much?”
Can shrugged, “I accept her as she is.”
“And what is she?” Air questioned looking at Ploy’s disappearing back.
“Abusive, but honest to a fault.” He thought again about the word honest. Okay, honest to a fault, but helping to lie for Charlie with Pream. Oh, this is not going to end well at all. Not at all.
Can looked saddened as Ploy walked away. “How did you meet this girl?”
“I’m sorry?”
“The girl,” Air repeated, “where did you meet here?”
Can finished his drink handed his cup to a waiter walking by in cabana shorts. Wow, that’s tight and short on the kid. He shook his head, yep, starting to get the buzz on. “She used to be a carnival girl, met her when Charlie and I were out one night at a carnival.”
“I see.” Air said as Can walked away from her also.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ---------- Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Pream stretched and knew she wouldn’t be going back to bed any time soon. She got up and threw on a maxi dress and grabbed a sarong to use as a shawl for the morning’s ocean misty air. Poking around Charlie’s backpack she found the Instax camera and grinned. Grabbing a little shoulder bag then awning widely, she knocked lightly on the door next door. “Sorry Mai. I didn’t mean to wake you. Do you mind staying with Charlie for a bit?” She laughed at how that sounded. Didn’t mean to wake her, yet I was the one with a purpose to knock on that door.


Love everything. I can see everything play clearly in my mind as i read this. I really wish Gun and Preem could be paired together in a lakorn like this fanfic. Everything is just so interesting and such a tease. We never know when the secret would be known. :)