Has Ch.7 removed copyrights yet?

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
Has ch.7 removed their copyrights yet or no? Just wondering cause I think Min's latest lakorn still is on youtube for the past few month right?


sarNie Immature
Haa, I think the stopped hunting for a while (b/c fans stopped upoading anyway), but now they started again. T_T

Both GMM Grammy and Ch.7 are crazy.


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I'm hope one day ch7 will gave up like gmm. If this day come I would thank you so much.

Hey aikoden ur gif in the middle is cute. It is just a pic right?


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^ yeah, it's one of the fitting pics for raak boon (mike&margie's lakorn) but it seems too cute and cheerful for a horror lakorn, so I made it into a cute gif image.. hehe :)

@asy, it probably depends on what type of song/artist you chose as well.

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
Ch7 usually goes after the newly aired lakorns, so yes they are still copyrighting but luckily they are a little more lax on the older lakorns so there aren't as many removals. It's actually beneficial for me because i love old ch7 lakorns :dance1: haven't seen a good channel 7 lakorn in a while, actually even a decent one either.


Gosh, it's so annoying though, can't they just let them keep it, since they have took up their time to upload it and how are we people who don't have access to thai lakorn going to do without youtube uploads?

p. Zoua

sarNie Oldmaid
oh okies. thanks for all the feedbacks gals. :)

lol Ch.7 should just let us upload too cause that way they won't lose more fans am i right? lol plus they're meant to be on air anyways. lol