Heart of a Warrior


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lol... Anny... after reading this.. I'll never look at a scottish/irish/english or any other kind of man riding a horse with a woman the same!! Does the woman always feel the hardness?? lol... :loool:

sorry girl.. my mind is running wild here,,,,,,,,,


sarNie Adult
:D I'll keep that in mind Miss Mai.
I think my next story might be about a merman, haven't decided yet. ;)


Expired Sarnie
hehe Yes they are.
Ever wonder what they wear underneath that kilt? ;)
I have to cover my poor ears. LOL

Okay I have to read chapter 8 tomorrow. But is it me or I seeing in my head that Sydney is Kirsten Storms. I don't know why. LOL


sarNie Granny
yeah , wonder what going happen when the two modern time meet


sarNie Adult
Chapter 10 will be up tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry for the hold up, kinda got busy with school research and other daily life junk. Urgh...bills, such a pain in the ass.


sarNie Granny
chapter 8 was hot..funny how the cook walked in on them..lucky her then fia...
chapter 9...tsk tsk costa planning something evil...like always...can't wait for him to meet sydney

another hot scene *FAINT*