Hong Fah (Kantana)


sarNie Adult
lol sajenna that lakorn wouldn't be so bad because the main focus is going to be on Kwan so no worries about Vee he has an insignificant part lol


sarNie Coma
gotta agree, wardrobe sucks. looks like they are in a circus show or something..plus, the tle dude isnt pra'ek material..sucks for kwan and most of ch7s actresses


sarNie Adult
humm they seem to be a kut ecouple
and i think they will pull this lakron off.. the cloths got to go
imean no .. it doesnt fit.
kwan to pretty for those ugly clothes n tle to hawt tooh..


sarNie Egg
Just watch the teaser on youtube. This lakorn looks really good. Can't wait until April 2.


sarNie Hatchling
I will watch this one too coz I love the type of lakorn......Kwan is actually good. She improves from one lakorn to another. Though there are still rooms to improve, I think she's good for her age.


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gosh havent seen kwan lakorn for a long timeeeeeee goin watch this one always want her and tle to pair up in a lakorn one day n it finally came teaser looks good better not drag or else i tend to not watch it even fave dara in it.


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heres a behind the scenes.. of pai and kwan.. <--- man i swear!!! i think i want them two together instead of tle lol.. ahaha.. but tle looks okay/good with kwan as well...



sarNie Adult
Today epi was good. can't wait next epi when she going live with her real Grandma. And she going to start dress nice.