Hong Fah (Kantana)


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im liking this lakorn atm ^______^..
kwan & tle looks good together but pai looks even better next to kwan lol..

i also absolutely love the ost!!!
for those who wants it, i posted at the d/l section..

kwan's voice improved so much!!! it sounds even lovelier now.. hehe.. XD


nalada finally knew hong is her daughter.

Yay!...the mom finally figures out now..lol..good thing kwan mentioned about the little pouch with the sign that she has..well at least that's what i think she mention to the mom at the end of ep 6. made the mom realize Kwan is her daughter!..hehe..i hope the dad doesn't have to go hiding for long! =(


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Gosh this lakorn is so retarded, but I just want to see the ending when they find out she's a princess haha. Ch7 always make retarded lakorn. Why is the bad girl (the older one that is chasing over the guy) still chasing the guy after 20 years or so..lol?? Can she not move on? Plus she is ridiculous and just plain crazy too.


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Whats wrong with the crazy lady and her niece? they always together. Im mad that they didnt pair Kwan and Pai as a couple. They look so good together.


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tle is so handsome! i think i got a crush on him haha


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The more I watch, the more I feel like Ae is the n'ek. @_@.

Ae/khun Nard - n'ek
That Prince Guy - p'ek
Ple/Rachaneewipaihavealongname - n'rai
Nard's current hubby - the bad guy!


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There's just something off about this lakorn. It's your typical Cinderella type story except not so much. If n'ek has to be the poor (but really rich or royal in reality), sweet innocent young thing that everyone picks on then you have to have the Prince Charming that sweeps her off her feet and rescues her right? But in this story everyone is weak except for the villains. N'ek can't or won't stick up for herself, p'ek can't help her either cause he's a lowly servant too, Pai is too weak to do anything, the mom acts tough but really she gets run over by everyone too, and the granny doesn't really protect her either.

It's just all around dumb. And the n'rai for Kwan's mom, she's supposedly this upper class society chick right? So how come she just swans around society sticking her nose in the air when she's a MISTRESS! And it looks like it's all out in the open too, not to mention her behavior is that of trailer trash but people just stand around acting like this psycho is normal. At least in other lakorns the n'rais are covert psychos.


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^ I think it's because she thinks she's entitled because she came first, even though the guy ended up marring Nard. About the weak thing...suddenly they both fought back, Nard and Hong. It was kinda fun and funny at the same time.

Right now, the story is kind of going in circle.

Rachanee and Prink plans to hurt Hong because of Wayu.
Fight, fight fight.
Nard goes to whatshisface, and tells him that if they don't leave Hong alone, she will leave hi.
Rachanee thinks otherwise, blah blah.
Whatshisface chooses Nard, Rachanee goes crazy.
Rachanee and Prink plans to hurt Hong beacuse of Way.
...rise and repeat ;_;.

Dear Tle, where did you go?


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This lakorn is very typical in many ways, but I really love Tle, Kwan, and Ae. Now I have to wait several days until I get to see the new episodes. I'm really happy to see Hong and Nalada fight against the bad people.


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LOL This lakorn is so stupid. I hope the crazy bitch and her niece get shot or something. This doesn't make sense. Why isn't this fool locked up? She seems to be all over the place and at the right time to stir up dramas?? LOL..Also the niece, how can you want someone that never liked you, plus you just knew him. It's like she chose him and gotta have him. The writers of this lakorn are crazy.


Yeah, its getting kinda boring to me. I don’t find anything exciting or good right now. Tle needs to hurry up and help Hong’s dad out of his country! And Hong needs to be reveal to everyone that she is Nathlada’s daughter already!. At least with that it give’s her a little strength on where she stands and a reason to fight back.

There’s so many missing details in the lakorn right now that im kinda lost. It’s like skipping through so fast! Lol….They need some action or surprising moments in the lakorn right now or it’s gonna get really BORING.


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How many episodes is this lakorn suppose to be? It is actually very interesting, but I agree that the are just kind of "lagging" right now. So is Hong Fah's parents suppose to end up with each other at the end also?


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This lakorn is really addicting i like it alot and kwan+Tle improved alot cant wait for new eps.The songs are also good,Kwan improved her voice


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This lakorn is really addicting i like it alot and kwan+Tle improved alot cant wait for new eps.The songs are also good,Kwan improved her voice
I agree with with you mzwacko. Well Kwan her acting improved almost all her lakorn that she in. I used not to like Tle but after watch this lakorn he actually pretty good. And the song are good too. Both of them could sing lol. And Kwan she sure know how cry. She pretty good for her ago.


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i think this is another one of those typical princess lakorns and it is boring lol. i'm only watching for tle and kwan since i like them both. like someone said earlier, it's stupid how the n'rai is still chasing after the guy 20 years later lol and who the h*** is she that everyone is afraid of her?? like at the party when she demanded kwan to apologize to her, everyone included the host of the party which was pai's dad, was scared of her!

nonetheless, kwan is still pretty!


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Typical lakorn, but they could of at least make some sense out of the story as to letting the good people fight off the bad ones. In society, would anyone let another person take charge of them and harrass them like that? People fight back, no one's good all the time. If only lakorns producers and writers will have some brain in them to see that it's quite stupid to make the na'rai be so powerful and other people around them be so useless and weak. Make it more of reality that we see in this time peroid. Anyways I'm still watching this lakorn for Kwan, Tle, and Pai. Pai is super hott in here, it's kinda hard to resist him even tho i love Tle as well. lol. This one is Kwan and Tle, the next one I'm hoping for Kwan and Pai. They have been in two lakorns together when Pai did not get Kwan. I'm sad because they make a cute couple to be paired up together. I think I'm leaning more towards Kwan and Pai together than Kwan and Win....lol Oh well Kwan makes guys looks good with her. Who can blame her. Next week's episode seem interesting as Pai and Kwan are getting engage and poor Tle cames back to see it. (Heartbreak scene?)I have a question does Nalada knows that her husband was the one who took Hong away? I wonder what Pai said to his dad to make him change his mind about he getting engage with Kwan. SOmething about his mother telling his father before she die, I guessing. Sigh I'm feel bad for him cause he won't get her in the end. I hope all the bad people die at the end. This lakorn has too many bad people.