How can you tell if the guy you like is teasing with you as a bro/sis or as if he likes you?


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How can you tell if the guy you like is teasing with you as a bro/sis or as if he likes you kind of thing?

Although I've been in a long relationship before, but it's like a rush into it without getting to know the guy for quite some time. And this is the first time that I'm actually going thru this ever! In my life! Weird huh?! I think so...Or maybe it's just me....?

But, yea how can you tell the difference between teasing as a bro/sis or as if he likes you?

I've seriously never gone thru this stage before. For a 19 year old, I can't even tell the difference between them.

--He loves to tease me alot, everyday! Even sometimes when we text each other.
--When he tease me, he would be nagging his shoulder on me while I'm working.
--He always tease me about why I'm always so jumpy when he comes by(Which I do get jumpy alot)
--When he talks to me, he would always be so close to me.
--Sometimes, when it's just the 2 of us talking, not with alot of people around, we both get somewhat quite. It's like we're still shy towards each other.
--He teases and mess around with me the most out of all the other ladies employees. And he known me the shortest!
--He likes to be all nagging and pushy on me.
--Before, when we first started talking(just friends and still is) He would just poke me with like one finger but now it's his whole hand or he just grab my whole waist.

---IDK, I'm just confused. Please help and advice me! It's driving me nutts!---​


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IDK most of my guys friends are like that but they don't like me in that kind of way we just have bro/sis feelings for each other. My current crush likes to flirt alot all the time each time I turn to look at him or when I see him he is always flirting with another girl so I know that even though he flirts with me he doesn't like me in that kind of way.

I don't you to give your hopes up but my very close guy friend and are like what you've listed above but we're nothing more than just friends, really.


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IDK. I find him very confusing. It's like when he's teasing with me, it's like he's flirting with me at the same time cus the way he looks at me is just different.

I have some friends advicing and telling me that he does like me or have feelings for me by the way he act towards me but is scared to show it all out. Plus, I dont see him act like the way he act towards me with other girls at all! There are girls around his age at work(He just turn 24 in January). But I just don't see it.

IDK. My best friend brought this question up to me and it got me thinking really hard about it. Til today I still can't figure out. It's been like 3-4 months now since it's been like this.

He's got me so confused! Sometimes I just go crazy! Just by the way he act towards me and I can't ever figure it out!​


kiss him and find out. he'll be disgusted, if he only thinks of you as a sister. :rolleyes:

other than that, don't sweat it. enjoy yourself and have fun. since it sounds like you don't want to get into a relationship right away without getting to know the person first, it does not matter whether he likes you as a romantic potential or a sister.

don't think about it too much unless you're going to make a move. but like some girls in this society, some of you are wusses. so you will probably wait for him to make a move. until he ask for that date, spends more 1-1 time with you, kisses you, etc... try not to think about it too much. distract yourself with other things like your studies, family and friends. :D
kiss him and find out. he'll be disgusted, if he only thinks of you as a sister. :rolleyes:
Great advice!! But what about if after the kiss the guy will think in another way with her? (after that, he might get some wrong ideas)

Dek_noy, why don't you just catch him and asking him frankly what he thinks about you? i think it will be easier for you than just tortured your mind like that....

After reading what you write, here's what i think: - he just act like a close friend will do it . This is the way that all the guy choose to be friend with a girl. And more they appreciate you and more they treat you like they do with their others friends. Guys don't make necessary difference between a girl or a boy.

And if you really want to know if he loves you or not and don't want to ask him, just look at him, the way he act when you are around. Most of the time, someone who loves you or have a particular feelings for you will always look at you when he thinks that you are not paying attention to him. Trying to get your attention when you are talking to someone else, bringing you a coffee when you are working, waiting you before starting the work and when it's time to leave, always around when you don't expected him... Most of the time this is the little thing that usually we don't care that make the big difference to define a relationship.


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just go, "heey you, honestly what do u think of me? do u like me? u don't have to, but if you do, i'd like to know." fairly simple. it always clear up any confusion.


haha um maybe he just feels more comfortable with u so he feels it's ok to joke with u that way. like many said, since u are that comfortable with each other just bring up a conversation one day and ask...


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I think you feel confused cause you probably like him too? Still, I think you should keep your guards up. This is coming from experience; I was so in love with a guy that I thought loved me too cause he did the exact same thing you described. Once, I let my guards down, Bam!! it all fell apart...

So, I guess the best thing you should do is.. ask him straight up... cause apparrantly he's giving mixed signals, and it's just gonna bite you both in the ass in the long run.. good luck, hope it goes well.


i didn't read the whole thing cus i was lazy
but if theres an intuition that he likes you, then there is a big chance that he DOES like you
you just have to learn to trust yourself
or if not, just ask him.
its better than regretting it. its not like it won't be awkward whether you ask him or not.


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Better idea that will release the tension for ya.

Tell your girlfriends to pop the question to him the next time you have an encounter.

Or during your work hours... tell htem to visit you and then...

you go to the bathroom and have them ask....

Then they leave and you get to hear the scoop after work.

Then you can cry or giggle all you want and share it with sarn readers from half way around the world. :^P


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Thanks for the words and advice everyone!

There are days where we talk alot and days where we dont.
I guess it depends on how busy his work is!
But he's still teasing/flirting with me from here and there!
It's just so cute tho!
I totally go flirting right back at him.

Another thing that crossed my mind!
EVERYONE around me keeps telling me that he LIKES me!
But I just don't see it.
Am I just blind or what?

Oh and another thing.
There's this girl there too.
She just started working there just about a month ago I think?
They were talking, they talk faster than me and him did!

Why is that?
Im just so much full of confusness!
I dont get guys....I dont get him!!!