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Ohsss!! a late birthday poem for my lovely P'lek and Cutie Nong Pee!!Order From Oldest to Youngest :p lolss

Like Platnium she is Strong
Like a Diamond she Shines
Shes Different From Many Woman
In That Shes Not Only Amazing
But Strong, Intelligent, Kind, and Beautiful
If there were a word that can mean most amazing
This Gal will be the definition
Because From The heart this woman is pure
Her intentions are always great..
Her heart is also very great...
Another Year We are blessed with this angel
Another Year comes by
As her journey from the past to the future ends
I am greatly appreciative and thankful
that I can be a part of this gal's life and circle of friends
Although the meeting was not face to face
I feel as though I've known her forever!
Thats just how amazing she is...
So regardless of how we met ..
I will still love this gal to death...
So the road ahead is coming quick
And I hope along that road she faces
only small bumps and never anything major
for she deserves only to be happy
because she is my P'lek....

Nong Pee
Loved By Many if Not All
Adorable yet Beautiful
Another Year To Maintain
Maintain her Beauty and Charms
As Roads lead her to who she is today
Roads Will Also lead her to who she will be
In the Future,
The future is a mystery from this standpoint
But at this distance its visible
That this lovely young lady will
be the center of alls attention
She will conquer the title of
Most Magnificent
Another Year of Life has come
So another year she must ...
Must live to enjoy
Live yo love
and Live to become
Something great if not something
So Closing This Writing of Many More
That Can Be Written of This Little Angel
I Close and leave with Nong Pee is the Cutest

©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai-08.16.2006

May Not be all that good of a writing style, but this ish from my heart about my lovely P'sao and Nong Sao :p--Have This Posted In My Sarnworld Blog Too :p lolsss


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lyk woah every1 has such nyc poems i wish i could do dat but im not really gd!! ^_^ instead i get rid of any emotions by eating or by painting im gd at sumthing atleast!! ^_^ :p


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It seems you've wondered of again
But This time in a hands more deadly
Hands That Belong To Someone
Someone Different Than The Others
I Tried To Hold you back
But You kept falling out of my grip
I order you to stay this time!
I order you to stop!
I order you to stop jumping out
Because you are my heart
not his.................

© Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai
Something Random =x


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Tur Tam Hai chun jeb chun gor yorm ... tur tam hai chun rong hai chun gor yorm... mah wah tur jah tarm arai chun gor york tood hai tur laew... tah chun kor pieng cae tur bork kwarm jing mah ... lah gor bork wah tur mai ruk chun laew tah ruk khon uern chun gor yorm ... tah chun kor pieng tur bark mah.....


bite me x___
"tur mai ruk chun... chun mai wah... tur mai soon jai...
chun mai grot tur luer. Thae chun kor tur dai mai,
ya tum hai hua jai chun sa lai praw kum wah ruk leur..."


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something from my blog on my friend :wub:


...there is this silence and then this voice,,, a thought from my heart that everything is different when i hear your voice...time slips away and i feel this pain for the times you are near... i want to live,,, i want to live again if just for the moment when i hear your voice louder than the rain...


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something from last year:::


a day without pain
a day when the
flame in a heart
will be extinguished
from so much shame
the day the innocents
was taken away
will finally end
the rain will
end all that’s happened
in the child’s heart...
love was always
beneath the pain
hidden from life...
time finally finds
the child that’s been
in the rain holding
onto so much pain
peace will set in
a broken heart that
could not mend alone
the rain brings
peace to this child
one day at a time
alone in the dark...


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Wow P'john's a writer :p lolss nice awesome job p'John!!

Heres a little something from me

confused is all I have been. Its like the ways you use to know me has died and deflated.... now you don't even realize that what has come across to your ears aren't even the real me, but an invention of me in anothers words..For someone who can say they love me you sure do show them in the wrongest ways.... Yesterday I loved you and Today I still do.. Regardless of if you hate me or not.. but I'll tell you now... that you don't know me as much as you say you do....because if you did... then I wouldn't be the monster........
©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

Just a little something I wrote randomly while at the park its actually apart of a poem I wrote, but I haven't quite finished the poem so I will share them laters =)


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oO I have another one Part of a different poem though

Today I wish to walk away.. I came so far into getting over you, yet you come back and try to change that.. I don't want to listen to your lies and your misconception of feelings once more.. I hate that you can come back and repetively hurt me .. and I myself for forgiving you each and everytime around.. I think maybe its time I walk ahead for good... I love you still I do I cannot lie, but at the same time I'm getting tired.. tired of listening to you tell me words that cannot be relied upon.. you use to be a hero in my eyes.. the one person so far able to touch and reach my heart since the last time I locked that gate.. but at the same time you became the person who would cause that gate to close once again.. so now I tell you.. goodbye for good.. for I have had it with your misconcepted feelings... I choose to counter with my own feelings and those are the ones telling me to stay.. and for you who understand not what counter means it means to go against what my heart tells me and my heart tells me to stay therefore I will continue to walk...
©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai-Dj Kisses

actually part of another poem I wrote thats not quite finished :p but I liked this verse so I posted it anyways ...


bite me x___
"why did you lie to me... why did u hurt me...?
why did you cause me pain...?
why did you tell me that you loved me...?
when you really didn't...why?
why say you care for me...?
why did you give me hope?
why did u you act like I was something to you...?
why...? please tell me why...?
You were everything to me, my life.
But you never cared about me like what you said...
Everything was game, eveything was a lie...
I lost and hurt... everything came to an end...
What hurts me more, is that you cheated on me...
With my best friend..."


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o_O Here Goes another from another poem I wrote awhile back a verse that I liked most

* how did I become the one wrong in this? When all along you were the one who changed? you were the one who went back on your own words and still continued to lie to me about the way you feel.. I hate that I let you do this to me for such a long period of time and I must say I do indeed, but at this point forward I will have to admit to my part in this and say I am wrong in a majority of what has happened and now I leave with yes I do love you sad to say... goodbye..
©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

One of my randoms again :p


bite me x___
awww... tina!! i love it! girl you are soo creative!!


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oOkies Feeling Like Writing So Here Goes a Random

Although in this story I turned out to be that evil witch .. the one that tears through lives of others and make others miserable ... Don't think for one minute I intended to hurt you... true i may not be that good of a person. Everything about me may be superficial and seem unreal and created, but everything about the way I feel for you.. I'll tell you now is real.. you can doubt everything I've ever told u, but somethings especially the way I love, Miss and Think of you..... don't for one minute doubt those.......True you may never see the story in my eyes and never really see what I saw and where I was unearthing from, but hey as long as you are happy with what you know and what you see then I guess you can say that makes me happy............

Randomness in the late night ... yawns sleepy time and THANKS SAIFAH!! I LOVE YOuR WRITINGS ALSO!!!!!


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Wow Cute Kev...

well sarNies here Goes My early morning randomness, but reading kev's comment made me wanna write something a little brighter yawns don't know how well it'll work since I've been deprived sleep lolss

In The midst of all thats gone wrong there are still those beautiful memories and smiles that were shared..although things still remain broken and unresolved... I still keep the things that made us happy and made us smile..... I can't say that all was completely bad because they weren't .... through all the trials and unrelinqueshed moments I may be able to put someone .... I realize that there are those little times where there were giggles, times where my heart palpitated... true still confused non the less, but I'm not going to discard those moments that made me happy. Everything that I can say to hurt everything I can say to scratch and cut a person.......... It is nothing like the way I can actually feel....... Although things may remain the way they presently are ......... It won't take away the smiles I have when I look at little things that remind me of you..... a ice cream for one..........
©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai-9.20.2006
LMFAO!! sorry sarNies lolsss I had to throw the ice cream in there ^_^ I'm having some even though I haven't slept and its gonna give me a headache hahha lolss :p but want some? its ummmm heheheheh ROCKY ROAD!! mixed with ....the CRUNCH ICE CREAM! lolssss oki I'll have to get going soon, but this is my early morning randomness although............ I'm tired :( lolss.... but I like it maybe I'll turn it into a poem =)


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My Before Nap Randomness Lets see how it works out lmfao lolssssss

oh dear bed you lay there teasing me.... I yearn to waltz into the kitchen and grab a bar of ice cream.... yet you lure me from that by hypnotizing my energy... I wish to stay with eyes wide open and alert, but your texture and comfortable look just continously tease and mock me..... and now I shall close and give in to your irresistable seduction
©Tina aka KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

I Call This One Seduction of the Bed

A poem about being seduced by a bed hahah lolss wellls lolss I shall see you guys later im off to take a nap 2 days with non sleep not good lol


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oOoO I just posted this in my blog its my nightly randomness lol hehehehe I thought it was cute.... I may just turn it into a poem :wub:

"The touch of the sun atop my eyelids every morning reminds me of how your words touched my heart. Slowly as we learned of one another's flaws it made me realize even more.. I can accept all and everything as long as you stand by myside.... If I can't say that you are the person I desperately need and want ... I can say that you at the present date and time hold the keys that can order my heart to speak and listen... You have the feather that tickles the giggles from it... you have the touch to cause its smiles....for the time being... I hope you sleep with sweet dreams love"
© Tina Syrypanha-09.21.2006


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I Feel Like Writing Again...... lol Here Goes another Randomness From Me...

Although The Door Behind me closed just as I stepped out... It doesnt mean my memories and feelings were closed behind that door also... Every step I continue to take... under its breath and pushing pant still continues to replay the times you made me smile.. made me laugh.. made me giggle... made me cry.. of joy of course.... Every single thurst forward into the new room and beginning is the still existent desire to turn around and push back through the door .. the door in which you stand on the other side... but then again.. there is still that unrealistic wish of possibly maybe you running through those doors and grabbing me from behind telling me to stay ... telling me its ok.. telling me ... we are ok.. telling me yes I am still your love .. and yes its ok for u to love and miss me still as I feel the same... but the further I walk the more clear the picture becomes... for we have drifted apart like a canvas size painting and its admirer.... meaning you have to be far from it to acknowledge it in its perfect view....
©October 07, 2006
~Tina Syrypanha

Wow I like that randomness it was weird lol and for some reason catchy to myself lol


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A Final Look At You and I, A Final Goodbye To What Was Once beautiful... I must say its hard and very difficult to walk away this way.. walk away with you misunderstanding everything that had happen, but its better off that we leave it while its still somewhat attached rather than try to fix and cause it to break more..... Before I go I must ask you to remember through all this time through all the tears and pain..I still love and miss you each and everyday...
©Tina Syrypanha -10.17.06

My little Randomness :p