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Chapter 21.1/21.1 ~A~

I woke up frantic. My memories returned to me suddenly and the part just before I was zapped freaked me out and scared me the most. I lost my memory because of that one moment. I was filled with emotions that made me weep and cry out that I could barely breathe. I forgot all about Kraisorn because of that woman! I’m relieved that I remember him and that now I know I am not dreaming. I reflexively launched at Kraisorn as I noticed his presence by my side. “I remember! I remember everything!” I tell him.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me. My heart was racing and my breathing staggered, but the longer he held me and stroke my hair, the more my heart came to a slow pace. Blood rushed back to fill my cheeks and I felt more comfortable than ever. I continued to sob, but felt my blouse beginning to soak. I tried to push Kraisorn away to see what he was doing, but he wouldn’t let me. Then, I heard him sniffle and knew he was crying too. He did not say one word.

I gently patted his back to comfort him back and noticed his breathing calming down. I had to tell him that it’s okay if I see him cry.

“I’m not crying,” he says to me. Though, I can clearly tell he didn’t want to admit it.

“Alright,” I say to him, “Can I look at your face before I start to panic again? I never want to forget you again!” I say to him.

Kraisorn hushed me and finally after another minute, released his tight grip and I pulled away from him slowly. His hands are still on my shoulders, firm against me. His touch sent chills through me, not a bad kind of chill, but one that makes me want him closer. I began to tell him, “In case anything else happens, I really want you to know that I really love you.”

Suddenly, he pulls me towards him. His eyes are dark black, with a hint of a flame. I know what that meant. My heart began to beat loudly. He says to me, “It’s been too long.”

“I know,” I say to him. He still gives me butterflies, my mind floods back to our little time together. I can sense passion rise in his eyes. I too, felt my body react to his gaze. It has been days since we’ve made love and the burning desire to have him touch me in that way cannot wait any longer.

As if we can read each other’s mind, Kraisorn ran one hand from my shoulder to my collarbone and then up my neck to my chin. Finally he stroked my cheek as he pulled me closer to him. Our lips touch and I felt the chemistry between us. His other hands reached my lower back and he easily found the entrance to place his hand against my skin. As we kissed, he moved his other hand slowly down to my lower back and began to pull my blouse up.

He pulled his mouth away from mine and bit my lower lip and tugged on it as he pulled away. Kraisorn smiled and I could do nothing but stare at his moist lips. The very lips that worked magic on mine.

I sat almost fully exposed to my husband. He crawled closer to me and helped me lay flat on the bed. I could do nothing but stay silent and look at his perfection. He wrapped his legs between mine and sat on me as he pulled of his shirt. This was the first time we will be making love fully exposed in a lit room. I could see him clearly. His body is even more perfect than I had thought. He smiled at me wickedly, I smiled back at him and felt pride in knowing he is my husband. I could feel his erection on top of me, but our clothes separated us. Kraisorn runs his hand on my stomach and bends down to kiss it. I look down to stare at him in awe. I never knew those sensations would make me burn with want. He looked up with his tongue now running down the middle of my stomach. His eyes fixated on mine.

I hate the way he is playing with me because I want him in me already. I thought he wanted to be in me too, but obviously he wants me to suffer. I felt annoyed, but satisfied at the same time. His teasing also made me excited. I can’t be mad at him because he is making me feel so many things at once. Kraisorn takes his hand and pulls down my skirt.

After pulling the garment off, Kraisorn kisses my big toe. I quavered at the touch. I didn’t know I was that sensitive. He gave me small kisses along my foot to my ankles, to my knees. He pulled my other leg away. I felt very exposed and shy, even though I shouldn’t be. I grabbed the bed sheets suppressing my convulsion of wanting him to touch me in that special part of me. He kissed closer and closer to my inner thigh, but stops. Kraisorn goes back down to my other toe on the opposite leg and repeats. But this time, he gets closer.

Kraisorn looks up at me as I stare intently at him. I felt so embarrassed to be looking at him with such need that I leaned back and closed my eyes as I felt his masterful tongue glide, flick, and cause me to lose all self control. I didn’t care if I am shy, I wanted him to touch me and do as he pleased. I couldn’t control myself any longer and had to release, I could feel Kraisorn trying to hold my legs apart and stopping me from squeezing his head to death. Finally my breathing slowed and I let go of the bed sheets. I never knew he could make me feel that way with his tongue down there.

After calming down, I felt Kraisorn rubbed me with his finger. He pushed his finger into me a little at a time. He makes me feel out of this world so quickly, I don’t know if I should want to convulse on him this quick. I couldn’t control it and released again. Kraisorn looked up and crawled towards my face. He placed his finger to my lips and I knew he wanted me to suck on it. I did. The taste was weirdly appetizing.

Kraisorn sat up and pulled his pants down. His erection fully exposed. I blushed and turned away from him. Kraisorn came back down and pressed his body against mine. I didn’t open up to him yet, still embarrassed about blushing after seeing him clearly in the light for the first time. Kraisorn breathed into my ear and whispered, “I love you too, Saratan.”

My heart pounded as the words sank deep into my heart. I wanted to take it and hold it there, lock it away and throw away the key. He kissed my neck and then back to my mouth. Kraisorn pulled away slightly and moved his hand down to separate my thighs. He grabbed my hands and held them as he said, “I can’t wait any longer.”

He gave me a passionate kiss and I closed my eyes as I anticipated his entrance into me. I felt my breathing go faster as he plunged into me gently at first. I moaned as he went deeper each time, until I felt him enter all the way. “I don’t want to hurt you or our baby,” he said.

“I’m sure the baby will be okay,” I say, “I’m sure he or she will forgive his or her daddy for making mommy happy.”

All I know is that I want him, so bad. He went in and out of me as he nestled his face between my shoulder. I could feel his breath and hear his panting. I pushed myself against him for better access. I bit my lower lips as I felt myself give way. Kraisorn let out a loud groan, one that made me proud to have affected him in that way.

He breathed in and out. I felt limp, as he pulled out of me. I could feel some drips on me as he looked up and stared into my eyes. The flames are gone, but his black eyes are still looking at me with much love. “I forgot to take off your bra,” he said.

I smiled and chuckled, tired. “It’s okay,” I say to him.

He moved next to me and lay my head on his chest as he stroked my hair. “Now, that’s what a honeymoon should be like,” I say to him.

He laughs and suddenly pushes me down so my head rests on the pillows and looks into my eyes again. The flames blazes. “Yes, and more,” he says.

He reached behind my back and unhooks my bra and pulls it off quickly. His lips immediately touches my right nipple, which made me burn with desire again. “Yes,” I say, almost begging.


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Well, I had to add in three more lines to chapter 21 because I realized I didn't paste it in. IDK if that even made a difference.

I still don't know where I'm going with this now, but if this is supposed to be my most rated R ff I've written so far, maybe even ever. So, have to stick to that. I will try to finish this ff before I go on vacay, but if not...patience because I am determined to finish this one day!!


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❤ moment

Chapter 22.1/22.3‘๑’
Saratan crept out of bed, and I was slightly awoken by her movements. I want her to stay. I thought of pulling her back, but I felt weak. I drifted off to bed so early in the day, she took so much energy out of me and I want her to do that to me every day if I had the choice.

With my eyes barely open, I can see her naked silhouette. She bent down to pick up her clothes that I tossed on the floor. Although my eyes are half closed, I can see her hair brush against her breasts. She looking at me suddenly and I close my eyes. I thought our eyes met, but she is back to struggling to put on her blouse, I shift in bed to startle her a bit, my eyes still closed.

I feel a gentle kiss pressed on my right eyelid and I can’t help but smile. Before I could open my eyes to greet her, she has already walked away and enters the bathroom. She never put on her blouse. I want to follow her in, I can, but she must be tired too. It is almost night and I know I need a bit more sleep to prepare for last night here. “The perfect honeymoon,” I managed to say before falling fast asleep.

I woke up to the most wonderful smell. Saratan must be cooking. I can hear the faucet turn on in our kitchenette. I open my eyes and prop up on my elbow. I can see her through the transparent wall into the kitchen. She has on such a cute red-floral apron. She truly is a chef’s daughter. The way she rinses the vegetables has me mesmerized, so gentle, calm, cool. I wished she were naked cooking in the kitchen. It’s guy’s fantasy right? Her navy shirt and skirt still shapes her body perfectly.

I quietly get out of bed and decide to walk to the bathroom for a quick shower and aftershave. It would’ve been nice to shower together, but I can always shower twice. It’s hard trying to suppress my desire for her.

I looked at myself in the mirror and put on aftershave. I hope my scent does not make her vomit, especially with her pregnancy.

Saratan turns around with a pot in her hand and smiles at me. “Chicken curry in a coconut shell with rice?” she asks me, smiling gorgeously. I want to walk over and kiss her so bad. I do just as I desire. She must’ve took a dip of the coconut milk because I can taste it on her lips. She responds to my kiss and her lips are so tender I want to stay like this forever. She pulls back, leaving me wanting more. She turns to set the pot down on the rack and I offer to make jasmine rice. “Go ahead,” she insists, “I’m also making my father’s famous stew.”

“What a treat,” I say to her, “That is the best tasting thing I’ve ever eaten.” I added, “But you taste better.”

Sara blushed, her face turned pink quickly but I can’t help but smile, knowing I can put this effect on her. She is too cute and beautiful. I pulled out some pots and boiled some water before placing the rice into the pot. We didn’t have a rice cooker, which is a bummer. I can just use magic to make the perfect rice, but if she is doing everything the human way, I should too. I have to work to get what I want.

Sara came over next to me and turned on the Crockpot to boil some water. She added some stock from the chicken she cooked earlier and poured in lemon grass. The lemon grass already has me salivating. I smiled at Sara and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She is mine.

Chapter 22.2.2/22.3 ~A~
The smoke detector went off and I nearly drop the sugar bowl I had in my hand. Kraisorn panicked, standing at the burner. He waved his hand over the hot steam and grabbed a hold of the pot without a pot holder. If it were me, I’d be screaming from the scorch, but I momentarily forgot that he wasn’t purely human. I set the sugar bowl down and rushed to assist him. Kraisorn turned on the faucet and poured water into the pot. The smoke sizzled onto our face. I cough slightly from inhaling the smoke.

“The rice is totally burnt,” he says. I couldn’t stop coughing yet, but when I finally did, all I could do was laugh at him. The smoke finally clears and Kraisorn sets his pot in the sink, still holding onto the handle, but he leans in suddenly and gives me a kiss. His action is unexpected. Kraisorn drops the pot into the sink with a loud clank, but I barely notice because he wraps his arms around me and begins to touch me in places that make my heart race.

I pull away from him and bite my lips. “I better get back to the stew or it’ll burn too,” I say to hm. He chuckles and responds, “If it burns, I’ll just have you instead.”

I give him a quick slap on the arm and he chuckles and grins. We managed to finish everything half an hour later. If only he didn’t come help me, I’d be done way earlier. But cooking with the one I love is special and the time is worth every moment. He ended up using magic to finish his rice because he attempted a second time and it didn’t work. He told me he burnt them because he was too busy staring at me.

We sat at the little table and Kraisorn scooped up some rice and curry for me. He wanted to feed me, but I’m bashful about it. It is hard to believe that this is real and he is feeding me. After a few seconds, I finally accepted and did the same for him. I don’t know how it happened, but we finished merely the whole meal. I felt bloated and I knew baby must be super full. I want to go to bed with Kraisorn because he is making me feel heat, but I can’t because my belly is too full. We washed dishes together and I suggest we walk to settle our stomachs. Kraisorn looked at me with longing eyes, I know he wants to go to bed right away, but I can’t do that feeling like this. I’d vomit all over him.

He unties my apron and nuzzles his nose between my neck and shoulder. He places his lips there and gives me a kiss. Oh, I want him so bad. But I must endure. Kraisorn pulls his head away and lifts the apron off of me. I turn and grab his hand and pulls him outside. The air is cool and calm. I can hear the sound of the waves. It is dark now, but Kraisorn somehow got a lantern. The lantern is very fancy. I’ve never seen it around before.

We walk out to the sandy beach and walk in silence. Our hearts filled with love for one another. As we continue to walk, I spot a blanket with candles. It looks so romantic. “It’s for you,” Kraisorn says.

I smile at him and let’s go of his hand and runs to the blanket. He surprises me so much. The most beautiful thing any guy has ever done for me. Once he reached my side again, he grabs my hand and helps me sit down. We lay down on the blanket staring into the sky. “It’s so beautiful!” I say. “I think dad is looking down on me right now.”

Kraisorn gives my hand a squeeze and turns to face me and say, “I’m sure he is.”

We continue to talk, forgetting the sexual tension building between us. For love isn’t always about sex. This is wonderful to have him by my side and we can talk about random things. Kraisorn revealed that he fell for me right away but wasn’t a very nice teenager and admit he liked me to his father or brother. I laughed at him.

Finally, I turn to Kraisorn and nest in his arm. He turns and kisses my forehead as I close my eyes to take it in. I guess he can’t hold off any longer because I felt his lips and tongue gliding down my cheeks and he stops. I open my eyes and he is looking down at me. We look into each other’s eyes and he places his lips on mine. His kiss so tender and loving. I close my eyes and take in what he is giving me. I forget how public we are out here.

Chapter 22.3/22.3‘๑’
I place a shield over us so no one can see what we did. Sara’s navy shirt is shambled and her hair messy. She didn’t wear a bra under her shirt which is very sexy. Her cleavage is still showing through and I reach down to cover her dress. My shirt flew a few feet away and I got up to retrieve it to put it back on. Sara still laid on the blanket in a daze at what just occurred between us. I know I must’ve done a great job making her so speechless. This is probably as cocky as I’ll ever get. I’m glad she’s satisfied with me. Her skirt still reveals her upper thigh and I cannot allow anyone else to see that. I quickly run back to her and pull it down and got her to sit up.

“I want to do that again,” she smiles as she says that to me. My innocent wife is now capable of letting me know exactly what she wants. I like that. I bend down and pick her up and carry her back to our house. “Last night here,” I say.


Hopefully bringing back some humor into this :p


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I'm going to read this fanfic again. I feel so bad for abandoning it. I will re-read everything & catch up again^^


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I like how you add sooo much of their love in here! It's sooo much fluffiness and ummm... let's say a bit of woah...;) LOL!:D


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I'm really behind on this and have no clue what I want to do with the rest of this. It was fresh and everything when I first started, but my hand cramps stopped me from writing everything down. Now, I'm struggling to remember what I even wanted with this. Ughh..writer's block.
What do you all want to read? More drama, a conclusion for both brothers? More sweet scenes, erotic scenes, what?? You can PM me ideas if you don't want anyone to know what you really want from this ff LOL. Please...I really want to finish this one and want it to not be rushed or drag either.