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Awww I'm blushing on the hot sex scene! Seemed like they had one hell of a good time Hahaha!

By the way, It isn't over yet is it?!
No way is it over yet! Just had to add some thing in there because I planned a bed scene, but never got to writing it until I finished reading a book & had the urge to write more :) I was thinking of adding more aggressiveness in this, but decided to go 'willing' There's more for sure!

Sooo good. Can't wait for more. I felt bad for phrawarin. I liked wen he said I want my love to be loved. Awws. ^_^
I made him nice suddenly. The relationships in this is making me so confused, my mind wanders too much.

Woah, i think i'm still a little too young to be reading this, but hey, who can resist :r-scene-pop-corn: rite? LOL!!! :coverlaf: I also do feel bad for Warin, hopefully u can maybe find him a girl too plz?... :wub: That'd be fair rite?... Keep up the good work by the way! :dude:
I'm sure there are younger people reading this. C'mon I loved r scene in lakorns when I was younger & I didn't even know what it was back then. haha. I turned out fine...well except writing perverted things on here lol.

Hahahahahh! Don't wrry much it's fine! It was totally worth it hehehhehehehehhehehehehhee ! Haha the rated scence was amazing! *pervet mind* lol! Keep up the good work! Hoping for more hehehhehehehehhehehehehhee add a BABY! Lol! I can't wait to know what happens at the beach house!!
Thanks for your continuous support. I still haven't written the next chapter, but when I do, I'll see what I can do :) I have my outline written out, but if I get tired of typing then things change.


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
I'm finally all caught up with this FF. OMG they're willing scene was hot! My innocence is gone now LOL. Thanks for the update Phone!


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Chapter 17.1/17.4 ~A~

“No, you dumb nanny! I want to take revenge on the King. He made me live in misery knowing I bore him a son. I thought taking the kid would make him appoint me higher up and give me powers, but he didn’t. Instead, he took the kid after I threatened to leave the underground with the kid. Then, he sent people to spy on me and see if I really left like I said I would. I’m back to convince Warin to backstab his own father and mother, so I can have the powers I deserve!” cried out PhraWarin’s mother.

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I was merely walking around trying to keep myself busy and to keep my mind off of not have PhraKraisorn with me. I didn’t think to be passing by the sitting room and overhearing PhraWarin’s mother saying these things. In order for PhraWarin to even take over, he has to hurt PhraKraisorn first. Will he do that to his brother? Will he hurt his father? What does she mean by his ‘mother’? I thought she was his mother.

“You won’t get away with that,” shouted Pattaya. “I won’t let him listen to you. I will tell him what you did, evil witch!”

“Oh no you won’t! Just because you raised him, he will always have a connection with his beloved mother. Besides, you won’t live to even warn him that I’m not his mother!” shouted PhraWarin’s mother. Then, she laughed evilly, the echoes bouncing off the walls. She started to raise her hand.

My heart panicked. I feel sick to my stomach. What is she thinking of doing? She’s really not PhraWarin’s mother? I can’t let her hurt his nanny. I’m sure his nanny means so much to him. I can’t stay glued to the floor not doing anything about this. But how can a human stop anything from happening? How can I stop them?

I must do it, it’s not right. I can feel my feet beginning to take action and run towards the two women. “Stop!” I heard myself scream. I jumped right on top of Pattaya and hovered over her. The next thing I knew was I felt a zap. It burned my skin, like little thorns penetrating from the inside out. “Who are you?” shouted PhraWarin’s mother. I can’t answer her. My head begins to spin and the room looked smudged like a photo being edited on Photo Shop.

Chapter 17.2/17.4‘๑’

I heard her scream and tell someone to stop. I recognize her voice. I ran towards the sound and all I see is my wife lying in Pattaya’s arm. Her body is red and her hair is course. Smoke still projecting off of her scalp. I rushed to her and placed my hand on her face. I looked at Pattaya angrily. “Who did this to her?”

“It’s Reida. She did it. She meant to hurt me, not the Princess. The Princess rushed in to protect me. It’s my fault Phra. I don’t deserve to live,” cried Pattaya.

Reida…PhraWarin’s mother. I didn’t know she was back. My curiosity provoked me to ask more questions. “Why would she hurt you?”
Pattaya bowed her head. “I knew something was odd when she reappeared. I made her confess the truth. And I told her I’d stop her, but she said she was going to kill me. But Princess rushed in. I think that caused her electric powers to lessen the kill and that’s why Princess is still breathing,” said Pattaya.

I asked her, “What is the secret?” She responded, “PhraWarin is really Queen Mother’s son.”

My heart raced even more. I couldn’t believe it. I looked back down at Sara and scooped her up and rushed her to our room. I sat and meditated to get her to regain some energy. There’s no telling what the electric current could’ve done to her human body, Her hair is half gone and her skin burnt. Where did Reida go?

Chapter 17.3/17.4~~~~~:]~

“Sara is hurt again. This time it is reported that your mother did it. Actually, she isn’t your mother,” said bro. I don’t understand him. What does he mean by that? He began to explain, “She kidnapped you as a kid.”

My nanny grabbed my arms and looked at me with sincere eyes. “She confessed that she isn’t your real mother. She took you from Queen Mother. She wanted to kill me for it. Princess got hurt because she got in the way in order to protect me from the kill.” I couldn’t believe my ears. It is just too much for me. She isn’t my mother? Who is? Sara is hurt? Why is this happening to me? Is it the karma from all the bad I’ve done to others? To all those women? This is just too much for me to handle.

“Tell me where she is,” said bro. “I don’t know!” I shouted.

He walked back towards the hall and I walked to a corner in my room and crouched down. Everything is just so painful right now. I’m so confused. I was kidnapped?

Chapter 17.4/17.4‘๑’

Queen Mother rushed over to my room. She touched Sara’s face and caressed it. “She’s lucky it didn’t kill her. Humans can easily die from a blast like that. Poor girl. What was she thinking?”

I asked Queen Mother if she can heal Sara. But she turned to me and sighed. “We’ll have to wait my son.” Queen Mother turned back to Sara and blew on Sara’s hair. A single strand exited out of the follicle in her scalp. The surface of her scalp began to turn flesh colored again. “This is all I can do for her son,” said Queen Mother.

I was looking forward to telling her about taking time off to go on our honeymoon. But, I come home to her hurt again. Why do things always happen to her? Why can’t I be the one laying there instead? Her whole life is tormenting. From being suppressed by bullies because of her frail looks, her kind heart, and losing her father; then forced to marry a man she never knew, let alone…he’s not purely human. Moving away from her family, falling ill because of my choices and now hurt trying to protect someone. If only I could take her pain away and make her happy and healthy.

It seemed like hours had gone by when Sara began to fidget. “Ahh, headache!” she screamed. I got up and rushed to the bedside. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and held her close to my chest. Her breathing slowed and Queen Mother walked in.
As soon as Sara calmed down, she instantly pushed me away from her and looked at me with strange eyes.

“Who are you?” she asked.


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WHAT?! Ur killing me here!!! :cry1: This isn't rite, what is going on?! :unsure: She can't remember him!!! Ur freaken scaring me here!!! :eyetwitch: This cannot happen, plz make her remember soon!!! But then again, it'll be cute to see him try to win her heart back by actually dating her and being all romantic with too! :kiss3: Agh, this is like a real actual lakorn for me now! :cloud9: Keep it going... :bravo:


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I was going to write something for Valentine's Day, but I got home from work late & had planned a party for my friends. So didn't get a chance. Then I got sick & still am :(. But I'm thinking of giving myself motivation...and a hint of what might be coming.


Again, sorry for being so slow with this ff.

Credit: Youtube, artist: JoJo


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Chapter 18.1/18.4‘๑’

“I’m sorry, but Miss Saratan has amnesia,” were the last words I wanted to hear. Yes, it’s better than, “I’m sorry your wife is dead.” But, all that time spent to admit we love each other is taken away. She looks at me as if I’m a stranger and she constantly begs to return home. She believes we are lying to her and has kidnapped her, holding her against her will. No matter how much I try to convince her of what really happened, she just laughed at us like we were all insane or this is a different nightmare. One that she isn’t able to wake up from.

“Wow, this one is second on my list to being the worst nightmare I’ve ever had. At least I’m not dreaming about the snake!” she exclaimed.
The way she’s been acting is different too. She’s more, I don’t know how to describe it. Not as shy? This shock has made her personality change too? However, the nurse practioner told me that it is possible that this affected that part of her brain. Then she turned to me and laughed stating that this is going to be fun for me.

I didn’t laugh in return. It’s not like I don’t love my wife one way or another, it’s just we finally connected. Now I have to start all over. She’ll be like a new person. Maybe this new her will not love me. But, this time I won’t back off. If she fell for me before, I can do it again. Father suggested I take her back to her home with her mother. I hesitated, not wanting to start over. But Father told me it might help her remember things. The nurse told me that she may never remember her past. Her brain seems to have forgotten that her father passed away already. Father sent some people over to inform her mother before agreeing to see if she can convince Sara that what’s happening is reality. I’m going help her memory return any way I can.
Chapter 18.2/18.4 ~A~

This is all a dream. Wow, I can’t believe my brain can dream so vividly. The room I supposedly awoke to is dim, but very beautiful. It looks like a room I’d see in a medieval film . I would imagine the smell to be a bit drabby, but the scent is actually pleasant. One in which I would not want to ever forget.

A handsome guy held me and I felt calm in his arms. But then, why was I so easy? I wouldn’t hug a guy like that, so I pushed him off. He made my heart skip a beat when I saw his face, but I had no idea who he was. He reminded me of an actor I once saw on tv, but much more breathtaking. When I blurted out my first words he looked shocked. Then, some people entered the room and were frantic and gushing over how I’ve awoken. The stranger just stood there not saying a word. When I finally asked everyone else who they were, he tried to reach for me again, but I brushed him away. He didn’t attempt again, even though every touch sent tingles up my spine. They began to tell me this ridiculous story that I’m married to him and that we live at his ‘underground palace.’ Like, right, I’ll believe that. I couldn’t take this dream anymore, so I told them that I should be waking up soon and that this dream is the craziest ever. It’s better than that snake one by a ton, but shadow figures and fog mists has really gotten me prepped for this strange one.

I tried to pinch myself to wake up, but it didn’t work. It probably didn’t work because I really kind of didn’t want it to end. The people here treated me so well and looking at him.

A couple days later

The people brought me home. Mother hugged me and cried. I feel so bad that she is crying over this. Luckily it’s just all a dream. I asked where dad is and why he isn’t home to welcome me back from that beautiful place. Believe me, the exiting of that place was more than I could imagine. We walked down the hall and I let him hold my hand, guiding me up those stairs. My heart kept thumping. I started imagining wild and crazy things. I wanted to manipulate my dream so he’d pull me in and start touching me in places I’ve never been touched. Right there on the staircase. But, it didn’t happen. My imagination kept running wild as we continued up the stairs, I felt his hot breath on the nape of my neck, as if I’d experienced it before. When he finally entered this huge brightly lit home, I knew I was definitely still in dreamland. I went from this beautiful medieval underground home to this large mansion. What a dream!

Then mother began to explain that Father passed away two months ago. I thought, no, why is this keep going back and forth between a dream and a nightmare. Tears dripped down my eyes and I sobbed so hard I wanted to wake up. But, it didn’t happen. Then images started to pop up in my head. Images of Kraisorn walking into the funeral with his sunglasses and the tenseness I felt sitting next to him. Why am I imagining within my dreams. I must be crazy! I forced myself to stop crying. After all, this is all fake. I can have some fun.

This is actually the first nightmare that I can change. The snake one, the tightening of my legs, I can’t change. It always happens the same way. Then, the tall figure that reached out to me and tried to say something to me, but I kept running. I shook it off and go upstairs to my room.

When I get there, I see that my mom has made a few changes. She switched out my full size mattress for a king sized one. It’s a bit cramped, but the bed set is elegant and beautiful. She also changed my curtains. It’s very mature compared to the real blandness of my old room. Let my imagination run wild.

For some reason I feel so tired, I have to go to sleep. Maybe laying on the bed will finally wake me up. But, I want to wake up after seeing him again. That’s the best way to wake up.
Chapter 18.3/18.4‘๑’

Father told me that Saratan is returning to work with me. He’s hoping this will trigger some memory even if the nurse claims that the damage is permanent. I told Father I’d try anything to get her to remember our relationship again. Besides, not seeing her for a day made me not think straight. I’ve been skipping work and drinking more than usual. Seeing her will help me to sober up some.

After Sara awoke, we tried to find PhraWarin, but he disappeared. Father tried to search for him, but he couldn’t find him on the tracker. It’s strange. I worry for him. The only way he’s off the tracker is if his spirit is lost. He has ended his existence. But, the PhraWarin I know will not do that. However, the circumstances have changed. Queen Mother is more upset than anyone that he is gone. She found out from the nanny. Father and Queen Mother locked themselves together for what seemed like hours before reappearing. They desperately focused on finding PhraWarin. They tried to find that evil mother of his too, but she has also disappeared off the tracker. He couldn’t possibly have gone with her, can he? He is willing to protect her? Or did they destroy each other? PhraWarin appears strong, but he is actually very sensitive. I love him and I want him to come back so we can help him. I know he isn’t dead.
Chapter 18.4/18.4 ~A~

I looked through my closet and found some nice pieces of clothing. I couldn’t find anything that I used to own. Only in dream land would I have such expensive brands that I rarely splurge on. I decided on a high waisted navy blue skirt and a light white sweater that I attached a silver broach on. I awoke from my nap on my comfortable bed and realized I was still in dreamland. What’s even odder is that I had an intensely hot dream again. I can’t stop thinking about him. I feel ashamed of being so perverted! It’s just in real life I can’t be open. I shut myself off. This innocent person. But, in actual reality, I want to be the one that all the guys want, I want to be confident. If I did that in real life, I would be tossed to the curb because of all the stares I get at my job. All the men I work with look at me with creepy eyes, which makes my skin crawl. I hate the touch of a man, except for my father. One time I went to a meeting with dad and this old gray haired, ugly looking guy sat next to me. At first he kicked my legs and I jumped. He looked at me with a crooked smile and his eyes gave me the creeps. Then 30 minutes later, he placed his hands on my knees. It felt awkward. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t like it. I wanted to scream, but dad told me to be good. I turn away from him and imagined the creepy snake nightmares I always had. From out of nowhere, I screamed and the man jumped out of his seat. Dad turned to look at me and our eyes instantly connected. He apologized for my outbreak and asked permission to take me out. I didn’t tell him about the creepy guy, but that touch made me uncomfortable with guys.

Anyways, in this dream I can be the confident person. I can let my imagination run wild. Maybe I’ll meet Ken Teeradeth or Tik Jessadaporn. I fantasize about them sometimes. Shh, don’t tell anyone. I know I’m a Thai lakorn addict. I place myself in the starring roles. That imagination plus school taught me my sex education. Maybe that’s why I haven’t made new friends. I lock myself up watching these false relationships.

Now, that it’s morning and I still haven’t awoken, I know that I am to go to the company that Kraisorn runs and be his secretary or something like that. It’d be fun. Something new.

Hours later

Someone came to pick me up and I chatted the whole way. The driver remained silent but I could see his smirk in the side mirrors. I never talk that much in real life. I told him about how this dream seems so real, yet it’s not. Once I reached the office building, I looked up at the massive size. It’s huge! The driver opened my door and a line of people were out there greeting me. Only in dreamland. I gave a smile and waved.

One girl with blonde highlights and a ponytail in her red mini skirt and blue floral blouse handed me a leather folder. She smiled and greeted me, but I could tell she’s going to be the bitch in my dream. I can sense her fakeness. Then I saw a flashback of a note and myself staring at her. I remember that note made me angry. Her name is Ida. Whatever. New adventures.

Then the double glass doors swung open and this perfect man walked out. I can see his attempt to smile with his cute dimples, but his eyes are sad. I ignored the sad eyes, I wanted to change it, and made an attempt, but I couldn’t. I’d rather make this dream lively. I smiled and held my hand out to greet him first. Something, I’d never do. He grasped my hands and it was so firm and warm. Again, the tingles and my heart skipping beats. He didn’t want to let go and I didn’t want him to either. Instead of a regular handshake, he wrapped his hands around mine and led me through the doors. So many of the workers were welcoming me back. I guess I’ve been here before. We entered his office and it looks gorgeous. Ida closed the door and left us in the room to ourselves.

“Do you remember anything? Did you have a goodnight? Is any of this helping?” he began to flood me with questions.

I looked at him awkwardly, which shut him up. I looked around and blurted out that this dream is even better than I thought. It’s taking quite a long time. Then I asked him to pinch me, which he refused. So I walked up to him and stood right against him, looking up into his eyes. Those sad eyes that suddenly dilated. I pressed my lips together and raised my eyebrows. I quickly grabbed his arms and pulled them just above my waist. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but it felt right to control him. He chest rose up and down against mine. Heat started to form between us. My heart kept pounding, but I said, “Pinch me.”

Chapter 19 Preview
She really is different. So in charge. So different than before. A hint of what she gave me before this happened. But this is even wilder. I should stop this since she can’t remember anything, but I’m a man. And she’s already mine. I long for only her. Am I cheating her? She thinks this is all a dream. But, I can’t stop. She’s pressed against me, her tongue sending sensations that are foreign to me. Is it bad that I like her new self?
His facial expression is priceless. Just too darn cute. He is definitely under my control. All I had to do was tell him to stop having that emotionless face and now he’s always trying to be adorable. All I can do is chuckle at the way he’s smiling and conversating with the little old lady serving us our meal. Everything looks so delicious. Even him, wearing that outfit I chose for him. The black t-shirt and light khaki sweater with white cargo pants. I let him keep some of his black attire that I see him wear all the time. It’s nice to see him in lighter colors.

He sat down on his knee and grabbed hold of my hand. The cool breeze brushed passed the open window into our room. My curly bangs brushed against my cheek. His cheeks pressed against my hands, ever so gentle. So warm. I don’t want this dream to end. My other hand subconsciously moved to my stomach. I can’t believe all the emotions that are pouring out into this one dream.


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I'm finally all caught up with this FF. OMG they're willing scene was hot! My innocence is gone now LOL. Thanks for the update Phone!
Glad you're back. I know, I was surprised by what I was writing. So not pure @ all.

WHAT?! Ur killing me here!!! :cry1: This isn't rite, what is going on?!
She can't remember him!!! Ur freaken scaring me here!!! :eyetwitch: This cannot happen, plz make her remember soon!!! But then again, it'll be cute to see him try to win her heart back by actually dating her and being all romantic with too! :kiss3: Agh, this is like a real actual lakorn for me now! :cloud9: Keep it going... :bravo:
Thanks for being such a dedicated reader :) Your encouragement means a lot. I hope to not disappoint. I don't know why I made her lose her memory, but I guess it just felt right when I wrote it. Now, I have tons of ideas to get this going and show more chemistry between them. What you've been waiting for is coming up :)

:thumbsup: Great ch, it's been a long time that i visited this ff. i'm really enjoying it now...thanks.
Thanks for returning :D I will update more soon.

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Wow this is really a different side of her huh? Anyways, i hear that chemistry is coming up now?! Hopefully he can show her his romantic side hehehe...


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I'm finally all caught up with this story now and gosh, I'm hyperventilating! Thanks for all the updates Phone!
You're welcome :) I will be updating hopefully this weekend. Wrote another paragraph to the next chapter. Hopefully I'll get more up this weekend. I have to get a collab video done also. So we'll see :)

Wow this is really a different side of her huh? Anyways, i hear that chemistry is coming up now?! Hopefully he can show her his romantic side hehehe...
There will be more chemistry, more time for the characters to grow...and we might meet new characters in the chapter after. It all depends on how much I can write since my hands cramp up and I am helping english sub a lakorn right now too. So tons of typing.


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Chapter 19.1/19.4‘๑’

It hurts that she still thinks this is all a dream. Seriously, pinch her? No way! I am surprised by her actions lately. This is what she thinks in her head? Seeing this side of her is really strange. It’s nice to know how open she can be. The new her really is different. Maybe it isn’t the new her, just the her that she never revealed. She’s so in charge. So different than before. She sort of hinted this is what she can be during our time spent together. But this is even wilder than I can ever imagine. I should stop this from going any further since she can’t remember anything, but I’m a man. And she’s already mine. I long for only her. Am I cheating her? She thinks this is all a dream. But, I can’t stop. She’s pressed against me, her tongue sending sensations that are foreign to me. Is it bad that I like this side of her?
Chapter 19.2/19.4 ~A~

Wow, this kiss is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never even kissed a man, but kissing him right now feels like I’ve kissed before. It’s just so natural to do this. At first he didn’t respond to me, but now he’s kissing me back. His hands are wandering around my lower back, which makes my heart beat so out of control. I feel so out of breath and so glad I’m not waking up yet. It feels so real. I wonder if this will lead to more. Am I really ready for it? I thought that it’d be okay to go further because this is all a dream anyways. But, I’m still so nervous. My heart feels like it is leaping out of my chest and my mind racing. His touch sends electric currents through me, the hairs on my arms are standing and I can feel the goosebumps all over my body. I feel so comfortable in his embrace and want to do more with him. But, a part of me still feels timid about continuing. I have to stop this. I can’t go further. It’s just too crazy of an idea. I need to catch my breath.

I pulled away from his lips and caught my breath. My chest rising and falling and his is in sync with mine. His arms tightened around me and he pulled me even closer. I didn’t think he could pull me any closer, but he did. I just can’t look at him. This is too embarrassing for me. I can’t believe I did this. All I can do is look at his right shoulder observing his breathing, no slowing down. I removed my arms from his neck and ran it down to his chest. My hands pressed against his chest where I can feel his heart beat. It sent waves of chills through me. How can I face him after this? Even if it’s just a dream. It will be a good time to wake up now but I’m not.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done this,” I say to him. He loosened his grip and let me go slowly. I noticed his hands went to his pocket and I took a step back. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m not this type of person and I just thought I could do things in my dreams that I can’t do in real life. But my conscious is telling me that it isn’t right to do things I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t be imagining these thoughts. I’m just sorry to you.”

I turned and walked towards my desk and sat down. I didn’t look at him one bit. I couldn’t do it. I felt ashamed of myself. He cleared his throat and said, “I don’t mind you doing that.”

I can hear his steps towards me and his hand falling beneath my chin. He gently grabbed my chin and lifted it so that my eyes will meet his. He smiled at me. What a perfect man. “It’s nice to see you in a different light,” he said. “It’s great seeing you be so open. However, it’d be nicer if you remembered everything we had. I will help you remember us. I won’t let you be lost in dreamland forever. Everything that is going on right now is real, Sara. You just have to believe it is real and not a dream.”

“I am your husband. You are my wife. You’re not imagining things.”

Those words felt so real that I want to believe him. The tone that he used was so serious that it leaves a mark on my heart. He said, “I love you Sara. Only you. I will do anything to help you remember what we have.”

I don’t know what to believe. This is just too much for me. Kraisorn didn’t have me do any work whatsoever. He just had me sit there and gave me a laptop so I can go on a community forum or play games. He told me he didn’t need me to do anything for him today. I obliged to him and an instant message came through while I was checking out a Hi5 page. “Let’s go to pattaya.” I looked up and saw Kraisorn smiling at me. “It’s a present from Warin,” he says. That name rings a bell.

The next day

His facial expression is priceless. Just too darn cute! We went to the shopping outlet to buy some clothes for our trip after work yesterday. I tried on several little things for him and he in return succumbed to my requests. For some reason, I knew that he always wore dark colors and felt like he needed more color in his life. I even got him to try on some pink. It looked really good on him, but he denied my request to buy it. “You told me you’d do anything for me to remember,” I said, but he said that wearing these clothes will not make me remember because he didn’t wear them before. I could only crack up.

During dinner, he went back to dressing up in his suit. I grabbed hold of his hand and looked into his eyes. Those eyes, so familiar and so warm. I wanted to kiss him again, but I repressed myself. It was so embarrassing earlier. “You know, I loved your smile earlier. It’s nice seeing you smile. I feel like your smile is so foreign to me. Like, I always wished you smiled before.” He interrupted and asked me, “Are you remembering that I never smiled in the past?” I nodded a no and told him that I just feel a lot better seeing him smile. “You’re cute when you do that,” I told him.

He is definitely under my control. All I had to do was tell him to stop having that emotionless face and now he’s always trying to be adorable. All I can do is chuckle at the way he’s smiling and conversating with the little old lady serving us our meal. His dimples make me smile along with him. Everything looks so delicious. Even him, wearing that outfit I chose for him. The black t-shirt and light khaki sweater with white cargo pants. I let him keep some of his black attire that I see him wear all the time. It’s nice to see him in lighter colors. We just arrived at our destination a bit ago and I felt hungry. Craving weird things.

Since we are married in this dream state, it’s okay for him to stay in the same room as me. It’s nice to get to know him better. Besides, I feel so comfortable with him around. He hasn’t tried to make any moves on me nor have I tried on him. That embarrassment has me scarred. We are going for a swim in a bit. Kraisorn pulled off his sweater. The way he pulled it off was too sexy. My heart beat so loud and his tshirt underneath rode up a bit to reveal some of his hard abs. My jaw dropped at the sight. But when he looked at me and smiled, all I could do was smile back. He put the sweater down and went to grab the camera off of the table. He walked back over to me and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go,” he smiled.
Chapter 19.3/19.4‘๑’

Sara is such a beauty. Her hair swayed as the cool breeze brushed against them. She stood on the rock posing for me. I snapped pictures after pictures of her. It makes me feel so good to be with her like this. It’s very relaxing despite the fact that she doesn’t realize any of this is real. She smiled again and bit her bottom lips. She’s so gorgeous and cute doing that. She plopped down on the rocks and signaled for me to walk over to her with her finger. I obliged and smiled towards her. The waves splashed against the rocks and she kept smiling at me. Once I reached her, I was about to say something to her, but she bent over and grabbed my shoulder. She pressed her lips against my cheeks and I was in a trance. These unpredictable things she does to me send waves of excitement. “Don’t stop smiling Mr. Kraisorn. You’re too adorable.” She released my shoulder and sat back on the rock. “Shall we go?”

After coming back to reality, I said, “yes” and I picked her up off the rock and stood her up against the smaller rocks so we could walk back along the beach. As soon as we hit sand, Sara stopped in her tracks. She let go of my hand and held her stomach. “I don’t feel too good,” she said. My heart raced and I picked her up and carried her towards our beach house. She sat down on the bed and kept telling me she doesn’t feel good. I need to go to the bathroom. She got up and rushed in and puked in the toilet. I didn’t know what to do, except to rub her back for her. Once she was done, I grabbed a cup and filled it with water for her. She took and sip and rinsed out her mouth. “I’m so sorry,” she cried to me. “I didn’t mean to ruin everything by feeling sick.”

“Let’s go see the doctor,” I said. She looked at me and told me that it might just be something she ate. “And, gosh, that vomit smells so real!” I chuckled and she couldn’t help laughing herself. I encouraged her to go even if it is just food poisoning.

When the nurse asked Sara about when her last period was, all she could tell her, “Isn’t this a dream? Why does it matter?” Then, she stated a date way before our marriage. The nurse had a funny look and I smiled and told the nurse that Sara had an accident and it caused some amnesia. She wrote down what she could and had Sara take a urine test and blood test. As we sat in the doctor’s office, waiting for him to come back in with the results, Sara told me she didn’t feel well again. Luckily, the nurse gave her a bag. I kept rubbing her back and I couldn’t laugh anymore. It makes me hurt to see her sick. I’d rather be in her place.

The doctor walked in to see what Sara was doing. So, he called the nurse and she brought in some water and a wash cloth. “Well, I have two good news for the both of you,” said the doctor. “First, you don’t have food poisoning!” He chuckled. Sara gave him a stern look. “Then why am I puking so much?” she asked frustrated. “Well, hopefully this is good news. You two are on your honeymoon right?” he asked. “Yes,” I said calmly. “Congratulations, you two are expecting!” he said.

Those words felt so surreal. I am now thinking this is all a dream. Serious? I’m going to be a father? My jaw dropped and I turned to look at Sara. Her eyes were dilated and her mouth wide open. I could see her attempt to speak, but nothing came out. Until, “I had sex and I’m pregnant?” The doctor chuckled. “I’m so sorry dear, I know you have amnesia, but I didn’t know you would ask that!” She laughed and I couldn’t keep myself from laughing either. Afterwards, the doctor let us out and we went to pick up prescriptions for her morning sickness. Our vacation is starting off pretty great. Except, Sara does not believe this is real. I can’t believe I’m going to be a father.

When we got back to the beach house, Sara went and sat on the bed. She became quiet all of a sudden and I got worried. “Are you all right?” I asked her. She looked at me and her face was no longer giddy. “Am I really not dreaming? I don’t know what is real or fake anymore. Did I really awake in that room? Did I really marry you? Am I really having a baby? Do I have amnesia?” Her questions kept coming and soon they turned into mumbles and sobs. I don’t know what I can do to help her feel better. I sat down on my knee and grabbed a hold of her hand that rested on her lap. I placed my other hand around her back and put my head down on her lap. All I can do is comfort her and hope to make her feel better. My heart aches that she does not remember anything and can't comprehend why this is all happening to her.
Chapter 19.4/19.4 ~A~

He sat down on his knee and grabbed hold of my hand. The cool breeze brushed passed the open window into our room. My curly bangs brushed against my cheek. His cheeks pressed against my hands, ever so gentle. So warm. I don’t want this dream to end. My other hand subconsciously moved to my stomach. I can’t believe all the emotions that are pouring out into this one dream. If it is a dream, I don’t want it to end. This is the happiest feeling I’ve ever experienced. I want a baby with him. Please, don’t let this be a dream!


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YES YES YES! I knew rite away from the teaser that she was preggo!!! I'm just too happy for them both, only if she can remember though... I'm still waiting on that. Sara, this is real!^^


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YES YES YES! I knew rite away from the teaser that she was preggo!!! I'm just too happy for them both, only if she can remember though... I'm still waiting on that. Sara, this is real!^^
:baby-scene-pop-corn: Wow, I realized that I've been giving almost all my ff characters babies. The only ones without one are my romantic comedy ones...which has only been 1 that I completed! Kraisorn and Sara deserves to have one. TY for your continuous support orihime303 :D

I should make a sequel for Warin, but if it has taken me this long to write this one...a sequel wouldn't be an option. Mark's character was supposed to be more annoying, but I made him nicer because I have a new idea for him.

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Chapter 20.1/20.4‘๑’

I sense Sara’s pain. She wants everything she is experiencing to feel real to her, but she can’t recollect or grasp that this is real. Seeing her like this is like seeing the demons or angels watching a drama on television. I wish I can bring back her memory, but even we have no control over things like this. It’d be nice if she can remember everything right now, but if by chance she never regains her memory, I will still always love her. I will help her through this tough time and I will make her happy in her present state.

I planned several activities with Sara. Some were as adventurous as bungee jumping and zip lining. But, because we have a little one on its way, I have to make sure she is a healthy mother. Most of our activities are very relaxing and toned down now. I hold onto Sara’s hand through our activities. It makes me feel better when I do. It feels nice to have her soft hands in the comfort of my own. I like knowing that she is with me, physically. I’d rather she be near me as much as possible. Maybe I'm a bit needy.

Sometimes I feel like she drifts off into her own little world. She has been a lot quieter lately. She isn’t as outspoken as when she first lost her memory. It is like she is lost in thought all the time now. I hope this isn’t a side effect of her memory loss. I would rather she talk and chat than stay silent. I want her to open up to me and let me know how she is feeling. I want her to trust me and believe that I am here for her. I don’t want her to hold her feelings in.

I know this is out of the blue, but I really want to do more than just cuddle with Sara at night. I want to rip off her clothes and touch every part of her body. I am a man after all! But, I also have respect for her. I can’t let my own selfish needs override my respect for my wife.

The first night of our honeymoon, I fell asleep in her lap. She sat there for hours caressing me, unmoving. I awoke to her staring off into space, with her gentle hands still on my head. I had looked at the time it she had sat there for 3 hours straight. I felt so bad, that I got up and apologized to her. She only smiled and told me she didn’t mind.

I helped her lay in bed and went to get things to make a bed on the floor. Just before drifting off to sleep, Sara reached down with her hand and told me to grab on and I did. While I held her hand she whispered, “Please lay in bed with me? This bed is too big for me to sleep alone.” Since then, I’ve laid with her every night. She felt wonderful in my arms. It’s nice to have her beside me when I sleep and there when I awake. She tried to get up before me on our second day here, but I grabbed onto her and pulled her back to lie down next to me. From then on, we agreed to get up together.

Chapter 20.2/20.4~~~~~:]~

I’ve been hiding out for almost a week now. I had to get away from that place. Everything is just so messed up. I can’t believe my mother, the woman who I thought was my birth mother, really isn’t. But, the one who I didn’t think was my mother…is.

I came to the only place I knew that could keep me from killing someone. I know anger makes me do things that I don’t want to do. This place is my sanctuary. It is a place that one of my masters created for me. He told me I was always filled with anger, so he had to create a place that can restrain me from causing trouble. I wished he were still with me, but bless his soul…he got sent to heaven in exchange for training me.

I don’t know why this place calms me down; maybe it absorbs all my anger within its walls. This place has everything I need to survive. One thing I had forgotten about through all this confusion was Sara. I finally cooled myself off enough to remember that Sara had been hurt. I am mad at myself for pitying myself and forgetting the woman I claim to love. I guess, I don’t love anyone other than myself.

This place has opened my eyes. It really shows me who I really am. I need to apologize to Sara for being such an ass. I need to apologize to my brother for being such an ass. I need to apologize to my father for being an ass. And, I need to apologize to Queen Mother…mother…mother…for being an ass.

Now, how can I find that woman and punish her?

Chapter 20.3/20.4 ~A~

Every moment with him has been wonderful. I love the way he holds me and the way he caresses my cheeks before I drift off to sleep. Having him next to me feels so comfortable and right. It is as if I’d done that many times before. Every day I wake up and he is there next to me. I’m beginning to realize that this possibly might not be a dream. And that what he is telling me is the truth. I really have lost my memory. He really does live in the underworld. And the reason I’m starting to believe this is because every moment I have with him feels like magic…even though no magic has been performed. One other thing that is making me believe this is real is that I can sense that I have a being inside me. I can feel it. This baby growing inside me is sharing emotions with me and I want it to be real feelings. I just wish I could remember how I made my baby with a man that is this perfect. Because...I truly am not beautiful enough to deserve a guy like him.

Chapter 20.4/20.4‘๑’

Tonight will be our last night here. I had hoped that Sara would remember again. But luck isn’t on my side. Sara is still napping after our lunch. I can do nothing but sit and watch her with careful eyes. However, the more I watch her, the more I am angry at what happened. I know I said I will accept her for who she is now, but I still have hope she will remember our short past we had together. It makes me mad that the time we spent together before was so short. I had thought she didn’t like me and ignored her for weeks before returning home. Then, she admits to loving me and our time in that bliss got cut short. It’s that woman’s fault! I have to find her and make her pay for destroying my love’s memory!

“Stop! Don’t hurt her! Let her go!” shouted Sara. I snapped out of my thoughts and instantly ran to her by the bed. I shouldn’t held her in her sleep, but I didn’t want to make her feel too uncomfortable with me sticking to her like glue.

“Kraisorn, I remember!” she said to me frantically. Sara grabbed onto my arms and held it tight. She looked into my eyes intently. “I remember! I remember everything!”


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