Indian Idol


anyone else besides me is interested in this? well, I think their very talented....I love it best when they sing songs from movies lol....

my fav
This grl is singing song frm Chandani movie, omg she is so good.

chandani song

here's her againg singin a song frm devdas

devdas song

Here's a very good one of a guy singing kal ho naa ho...omg he sounds so good jus like the real artist that sings the song!

kal ho naa ho

Kaa ho na pyar da hai song!-Amisha comes to the show

KHNPH-hrithik and amisha movie!

hea's will smith on the show trying to sing....the song from aamir and rani's movie ghulam. I say he was awesome at pronouncing!!!

will smith

I don't know this song but it's sung so good not to share it!

good song!

Priyinka and Kareena show up for this performance!

Priyinka and kareena

Omg this mv rella show their TALENTS!

Great Song-Wit TALENTS

Maahi ve frm- Kal ho naa ho

maahi ve

Idol mv-the song is so good!

good song

well this is it 4 now lol...I found so many other good song on it last time but I'm too lazy to look now aha!


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i also love Hemachandra's voice..he have one of the best voice out there.. *he sing almost all my fave hindi songs* LIVE IN CHICAGO WITH THE SONG HIT - SABSE ALGA

live from chicago: ''KAHO NA HO''

heres' one of my other fave: saathiya (i love his voice)

i love his sister's voice AMAZING : AAO NA (KYO..HOGA YA!)


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you know will smith showed up for the 2006 filmfare award to give out the best (actress or movie) award. and abhishek did a special performance for his "WILLU BHAIYA" (brother Will--as in will smith) from the bluffmaster movie.

oh and as for indian of the girls who sang JAANEMAN from the movie Aryan is really good!


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have u guys been watching the 2nd season of insian idol!! they are way better than the first season listed above! I love Arunya & ANTARA's voices!


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SRK!!! Sharukh forever!! I saw him in person in Singapore. I went to see the Bollywood Night concert. He's so witty and so handsome. Friendly too. Trust me, he's friendly!