sarNie Egg
ok well my bf and i have been dating for 1 year and 5 months now. he is away for college out of states since june and we havent seen eachother since then and the only way we keep in contact is IM. so we IM every night for 3hrs and over the weekends he have families there too so he visits them and we dont chat on friday night until monday. he always say his college is having a game and that its his cousins bdays they drink and blah blah blah. i really want to trust him but sometimes i feel like i dont. and that he may be cheating on me. sometimes when we chat he is always chatting with this girl that he "thinks" is his cousin and he enjoys chatting with her more than me. i feel like he is selfish. so help me! am i thinking too much?


sarNie Adult
Hmmm....long distance relationship is hard....and more than anything the trust is what going to keep the relationship stick. I you have doubt you should talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Would you rather know where the relationship stands now or what till it gets to the breaking point?

Long distance can work just takes a lot of patient and understanding. Don't beat yourself down. Discuss the matter with him. Good Luck.


talk to him about it? my gf & i are in grad. school. keep in touch via IM, too. sometimes i take a break from calling or chatting with her for a couple of days, but it really doesn't mean i care about her any less. i just find her kind of distracting, b/c i never want to get off the phone or IM with her.

i also talk to another girl who is like a little sister to me. she was around way before i met my gf. i'm not gonna ditch her now that i have gf. there are other girls i talk to as well, but my girl is my #1. i like that she trusts me, but i can understand where you're coming from though. talk to your guy about it and preferably face to face so you can gauge his reaction. just don't sound like you're accusing your guy of anything. tell him how you feel and why.