Interactive PS-tutorial


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thank you so much an & bau....lovely voice ^^ I'm going to use these in my next artwork <3
can't wait to see another one--GOOD LUCK studying and all that fun stuff :D


here's a video of how i did my artwork...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


circle concept on your artwork

part 1

part 2

my previous circle concepts:



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Can we Please Have More Tutorials
BTW These Tutorials Are Awesome
They're Simple& Sweet


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Awwwe, I forgot about this thread..
Missing P'BAU & P'Anie's tuts..

^@YaMaMiKi, what kind of tuts do you want specifically? That way members can have an idea of what to teach or give a tutorial on..

*coughcough* I'm still learning myself.. so future tuts by me.. is unpredicatable..


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@Aikoden.i dont really have a specific type
all i know it that i wanna learn
so any tutorial is fine


Do the anime/cartoon style....

I suggest you get a tablet where you can draw/doodle or do rough sketches. I, myself can say I'm not a pro. So before I did the drawing. I have to go research about making manga styles (doing the head and etc.)
With this part, I chose the YADECH Marie Claire image. Give it a look and know the angles of the head. Then you can start doodling or do rough sketches in Adobe Photoshop (whatever program where you can use your tablet, mine is PS) After rough sketches, I use Adobe Illustrator for cleaning and make lines more clearer. When you're done with your line art, save as PSD in 300dpi.... that's how i save my artworks because it'll have higher resolution and I prefer big DPIs.
Open again your photoshop and open the line art file saved in PSD. There you start coloring. Use the original image as your guide in looking for shadow and light.