The Dahlia Goddess
My first FANFIC and its already out of hands. The actors/actresses I use were originally chosen by me before i even had a story. This is for entertainment only. Not to criticize an actor/actress. You are more than welcome to make suggestion to the story i write and correct me wherever i may be wrong

25 years ago
In Baan Harnronnarong , Khun Montri and Khun Orn are celebrating the birth of Khun Hiran, the first newborn of their first child, 24 year old Khun Aum. Lurking in the background stood Aums younger brother, 22 years old Khun Rome, and his same age dara gf Rita Jenson waiting to greet the new grandparents as they also have some exciting news to deliver. Khun Aums wife, Aff, and her side of the family, Poh Dilok, Mae Nee, 5 year old Rawipat (Pat), and 3 year old Tawee (Wee) are dining happily together at the grand dining room.  Seeing Rome so eager, Pat walks up to the couple and wai them. In respect, they return the gesture.  Pat: P Rome and P Rita khap, have you guys seen our laan chai Nong Hiran yet? Poh Dilok said he looks exactly like me when I was born. *the couple exchange cutesy chucklesPat: PRita khap! *grabs Ritas hands causing her to stumble* P Rita khap, come see Rome: N Pat take it easy you dont want to ruin our little surprise.  Pat: Oh Im sorry P Rita khap. I didnt mean to startle you.  You have a surprise?! *dragging Rita deeper into the dining room* Please tell me. I wont tell anyone! Not even Nong Hiran. Sunya na khap! Please please please! Mae Nee: Loohk why are you yelling so much? Mai mee maraya na. Nong Hiran is sleeping right now so we have to keep it down. *turns to see who Pat was conversing with*Oh sawadeeja Khun Rome and Khun Rita. How are you guys? Khun Rome you missed Hirans first sneeze. Narak jang leuy. Khun Rita ja please go have a seat. Rita: khob khun na ka Pa Nee. Mae Nee: Ouii Mai tong khob khun and please call me Mae Nee like everyone else. *Rita looks to Rome only to see him smile back at her* Rita: urrrahem.dai ka Mae Nee. *pulling back into reality, RTeam realize the entire room was now quiet.* RTeam: Sawadeeka took khun. *Those who had always showed support or were neutral greeted back but two of Romes most important people showed little acknowledgement* Poh Montri: Rome. Why did you bring this girl into our home? What did I tell you before? You can date her but never bring her into Baan Harnronnarong. Did you bring her here so you can beg me to let you guys marry each other?? *pacing back&forth* Rome, if you still want me to consider you as my son then please show this woman out. Rome: Hold on Khun Poh khap. I want to announce something. Mae Orn: About what? Huh? Rome: *takes Ritas hand and the both of them got on their knees* I have something to say dad. Poh Montri: Say it quickly and take her away. Poh Dilok: Khun Montri take it easy. Nee take everyone out. Only those that matter stay. *Aff gives a small smile to Rita and Aum pats Rome on the back before leaving the room with their in-laws* Poh Montri: Alright. So what is it that you so want your mother and I to hear from you guys? *As Ritas hands rested in her laps, Rome puts an arm around her and covers her hand with his other hand.* Rome: Poh khap..Mae khapwere pregnant and we would like your blessings. Mae Orn: ARAI NA??!!  *Montri pushes the silverware on the dining table onto the ground.* Poh Montri: what did you just say?! Mae Orn: YOU!! *pointing at Rita* YOU WANT TO MARRY ROME SOO MUCH THAT YOU HAD TO GET PREGNANT?! YOU SLUT! WHAT IS IT? OUR MONEY?! Poh Montri: *calmly* how do we know the child is of Harnronnarong blood? *Rita looks up with tears in her eyes. Mae Orn turns to position herself in a chair* Rome: Poh how can you say that to Rita? Shes not that type of person! This baby is mine and Im going to raise the child with Rita as a family whether you agree to it or not! *pulls Rita up only to have Montri step in front of them* Poh Montri: Rome, wake up from this stupid dream youre having. Do you think youre the only one she slept with? Rome: *shaking his head in disbelief* Were both faithful to each other and we love each other so why dont you just accept us altogether?! Poh Montri: Wait here. *leaves the dining roomRita buries her head into Romes chestMontri brings back a folder in his hands and throws it at RTeam.* Nee. This is proof that you werent the only one. *searching through the folder there were time stamped with pictures of several guys she was found with at a specific hotelRome looks at Rita as Ritas eyes widened in fear* Rome: Rita? What is this? Who are these people and what were you doing with them? Rita: *shaking her head* its not what it looks like! Rome: What do you mean? Explain it to me then! Why were you with them on all these nights huh? Rita: *grabbing Romes arms* Listen to me na, Chun kho tua. Im sorry but I cant tell you! Rome: what is the meaning of this? You want me to take responsibility of you when you dont even dare share any information on what is shown in these pictures? How am I supposed to believe this child is mine and that you love me? *starts crying* Ritarak chun? Right? Rita: *sniffling* Rak mak ka. I really cant tell you for real.  Rome: *holds her face and wipes away her tears* Please I beg you. Tell me why you were there. Rita: if you love me and trust me, then please dont ask anymore question regarding this matter. Rome: *looks through the last batch of pictures one more time and stops on the last three.* Why were you with Ae Leewanich til 2 in the morning? *Clenching the pictures in his fist he slides them to her* Didnt you say you guys were just PeeNong?! These show you guys entering and leaving the hotel. And this one*sliding the last one* shows him carrying you back into the hotel? What is this? PeeNong in disguise like what all those daras say. Rita: *fastbreathing*Rome Rome Rome. Lets go see PAe right now and hell explain everything to you. Mae Orn: STOP IT LIAR! Rome are you listening to this womans lies? Listen to mae na. Not once have I ever lied to you and this woman has lied to you countless times and refuses to give you a straight answer. Theres no way Im willing to let you bring an untruthful person to be our DIL! MAI ME WAN! Rome: *wiping the last of his tears* Rita, Ill walk you out and then ill have the driver take you home. *gets up and leaves a crying Rita* Poh Montri: *smirks* I told you already that I would not accept a woman who is up to no good. But then again, you are probably up to no good since you dont have any elders to teach you. Mae Orn: Your way of thinking is low. Want to be a part of the Harnronnarong? Dream on.
By the team Rita met Rome on the front porch, everyone else was already gathering around Rome. Aum was still hugging his younger brother as he gave her the death stare.  Aff puts his hand on Aums shoulder and whispers in both the brothers ears, If you cant do a proper sendoff then I will. Aum pulls onto Aff and gently nodding to Rome. The Oonhaunun Family ushered inside as Rome led Rita to the car.  Rome, we cant end like this. If only you would let me take you to see PAe. Its for the best. I cant live another minute thinking my woman is with another man once Ive left her bed, said Rome. You disgust me. Leave this instant and never let me see you face again Sririta Jenson. Choking back the tears, Rita nodded her head and got into the car and never once looked back. She decided right then and there, she does not need a man to help her raise her child.
Two weeks later, Rome left for America and Rita asked to be demoted to supporting role because each day her fetus was getting bigger and harder for her to hide the fact that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Noom and Mam Mahasak were Ritas sister and BIL and were one of Thailands richest couple. When they heard about the Harnronnarong ill-treatment, they withdrew their investment and cut all ties with the Harnronnarong family. Hatred between the two families of this generation grew deep through court battles that will cause the next generation more pain. Will intertwined love be able to save them before it is too late?
I'd like some name recommendation since I'm missing one for one of the p'eks. Suggestions please!


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Haym and Lamduan  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:  :woot:
The cast are tooooooooooo many. Idk who are the PraNangs lol. It will take me some time to understand I think. Thank you for this FF OHO :)


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wahh I cannot wait to read even if there's no GM :( kekekkeke.. Just a recommendation, I find it a lot easier to read when there is a line break whenever a new character speaks..
Kinda like this:
m: blah blah blah
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But it's your FF do whatever you want :)  :heart:  :heart:  :heart: 


The Dahlia Goddess
Chapter 1
      ---Present Day Bangkok---
“Lamduan! Hurry up I have a meeting with Kaewmanee (Kaew) this morning,” yelled Hiran at the bottom of the stairs.
“Oiii P’ Hiran no need to be so loud in the morning. You know I have an alarm that does that for me already,” said Lamduan struggling to hold onto her model. She was now in her last year of the architecture Masters program at Assumption Business Administration College (ABAC). She was ready to turn in this project and get an A so she can use it as a work sample for her desired work place.
As Lamduan made her way down the stairs to meet him, HIran couldn’t help but agree with his parents that his sister had grown up to be a gorgeous lady. He vaguely remembered his 5th birthday when she was only 3 years old and the neighbor's kid kept following her around like a dog. He did everything she asked excluding professing his undying love. Hiran had to pull the kid to the side when no one was watching and threatened the little boy to run now or he was going  to get hurt. Of course the boy told everyone and nearly got Hiran in trouble but little Lamduan helped him out. Hiran thought to himself, “This brat…since the day she was born, all she has done for me was being a pain in the butt. However together we make a great team in playing tricks with our nanny and helping each other out of our messes. *sigh* I wouldn’t trade my sister for anyone else. She’s beautiful, sweet, funny, caring, and beautiful…ughh not that I want a sister who doesn’t attract attention but it takes a lot of time from my schedule to fend her from a world full of heartbreakers that have no respect for wo—“
Before he could finish his thought, Lamduan had clapped her hands in front of his face.
Irritation flooded his face, “Lamduan what was that for?”
Innocently Lamduan answered, “P’ Hiran, while you were busy dreaming about that Namfon, I was going to say that my things are in the car already and I'm now waiting for you.”
“Sorry about that and uhh Namfon is out of the picture.  I’ve got my eyes on someone else” ending with a tricky smile.
They made their way into his shiny black 1969 GTO and drove out of the mansion. “Seriously? Thank goodness! Everything about her screamed, ‘money’ and you spoiled her to the point where whenever you guys fought you buy her things to make her feel better. *smirks* Geez that kind of relationship doesn’t last if money solves the problem all the time”
Shaking his head, “Lamduan have you turned into a relationship guru?  And what’s not to like about Namfon? She’s sexy and nice.”
*pretending to vomit* Lamduan: boys. All they want is a girl who can rock any outfit at any time of the day. If you made her permanent, I would’ve moved out. No way would I accept her to be my SIL. I'm pretty sure grandpa (gpa) will love to hear you bring her up again. Mom had to pretend to smile around her so much that she chose to help dad do paperwork at the company—and you know how much she loves cooking for people! Oh yeah and just because she’s nice to her target doesn’t make her NICE.
Hiran: *rolls his eyes* Hey come on. We enjoyed each others company but now it’s over and marriage won’t be happening soon for me.
They arrived at ABAC just in time for Lamduan to leap out of the car “Hiran, you may think that but that woman doesn’t believe so. Before you start seeing anyone make sure the woman understands that it's really over” She sticks out her tongue and quickly carried her stuff without saying bye.
Hiran: Khap mae.
He speeds off in the opposite direction hoping to make it on time to meet Kaew, his manager. Kaew has been his manager and close friend ever since the day he entered the entertainment industry and with her guidance and connections he was able to prove himself a great actor to achieve continuous success. He smiled to himself feeling so proud of the hard work he puts in. Hopefully Kaew wasn’t too mad if he was ten minutes late. It wasn’t like they had any event scheduled for today.
Arriving at Kaew’s office, he was already aware of Kaew’s fury by the way she was standing outside in the sun staring at him through the tinted windows of his car. There were so many reasons to be afraid of her when she was upset. Rumor has it that her father is the leader of a big mafia group in Thailand and those that did not grant her wishes will be dismembered.  But only half of the rumor is true.  Her father runs a mafia but Kaew has never used his people to do any dirty work. She was one of those people who will get in your face if you didn’t pull yourself together right then and if you struggle to make a decision on your own she will choose one for you. Hiran respects her for that because by not being afraid of hurting one’s feelings she was always on top of everything.
Hiran: *sighs and rubs his temple as he slowly got out* what is this? National Lecture Hiran Day?
Kaew: tsk. 10 minutes late. Next time I won’t let you schedule the meeting. You suck. Get in here. We have important business to talk about.
Hiran: Khap.
Walking into her office building where other managers who managed different actors rented the place from Kaew, he greeted those he saw in the lobby before entering Kaew’s office.  She was such a clean freak and so prepared for a disaster that her hair was never out of place and even if it was she had the necessary tools to put it back in place.
Hiran: *takes a seat, looks around, and stares at the back of Kaew’s laptop* So why are we meeting on my day off? Our contract says we both get two days off like typical workers.
Kaew: *typing away on her laptop* Right but our contract also says that if there is an attempt of any bad news we shall meet immediately. Don’t you remember? That’s on page 6 of our contract if you don’t recall.
Hiran: *sits up straight* A scandal? Me??
Kaew: *finally looking at Hiran* uhuh. Of all people they had to choose you. Well don’t you worry. I have got my private investigator looking in all places for whoever decided it was a good idea to mess with us.
Hiran thought this was another thing he loved about this woman because she will go the extra mile to make sure the people she cared for was well secured.
Hiran: Do you have the details of the scandal?
Kaew: slap yourself. That’s a very stupid question.
Hiran: umm?
Kaew: *clears her throat* I got the information about 5 this morning and I’ve been working at it for nearly 4 hours straight. *turns her laptop to face
Hiran* Someone decided to release pictures of you with Namfon in Phuket. They claimed you were rude to them before entering a dirty motel out in Phuket. I don’t keep tabs on your whereabouts but let me ask you as an older relative whether you did those things.
Hiran: Phuket? *thinks quietly* I was in Phuket a few months back with my family and Namfon but we never went to a motel dirty or not.
Kaew: Hiran take a look *motions to screen* That is obviously you and that behind you is a dirty motel so please do have the floor.
Hiran: Okay wait a second. I'm trying to remember the time and place. Hmm…oh my gosh. She did it.
Kaew: She?
Hirn: It has to be Namfon. We were having dinner with my family and all of a sudden she gets this phone call in which she made sure to keep a distance from our ears.
Kaew: This isn’t the good part yet, keep going
Hirn: Well next thing I know, she dragged me 20 miles away to buy toiletries..  The store we went to was across from this motel here. I think whoever took this picture must’ve been someone from inside the store in order to make it look like we’re walking towards the motel. She probably did this to get back at me.
Kaew: Okay I know you so I believe you but just remember to keep the details minimal when you get bombarded by reporters. Oh and since Namfon is the culprit, make it known that you and her aren’t together anymore. Not because of the news she tried to create but emotions okay?
Hiran: Khap Naa Kaew. *gives Kaew a cheesy smile*
Kaew: Don’t make me amputate you myself. How can you call me aunt huh? I'm only 4 years older than you?
Hiran: ur, I'm kidding. Haha now can I leave and meet Naa Pat at the gym for my day off? Look at this *lifts up his shirt and points to his abs* Theyre about to disappear. Good thing Uncle Pat is my trainer because we like to compete.”
Kaew: cover up and the answer is “No”. since you decided it was safe to call me aunt I will have to punish you a bit.
Hiran: *widens eyes* you’re really going to phone your dad?
Kaew: what? No! we talk yes but we don’t let our business cross. Okay your punishment will be about another hr of your free day to discuss your 3Zaap segment.
Hiran: what is there to talk about? Don’t I just go there, look nice, smile, talk about my personal life and be done?
Kaew: this time they decided to switch it up a bit. You’ll get to flaunt your good qualities but the producers of the show decided to add another guest that same day. Since there is wind of you debuting in a musical, they’re inviting an artist to come and test your strengths on the show.
Hiran: oh so kind of like battle out who’s better?
Kaew: more like tutor you
Hiran: That is absurd. As an actor I am very successful, what makes them think I won’t do well as a singer?
Kaew: Hiran no one said that but you. Just think of it like this. If you do well, you’ll gain some new supporters before your musical hits the street therefore more tickets sold equals increase in demand. Duh.
Hiran: Hmm. True. Well about this artist. Is she any cute?
Kaew: *stands up looking directly into Hiran’s eyes* Suay mak! To the point where I will lend you some tissues to wipe your drools,
Hiran: Ohh darn she’s ugly I know it! Why must they do this to me? *head in hands*
Kaew: It’s not like you have to kiss her. All you have to do is sing a song and when the time is right she will enter the stage and finish off the song for you then blah blah blah.  Okay that was less than an hr you may now leave Mr. Superstar. Chun ka.
Hiran: Okay I will prepare myself for the opposite sex’s ridicule. Bye Kaew and please enjoy your day off.
The minute he exits the room Kaew laughs to herself “don’t you just know it? Messing with your head is already making my day pleasant.” She pulls up a picture of a short haired brunette woman. The name “Perly” bolded on the left of the photo. She continues to laugh and says, “Let it be a surprise to you as to how ugly the only daughter of the owner of KwarmSuk Production really is.”
Chapter 2
*ring ring*
Lamduan: *checks the caller id* Soifah…Hello Fah? What’s up? I'm running late to my next class. Ughh I fell asleep in the computer lab.
Fah: no worries. This will take less than a minute.
Lamduan: okay what is it?
Fah: I’m just reminding you my grand opening for my dessert shop Polaris is this Friday at 2 pm. I’m not sure how long it will last but you have to stay til then since I'm shorthanded.
Lamduan: I thought you had everything under control since the beginning.
Fah: I did but my desired co-chef hasn’t even called me back about when she’ll get here. I’m so nervous I'm boxing my dough to get over it.
Lamduan: okay okay. My class is canceled on that day so I will show up in the morning and help you prepare. Oh and since this is very last minute I have a favor…although you benefit from it too.
Fah: what is it?
Lamduan: My uncle Tawee’s birthday is on Saturday and my mom wants to surprise him and I was assigned the cake deliverer. I don’t know anyone who is as good as you. Please bake me a cake and I will love you more than I already do.
Fah: ahhh! You’re going to mess my schedule girl.
Lamduan: I'm sorry but this is also urgent news.
Fah: Okay for compensation of your early arrival this Friday I will make sure you have a delicious cake on Saturday. That’s it? Okay Bye.
Lamduan: Wait! You gotta go with me too.
Fah: Who will run Polaris if I attend?
Lamduan: it’s at night. Polaris should be closing by then and I need to present my bff to my other family so that way you get more customers.
Fah: sounds good but why I do feel like there’s something you’re not saying.
Lamduan:  The Unknown Fiance will be there and he’s such a creep. Remember he nearly touched my bust and—
Fah: Say no more. I will be there 8 o’clock sharp…with the cake.
Lamduan: Okay thanks. I love you. Mwahs. Bye.
*checks time* Oh tai laew. 1: 07 p.m. I’m so late!
She quickens her pace and runs up the stairs only to bump into someone.  She and her structure of New York’s Empire State building crashed down a few stair steps onto a flat platform.
Stranger: Khun are you okay? Khun? *leans down behind Lamduan helping her stand up*
Lamduan examines her body and notices two bruises beginning to form on her left shin. She gently touches and had to hold back the scream waiting to come out. Without looking at the stranger, she hops over to pick up her model and saw that her skyscraper had knocked off. Pissed, she turns to the stranger prepared to unleash her mood but only to find a very handsome man standing right before her.
Stranger: Is everything alright? *uses his hands to turn her head from left and right, he checks to see if she had broken her neck*
The gesture woke Lamduan up from a dream and she had to swallow her drools before the stranger witnessed another embarrassing moment.
Lamduan: Chun—chun mai bpen arai. I’m sorry for bumping into you? And umm have a nice day?
Stranger: Are you sure you’re okay? You’re asking me questions. Perhaps I should help you to the nurse’s office so they can fully check you out
Lamduan: *shakes her head to pull herself together* no no no. thank you but no. Sorry again but I have to run.
She looks back at her model and tries to calm down but the stranger took her model from her.
what are you doing? Give it back. It’s due right now.”
Stranger: Just let me help you. *carries the model on one hand and uses the other to steady her before placing it on her waist and pulls her against his side* Instead of taking the stairs why not take the elevator?
Lamduan: *brushes a strand of hair away from her face* I was going to but there were so many people hogging it that I thought it best to just take the chance of running up the stairs.
They entered the elevator and she pushed the number 3 for the 3rd floor since the handsome guy’s hands were full. The ride up two floors gave her enough time to adore the stranger’s handsome face, strength, and help.  She could feel his heart thumping against her as the door opened and
they walk out.
Stranger: What room are you in?
Lamduan: Room 342 on the left of this pillar.
Walking in that direction, she stops the stranger and says, “It’s okay I can go on my own.”
Stranger: with the way you were hopping and talking earlier, I don’t think so. Now come on. From the looks of it your about 20 minutes late but I'm sure Professor Yaitawanna wouldn’t mind if you continue to hop.
Lamduan: How do you know the professor?
Stranger: I was once his student and I just swung by to have lunch with him.
Confused with what the stranger said she opened the door of the classroom and started to push off from him before he tightened his grip.
Stranger: *whispers* Ill take you to a seat and glue the skyscraper quickly before turning it in. Yaitawanna carries gorilla glue with him at all times.
Some of the students were staring at them but Professor Yaitawanna continued with his lecture. The stranger seats her in a handicap desk and moves to the front of the room to get the professor’s glue in his bag.
“they must be very close if he doesn’t even have to ask,” thought Lamduan.
She watches him glue it together quickly and uses a q-tip to wipe off any smeared glue. Then he puts the model where everyone else’s project laid and waves to the professor and then her before leaving the room. She waved back and pouted at herself because she didn’t even get the guy’s name but only that he was close with the professor.
Lamduan: *sigh* sia dai.
Professor: Ms. Harnronnarong, did you have a question?
Lamduan: *startled* Oh mai ka. I’m sorry.
As the professor went on about how he will grade the project, Lamduan takes out a notepad and starts sketching her last memory of the stranger.
----Most Characters will have their solo storyline and stems off from the prologue.---First time im writing a ff so bear with me if things don't make sense.


sarNie Granny
o' kind of like Mungkorn Series ^^^ where each couple have their own story line