Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Thanks for the comments everyone! ^__^

Here are some new ones that I made.
My internet died the other day and I
turned to Photoshop for comfort. LOLs.
Hope you guys will like these. I'm so
Freedomly crazy! Ha, ha. <33

I still wonder why these boys don't have
a second album yet. I love P'Tik!!! LOLs.

My girly side wants to marry Dan D2B!
LOLs. Nah, just kidding. I love this VCD.
(Psst! You can tell, right? Ha, ha.)
I want to make more of these soon. I'm
so obsessed. But anyways, I love making
VDO .GIFs. They're crazy work. O__O

I got bored of Photoshop after staying
up till three. So this one is crappy. I
think Ayumi is so cute and pretty, but
then at the same time, she can play
the naughty role too. Weird? O,O

^^Made this for my cousin. ^__^
(She's Vamkim's girlfriend. Don't tell nobody!)
But anyways, yeah. She's pretty. I've always
been jealous of her. -__-

Okay, that's all for now. Ha, ha. Maybe I'll update
my photography thread later. Waa!!! SW isn't
working for me! I wonder why?
---That PC hates me... -__-

Oh yeah! Thanks for viewing! :blush:


Donghae and Siwon
Ooo nice job!! aww i want to learn how to make to make video GIF!!!


Natty's #1 FAN!

Beam is totally hot here...i always like him more...i don't know why......i might need to add him on to my hottie list!!!


sarNie Adult
Dude, Joey....you're awesome! Picking out the hottest clips and feeding them to us crazy girls...you know what that can do? Serious damage. I can't get enough of Beamie...I lah him mak mak. :wub: And Dan is oh so yummy too. Eekkkkk....look what you've done.


sarNie Adult
ack! why do you have to be so good! *throw rocks at Joey* LOL....j/p Loving them!!! and OMG!!! the dude are eyes candies!!! hahah...keep it up!!!


Donghae and Siwon
wow!! love that artwork!! so jealous of your artwork!