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I just read an interview at hunsa.com and I found out that they broke up!!!!!!!!!!!I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Really??? Well, it isnt surprising since Krit is always breaking up and found with a new girl shortly after.


sarNie Adult
man wat a garden tool(if he was a female!) he forever getting engaged then breaking it off. i like him and everything but this is getting out of hand!


sarNie Adult
You can call Chakrit a "rake" (that's the guy's bashing gardening terminology heheheh). I wonder who's going to be the lucky lady able to tame this fella.


sarNie Egg
Yea, i just finish reading his interview. I think he said that JakJun called off the wedding date after she came back from America. Anyway, I already know this will happen.


sarNie Adult
i'd have to agree. chakrit &kat make the cutest couple but then again we know that they will never be. thats sad.


sarNie Egg
i'd have to agree. chakrit &kat make the cutest couple but then again we know that they will never be. thats sad.

I'm just curious have chakrit and kat went out before? and why do u think this couple will never be together?
In some way i think Chakrit really has feelings for Kat but i guess Kat hasnt really felt that bond yet or wat. im not sure but Kat is not married rite! My point is maybe he thought he found the one but realized all the things he wanted in a girl has to be like Kat! All i would like to say is for him to end up with kat! Maybe hes waiting for her all this time! why else is he breaking off his engagment. but on the otherhand hes dealing with a lot of beautiful and youthful ppl in the entertainment industry so theres a lot of temptation. Anyhow i dont believe ppl should date other ppl in the same industry because most relationships dont work out example "Hollywood" So Chakrit should date someone out of the entertainment!


sarNie Juvenile
LOL gurl588. That didn't come as a surprise because Jakajun did announce that they were having problems. I just feel so bad for her though because we all know that Chakrit will find someone soon or has already, she gave everything to him...and now they've broken up. She never even got the engagement ring yet. I just feel bad for her.

How many engagements has he had already? 3 including this one?


sarNie Juvenile
there were signs that this relationship was not going to last and it comes as no surprise but its still alittle sad


lol i dont feel bad for her.. she knew what she was getting into.. lesson to be learn.. it's not as if she never knew what kind of guy he is... but this time i dont think it has anything to do with his player ways.. but more like she was infatuated too fast but now that it wore off she quickly got herself out of it..


sarNie Hatchling
u know with his other girlfriends that he broken up with, i didn`t care or mind! But this one... he was engaged to her and this time, I have a problem with it since they took being in `engaged` soo lightly! They were together for how many months when they announced their engagement? If they were girlfriend and boyfriend and broke it off...I won`t think soo much about.