sarNie Egg
I am shocked too to hear that they break up!!! In a way I found they were cute together. I am sure Chakrit will change when he find the right girl for him, and he is not thirty yet, so let him play around :)

By the way, he is such a hottie, I would like to go out with him for a few months.....that would be enough :D


sarNie Hatchling
I sorta knew this would happen cuz i don't think chackrit is ready to settle down. He was once engaged before but never made it to the alter. Correct me if i am wrong.


sarNie Juvenile
i don't think krit will settle down that easily hes such a player i could tell.
But i think hes good at acting but he needs to clean up his act.


he's been in a lot of relationships, never ends up marrying someone. i think the only one that lasted long long was with the older woman he dated. don't remember her name... but yup that was it and wah lah


they are all equally at fault, chakrit and all the girls, joy r jakaajun, ging, marsha... and so on..... he was a taken man but they want it soo bad to offer it to him for free or give it up for free.. and being a guy who is a known player and cant say no to free stuff, he takes.. so now he's an A**hole for doing the same thing to you what you did to his ex? lol gosh these girls are all tricks.. they should take this as a lesson and close it up for a while.. karma is a b**** you know...