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sarNie Adult
Ken and Anne are such a great pair but not a fan of the storyline. The misunderstanding was just so dumb and so was the n'ek's character. All she had to do was tell p'ek her real name and everything would've been solved but then no story I guess. And I hate the thought of Anne in such a weak and stupid role.


sarNie Coma
i never seen the old version so it'll be something new for me..but then again i kinda dont want anne/ken to be in it since there was 3 version for it already..alot of people already seen it so it wont be that exciting..


sarNie Coma
hmm wonder if anne is gonna accept it..her next lakorn was suppose to be hard/heavy drama..so thats what i want to see :D and she said she wants to act in a role that she will like..i want to see her in a new written script lakorn..


Thanks Youa...now that makes sense 3 with the movie...

Jam Leuy Ruk is a very good lakorn despite the N'ek being such a weak character but the storyline itself and John's character was quite interesting. I agree that they should change the storyline a tad bite and make N'ek a bite stronger or at least fight back a bit. But I love Ken in those type of role something similar to his character in Neung Nai Seung w/Janie he was so hot and handsome in there. :)

I know Anne said she going to accept a drama role next since her fans want her to do drama so...


sarNie Egg
YoUa said:
The old version was so famous too. I don't very like the remake lakorn lol.
I agree with you...love Likit in that drama. I never saw the one with John and Ning cause I wasn't a fan of him.

I do have to agree with you gals, N'ek was weak in the drama. Hope they change the story line a little bit if Ken and Anne are going to be in it.


sarNie Adult
it would be so cool if they do have another lakorn together. i love them together! they're like my fav. on-screen couple right now!!!


sarNie Elites
this is a classic lakorn...and seeing my favorite nang ek in it is orgasmic...lol...

...umm, not a lesbian...lol...


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OMG Jum Leuy Rak was a great lakorn...i've seen both versions, but can only remember the one with Likit better...cause my mom would re-watch it over and over LOL If this is true...i would definitely see this one.

Isn't Oum Rak a re-make of Oum Boon with Sam? That was a great lakorn too.... I can't wait to see this Oum Rak with Anne too...just it isnt completed at the rental store yet. :)


sarNie OldFart
Omg...this was a great movie but my mom just had to ruin it for me...she has a vhs copy of likit's version and boy...she watch that damn series like every freaking day until those tapes were no longer watchable...haha

But I would still like to see Anne and Ken replay this series though...my room would go insane if I tell her the news since she's so in love with Anne too...


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
LOL ceda_lee, thats what happened to our VHS of this lakorn too.


sarNie Hatchling
WOW I remember my mom watching that when I was like 7 or 8. I didn't like it because John was in it. His hair seemed to get in the way of everything o_O

But whoaa Ken and Anne paired up together again!! Hopefully its true....I'll definitely watch it =)