Janie Tienphosuwan (LISA vol. 14 no. 19 May 2013)


Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.
The Photoshop effects are obvious, but wowie, Janie's skin looks flawless and beautiful here! And she herself looks very nice. :drools: As always, her hair looks so gorgeous! It looks so soft in all the pictures! Janie has a healthy, meaty, magnificent body! :thumbsup: She's curvy in all the right places. I personally find the cover picture to be the one that stands out the most, but I like inside pictures as well. She looks really happy here, and she's radiant in purple! Like a queen! (Purple is a royal color. :D) Janie's face does look bigger and different than before. :loool: But she still looks so good here.
I do have one complaint though. This New York theme is the same exact one they used on Janie's last LISA photo shoot as well...that's a terrible mistake on their part to use the same theme for the same model. :thumbdown: Oh well, at least they didn't have her wear the same outfits hehe. I like this shoot more than her last Lisa photo shoot; she looks better and more natural here. Despite the same theme and similar backgrounds, it's still another beautiful Lisa shoot! :wub:
thai-lakorn-fan-forever said:
Janie really resembles Araya on the cover!
I see what you mean; seems like she almost have the same eye contact color as Chompoo. :lol: But their facial structures are different though. Janie's face is more squarish while Chompoo's face is narrow. Sadly, I don't find their facial structures the most attractive, but they're still pretty ladies. :)