Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)


sarNie Adult
18 episodes is good. I just hope it wouldn't kinda drag like last week's episodes. /:
Hope there is alot of action for Pinky though :D


Staff member
im slow at watching lakorns these days.. n im still also waiting 4 subs.. but aniwaise.. loving the lakorn.. new n pinky.. are so kute.. i thought her identity as a boy was gonna last longer.. but guess not.. imma have to catch up soon.. ^_^


sarNie Oldmaid
aw ep.15 was so good. new & pinky were so cute! the ghost scene was funny and so cute the scene they said love eachother, and so funny+cute she dress up as a boy again lol she look so adorable, and sweet+sad at the photo shoot and when they look at pixs, brought tears to my eyes when he said will follow her everywhere, and when they get separate, will go meet at the tree. next ep. looks sad. Pinky look so pretty dress up as a princess.


sarNie Egg
ahhhhhhhh sooo sad!!!!!!..cant wait for next episode!!!


sarNie Egg
havent finished this lakorn yet...currently watching
Episode 10, and all i can say is that i am ADDICTED to
this lakorn! I absolutely love New & Pinky in here!! One
of my new favorite couples!!

Seriously, reading the back pages, i don't understand how
some of you guys can be so easy to judge New, just because
he's not the best looking guy. BUt to me, he is veeery HOT!!!
New and Pinky suit one another so well in this lakorn!! They're
very cute!!!

I'm also rooting for Saichon and Rassamee to be together.
Nathalie is suuuuuuper gorgeous!!!

definitely love the music in this lakorn too!!!!


sarNie Adult
yup! i love pinky and new too!
one of my fav. couples now! MAN!!!
school started and i havent' gotten time
to catch up! AAHHH!!!!


sarNie Adult
omg....end all ready i want to see the end
already...i wait any longer...but any way i love
this lakorn so much...the beginning was not good
but the mid and on is so good...i thought the part when
they went to the mall and she was dress like a guy was so cute
i love it ...funnie to...but any way things are getting better and better.....


sarNie Adult
just caught up and OMG, i love love love loved episode 15!!!!
all the cute scenes between them.. from the ghost scene
to the photoshoot scene! gawd. gotta love these two. they're
so perfect for eachother. I was hoping episode 16 would have
some cute scenes tooo but it was more depressing for me
especially seeing new cry like that. SO SAD! i'm so sad this is
ending... but i'm happy pinky has a new lakorn with WIER! YES!
Hopefully the next two episodes will make up for all the lost
sweet scenes. LOL


sarNie Oldmaid
i hope so too n'Grace,i want to see Pinky pregnant in the new lakorn with Weir too, it was sad/sucks that we didn't get to see her being pregnant in SBS. read from her fans they talk to the writer and found out the scene Lily was pregnant was really cute. so sad that we didn't get to see it.


sarNie Oldmaid
sometimes i blame aof too but then i don't think he want it to happen either it was a urgent situation. he was really sick. but why why has to happen while they were filming i guess it's just faith that they won't get to film the whole la korn which is really sad


sarNie Elites
OMG!!! i just started watching this lakorn today and i'm up to episode 15 already!!! i've been sitting here the last few hours just watching this AMAZING SWEET ROMANTIC LAKORN!!!

i have not seen a super sweet lakorn like this one in a long time... it's so refreshing...but has me all giddy at the same time!!! i really want to know how it ends... hope everything works out for them!!!